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Old Energy to New Energy

Old Energy

The old energy is based in Cause and effect...like something "happens" and one re-acts, which causes another re-action to the re-action given...and so on, and so on....an endless chain of re-activity. This re-activity gives all power away to the "outside".

Another example of cause and effect-living is, for instance food. In the old world "wrong" food is the cause of dis-ease...(Food, animal and plant, which is created perfect in its natural originality, gets chemically/mechanically "enhanced" although it does not need any of that.)....According to old perceptions all dis-ease comes from mechanical & material cause...The old "solution" to that "problem" is also cause and effect-thinking: dis-ease is the cause of dis-comfort so the dis-ease, the cause for dis-comfort gets "treated"...meaning the symptoms, not the cause that made the dis-ease surface. This way of doing is re-acting to what is believed to be true. In the old world people believe in dis-ease, in aging, in "defects" of the body and all kinds of other fearful stuff...Which makes them want to "control" it all...meddle with all of it...because they do not trust any of it...it all stresses them (unaware that God already created it in perfection, up to the tiniest detail).

The old energy is goal oriented...always needing an objective for some point in the (distant) future...always needing results...always doing...and needing....and frantically trying to control everything around it. The old energy is always "getting somewhere" and not ever just being anywhere.

Like when I was younger I used to draw a lot....people were always asking: "what are you making/drawing?" as if the process and joy of casual drawing isn't enough in itself...

People you meet ask: "what are you doing these days?"..as if not doing anything is un-thinkable.

The old world knows about passion and dreaming but even the dreams always have to go somewhere...you must take action! There must always be results, goals to be reached, things to be achieved, races to be wun, comparisons to be made.

In the old energy eating this food, taking that supplement, doing that ritual, will eventually result in this or that (anti-aging, anti-whatever...the old energy is always against/anti something).

The old energy is very future based...People work hard so they can have time, joy, freedom and a pension when they're old planning 30-40 years ahead already! They plan "championships and olympic games like 20 years ahead! they postpone everything that would bring them joy until a later date when the "time will be right"...They plan ahead and forget to live & enjoy in the meantime...."life is what passes them by while they're busy making plans."

The old energy places all power in the hands of outside circumstances/forces...all attention is directed outwards....an endless chain of something "happening" and then responding to it....

The old energy is competitive and comparative...one always has to be "bigger" , "more important" and "better" than the other. It looks at what the other one does and responds to that (instead of following the own inner voice which is non-responsive to outside circumstances but responsive to inner inspiration)

"Humans get busy for a wide variety of reasons. They think they have to. They’re told - by their parents, their teachers, their employers - they have to be busy all the time. But the real reason is humans stay busy because they don’t want to have to take a look at the reality of their life. So they stay busy. It keeps them from having to look at things. They justify it by saying, “I am busy so therefore I must be doing my job. I must be worthy of being here on Earth.

Humans use the busy-ness as an excuse for not looking at their hearts and their desires, their needs. They use busy-ness for a reason not to look at the beauty of life. They use busy-ness for not looking in at the beauty of their spirit. So they are always busy running around, going here and there, and the only time they take a moment is when they’re totally exhausted at the end of the day.

Now you’ll have a little bit of a dilemma as this happens. You’re going to say to yourself, “Now what do I do? I’ve got all this extra time, everything’s been simplified in my life, now what do I do?” We put that question back on you, dear Creator and dear Teacher: what would you like to do now that you got the busy-ness out of the way? What about the passion? What about the real reason for living? What about the joy of working with other humans whose lives are still chaotic and busy and confusing - kind of like yours used to be. How about working with them to help them simplify, to help them understand.

With all of this extra energy efficiency you have, you’re going to be able to create. Sometimes we know you complain to us and you say, “But Tobias you talk about creation, you talk about being these bountiful creators and yet nothing happens.” You’re too busy. You’re too busy, the energies have no way of getting to you and you have no way of being efficient in your creator energy." ~ Tobias

The old energy is very much male dominated "action-based" living...overbearing masculine energy.....busy busy busy...

