Sacred Counterparts

Sacred Counterparts

For many of us (though not all) the kick start into ascension starts with meeting/connecting with our Divine Counterpart (although many people, incl. me, call it their Twinflame, I actually find that term does not "sit" with me)....

In this article I will not be writing about soulmates or twinsouls or whatever terms fly around out there...I have no knowledge of those...and as much as I find Love a beautiful thing, this whole adoration of and needing a soulmate or whatever relationship I find a bit offense, we all desire love and all of us wish for a perfect partner that gets us, the core of us....but many forget that in order to be loved by another one must first learn love of Self...the whole desperately trying to attract ones soulmate thing is a typical example of being needy and trying to fill that hole of neediness with a mate...a poor guy/gal that's supposed to complete what one is unable to complete and fill within oneself......Nobody can ever give to you that which you are unable to give to yourself....wholeness, love, acceptance, appreciation etc...

There are of course, very special, other types of relationships out there which push each other into growth (incl Homosexual relationships which can also have a soulmate thing going on...After all, we are basically all homosexuals, as we're all aspects of the one God, falling in love with itself)....and some of the ones that ascended first, that took things to the first grade so to speak (like some baby boomers for instance), have come, or are coming together with a True Love...with no purpose other than enjoying the more lessons to be learned or anything.....

In this article I will be talking specifically about those Divine Counterparts that serve as THE major eye opener...THE kick in the ass that sets off the ascension in their Counterpart (which is usually (the) is usually the male that leaves)....
this article specifically talks about the ascension and the function of so called twinflames in it.....(soulmates can be male/male and/or female/female.......Ascension twinflames. specifically where the one side of the twin serves to break the other ones heart open, are different.....they are unique in this task.....They are two wholes individually....yet also one half of the twinflame whole)...And these Divine Counterparts also have a very significant role to play further down the road, once they re-united...First you have some serious exorcism to perform on yourself....

So...speaking from my own experience....(And I will be very open, honest and frank again about everything, so if that's too much than please stop reading now) do you know if you've met your divine Counterpart?.....Well...first of all...there is no denying simply just know...not only has your world been turned upside down after they left (it's usually their departure out of our lives that serves as the big ascension-bomb going off, as they are so much a part of ourselves that them leaving is like your heart is being ripped from your is literally a heart-breaking experience...a total earthquake-like chaotic devastation/ripping apart).

But other than that (-smile-) what are the significant details you can recognize a Divine Counterpart by:

- They are everything you are not (as in: Polar Opposites)
(like I'm short, I have blonde straight hair & light-skin, I'm Dutch, read lots of books, speak 4 languages, am very focussed and courageous with heaps of willpower.....My Love is very tall, has black curly hair & olive-skin, he's German, never read a book in his life, speaks only German nothing else and turns (or runs - smile -) away from anything that takes a true focus & effort...ah and I forgot to mention he's 15,5 years younger than me.....which is the earthly reason he took off (I always get this cartoon image in my know when the looney's ass is on fire and it runs away like a total idiot -smile again-)...Basically your Divine counterpart is the perfect Yang to your Yin...which is how you complement each other....You balance each other out!

- Although each others perfect opposite/counterpart/yin & yang, you also overlap
Will take my own experience as an example again. There is an overlap somewhere in the middle (duh) my Love and I both love the same type of music (country, Elvis (in fact he's a huge Elvis fan which I was too when younger), 60's, 80's, swing...)......Other than that our names overlap....the last 2 letters of his name are the first 2 letters of my name...and those 2 letters "happen" to spell God (= el/il) in ancient language....Very simple and true....he is the male side of the loop-8, I'm the female side of the loop-8...and in the middle there is God/Neutrality binding us together....(see Divine Counterparts and the 11:11)...that way my Love and I ARE the Divine Balance...

