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Trapped in the Darkflame Void

The Void Mages of the Darkflame have trapped the heroes of Sticknia using the power of Darkflame Crystal.  Now the heroes must escape the Darkflame Void and save the realm of Sticknia from the ores of chaos.  Within the void, everything changes and the very fabric of reality fades into nonexistence.  Luckily there are allies with the void.  The Shard Oracles, whose minds are not anchored in reality, can help our heroes.  The oracles' trust is not easily gained.  With luck, the heroes can convince the oracles to help them claim the shards of the Darkflame Crystal and escape the void.  Once the heroes find all the shards, they can reform the Darkflame Crystal and open a portal home.

Trapped in the Darkflame Void is a collaborative game and is played in alternating turns. 
A player takes a turn and then the void takes a turn.

Trapped in the Darkflame Void Tutorial

Corey Scribelife,
Dec 30, 2015, 10:12 AM