Don't be afraid to do/be no-thing. The less definition you give to yourself the free-er you will be.

The old energy is always watching and responding to what the other is doing (like boulevard magazines and programs criticizing "celebrities" for instance).

The male energy is outward re-action directed and does hardly ever turn inward, like, among other things production without consideration for the effects on the whole. It has huge blinkers on....thinking only of it's own little "territory" and nothing else. In the desire for control it tries to bestow as much fear upon others (thus itself) as possible. From there more re-action follows. 

The old energy is fear-based and control-based.

The old energy is also based on polarity/duality beliefs like:

Good and bad/ right and wrong. male vs. female, light vs dark, heaven vs earth, etc.

In the old energy a small group of people is "controlling" what the rest of the world does or doesn't do, either by power of money or violence...dictating what's "good" and what's "bad"...right and wrong...and the rest of the old world either complies by following "charismatic" leaders/idols or re-acts, often, again, with violence. (that charisma lies in the illusion of "perfection" they are able to present to the outside world, it is a cleverly made-up appearance designed to play the audience, but usually has very little to do with integrity, authenticity or truth).

"As you step from a field of duality into a field of triality, it simply means that you not only honor your light and your dark side, but you balance it with the higher self so you form a triangle of the three. Now you start understanding there really is no black or white, no up or down, no right or wrong, and no love or fear. Instead these elements that we think of as separate are actually part of one another, together forming a large circle. Therefor, when you honor your light self, you also honor your dark side. Many of you have beautiful dark sides. When you balance that with the higher self, you become a whole being again. " - The group -

          These crop circles demonstrate/illustrate this trinilized/balanced state of being   

In other words: you get out of definition...out of duality perception...into multi-dimensionality perception.

Bob Ross already said it:
We don't make mistakes, we only have happy accidents...you cannot go "wrong"...for each "mistake" brings you closer to where you are going. You learn by trial and error...by exploring something, and when it does not feel good it's your signal to choose a different course...you can change directions anytime....this is how you grow....

And through all of this you will come into alignment with who you truly are.....and what you truly desire...from your heart, not your ego-mind.

Don't be afraid of making "mistakes."

The old energy is based on techniques and traditions.. it needs these and holds them close out of fear for what might happen if it stops using them.

Masculine dominating energy is very much analytic, mental, technical/mechanical, logical, and outward. Feminine energy balances it out with intuitive, sensitive, gentle, nurturing and inward....but the female energy allowed itself to be subdued for a very long time. (The overbearing of male energy resulted in women getting dramatic and overly emotional, a direct result of the "trauma" of surpression). All women and men became prey to the dominant masculine energy within themselves, ruling this Earth for millenia.

The old energy has an eternal "war" and strife going on between male vs female energies.....outer vs inner...

The material and money ruling all else (greed and material gain over love and mutual support).

Sexuality being action- and purely physical based (getting off) not coming from love, connection and the inner spiritual high heart.

Control coming from fear and mistrust in everything and everyone (deriving from mistrust in self, lack of healthy self-confidence...unaware of the God inside).

Feelings of separation....(resulting in feelings of lack on all levels).

Distortion...imbalance of energies.....destructive....selfish with no regard for anyone or anything else...trying to be overbearing....and again: violence...re-activity.

Remember the sun and the moon...they hold each others energies in balance. One rules the day, where activities unfold, one rules the night where one rests, sleeps and turns inward (dreams...)...So are summer and winter significant balance-parts of each other....with season-changes (fall & spring) to connect them.

Don't be afraid of acknowledging honoring and using both energies within yourself.

"Get rid of your gender bias. You think because you have the parts of a certain gender that you've got to be a cerain way, don't you? Well, it's pretty laughable, since there are those in this room who have female parts who came from a male warrior background. They are used to wearing the armor and they have slayed large men in battle.

It's a joke. All of you have been both genders. What you do with your current gender is your free choice. But you have a bias within it to release. Most of you say, "I am male or female,"

and this defines you. It's a giant bias, since you then act certain ways to conform to what is expected of you. Some of you even campaign for your gender, against the other, again, for survival and what you think is a fair and just placement in your culture.

