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Let's start with the "3D" world...the world of separation, lack, fear, duality, polarity...in other words: the world of rules and LIMITS.

The 3D-world looks like a flat line. Let me explain:

- ____________________@_____________________+

Look at the line above....a 3D human (= @) stands in the middle of this line. The only thing a 3D person is able to do, due to its limitations, is look either left or right. (sometimes up or down as well, but then it sees only the ground beneath its feet and the empty sky above). It sees only positive & negative, left & right, East & West, right & wrong, black and white, light & dark, male & female etc. It stands in the middle of polarity.

From that point of view things are either positive or negative....but never neutral.

It has no overview...so it can not see....it has only one point of perception...it is limited by its own chosen point of reference. It has no understanding for a multi-dimensional human because it is limited by its blinkers...it is flat...it only knows a flat world of lack, fear and judgment...and thus responds to others in the same limited manner....

A human viewing things through the distorted lense of ego, also judges everything around it from that perspective. So it will judge healthy self-confidence as arrogance, and knowledge shared in love as condescending. These are the energies they themselves carry and are ruled by so this is the filter through which they look. Limited.

When such humans, ruled by pain and darkness, lash out at others, it is like stinking poison flowing out of them...like squeezing out an abces, pus comes out...Only after the sickness has been released can the healing begin.

The multi-dimensional human has multiple points of perception. It does not look at things flat and one-sided, yet it looks at   things from above...neutrally....the 3rd point of reference/perception.      



Creation has a pyramidal structure...like it or not, that is its ‘hierarchy’. The higher up the hierarchy one is, the more one can see and know. (Source/God/The Great Central Sun/Our Higher Self sits at the top knowing all as the all seeing eye. The deeper we dive into ourselves and get to know the divine inside, the more we see and know)

A truly multi-dimensional human has the overview...and thus sees its own role and that of others very clearly. It has stepped outside of the I/ego...into the we/whole...the law of one. Because it sees/knows that there is no separation between any....that all energies exist in the same space at the same time...yet from a different point of reference/perspective.

How you choose to look at things is what decides how you experience them...this is FREEDOM.

The pyramids also refer to triality consciousness where the light and dark within are balanced with the Higher Self....a trinitized state of being...holy trinity....

Change your perception and everything changes....everything becomes clear. We can choose our perceptions/persepective, that is what free will/choice is all about.

That's what makes a multi-dimensional human so self-confident.....because it knows, it understands, it accepts...and so it trusts....and loves....all energies involved. (What the ego of the old energy human percieves as love is in fact conditional attachment)

This is why crop circles always have more than one purpose/meaning. They were put here by multi-dimensional beings. Which is why no one in the old 3D world has any idea of their meaning. They try but their complex way of viewing things makes them miss out on the overview.

Basically, to be able to see, one must be able to zoom out of ones ego.

When you have your nose pressed to a piece of text you will not be able to read it. Hold it away from your face and you will.

Just like looking at a pyramid is totally different than standing on top of it looking down and around. And looking at the pyramid from above....well...than it looks like a cross. It is all in the perspective.

The more you are able to shift perspectives...the more different perceptions you will have...the more knowledge you will gain...and the wiser you will become. (and there will be no judgment of any kind because you will have an understanding of all!)

The multi-dimensional view opens up to unlimited possibilities/potentials.
Like a rough diamond/gem is pretty dull and dim....but once it's been cut into all it's facets...it shines and sparkles in many colours, differently from each side...and depending on how the light touches it.

Which is why multi-dimensional consciousness is also called Christ- or Crystal/Diamond conciousness...because it has many facets!

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God . -Jesus-

The peacemakers being those that can see things from all perspectives, neutrally, not personally. (also referred to as 'the meek that shall inherit the Earth').

For make no mistake about it...the Master simply speaks a Higher Language and heeds a Higher Call.

Service in its highest form is taking upon oneself the darkness (sins) of the world, and take it "up" to "Heaven". Transmuting/healing it through acceptance and forgiveness, pure and loving alchemy.