- You have a strong & almost immediate (sexual) connection
(which does not mean all that gets consumated upon meeting). When you make love there is a natural flow between you. There are no words needed...they instinctively know how to touch and please you. When you're together making love your like 2 streams flowing into one...naturally flowing in and around each other...melting into one another (which is why I placed that picture of Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" at the top of this article) breathe in as he breathes out and vice versa (it's like you share 1 breath).....and it continues on for hours & hours....when you're together there is no time...the world around you totally disappears...there is only the 2 (or 1) of you and nothing FEEL each other on a deeper's like the ocean that meets the absorb each other feels loving, slow, gentle 'n soft yet're in awe with each other....your Divine Counterpart takes your breath away.......there is no describing it to someone that has not experienced fact...nobody would believe you....(People around you will tell you to get over it already and move on...they cannot they have never encountered TRUE LOVE...and can't comprehend the deep impact of such an event....and the unbearable-ness of the separation)....well...I could go on and on...but won't.....(someone once described it as "liquid gold"...I find that a very suitable description)

- They have a natural concern for your well-being and pleasing you...they have a very high consideration for you
(and this works both ways....when the inevitable separation comes you both feel totally helpless and torn...not wanting to hurt each other...)

- They touch you in the deepest depths of your heart & soul
You feel them in every fibre of your being, it's like instant love and connection...shattering you to the become totally unravelled....they bring forth the True You...the best you can be...there can be no ego-games, no lies or untruths between you...Once you are re-united there will be nothing to be healed or played out...everyting will be out in the open...You're a true match made in heaven....There is an instant feeling of peace & HOME (at last). I remember the feeling of tenderness, contenment and warm fuzziness as I lay next to my Love, listening to him breathing while he slept....a warm fulfilled feeling in my tummy. (The good part is: you get to make up for all "lost" time when they finally return to you - blink- )

- They immediatly highlight all your insecurities (= all that needs healing)
I remember when my Love and I met....It was at the annual village fair, july 26/27 2007, and I admit, I was a bit tipsy....just having fun with my sis.....When, at 4 am, we entered this big tent (Tyroleans know how to party, let me tell ya that!) I saw him....we started very first words to him were: "OMG, you're gorgeous, you probably get a lot of attention from women huh?" (what a little alcohol can do...)...The blessing about being just a little tipsy is: you do & say things you probably would not have had you been sober. And in fact....he has a whole super-model kinda thing going on (yet not the attitude, he's actually a bit shy and very modest)....when I was still tipsy I didn't really think too much about it...I was having fun...had I been sober I would have figured him way outta my league!...So....we never really talked about it but he naturally came home with me (at 7 am, the sun was already up)...and first...we slept!....I remember him sitting on the bedside with asking puppydog eyes: "are we gonna play?"...but I was too tired...I simply shoved my icy-cold feet between his (I did warn him upfront ya know)...he said: "oopmf" and I said: "goodnight"......The next morning I woke up to some big feet (his shoes look like ships to me) rubbing mine....then a searching hand on my thigh...well...that was it...the point of no return....I wasn't expecting the fireworks though...I was surprised.....but just went with it (like I had a choice pff)...with in the back of my mind the thought it was a one night (err..morning) thing. Turned out, after that, we both could not get each other out of our heads so....he came to me again (I was the careful one telling him maybe we should wait until it blew over...but he wanted to see me again)...I was over the moon, just couldn't believe my luck!.....and it was even better!....But now we also got to the part where we talked about stuff...learned some about each other...(my age I had told him about the 1st time)...we just could not resist each other but...we were both deeply shocked at the same time.....He was shocked he had such immediate deep feelings for a woman my age....and I was in shock...not only that he was that much younger....but he was freakin' gorgeous!...and so very gentle and good to me...I felt so not deserving of him...he highlighted all of my pains/darkness/feelings of unworthiness (now that I write this tears come in my eyes...of course I deserve him...and more....but I did not see that back than..)....W
hen I was with him all pain, drama and complexes ceased, he was like balm to my wounds....When he went home all pain, drama, insecurities, fears and complexes increased full throttle....I was elated and terrified all at the same time (elated of having found him and him actually liking me too, terrified of him leaving me...(I could really feel that ascension train/horror coming down the track...)...he triggered the lot...