On this planet, for thousands of years, there has been an unequal balance between masculine and feminine conscious energy. It's been masculine heavy and you know this. The Venus Transit energy of last year was a tool that placed a potential balance into Gaia itself, to allow for those who wished to become more balanced in the masculine/feminine area. This would mean that men would be comfortable with a feminine side. They would see with a "sweeter countenance." Women would be more comfortable with the masculine side, looking at some things in a very different way. It's a balancing of the two, and when it sweeps your culture and the other cultures around you, it will start to create a better communication between the leaders of this planet.

We've said it before: There is a potential present for masculine, macho leaders of various countries to do dumb things just because they can. You will see their masculine bias, for it will drive their actions, rather than the idea of balanced solutions being considered. It's part of a macho club that exists, and has existed for centuries. Suddenly, however, these macho leaders are uncomfortable – more so than usual – and they don't know why. They are irritated, yet they don't know why - unhappy and illogical. And I'll tell you why – because Gaia just shifted and there's more feminine energy than there ever was before, and that will drive them crazy, for it doesn't work in the energy they are use to and wish to create! It affects their populations, their subordinates, and also their plans.

Watch for it. There will be last-ditch, dying efforts to hold on to an energy of control, but they'll fail. This is part of something new on this planet, but something we have told you to expect. It's coming very slowly, but now you will see what the reactions are.

Can you personally balance this within yourselves? It's against Human nature, you know? Women want to be feminine and men want to be masculine. What if you were both of these all the time, yet balanced in your thinking about the two? Think of the differences in relationships that would solve themselves far easier if they could see both sides and weigh them in their thoughts. Imagine what the leaders of the earth would be able to do together if there was a more balanced process of thought. But it's not intuitive, not easy, and against the way you have been taught to think.

Pretend your gender doesn't matter. That's a good beginning to what masters do. ~ Kryon

The transition

During the transition you learn not to do or control...you learn to surrender to/ be with what is. You learn to trust that whatever is, is appropriate for you in that moment.

Whatever is serves your needs in the now. When you need to work out certain issues, your situation in the now will make sure they are right in your face.

You learn to let go of how you look (I gained 15 kilos during the process, mostly on my belly, looking totally preggers, and it sure wasn't from eating since I only had very little money. In this I learned to let go of "appearances", I learned not to care how I looked and what people thought of that...

With little money came not being able to buy the foods I deemed "wholesome"...in this I learned not to fear what I ate...I learned to trust my body and its capability to get by on "junk"....because it really does not matter what you eat...it matters what you think. If you know the food you have is serving you perfectly...if you can let go of that fear...you will have done half the work already.).

The power lies in the perception which you can change at any time. It is not about the food or about smoking or not..it's about your mind-set towards these things.

There are many folks out there that smoke and eat "crap" their whole life and live to be 100 healthy and fit. Once 1 young celebrity came out with having breast cancer, all of a sudden many other young women also developed breast cancer...why do you think? Because they imagined being in the first ones shoes...and their imagination brought it to life! Did you see the movie "Erin Brockovich"? She spent her life fighting for people that developed cancer supposedly due to polution by big chemical companies...eventually Erin B. developped cancer herself. Did you ever hear the stories about people "unable" to get pregnant? They frantically try everything and nothing works. Once they let go and simply relax in the fact that they may not have children and find peace in that...they all of a sudden get pregnant spontaneously. Did you ever hear about "The intention experiment" by Lynn McTaggart? She researches the power of thought/intent, and discovered that people just thinking about doing sports, not actually exercizing it, also develop muscle and vitality, just by thinking about it! and maybe you heard of Matsuru Emoto and his water-research...he has proved that water can be cleansed (cleared of pollutants) just by the intent of thought.And there are many more examples like these.

If it helps you than be grateful for the food you have (whatever kind of food it is)...and put your intent on it before you eat it...that it may nourish you perfectly...and if it's meat or cheese or any other animal product, than thank the animal that gave it up for you. Thank the veggies that are serving your nourishment...feel the joy and wonder in that...the more grace you feel, the better the product will feed you...(this is what saying grace was originally intented for)...once you've come along far enough, you will live in a constant natural state of gratitude and joy...so this will no longer be necessary...but it never hurts if it makes you feel better...