This crop circle particularly speaks of the journey of ascension, oscillating between light and dark (tiles).
(also resembling the inside of a freemasons' temple, as they adopted this image from other, much older cultures). It's a hallway showing the light at the end of the tunnel...and the pillars of strenght it takes to make this journey.

here are many layers of Truth (and all are accurate from their own level/perspective). Peel of one layer and another lies right behind it...until one reaches the heart of all matters, the core of all Truths: God/you (ex. From the perspective of the zoo-keeper all the "medicinal treatments' and such he subjects his animals to are considered 'necessary' and 'helping'....from the zoo-animals' perspective though it looks totally different. The whole ascension story may appear nonsense for souls living in the old paradigm, for the new humans however the old paradigm appears quite nutty...and for off-planet entities it may look totally surreal altogether...All depending on the perspective/layer of truth one resides in...)

When one neutralizes ones ego-responses/re-actions by the ascension process...all the energies in fact remain/stay the same....it is merely your participation with them that changes...As you become a master of your responses (thus reality) you interact differently with the energies, your use & view of them changes. You draw on and play with them like a violinist plays the strings of his instrument. You choose the tone/song they must bring forth...the sound draws forth from your intent/touch.

Look at it this way: Imagine scales….on one side of the scale resides the dark (=pain, fear, victim-hood etc.), on the other side of the scales is the light (=peace, love, Self-empowerment etc.). The ascension process requires you to balance the 2. To do this you must put a counterweight in the scale that holds the light each time you catch yourself having dark thoughts basically. One must balance the dark by the light. This means fear you balance by trust, victim hood by self-empowerment/God-hood, hurt by love etc....This is something one can do in an active conscious fashion. It is choosing and directing ones own energies.

When you notice you’re beating yourself up over something, oppose those thought-patterns by thoughts of forgiveness. When someone directs his/her anger at you, instead of getting angry also choose the opposite, turn the other cheek. Take step back and see what the other persons’ anger is bringing about in you emotion-wise. The hurt they send in your direction wishes and expects to be rewarded by you sending your hurt back in mirror –effect aka re-activeness. So see what the emotion is the other one brings about in you, what is it that hurts/annoys you so?…Than get it out of your system, work through it by ranting , raving, screaming, running, whatever works best for you (Just don't take it out on anyone else, it is yours to deal with). When the person brought out feelings of inadequacy, you feeling belittled or less than, then tell yourself how great you are…even if you cannot feel or mean it, keep saying it until it seeps through…it will.

(The dark needs other dark in order to survive….Darkness sustains itself only by darkness….thus it will always seek others like itself to surround itself by, it needs this support as this way it feels secure, safe within its ‘pack’. This is why it groups together, alone it means nothing. Extremist groups in any field show this clearly, be it religious, neo-nazi, ku klux klan, terrorist networks etc. and those who seek punishment and avengement against those groups, calling it justice. This last group considers themselves to be the ‘good guys’ but the striving for vengeance/retaliation is in fact the same type of darkness all the other groups are run by…they simply cannot see this. All re-activeness is run by the same dark energies (The American ‘war on terror’ is nothing but terror itself). What you give is what you get (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth/live by the sword, die by the sword)…And so the cycle continues…Unless one decides to step out of the cycle. Humans who are balanced light easily get attacked by those run by dark energies…The darkness wants nothing more than to get rid of these souls as they cannot be influenced or manipulated. This freaks darkness out as this lies outside of its control (Shine a flashlight in a dark corner and the shadows must vanish, they have no choice. When all lights are on, no darkness can be active) …And darkness, above all else, likes to be in control…this is why it polarizes and divides…Darkness needs fear and pain in order to manipulate & keep control of things, these are the fertile soil it thrives on. Take away the soil and stop watering the fungus. The darkness is not a living breathing entity...it is simply an energy people choose to run themselves by...)

Same goes for everything else basically. When you have no apparent money and there comes a big bill for which you cannot see any possibility to pay…instead of thinking you have no money, counterbalance the appearances/illusion by the opposing thought: 'I have (plenty of) money to pay for this bill, it will be solved somehow.' Choose how you feel about things and what you want your world to look like. This way you counterbalance the fear, diffusing it...You go from a feeling/perspective of lack to a perspective of plenty.

You are the creator of your reality, learn to control your responses…Master yourself and you also master your reality.

Your thought patterns weave geometries. Dark thoughts create irregular, disharmoneous and distorted geometries (Matsuru Emoto demonstrated this by his tests on water…the human body consists mostly of water)…these distorted geometries (=low vibrations) create cancers and other dis-eases. They undermine the body balance thus its ability to neutralize stressors such as viruses, bacteria and the likes. Light/harmoneous thoughts create balanced perfect geometries…which thus hold a perfect form of energy within (be it physical or otherwise).