and so....he freaked out...and went away...and the total devastation of that event was my ass-kicker into the roughness of ascension.....for 6 or so long horrible years....(The bigger the jetplanes in your tummy, the bigger the following let-down and shock)

After my Love separated from me I was a total wreck..even though we had only spent little time together....After 3 days of crying and being depressed (and I know depression/darkness very well..experienced it since I was 10 until age 33....I was basically suicidal my whole life...just had been totally over it for 4 years and thought I was done with that) I DECIDED (a very important word here!) that this was NOT how I was going to feel again...I took myself by the hair and dragged myself outta bed....Instictively, I went shopping...something to make me feel good again..anything.....I remember how I stumbled around the stores cause I had hardly been eating during the previous 3 days....and I had severe and acute ascension symptoms but was unaware just yet.....but when I got back home I felt better...and I still had to go to my job too...but still, for many many weeks after I could simply break out in tears at any time unexpected.....I just felt I couldn't breathe all air was taken from a huge weight/stone had been placed inside my chest, where my heart used to be...(I mean..although I had lost my virginity at 21, I bled on both occasions with my Love, the 2nd time for several days if I was menstruating, except not......something simply "opened" up in me....not to mention I had been dreaming about him all my life...ever since I was very young, a kid, I had dreams about this tall, dark man...never could see his face...but it's mostly the feeling of those dreams that re-surfaced recognition....when I had all but given up on that dream-man of mine even existing...apart from the fact that for the majority of my life, I could not be touched, with all the harsh dark energies going on around me, being touched was unpleasant...too much to deal with...and sex always felt invasive...I was like a wounded animal trying to find refuge). was brutal...I felt like I was being turned inside out.....

(basically: the bigger/intenser the shock, the bigger part of energy-transmutation you agreed to take on...(The greater polar opposites you and your counterpart are, the greater the male-female energy-balancing/harmonizing you took on for the will neutralize all differences) ...some deal with just personal
ascension, some take on a street or block or village (which would be the lightworkers) and some deal with the energies for a whole state/geographical area (which are the lightworkers-seals/special forces so to speak)...all depending on skill and ability...The bigger the horrors, the greater the task...and the reward)

Me being me, I immediatly understood something fishy was going on though...I just understood right away that this whole event, the shock and the symptoms I developped after that were no coincidence (I had been ranting to God: "you have got to be kidding!...finally I found him and now you yank him away?...why?...what good did that do?...after all I have already been through in life didn't you think I deserved this? couldn't I, for once, have something this good?") I searched the internet for my article led to another but one of the very first articles I found was a channeled described/confirmed exactly what I had already figured out for myself: that this was a major set-up to shock me into ascension...into asking for something better for myself (and my Love is definitly something better/good)...and throughout all those long and horrible months/
years of ascension I have kept that feeling of my Love and me close to my heart....when things got rough I could think of us together...I could re-live all those beautiful loving feelings and they helped me get through all of it....And for me...from a very young age, I knew/felt: There could be only True Love...for me....and it will be worth the long wait & huge effort. (The light of you and your Love shines so pure & bright that it basically scares the shit out of your Twin...the deep feelings of it, and is basically too much for them to handle at that part of the perfect set-up of course...Don't worry...they'll get over it...when the 'time' is right...)

Basically...When my Love left I broke into a million pieces...And it took me a few years to reclaim all the scattered fragments of myself, and put them back together again...this time in a totally different order/arrangement though.