Let me say it again: it is your perception of things...your mind-set, thought and intent that make things come alive!...including your fears....or your dreams...it's your choice to make...

The transition is about being stripped from all attachements & things material...all old belief-systems simply must go..and so you are put in a challenging position for quite some time, where you can rise above them all. This is not being done to you but by you.

You are being brought to see that you are way above anything material. You can handle all of it, any which way you choose. If it's your choice to define things as damaging and dangerous (like food and/or chemicals etc) than, to you, they are. Your body and all things material that surround you, are extensions/expressions of you. You do not serve matter or money, they serve you...in any way you choose them to.

In this you will be learning to keep your balance/trust/posture/calm no matter what the apparent circumstances...things are as you be-lie-ve them to be.....in this you will win your true power back....

You ego will prance but it's yours to tame, don't allow yourself to be thrown off...and if you do, than get back on that horse right away....It really does resemble a wild horse that's being "broken"....it will rear and kick...screaming you must do and control, it will sulk and complain that it is unfair and your victim-hood will try to soar.....but in the end you will ride it.

The process goes from processing to integrating to disconnecting to void to moving forward again....repeated over and over again until you have "arrived" at your destination vibration.... this puts energies back in balance...
you become the master of energies...

Don't be afraid of letting go what needs/wants to go. Don't resist what comes up or goes out....go with it.

I distincly remember at the beginning of my process I had this feeling, and saw the matching image in my minds eye, that I could let myself fall backwards without seeing behind what was there...and loving arms/hands were there to catch me...all you have to do is trust and let yourself fall...you
will be caught...by your own God-self...it is not a fall down into death & destruction but a fall up, into healing, life and heaven...

Most prevalent symptoms of ascension:

We wish to speak to you about human biology in this shift, because biology is changing rapidly and that will have a wide variety of effects on all of humanity. We have spoken of the rewire process and the fact that if that process is interrupted it can have an effect on the body with energy disconnections. This has been labeled by your sciences as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia; we simply call them energy disorders. The energetic wiring of your human brain is changing right now. The way the synaptic pathways communicate in the human brain is changing. It may be years before medical science validates that this is happening, partly because they know very little about the manner in which they communicated before the change began. Even so, here in the woo-woo world (the world of channeled information) we will say it now. Humanity is evolving right before your changing eyes. That change is beautiful and yet, it will cause challenges for humans.

Sleeplessness and Sleep Changes:
You will see more people with sleeplessness, with changes in sleep patterns and the use of sleep time, than ever before on this planet. Why is that? And why does that have to be a part of the change? It does not have to be a part of the change, dear ones. We also remind you to hold your own power at this juncture and do not listen to every word we say. Do not think that you must have problems with sleep to be one of the chosen ones. Dear ones, you ARE CHOSEN. You are here, you are sitting in these seats, you are watching this program, you are reading these words and you have chosen to be harbingers of the Light. You are the ones who will take this to the next level whether you have sleep problems or whether you help your neighbor with theirs. Much of this is because you are becoming multidimensional and you are starting to experience other dimensions of time and space. Due to that, your own understanding of dimensional reality will change.

One of the biggest dimensional shifts humans experience is the dimension you call sleep. In fact, many of you who do not consider yourselves to be healers will find that you may wake up exhausted rather than rested. If you are not doing the work of your heart in your waking hours, then when you go to sleep a little bell goes off in another dimension and it signals that “the doctor is now in.” You then start healing with the long line of people that awaits you and you wake up the next morning and cannot figure out why you are exhausted. You will also find that many people will begin to wake at odd hours more than ever before. It may be years before medical science collects enough data to prove this out, but watch for it now, for you are the ones who have dedicated yourselves to helping people make this shift. That means shining your light, for that makes the fear go away. You are the disciples of the Light.