When you address yourself with loving words of trust & gentleness, like a mother would soothe her baby child, your body will respond by relaxing more and more, fear (the fright or flight syndrome you programmed yourself with) will leave you...a peaceful & aligned (physical, mental,  emotional & spiritual) system will be the result...and thus the door is opened for peaceful easy solutions to come to you....You will have re-programmed/re-created your system. So be comforting & nurturing with yourself.

When you consciously make the choice to counterbalance the dark (=low vibrations) by light (= high vibrations) the 2 opposing vibrations neutralize, they balance out. It is not the energy of dark and light themselves that change, they stay the same in working and vibrational patterns, it is simply you that participates with them differently…..as you are the neutralizing force. The light and dark within thus become balanced by the Higher Self…which is you.

Words/sounds/numbers/vibrations/intent create, or weave, a pattern/geometry/structure/image/colour or atmosphere. They (en)code our body & physical reality. Your body is basically a bio-computer…and you are the programmer. Your words/thoughts/intentions/vibrations are the program. It’s the unique shape of each geometry that holds the particular information.

(For instance: Someone still in duality 'accused' me of having a narcissistic personality disorder and self-aggrandizing martyr-complex (or something like that).because I used my own name in the title of this website...This response was to be expected....This individual was unaware of the fact that the use of my name serves a much deeper and profound purpose. The geometry of the word 'Ilse', its color-vibration, represents my realm of origin and speaks to people on a much deeper level.The implications within/behind my name helps them recognize who I am and the information/energy I bring. This person wasn’t aware of his own grandness….and thus could not recognize the grandeur in others either. When you can’t see your own greatness, than you will also fail to see & appreciate it in others. I always felt this enormity inside, this huge primordial infinitely loving, powerful & wise being.

I can't even count the times where I was mocked, cursed out and ridiculed, being accused of having a "God-complex", displaying a "superiority-protection-act"  etc.  Usually by the "high-priests", those who deemed themselves very healed, wise, spiritual and knowledgable of God & Love. The division/polarisation these people accuse others of in fact only resides within themself. They speak high words of Love and Gods bounty and greatness, but when encountering someone who actually walks the talk, goes through life with healthy self-confidence and -knowledgde, who actually LIVES & whose heart BREATHES all these truths in all authenticity, integrity, honesty and openess, this person is usually met with great suspicion and distrust, and gets whipped and chased out of town (which is always for the highest good as this individual is now far too big for such small spaces and (narrow-minded) company, it has grown way past those...So there is simply a mis-match in energies occuring and one gets pushed out....There's always a far better & loving place awaiting, with open arms...One only needs to let go and allow...One can only rejoice and be thankful for Gods infinite wisdom in these matters...Though it's never a pleasant thing in the moment it happens...In the beginning it used to even shock me to my core, as in my innocent naivity I assumed places where people talked about ascension and such things were automatically accepting and non-judgmental...allowing everyone to simply be themselves and and share in all honesty...Boy, was I in for a surprise!).

This shiny individuals' light brings out all their darkness, it's Gods' alchemy. Many times people attempted to make me carry their cross and wear their crown of thorns, ridiculing, mis-interpreting and -judging...and falsely accusing. What people don't understand they (mis)judge & try to befoul, it makes them feel threatened and intimidated. So then those people try to pull it down to where they are, they think this way they can feel better about themselves, it's a mechanism...Someone living in his/her grandeur can have an effect on the unhealed feeling small...It challenges them as they have not reached that level of self-confidence yet...Yet it can also greatly inspire those who are ready to receive & see. Whether the response is the 1st or the last, all parties are served in their development this way. Challenges arise to be overcome.

Since we are ONE with our world your surroundings reflect back at you who you are being and where you need to heal. For the longest time I didn't want to/couldn't accept/believe myself how very special I was and the realm I came from or the important function I had for this world (and the worlds beyond). When the Voice inside spoke to me my realm of origin and that I was to lead the way and teach, I thought surely I had gone insane. All the ridicule and judgment directed towards me by my surroundings were actually ridicule and judgment I had towards myself. I had a hard time accepting/embracing this humungous divine entity I felt inside. The grandness I sensed by this primordial being of infinite wisdom & creativity/potential residing within was almost too much for the human ego/personality to take...and it never backed down. It kept on going where everyone else stopped, without any human type reservations. In full awareness of the humans' sentiments towards people who express in such a manner, I had adapted that rejection towards myself. Every bit of hostility/mockery I experienced from within my environment was a reflection of the hostiliy and judgment I had towards myself. I too thought I probably just had a God-complex etc. Whatever they said to me, I also felt towards myself. Anything they held against me, I also held against myself.
This way it became visible to me, so I could change & embrace it all and make myself whole again.

