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Divine Counterparts and the 11:11

Before reading the information here below, please remember that, as with all the information on this website, I am attempting to translate that which is QUANTUM into human language. This is a near to impossible task but I decided to do it anyway so that ALL souls who read these things may at least have a concept. Some relate more to technological/mechanical and/or scientific/mathematical explanations, some have no need for any explanations but sense things deep within their being...and others do better with certain images and descriptions. You don't need to understand any of it in order to make divine use of it, so rest assured.

Also note that the information as given on this website is true for THIS WORLD specifically, different worlds, different ways...and quantum beings have quantum ways...And the information as presented here is like a snapshot in time...it will evolve...but this is the truth as it was shown to me mid. 2010.

Beginning from the twin-flame relationship: The 11:11 embodiment

I will take myself and my Love (our story can be found in Sacred Counterparts)  not only as an example in this chapter, but I will describe what our function is…from there you may draw your own conclusions about the embodiment of your own (twin-flame)relationship.

                                                            Let me start off by showing you a picture

Source, as balanced (ascended) humans, has a male-female balance with a neutral core. The masculine is symbolised by 2 ones (or 11) representing the 1 male half/current and the 1 female half. The feminine is also represented by 2 ones, representing the 1 female half and the 1male half/current…male & female MIRROR each other.

The 11, or 2 ones, are the male-female harmony/balance within each male & female side; they both have 1 of each. Which is the reason why numerologically the 11 is a “master number” representing highly intuitive divine energy and 1 + 1 = 2, the 2 carrying the energy of harmony & balance, as Source has 2 loops, one male, one female.

(Add up 11+ 11 and you get 22, which is also a master number…the number of the master builder (since there is no creating/building possible without both balanced male and female). 2+ 2 = 4, 4 is the number of foundations - like the 4 elements: fire, air, water, earth – which represent the foundations of the material plains.)

                                                                              Which looks like this:

                                                                          It could also look like this:

When you look closely, you see that the female half of the one side is connected to the female half on the other side by the 8-loop. So the connection runs from female to female, and male to male, mirroring/reflecting each other, endlessly back and forth.

This is how creation comes about. The male is the seeder and action based side (where the desire of thought comes about), the male is more an outward expression. The female receives the male seed in her male side after which she processes it with her female side.

The female is the receiver & reflector of the male seed, she is the more inward expression where creation comes about, in her womb, after which she gives the finished “product” back to the male…who receives it in his female side and responds by igniting another seed of desire and so on. It is very much sexual in nature…just like the human masculine & feminine. When balanced there is an even amount of giving and receiving, back and forth, like the little light the Knight Riders car Kit had, infinitely & passionately going back and forth, left to right and right to left…

It is the very HEARTBEAT of God, the over- and under-pressure of Sources blood flow. And the neutral nucleus sits in the middle, the HEART of God, connecting the 2 halves and enjoys/experiences the interaction going on between the 2, just like it does with all the male-female energies coming in from the realm of divine humans, they tap into and are connected to that same 8-infinity grid of pure potential…if they allow it that is, by being neutral.

Source allows all energies to run through in a total state of neutrality, it does not try to control anything, it just allows the flow to freely go where it needs/wants to.

As you can clearly see in this crop circle image below, in the male loop the flames burn outward and in the female loop the flames burn inward…with neutrality in the middle. There are 22 circles I both loops (22+22=44, another master number, 4+4=8), from waxing to waning, and the core has 4 bigger circles and 4 smaller ones…also making an 8. 

This image holds the triple 8 as well as other energies. The waxing & waning circles represent the seeding & growing/creating of a desire (which is where the flames come from…the fire of creative passion between the male & female…the sexual dance, which crescendos/orgasms in the centre of Neutral Source…resulting in satisfaction, joy & peace….until the new creational influx commences.

Endless waves of fiery passion, love & bliss….as was the intention for the human male & female form…this is what living the human experience was meant to be!