We have spoken before of the 3am club where people begin to awaken at 3am. This is actually the beginning of a normal sleep pattern that you will experience in the future. We call it the triad of sleep, where you will generally sleep for three hours, wake for two and then return to sleep for three more hours. This gives people two hours of wakefulness that they do not know what to do with. These two hours are very special, as you are in an enhanced state of creation during these hours. In fact, you are in an altered dimensional state during these two hours. Now the time lag is gone anyway, but during these two hours, what you hold in your thoughts will become your reality very quickly. During that special time, allow yourself to hold only those thoughts that add to you in some way. You have no control over the thoughts that enter your mind. You do have complete control over which thoughts you allow to stay in your brain. Do not worry about keeping all negative thoughts from your mind. Let them go through, as they are a needed part of your human experience. Just know that they can travel through your mind without attaching, and choose to hold and keep only the thoughts that add to you in some way—and do not judge yourself for having difficult or negative thoughts. Exercise that control during these two hours of creating.

For me...I "cheated" with the sleeplessness....when in another insomnia-period, I simply stayed up until 3-4-5 am....going to bed after the waky-waky phase had passed (not like a had any kind of life to tend to).

Vivid and Negative Dreams:
You will also have vivid and sometimes negative dreams. Some of you will awaken with nightmares. This is a natural balancing process that balances your energy. Many of yoy spend your entire day dancing in positive energy, ignoring what we call the dark side. There is a beautiful dark side to each of you. In that case you may have an energy-balancing dream where you have a very vivid negative dream which will simply help you balance your energy. The majority of the time you will not remember these dreams but will awaken with a shaken-up feeling. Sometimes you will rememeber them and they may shake you. As the rewiring continues, these dreams will become very special experiences. So if you are having them, rather than questioning what is wrong, just smile and know that this means you are experiencing enough positive energy to need balancing in the first place. This balancing has been happening since the beginning of the game; yet, with this rewiring of humanity going on, these occurrences may grow more frequent and more dramatic.

Headaches and Dizziness:
As this rewiring takes place many people will experience unexplained headaches or dizziness that they never had before. As your brain starts to rewire itself you will experience symptoms in the head that are new to you. Please know that this is a normal state of evolution and there is nothing to fear. We ask you always to release your fears with physical symptoms. Never hold them back or try to deny them, as that makes them grow as they attract all sorts of energy. If you wish to be masters of your own thoughts then fill in the vacuum. Go see a doctor if you are worried in any way. If the sciences deny valuable information by not honoring divine guidance and intuition, please do not make the same mistake and not go to a doctor just because they are not metaphysical. Use and honor all flavors of the truth and then choose the best camera angle that is presented with all of them. Blend the physical and the metaphysical sciences, for that is where the real magic lies. If the doctor comes back and says that he or she cannot find anything wrong then you will know that it is the evolutionary path that we speak of. Then you can enjoy the journey without the fear.

Respiratory System Changes and Challenges:
We will also mention that many people will have uncommon or unexplained respiratory system changes and challenges. Over the next five years this will be huge on this planet. Medical sciences have no real way of assimilating or collecting data on undiagnosed illnesses. There is no real way to collect this data until there is a name with which you can label a set of symptoms. At times humans have even made up diseases so that they can categorize symptoms and changes in humanity. In fact, this was the origin of the disorders you call ADD and ADHD. These symptoms brought in with the Indigo children have been on Earth for a rather long time, yet now that you have names and labels for them you see huge increases in the disease. We tell you that this will also happen with the respiratory challenges that will soon face the majority of humanity. Your relationship to your breath will change. As these changes happen within the physiology many of you will see these as difficulties and vulnerabilities, as allergies, as colds, but as allergies and colds that do not follow a normal path. Again, know that this, too, shall pass and you will be perfectly alright. It is an evolutionary process that will calm down when your new wiring is adapted in the physical form. Do not think that you have done something wrong just because you have a cold. Just know that it is part of your rewiring process and allow the evolution to proceed with joy and Kleenex. Enjoy the ride… and if you have to spend a day in bed then enjoy the day in bed.