We are one with our reality/world/surroundings, they reflect who we are...Everything around you is a reflection of you. We are one with everything (we created it) ...Even the trees, animals, the Earth herself and the oceans...we are in it (The current wars, atrocities, pollution of Earth & oceans etc. are also a direct & clear reflection of the state humanity is in..and the culmination of darkness that is playing out its last act, being pushed out). Again: We are one with our world, our creations, they reflect who we are. Those people who were so nasty I am thankful for...they showed me all aspects I still needed to heal and integrate, pieces of myself I had rejected. Everything around me that made me see what I was rejecting in myself and where I was unloving and unaccepting towards myself, I was thankful for. I forgave me for undermining myself that way, keeping love away by being unloving towards Self. By forgiving myself, and embracing those parts of me I was rejecting, I healed. I embraced the wise sage and teacher in me, and I took in the hugeness of my creator being with loving arms, in awe of my amazingness. I was now complete within myself. I came home to me. 

When you become whole within, you also become whole without, your physical surroundings adapt to who you are. When you and your surroundings are at peace and as ONE, in resonance...that's when you know you have healed and are now whole within yourself and outside yourself.

Don't ever shy away from living what you know in your heart to be true, and that was given to you in all appropriateness, no matter what others hold of it. They make their own choices and lie in a bed of their own making...Nothing  you can do about it but feel compassion. One cannot blame the blind for being blind nor the deaf for being deaf. Continue on where others stop in fear. There is no such thing as a God-complex...You cannot ever see yourself great enough, God sees your as far grander. Don't shy away from knowing and living your grandeur, it is your divine right & heritedge. Away with false modesty. Don't get caught up in other peoples' definition of you or anything else. You are not overstepping any bounderies by being authetic. Don't let other peoples' limitations hold you back. (These days darkness simply passes through me like a hand through a ghost, so to speak...it passes through me without leaving so much as a trace, it can do me no harm.)

It's all about establishing within yourself the certainty/security/confidence to be authentic and trust whatever it brings about, without fear (Even if you know beforehand your genuine way of expressing may meet up with some misunderstanding from others round you or in them displaying hurt). One must find within oneself the strength, certainty & calm to be able to let happen whatever needs to happen without compromising ones authenticity. Stay true to yourself (inspite of maybe less pleasant/supportive & predictable responses from those around you). One can establish a strong, peaceful & trusting insightful countenance that holds within it the tranquility to allow to happen what naturally/by default comes about from interacting with the world around oneself in an authentic way. Use your amazing power to be yourself, no matter what...in the knowledge & reliance that whatever this may bring about, it will be the right thing for you and all parties involved. You change the world just by being you. Don't attempt to steer or control it...let it go free without defining/labelling/judging any of it. This also has nothing to do with being insensitive to others' feelings, being incompassionate, unloving or anything like that...It has to do with by you being authentic, others can learn to heal and find their authenticity as well. One cannot live a True Life when all the time feeling fearful and/or responsible for how everyone else may or may not feel/respond and how they may feel towards you. People who keep weighing their words & actions and live life from others' perspectives will never be able to be Authentic and establish their own True Life, from their own Heart. This is not being harsh, this is being honest and true with yourself and everyone around you. In the New Energy one lives from ones' own perspective, not from another mans' perspective. Which does not mean one has no understanding or sensitivity for the other...at all.

In the New Energy everyone recognizes each others talents, preciousness and the gifts they bring to the whole...and simply allows them to be just that, without criticism or scrutiny and with reverence & honor for who they are. The old energy will judge and diagnose you with what in their eyes (seen from their limited perspective) are all kinds of  'defects/disorders/abnormalities/deviations' . Many old-energy-people also feel they must keep pointing out/stipulate to others that truly ‘spiritual’ people are to be modest, serene, soft and humble….This is typical old energy language. Never mind them, they are still standing at the foot of the pyramid looking up..they cannot see. Humility is a typical old energy word and practice. There is nothing to be humble about or humble down to. You are God. As long as you still feel the need to 'correct' others peoples' authentic expression, thinking your way is better...well...that is your ego fooling you...and you have work to do. A unity/healed human does not feel the need to correct/criticize someone elses authenticity, no matter what it expresses. (The Healed Human may neutrally ascertain certain behaviour in people around her/him, but judgment this is not...and there is no emotional charge behind it).