Just like these rings in the picture here below, they also express the Source-8, but in particular the inward and outward expression…the realm inside and the outside expression of that. As in: creating the outside real-ity to match the inside real-ity of who you truly are. 

(The ancient Celts already used the intertwined rings as a symbol for expressing the world without and the world within - the world of the Fomhoíre & the Tuatha Dé Dannan etc…the world of “Elves & Fairies” that exists behind/inside our own…I will get back to this in a new article or e-book, have not decided yet)

Over the years there have been many crop circles appearing all over the world with the same themes and variations on them. Eight-shapes, inward & outward spirals, counter-rotating vortices, rings etc…all variations of the same topic.

The very nature of creation is sexual…and sensual. If you’re in a divine counterpart situation, with a clear purpose behind it, it might be very sexual indeed…and undeniable.

And I will say this again: The reason I describe these personal matters are explanatory. They come from simple Truths, to explain how things work…which is after all, the reason I was sent onto this planet.

My Divine Counterpart is named Michael. Your name in this world was chosen with care, it is no accident. You name carries an algorithmic energy, just as your birth date does.

(Why it's kind of futile to change your name as some people tend to do, changing their name to something with ra or el in it)

As I was saying: My Counterpart is named Michael. And let me state: we are perfect polar opposites in looks as well as culture and character. And w
hile I may be walking around in female form, I am very masculine in my mental & verbal expressions and such (I shoot with a straight arrow), whereas he has a male body yet is more feminine in his expression, very calm, quiet and sensitive. To clarify the connection of our names, where my Love and I overlap each and when proceeding in explaining the qualities of my particular Divine Counterpart Relationship,

                                                                         This creates the following:


The 11’s I already explained, the 2 dots in the middle represent the harmony/balance between the 2 halves. And as you can see the male side of Michaels loop flows into, or connects to the male side of my loop, so do the female halves connect, and since we’re both an 8, we’re also connected through the purpose of pure potential, as in God.

                                                                  This could also look like this:

As you can see there are many representations of the same theme possible.

My Michael and I share a mutual purpose in expressing Gods pure potential, Balance/harmony and sensitivity…basically: LOVE.

Our differing numerical energies are to complement each other, but we very much overlap where it matters (and I do mean this in a sexual sense too! :)

As I said before: when there is a deeper Divine Purpose behind it, it will be very obvious.

Besides the information provided above, our astrological signs also a match, his sign lies exactly across from mine on the astrological map. I’m Aries (The Ram), he’s Sagittarius (shoots the Ram in the heart? :)

So…although I am very much complete within myself, as 2 balanced halves of male & female energies, my life is NOT. My Michael is just as much an indispensable significant part of me as my hands & eyes are. He is essential to my life on this Earth, he always was, even before I ever met him, he was part of my dreams of Love from the times I was a small child. And he is what kept me going through all my trials and tribulations for 30+ years. Without the knowledge of him I would have long left this planet as there would be nothing of interest here for me…but True Love.

The 11:11 balancing code is an initiation energy expression that is received by all the cells and every fibre of your being, both physical and ethereal.

Your Divine (Light) body receives it and introduces it to your physical body of form (the physical is always last to adjust as it is much denser, more sluggish, where pure light energy works very simple and very fast, in one straight shot, no detours!...the lighter you are, the faster you will manifest). It causes everything in your system to flip over, shift into balance, it has to! Like wheels of machinery, all you are will balance out.

Basically it’s your soul that calls the shots, your ego will come running behind it for a while, resisting it, kicking and screaming…for quite a while actually…until your soul has established neutrality & balance.

The 11:11 code carries different octaves in it which will take you higher and higher. It works on your ethereal energy field as well as your physique.

