Mission Statement

In the CHS Academy small learning community, students develop interpersonal communication skills and an understanding of diverse perspectives.  They embrace social responsibility and strengthen personal wellness attitudes and academic knowledge.
Smaller Class Size  -  Team Teachers  -  College, Business and Community Connections
  Mentor and Interpersonal Programs
  Suportive "Family" Setting  -  Parental Involvement  -  Cross Curricular and Technological Integration

§  A Graduation Tradition  §

Buy a fresh lei for your favorite Graduate!



Plumeria      OR     Sonia Orchid     


Order your graduation leis now from the CHS Academy.    

Proceeds support the CHS Academy

 How to Order:

We can take your order at Open House ~ May 13th ~ 6:30 – 8:00pm!

Or Contact Mr. Ryan, Room 607, 687-2030 ext. 8355

Pre-orders taken until Friday, May 28th 

1 Lei $20.00 or 2 Leis for $35.00

Pick up on Graduation Day before 3:00 p.m. in the CHS Academy, room 401



Class of 2010

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