So...if you're in the same circumstance, keep the vision of you and your Love together...fantasize...feel good about it (instead of feeling the constant torment of being apart) is very easy to keep hanging on to the feeling of being torn apart and wounded when thinking of your a life without them is basically feels like deep pain and sorrow that can never be instead remember how it felt when being together...and phantasize about your future together....cause once you have healed/balanced all that needs healing and balancing within yourself, your Divine Counterpart will will be re-united, cause that was the set-up from the very beginning...this was the Divine Plan from the get go..... with many ascension events (like the ascension waves...first the love-theme arrives, than the contrasting dark energy needs to be cleared out)...first the blueprint of Love arrives (your Divine Counterpart)...than first all energies contrasting of that Pure and True Love need to be healed...aka ascension.....after all is balanced and healed, True Love will return....You first get to smell/taste what Love is all about....then you have to straddle your way BECOMING it before you can experience/live is really for the higher good of all that it was designed this way...if you were not healed before getting to live the relationship, you would screw it up due to your insecurities and lack of self- knowledge... (like I know now, back than I would have been unable to handle such a beautiful man by my side...if you think you don't deserve it, than you don't...things are as you choose them to be...)

This is, in fact, what many crop circles are about too...the balancing out of light/dark... male/female...the balancing of divinity in in : humans, male and female....

Some other things are, and again I will speak of my own experience....My Love is all about simplicity & total non-drama....very easy going....I was not yet completely there when I met him.....Now...having gone through the whole ascension gamma (and even within the New Energy there are levels/octaves of mastery...I went from 0 to 100 in no time...)...I crave simplicity...I became what he already was...a soul that loves the simple beauties of complexities.. he brought this forth in me...I recognized myself in the gentleness & beauty of his being. order for your Love to be able to return to must let them go....detach from them....Don't bother with the whens and hows (as your counterpart also has some serious growing to do in the meantime)...and you can...cause once you have established TRUST in your heart...and KNOW that God knows your every desire....and will fulfill it... Detachment/Neutrality truly is the key to creation...Life.....and Love....Detaching is not the same thing as giving up... detaching is surrendering to the Divine..letting go without any need for control....Trusting/knowing your desire, life and Love to be in good & caring hands without you bothering/worrying/fretting over it....

Things are not as they may seem...anything is possible...even huge great miracles.....however unlikely you deem them to be......anything and all is possible! We are infinite resources, energies and possibilities.

Your twin is rendering you a great service....that is Love with a big L...He left so you can first grow into your soul-shoes....and then he comes back to enjoy the fruits of that labour.

Totally accept and make peace with your deep desire for your twin....because it is a natural was intended that way... so don't feel bad/guilty about it.....

I started dreaming about my Twin right around the time of his birth, decades (22 years) before ever meeting him in the flesh (I thought it was all just a beautiful childhood/teen fantasy) ...But all through life he was the invisible hope & anchor that kept me here....and all through ascension he was the light at the end of the tunnel, keeping me going. The promise of that Love was what kept me anchored on the Earth...without it I would have long left the planet.

Trust god (yourself)..and leave it totally in gods hands...God/Love will do right by you...

Use your desire and longing for your Twin.....embrace is your grandest tool...
Focus on the joy of reunion and life toget
her...not on the pain of separation (that was merely a tool to shock you into ascension). For healing the wound of separation in the (collective) human heart was the theme you and our Twin chose. Therefore the one heart you and your Love share had to be symbolically torn apart
you are never really matter how it may appear....

What you and your twin are doing is of the greatest love...of the highest love yourself for it....

One last thing....many of the ones who chose to parttake in the ascension in this manner, by meeting their Divine Counterpart, also have a larger agreement there....Many will be the Divine Couples, the Sacred Marriages from whence very new children will be born...children that will be the cornerstone of the New Earth...very special souls indeed....

And...the timing of Divine Partners to re-connect is very carefully planned as well (as in: Divine Timing)....even this re-connection (which will come about in waves) has a much deeper purpose and meaning than the obvious....There is a tremendous beautiful energy which emanates from each couple when they finally re-unite....this is a balanced female-male Love energy/
harmony of such bright Light & high frequency that it will ripple out throughout the world...Just imagine all over the Earth....Divine Counterparts come back together again....they will create a very special strong light-web all together.....all balanced God-Couples connected through the same balanced Light of Love....From "up there" it will be quite the sight to see! There will be waves upon waves of Balanced Love added from all the Couples that will re-connect simultaneously over the coming will be truly magnificant and these couples will act greatly as harmonized stabilizers for the worlds' energies!

On the one hand the enormous Twinflame-couple-energy will "force" and/or guide their surrounding world into transmutation. On the other hand this strong twin-couple-energy of peace, calm, love, harmony & stability will support that transmuting world, serving as great stabilizers, so that the old world cannot explode and fall...For these twin-couples will keep her upright, as the pillars/foundations...they support her transmutation, making sure it all goes as smoothly as possible...These couples are the first of the New Generation.

All the incoming ascension-waves of energy (as partially described by the maya calendar) will have then been received by end of 2012. The next waves of energy will be provided by the twinflame couples...and by those who found their way inward...Their mere presence in this world, amongst old energies, will do the trick. It will now all come from within, ascension energies included, working inward outside. (Like in that xmas-movie  'The Santa Clause 3', where in the end the little girl hugs Jack Frost, making him melt and become all pink, fuzzy and lubby dubby...The New Energy humans & couples will be the hug for the world :D)

Once you have become whole within, you will also become whole without (again)...

The voice/Spirit said: 'the old ends with the twin, the new also begins with the twin.....'

This picture I drew July of 2011. It was the very first picture I drew after 15 years of
no drawing whatsoever...and exactly 4 years after meeting my Love...who had still not returned. I am pretty sure another picture will be drawn up after my Love and I have (finally) reunited :D...It was never intended to be a Twinflame picture when I started drawing...but turned out to be one just the same.

"A soul mate is a partner for life. It does not have to be a romantic one. It can be mother and daughter, or two unrelated people who team up for whatever reason. And yes, it can also be romantic. Therefore, it is a partnership energy.
The energy of a twin flame is one that's your mirror-image energy. A twin flame is one who finds the "other half" of what it is seeking in purpose. Twin-flame energy isn't necessarily a partnership issue like a soul mate is. It's more about coming together to fulfill a wholeness that's missing in potential or purpose.
A soul mate might be a partnership that's good for life, but it may not result in anything else. A twin flame has purpose behind it, driving toward a goal. Let me give you real-world examples. Your past leader Ronald Regan has a soul mate called
Nancy. But the discovers of the DNA structure, Watson and Crick, were twin flames.
Sometimes twin flames are also together in love, but even if they are, that's convenient for the bigger picture... something to be accomplished together. Soul mates exist together for joy and life extension. Twin flames exist together to accomplish something that neither could do alone. They also can be both! When that happens, it's really obvious." - Kryon

The issue of partnership is also one that concerns many people right now. As the Earth moves into her own personal alignment with her Twin Flame energy, humans also feel a deep need to be in that Twin Flame passion. Indeed, the Milky Way Galaxy is currently merging with the Andromeda Galaxy, and the energy of passion and love that flames from that great unified Heart is very strong. Its resonance is felt on many levels, and the desire for Union is part of the great changes and transformations that you are experiencing right now.

What you have learned about relationships in this life is not adequate to bring you into a Twin Flame Sacred Union, for that is what your heart desires. You see, the way to create Sacred Union is complete surrender to Divine Will and Power. It is not about looking for the “right” person or the person who attracts you most in a physical or sexual way. There are many people who enter into intense sexual relationships and imagine that this is the energy of the Twin Flame. Indeed, it is not. The passion of the Twin Flame burns in the Heart, and has very little to do with sexuality. It may be expressed through sexuality by two beings who are able to bring the energy down to the physical, and that can be very powerful. In Lemurian and Egyptian times, this was an art that was left to the priests and priestesses, for they were best able to carry the powerful Twin Flame energies in their bodies without being thrown into imbalance. But now, one of the gifts of this New Earth is that all humans are being enabled to create and experience the Twin Flame Union in their own Lives.