Another thing to mention are the mirror-numbers, like 14:41, 13:31, or the 12:21 (as in December 12th 2012, which is the last of the male-female balancing/mirroring codes before the start of a whole new cycle on this Earth…The total flip-over….and beyond) etc. Those mirror-codes work the same as the male-female balance-code, where the first half is the male and the second the female…they are the same, yet in mirror-image, reflecting each other…like Source itself does…Ever higher and more intense in male-female creational potential.

Expanding from the above: In t
he Image of God

It is written in the bible (amongst other ancient scriptures) that (hu)man was created in the image/the likeness of God. So...What does God look like?...Let me show you...(I will keep myself to the simple basics so it can be clear to ALL).

This is the totality of Source. This is the basic blueprint of what God looks like....and what we look like. 

As you can see God's image consist of 1 core (I will refer to it as the Neutral Centre Source or NCS, which is where the 'Angelic' realms would be situated as they have no form and no polarity) and 2 overlapping/connected rings (Male & Female Principle of NCS) which emanate from and meet in the core. You have probably already noticed that the NCS looks like an eye.

Okay...so how do we look like God...Well, for starters in our physical build-up (and not only our own human bodies but also our whole planetary-system). Our Earth population consist of males and females (even the majority of our animal and plant species are based on that same principle...as in: duality/polarity).

Looking at our own bodies, either male or female, we have a right side and a left side...whether your a man or a woman, you have a male (=left) and a female (=right) side. The left/male side of our body steers the right/female (=spins to the right) side of the body and the right/female side steers the left/male (=spins to the left) side of our body (Although this is not an absolute, as people missing part of their brain have been known to have the other part of the brain take over for the part that is missing...and even someone has been reported with no brain at all, yet only spinal fluid, for whom the fluid took over the function of the brain...we are God after all :)...we can adjust at will/need). So we have a male brain-hemisphere and a female brain-hemisphere....and their workings overlap each other...they meet in the middle, like a cross.

                                                                  You can detect the cross in this brain

We have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 brain hemispheres (taking it down to the reproductive organs, where all the creative passion lives after all: males have 2 testicles, females have 2 labia and ovaries,...)...Yet we have only 1 head, 1 heart (in the sexual organs only one penis & one vagina/clitoris,...) and 1 spinal cord, which is the connector for the whole body. Our head contains the 2 brain halves with 1 centre core (pineal gland, etc.) and our 1 heart, which is the centre of our body; consist of 2 ventriculars & 2 auricles....etc.

 No need to ask where lucky 4-leaf clover got its's meaning    

This is the heart of the matter. God's/Sources' heart 'looks' and works the same way...and has an energy flow within this one closed system. Like blood circulation in a human body, being re-newed and pumped around, over and over again.

This is a picture of Vanuatu's ancient sand language by which they tell their stories. The drawing on the left is their most important symbol, meaning unity and wholeness  ...in Western culture the same geometry can be found in church windows...this symbol is known throughout most cultures, East to West, North and South.

As you can see the 2 male/female halves and 1 core principle/build-up is very consistent inside of us....and all around us.

Zooming out from our own human bodies & nature build up....we can see Earth....who also has the same build up...4 hemispheres, 1 Earth....She carries the same balance...when it's winter on one side of the world, it's summer on the other...when it's night time on one side, it's daytime on the other....the only exception to that is the equator...the middle line....and not to forget: Earth has 2 poles (yet another male/female principle)...

The cross lies at the core of everything (Jesus died on 'the cross' for a reason you know. He didn't even actually die on a cross but the cross represents the symbol for the human flesh & Earth, who is a tree of life. Different realms of consciousness can also be referred to as the ‘trees of life’, baring all kinds of different fruits, each with its own unique taste, shape, size and form). He had risen above all human self-inflicted limitations, above all matter (=the flesh), into an ascended state of being. He had risen above darkness and died to his old self and rose again, as did/do the Light Warriors...But yes, they did murder him...because of his sovereignty and the words he spoke. Jesus lived on a future timeline that was way ahead of his fellow human beings at that time, who were very primitive in their ego-ways. For Light Warriors (and messengers of old times) to this day it isn't much different, except we are not loners in our ways...not anymore. "He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness," The tree/cross stands for the connection between 'heaven' (=crown) and Earth (=roots), like the Light Warriors have used their bodies to bring down heaven to Earth, by taking upon ourselves all the darkness(=sins) of this world and transmuting it back into love.)