Deeper down the rabbit hole:
What was hard to comprehend for those I interacted with at times as I made no secret of of who I was an why I was there, and difficult to accept for me too for a while, was the fact that Spirit purposely sent me to engage my light in places where darkness was still hiding/invisble...To environments where people were not acknowledging things and stuck in their healing, even though the place would carry an illusionary aura of acceptance, love & healing. I was sent in as the Messenger. When asking Spirit why I was being sent to such places, which were usually very hostile & unwelcoming towards me (The human me definitely rather stayed away from such spaces), the answer was: "Because you are the one that can....You are strong...and you see beyond." So I had to detach from the nasty responses I knew would also come my way (next to the gratitude other people showed for the information I brang, that was always part of it as well) and simply do as Spirit directed me without resisting or passing judgment/definition on it or me. (I was even sent to a comments section on some blog to humoroussly curse...in order to trigger people who did not take much to loving words, judging those for being too  'airy fairie/fluff puppy/lala bunny' ...
Although at first I was like : "WHAT???...ow...okay" :D...I even had a jolly good time doing all that cursing, I thoroughly enjoyed it (and the re-actions were like little vipers uncontrolably snapping away, which was also quite humorous :)).

Things are always in perfect divine order...because of the perfection of (human) interactions...In my case I was sent to actively & consciously engage in establishing/creating a new perfect divine order, helping others to move forward...As I after a while understood this was neither intrusive nor meddlesome or interfering...it was simply a higher level decision and act of deep love and compassion for the fellow human being. A whole other perspective yet again. I was informed only those most aware higher level beings able to handle such delicate matters are asked to function in this manner.

People have adopted so many rigid definitions/ideas about how a (healed) human is to express, communicate and behave. So much bias going on about what is to be truthful, real and accepted. Pre-conceived notions about how high one is to fly and in what way, still trying to keep everyone small and in line. Even (or maybe especially) among ascendees there are so many mis-conceptions. Some have even assumed a posture where only feminine ways of acting & communicating are accepted and assumed correct (when sometimes the masculine more pragmatic way is far more effecient and appropriate. Now the masculine runs the risk of becoming as smothered as the feminine has been for millennia). One should be able to adapt to and use both as that is Gods way. God does not appreciate one over the other but uses both as befitting to the situation at hand without passing judgment on either one. The feminine is as supportive to the masculine as the masculine to the feminine. They both guide, support and direct each other governed by the Higher Self. One is no better or more important than the other. Humans have falsely attributed so many typically human behaviours to God, as if human ways are also Gods ways. God has no human type reservations or prejudice. Stop judging Gods divine expression, even if it lies way beyond your comprehension!
The one you are judging so severly may actually be doing Gods work in a more loving & understanding way than you will ever be able to compute.
So...(I got sidetracked :D) about The Power of the Word (=vibration/intent): Many different 'languages' can explain one and the same thing (be it mathematical language or language of color, geometry or sound). It does not have to be all archaic (And words or sounds in ancient Egyptian, hebrew or Tibetan etc. are not any more powerful than words of modern language, be it written, spoken or sung...as it is never about the words themselves, but about what they imply, what they mean to the indivual using them, the intention they carry in his eyes). The Words on this website weave a pattern/geometry of Love around all those who read them. It may take a while for those patterns/energies to trickle down & sink into the physcial way of being (depending on the amount of contrast the receiver carries to the message it can take days, weeks or even months & years before the pattern is integrated)...but eventually, they will.

Your body is a spiritual vehicle that, under your direction, can evolve toward the Divine Self and beyond all physical & mental limitations, in concert/cooperation with one another. This serves the advancement of consciousness on all levels/realms of creation and surpasses all states of consciousness that inhibit the full expression of the Love of God/Self. Eventually it serves to overcome death and instead results in phases of transition, from one density of light to the next (see the 11:11).