However, dearest one, so many self-sabotage these relationships because they seek first the material and sexual expression of the relationship before they have grounded it into their Hearts and created the required weaving of Light and Spirit that will hold the relationship.

So, what you are all learning, is how to "be", and to create a new kind of relationship, that emanates from the Heart and is expressed through the Heart. Until you can do this, you will find that you will continue to feel as though there is nothing for you, for you will be seeking for something in the “wrong place” as it were.

So, what we are saying..... is that in order to attract a partnership of great passion, you have to be able to live and hold that passion in your own life and in your own heart first. Then you will be able to hold the love and passion of another being in your Heart, and then you will create a great and powerful union. You cannot “avoid” the passion and the intensity of intimacy by escaping into work or other addictions, and still expect the relationship to be passionate and heart-based.

At this time, you as a people, are still in the learning stages of this energy. Both men and women are still learning how it feels to make a powerful connection through the Heart, and how to nurture and care for that connection. For, once the seed is planted in the Heart, it must be nurtured and cared for every day, otherwise, like any plant, it will wither and die. So, with these new relationship energies, the way to allow the “plant” of the heart to flourish is to water it daily with the energy of Unconditional Love and intimacy.

It requires great honesty and openness, and the ability to be vulnerable and to express exactly what you are feeling. For, the other person knows immediately what you are thinking and feeling through that Heart bond, and if they experience anything less than total honesty to those feelings in your actions, then the bond will wither and die. For the Heart only “speaks” in total honesty and in total alignment, the heart and the mind must speak as one, or an imbalance is created and the relationship will not grow and flourish.

However, if that intimacy and honesty and openness of the Heart can be established, then the relationship will become one of great power and passion and love.

So, .... when you ask about relationships, this is what we can say……you are all in this learning phase, and few of you have yet discovered the power of the Heart and the power of the Passion and Intimacy of the Heart. It is what you all seek, but it is what you have yet to find within yourselves as you move away from the old concepts of relationships as sexual/material experiences to the new paradigm where relationships are powerful and passionate expressions of the Heart and Soul as well as the physical body.

Indeed, this is why so many of you are thrown into depression and stress so often, for you feel the energy of this great passion at moments, and then it slips away as you fall into the old patterns of relationship and energy. Indeed, you are all learning, rather painfully sometimes, how to be in the moment of Intimacy and Passion and Sharing, and to be capable of carrying that intensity with Love and Joy in your Hearts and in your body.

Dearest one, learn to trust yourself and your feelings. If you feel great Joy, then express it to those who are near you. If you feel great pain or sadness, express that too. In this New Earth, you are learning how to support your own feelings and to support those of others by sharing what you are feeling and thinking with compassion and unconditional love. It is only when you are capable of feeling these powerful energies and expressing them, without falling into anger or into “victim” patterns, that you will be able to hold and express the powerful energies of the “Twin Flame” in all your creative relationships.

So, know that you are all learning and that, just as you learnt how to hold these new incoming energies in your bodies, you will learn how to hold them in your Heart and how to balance them and to nurture them through expressing them in honest and loving ways and having them received with openness and love.

For, dearest one, this is how passion flows between sacred hearts and loving souls. It is expressed and shared, and in that communion is the Flame of true Creative Energy. It is the dancing of Hearts in the power of Unconditional Love.

So, ......we hope that we have been able to show you the process that you are all experiencing as you learn how to be Passionate from the Heart and how to experience the Intense Flame of the Source within your Hearts in loving and supportive relationships. First, within your own Heart, and then by opening your Heart and sharing your already existing passion with another. The other person will not give you the passion or create it for you, it must be there already to be shared in the unfolding of the bond between you, and it must be equal and based in unconditional love.
~ T
he Michael-energy - through C. Fenn