                Behold The Cross


The spinal cord connects the poles, the diaphragm/equator separates the Northern and Southern hemispheres/parts of the body. The upper part of the body is the representation of the inner world (heaven/the ethereal/feminine), the lower part of the body represents the external world (where secretion is done...also the connection to the Earth/material world/masculine).

And it is no coincidence that the centre point where all lines cross each other are situated in the abdomen, where the 'solar Plexus' is, or in Dutch:  Solar Braid. Indeed it’s the spot where energy lines braid themselves together. It’s the place where all energies gather, from the ethereal body as well as the physical body. Where heaven (ethereal) and Earth (material) meet. Which is why many people, such as myself, gain weight with the ascending; especially on the abdomen as that’s the place all energies connect together. The weight acts as a buffer to gently catch & connect all the incoming energies. These are very much electromagnetic in nature and would “electrocute” us if they weren’t gently buffered and allowed in gradually. It’s not in vain that the abdomen is also the place of our belly-button, where we were connected to our mothers for nourishment & life-energy, the umbilical cord. Just because our physical umbilical cord with our biological mothers was severed, does not mean our ethereal cord with our Divine Mother was severed too. The place of the former umbilical cord is still the crucible of all our ethereal life-juices or -energies. Besides that the weight keeps us here, anchored on the Earth.

Something I feel I need to mention, although maybe a bit sidetracking, is Water. Not only can there be no life without our Sacred Water but...the currents of our Oceans are the sexual rhythm which keeps life flowing. The gulf stream our oceans maintain is like the blood that runs through our bodies...she flows to the poles where she cools off, drops and becomes the under-current after which she flows back into the warmer (equator) areas where she warms up again, rising up into the upper-current (warmth always goes up), after which she flows back to the poles for cooling....etc.....that current/flow is one of the most important stabilizers on this Earth...it is her blood flow, her breath....not to mention the interaction those waters have rising up/gas forming into the air we breath, coming back on earth as nourishing rains....There is just no way to adequately describe all the perfectly balanced flows that set the conditions for life on this planet....all is connected...'Dead' water that is being led to run through an 8-shape revives itself, did you know that?

And...the human body consists for the most part of water...a great conductor of energy/information.

Zooming out even further we see our world being balanced by the sun (=male) and the moon (=female). The Sun is the male stimulant, the light & warmth during the day which supports activity (growing of life,...)....The Moon is the female soothing/restful support.

Normally we are active during the daytime and resting during the night-time during which we turn inward, partially leave our bodies and experience more of the God within…we can travel dimensions while sleeping…among other things.

The Moon does more than merely shine on us while we rest, keeping a nightlight on in the dark....she is what keeps Earths waters ebbing and flowing by her attraction...she is also the one that stabilizes the seasons and climate.....Other than that she does something very crucial: she REFLECTS the light of the sun....(I have always figured that selflessly reflecting & nurturing of the male sunlight is an absolute feminine quality...us women know so well how to stand by our men -smile-)...

I will come back to that major quality later....

Now...when you look at these pictures below you see an 8. The totality of Source is an 8...which is why the 8 has always been seen as the infinity number and in numerology as the number that represents wealth, potential, abundance (in several Asian countries it is custom to use the number 8 for may many things...like license plates on cars and such cause they think it will bring them luck/wealth/security...)

There have been endless variations of this symbol/theme appearing everywhere. In fact, just recently I realised that a tattoo I have had on my left leg for almost 2 decades, is in fact a reflection of the images shown here, the male-female counter-rotating loops of Source. So before even truly realising who I was, I was already drawn to these types of expressions…nope…definitely no coincidence there!