Evolution of consciousness is moving through, and then beyond, several pyramidal (crystalline) grid structures of light/information. Multi-dimensional fields of pyramidal light energy. The more one evolves in consciousness, by baby steps, or for few it goes in huge leaps, the higher up the pyramidal ‘hierarchy’ one comes, from pyramidal structure to pyramidal structure, realm to realm…in the middle of the pyramid(s) is the eye of God.
(see crop circles and Divine Counterparts and the 11:11)

But basically we are void....Void...
Humans and other beings can talk as much as they like about geometries, numbers, purposes and worlds etc....explanations, sciences....blah blah blah.....It is basically meaningless...talking about the cups and not the tea....the glass that holds the water...without it, the water's all over the place...Yet it is the water that carries the significance...the pure ONE energy...
The bottom line is...our essence is void of all....Our essence is the Void. We are voidness, the primordial soup where nothing is manifest....Void....yet pregnant with potential....Detached and free from all form is our natural state....It is where we come from and where we go back to....Void is how we come into this world and void is how we come forth from her...
Form~less....All we keep are our experiences and memories...they expand our perception/knowledge of ourselves...and open us up to new horizons/experiences.

One teaching does not contradict the other, regardless of who is providing it and the time it was given in (as time is a closed cycle, thus non-existent). They all have their own unique & valuable offerings…Even if they give out different aspects of information from different perspectives which may seem contradictory….they are not, they merely add to the whole picture….like pieces of a puzzle…

Everyone has its own unique perspective/view on things, which ever world/realm one originates from, be it Earth or beyond...all are valid.

One can look at stuff from a mathematical perspective...or a spiritual, scientific, emotional or physical perspective...One can see things the Pleiadian-, Arcturian-, Venusian- or even Angelic way etc (Who are all nothing other than expressions of the ONE God, thus various expressions of YOU).....All are different perspectives/views/interpretations of the same ONE thing....just seen through various filters...They are simply different languages talking about the same one topic...from different timelines or no timeline at all,...Through as many different eyes of divinity as there are grains of sand in a desert...All have a right to their own ways/views...and there is something in everything...(Things are how you choose to see them, as you perceive them to be)

A perspective to work from:

"Why not simply allow yourself to become the force you are praying to? Why not have faith that YOU are a piece of divinity so that you may participate in the solutions? As long as you separate yourself from God, you will sit on the floor and ask for help over and over. When you stand and turn on your "God light", the power you have will be the power of God." - Kryon -

Questions to ask Spirit:
-"What do I need to do in order to find the solutions I seek, or have those solutions find me?"
-"God, tell me what it is I need to know"
-"What is most important for me to know right now?"
-"Give me peace with this"
-"Please provide me with the best possible solutions for all parties involved"

Why you are here?

Simply by being present here on the Earth you are rendering the whole of creation a huge & loving service...simply by being here and being you. You need not do/be anything other than that. You are of value because you are. Once you learn your own value there isn't anything or anyone that can take away from you, noone can rain on your parade.
So...take good care of yourself...Who will be able to see your value, is going to see your worth, if you can't/don't? You are here merely for the joy and amazingness of the experience...The only purpose to life is PLAY.

There is no destined direction...there is no 'big plan'...there really is no purpose to life...other than joy and play...We have no destiny...we are here simply just to be here...and to be us...You are being asked to let go of purpose and passions...because that way you come to the core...of NOW...One teaches by being...and by being present...Joy and laughter do as much as any teaching of words...Follow your joy...in each moment...whatever that moment calls for...There are only very few that are truly called to go out there and speak in public...or write about the whole ascension thing or stuff like that, teaching by use of the Word...Only the ones that take great joy in such a thing will do so...Whose hearts breathe such things...

We are here to simply follow our joy(s)...even if it's just baking bread...doesn't matter what it is...as long as it comes from your heart...

And the "New Energy"/neutrality does not beat around the bush, it does not hide but shoots with a straight arrow and always takes the shortest, simplest, quickest and EASIEST route (Humans simply tend to overcomplicate....David brought Goliath to his knees with only one well placed shot, by throwing only one small stone...simple & easy.)

The joy we ooze is the energy that spreads like wildfire, it is contageous...and thát is what teaches the world...

We are here to merely go where our hearts call us...which may be something totally & uniquely different in each moment...

see Creating with Spirit

Talking about perspectives...for those people who resonate more with short insights and analogies...a different perspective....here is the link to the blog of a friend of mine...She has her own valuable & unique take on things: