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D20 OGL Reward Tokens

Role-players want rewards for accomplishing things in the games they play.  Game-masters have to maintain a balance in giving away character loot that won't make the party overpowered.  The loot spiral can get out of control quickly as better equipped challenges lead to better loot.  Reward tokens were the answer for me.  Each token is a one use effect that may be used at any time.  This allow DM's to increase challenge without needing to increasing loot and still give players rewards for doing cool stuff.

  • 69 reward tokens for DM's to reward players
  • 8 player tokens to allow players to reward each other
  • Cloth bag to randomly draw rewards

My house rules (Feel free to create your own)

  • Tokens are rewarded randomly from the bag by the DM for cool feats or role-play that progresses the story.
  • Players are given player tokens at the beginning of the session and may spend them to reward another player.
  • Tokens may be used as immediate actions by describing why the effect has taken place.
  • DM has the right to refuse an effect based on the situation. (Especially if players are meta-gaming the token rules.)