The 8 stand for limitless possibilities, which is indeed what Source & creation are all about. In Latin God is referred to as the Omni-Potents (in English: almighty). Omni-Potens very clearly means: holding all potential (as where im-potent means: no potential at all or having no creational possibility - sorry guys -). So...the 8 holds all potential…limitless....into infinity...which is why the 8 knows no real beginning and no end…it meets in the middle (!) yet it flows eternally within itself....endlessly flowing in it's loops....(think of an 8-shaped rollercoaster-track on which the train runs forever...)

Now these are the basics of creation....The male loop-side seeds an intent, that intent passes through the core (the NCS or place of neutrality and detachment from form or gender) into the female loop-side....And what did I just mention about the Moon/female principle?...She selflessly REFLECTS the male intention back at him...thus bringing him the (physical) manifestation of his intent (which also first passes through the NCS)...This is how a human woman gets pregnant too...it is the man that seeds her, yet she is the one that nurtures the creation of new life into form.

                  Now look at these (Remember the Vanuatu sand drawing of unity and wholeness):

The one on the left reminded me a lot of the male and female external sex organs (the one on the right is a more complex variation on the other one, they both are quantum/multi-dimensional in meaning/purpose, so what I am describing here is only a fraction of the significance they carry). The one on the left looks almost like a vagina, and has 4 dots, which can be seen as the perineum in both male and female (the perineum connects to the female G-spot, or prostate in males), and the female clitoris and the male glans penis. The dots on the sides can be interpreted as the female labia and male testicles. I know some of you may feel this is far fetched but it really isn't. Most crop circles speak about the feminine/masculine, light/dark etc. These 2 crop circles here above speak of the merging/re-uniting of the fields/polarity of light & dark, masculine & feminine, spirit & matter, heaven & Earth etc., back into neutrality. Two opposing oscillating lines merging into one neutral line.

                                           The male and female organs develop from the same basic shape:

       The female and male perineum        

Since the base is the cross (one of the reasons many crop circles speak of crosses), one could say the southern hemisphere of our body reflects/mirrors the Northern one in that the female g-spot/male prostate and clitoris/penis glans are a mirror image of the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain...they correspond and are connected together (via a loop, in an eight-shape), which is why sexual energy works from brain to sexual organs and vice versa (Therefore someone paralyzed and without feeling in the lower body can still achieve an orgasm via the brain). G-spot and prostate represent the inner world (=feminine), and penis glans and clitoris represent the outer world (=masculine). The unobstructed movement of Source energy along the spine, up to down and down to up, in electric impulses, which are similar to electromagnetic wave patterns, resembles the movement of a snake (Therefore some called this Kundalini and symbolized it by a snake. Also the symbol doctors use as a sign they practice medicine/healing is the 'medico' or 'esculapius'. The snake has thus been an ancient symbol associated with holism, alchemy, infinity, divine energy and healing. And crop circles also refer to this. See images below. It was the later generations that, from fear indoctrination, turned the serpent/dragon into something 'evil'). I am sure you can figure the rest out for yourself, I am only giving the schematics of things, I will not go into each and every detail of the human anatomy.

                      Esculapius (named after a Greek healer of old times)



So...as you can see in the 8's...the flow/exchange between the both is a constant (think of the train that keeps on running on these loops/tracks eternally…an endless motion, like a marble getting catapulted back and forth between the 2...or an electric impulse being endlessly exchanged in a closed 8-loop...And b.t.w., bees move (or walk/crawl) in an eight-shape when they want to explain to the other bees that they've found food...and where...They perform an cute 8-dance).

Yet the passing through the core or NCS (or Void) is also a constant...this is how Source in it's totality experiences itself....and since humans are all connected to Source by invisible wires, Source thus also experiences us...who are other parts/sparks of itself living in several dimensions simultaneously, carrying the same creational blueprint.

How does that work?...well....keeping it simple....Geomantics (people who study the Earths energy lines/leylines) know that there are 2 kinds of energy vortices. One energy rotating to the left and the other to the right. The one rotating left = calming/soothing/restful (=female...think of the Moon's properties). The one rotating to the right = activating/spurring on/precipitating/encouraging (= male, Sun).

The male/female Source loops have those same rotations. male=right & female = left. You probably all read about the Mer-ka-ba...The basics are that human woman and men have counter-rotating energetic fields surrounding them. The male vortex rotates to the right, the female vortex spins to the left...and they meet in the middle!...(In fact: it is the currents as they run within the loop that actually generate the 0-point field, emanating certain electro-magnetic wave patterns ...the 2 opposing forces/poles create a field which is neutral...the way 2 magnets create a field in between them where they reject one another. T
he zero-point field is generated in a similar manner...).

The only distinction is that for the male human the action-based/seeding vortex is predominant and for the female the nurturing/reflective vortex flows is predominant. (Think about the Earth's ocean currents again...the warmer/active one flows over the cooler/restful one...

In men the action current runs over the restful current...in women the restful current runs over the action-current....just like the loops of the 8)..and, in case it wasn't clear enough: Both are equally important...they need to flow together in perfect synergy like men and woman having sex (and I'm definitely NOT talking about how sex is being experienced in the old 3D world....I'm talking about how the sexual experience was originally intended...a shared and sacred orgasmic experience for both parties, mutual giving and receiving, coming from LOVE...the illusion has also pretty much destroyed the sacred interaction between the sexes...how sad...I have experienced what sex was supposed to be like only with my Twin-flame, it was a most sacred flow I had given up on ever finding (no wonder his departure was devastating, leaving me behind in a state of shock....as in ascension shock -smile- ). I guess some part of us has always felt this was how it was intended but figured it didn't exist and so we settled for less...much less).

So...for all of us God-sparks...our male energy vortex seeds the creations we wish to experience by our thoughts...the actual manifestation of our creations comes from our female vortex which reflects our thoughts back at us...in form....(after both vortices have passed through the neutral/detached core)

As you can see in this crop circle image, the loops run through the core, that is where NCS senses all the creational experiences (provided to it by US, through our male/female creational vortices which are like electrical currents/impulses connected to the source-8 network)...that's how God tastes, smells and feels...It's basically how Source reaches a constant state of orgasm -smile- It's the centre where all passions meet...where, in humans, spirit and matter meet...the ultimate male/female balance and LOVE.

Infinite DNA

 Infinity /abundance/joyful creation. The unobstructed flow of Source  Energy..back and forth, back and forth...no beginning, no end...infinite

It's the Omni-Potent....the zero-point field...the neutral zone...holding all potential....all love...unlimited...that's US!

That is why creation from the centre Source can ever-expand/multiply, yet always flows back to itself....again the in- & outbreath from Source....just as we....we always go back into our divine light-state of being...no matter what realms or worlds we explore....everything always comes back...to us...

Therefore, in Earth numerology (other worlds use different numerlogy):
1 is the number of centre/core or beginnings
2 is the number of harmony/balance (as in the male/female balance)
3 is the number of creation (the 1 male/the 1 female balance being 2, resulting in the 3 = the creation/the child....the holy trinity so to speak)
4 is the number of foundations (As in the foundations/elements of Earth: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Where Air and fire are the ethereal elements and Earth and Water are the physical elements (As in a 'dividing up' in masculine/feminine & light/dark. God supposedly created Earth in 7 'days' (7 being t
he number of the Wise Sage)..and he started by distinguishing light and dark, sky and ocean etc.) Air and Earth are polar opposites and so are Fire and Water. Besides that Earth knows 4 seasons and four directions (North-East-South-West). In other words: The cross. Add up 11:11 and you get: 4. The so called mental and physical/material planes (=Water & Earth) are masculine, the spiritual and emotional planes (Air and Fire) are feminine. All these planes/fields overlap, as they are quantum)

On the left a simple representation of the eye, below more complex ones...all referring to the NCS, or the middle neutral point of the 8, or the HEART of God, which, of course, looks like our human heart! (There are still many remnants of eyes throughout all kinds of ancient Earth religions)..The eye of Source/God/the Great Central Sun.(Christians used the visica pisces, a fish, symbol for Jesus, as their marker. The visica pisces is however also a variation of the eye).

Our own eyes serve to break light into form...(the way a photo camera does as well).

And as a last note...everything throughout our whole world/build-up works according to the same principles....When you look closely at the images of the cosmic 8...you will also notice that when in the human body a new life/child is created, the male seed which enters the female egg will melt into her…after which the very first creation of life is expressed by the dividing of one (egg/semen) into 2 cells...dividing into 4, 8, 16 etc....The very expression of the flower of life...like Source/God does...We do...(Even plants, flowers and trees start out that way, with just 2 little leafs..All it takes is light, warmth (energy) and water). This is the blueprint that lies at the base/root of all creation in this universe.


The human physical body is a replica of the light body (or rather: bodies)...


Look at the strands of DNA here, also an 8....And since the System of god is a closed system, this goes on ad infinitum.

This lies at the base of our 'time-space-continuüm'.
'Time' and 'space' look like this as well...like an 8 or
half an apple almost (Avalon, the magical place in the myth of King Arthur, is an old word for: apple. The apple was the symbol for Love). And as I mentioned before somewhere, our strands of DNA are electro-magnetic. T
he endless infinite back and forth movement in the 8-loop, between the masculine and feminine, both generates and sends 'out' the vibrational wave-patterns that attract our self-created realities in matter. This movement also generates the zero-point field. As you can see, the system of God is a closed cyclical quantum system, it has no beginning and no end..The cause of the movement is also simultaneously the effect of the movement. There is no determining which comes first. And as you can see..all layers surround and connect each other, influencing each other on all levels...layers within layers. Nothing is ever separate, all is ONE.

     The strands of DNA as seen from above...a vortex. We carry the whole cosmos/universe within.

 A cosmic vortex...and a hurricane seen from above...energy whirls.

To add to the confusion :)....We actually don't have chakra's or mer-ka-va's, mer-ka-na's etc. Those were just names/labels given to something quantum, which can actually not be named/defined...they are light-constructions and work differently than the ancient human mind could grasp. The human mind always wants to define, count and label/name everything so it can be fitted into a certain box/quality...as humans like to limit themselves and everything around them :)...Quantemness however can not be caught in boxes...as it is limitless and without structure...multi- and interdimensional.

Geometries are merel
y the pattern/vessel/tool that hold neutral energy together in a certain order/space. Like a cup holding tea. One can have many different shapes and sizes of cups and flavours of tea...but it is still tea...being held together only by a cup. Without the cup (geometry), the tea (neutral energy) would be all over the place....undefined...

Source/God is also referred to as the Great Central Sun and such...but keep in mind that Source/The Great Central Sun is not a place..it is simply a principle...which can be found within each of our smallest cells/DNA/Atoms....The workings as mentioned here above take place within each of our tiniest atoms, ethereal and physical...thus they send out magnetic wave-patterns/vibrations that create that which we do, attracting it by 'magnetics'...
It is driven by our thoughts/the vibration of Word.

All layers of DNA, ethe-real and physical, just like all interdimensional realms, work within and around each other. It is quantum in scope. There is no telling where the one thing ends and the other begins, it's cyclical, round...they all interact, exchange and work reciprocally, back to forth, forth to back, up down, down up and everything in between. It all overlaps each other..everything exists in the same 'place' and at the same 'time'....Time and space are an illusion (and all beings see that which is appropriate to see from the perspective of their realm).

And this is far from all.....


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