Most of you will find that as the rewiring progresses, your patterns will change as the rewiring is assimilated. Also understand that not all of these changes will produce negative results. It could be that you have always had allergies during the summer months and suddenly they cease to bother you. Not all will be negative; some will be positive. Also, know that from our side of the veil we do not see a difference in these. To us they are simply changes.

Digestive System, Gastrointestinal Tract:
The last physical issue we wish to address is that there are major changes in the digestive tracts of humans as the changes to biology begin. Please know that humans only see things when they are negative and they become problems. That is why the news is almost always negative in nature. No one would watch if you had a “good news” channel. It is simply human nature. Just know that although most of these changes will be brought to your attention in the negative, they are happening in the positive as well. Changes to the human digestive tracts will cause a wide variety of symptoms in the near future. Know that if you are experiencing these, that even though you may be having difficulties, you also may be one of the first to take a higher vibrational physical body. Be patient and don’t forget to breathe; this, too, shall pass.

With all of the physical changes taking place the emotions are all over the board, dear ones. There will be depression on this planet like never before and there will be many who go inward with the creative energy rather than outward. We tell you that repression of energy is the greatest problem you have on this planet. You are god and repressing any part of that will create problems in the physical and emotional bodies. It always has, and yet now humans will be even more sensitive to that than ever before. You can personally make a difference there. Take that as a call, dear ones–a call to action, for that is where you can make a difference first. Help people to move that creative energy outward rather than inward. You are here to shine your light. And whether that is working with your next door neighbor or teaching thousands of people is up to you. We will never tell you which way to turn, but we can say that you hold the key and you are a disciple of the Light. You have dedicated yourself to the study and use of Light for many lifetimes and that is why we call you the disciples of the Light. You are the ones who can help people to pick up their camera and find the best angle. You are the New Family of Light and you came in with the greatest hope that humanity would make it to the point that it is right now. You are being called to action. There will be no more closet Lightworkers. ~ The Group

In other words...whatever emotions/expressions come up during processing: LET THEM OUT! They are not to be held back/surpressed cause that prohibits them from being processed and transmuted. While ascending you will be held in a protective bubble, a test-tube which ensures your emotional outbreaks will not result in attracting your own demise.

Don't be afraid of your symptoms or your emotions. Don't fear your inner deepest desires...they will show you the way...they are the tool that will guide you through. Be proud of & pleased with yourselves. Love yourselves and your, creative, dreams and visions. Trust your dreams & visions, love yourself/them into reality! Those desires/energies live within your for a reason! You are meant to live them! This is why endless new visons and desires bubble up in us, because we're supposed to create and experience them in real-ity. You can relax in/detach from them in that full knowledge!

By letting go/detaching/undoing all that you are not, you get to be/have all that you are....which is EVERYTHING.

You are walking away from old and perhaps somewhat comfortable energies. Moving from the old energy into the New Energy often requires separating from things that were close and dear to you, such as jobs, family, loved ones, friends, a home you have lived in for a long time, and even ways of thinking. It is a difficult journey. It is the most difficult thing you have ever done in any of your lifetimes before. In other lifetimes, you perheps had challenges, but you never had a challenge at the level you are at right now. You are walking across a
Bridge of Swords. You are crossing the chasm from the old energy to the New, and you are doing it alone, without your guides. - Tobias.

'Doing it without your guides' does not mean there are no invisble hands & eyes watching over you btw. By the end of the process however you ARE your gides. You then integrated those guiding aspects of yourself.

You spend your life trying to figure out what you want. One day it's this; one day it's that. Then you get depressed and you get upset and you get frustrated because you don't know what you want.

You’re led astray by what you think you’re supposed to want. You are … (Adamus sighs) you get yourself into a lot of ruts and traps, because you want “this” one day, you want “that” the next day. One day your priority, you think, is your human needs – you want things in your life – and the next day it’s spiritual needs. You don’t know what you want.

And the good news is you’re exactly where you should be. Exactly where you should be! What is that supposed to mean? Excellent question. First of all, just let’s take this moment to take a deep a deep breath and say, “Thank God.” Thank yourself. You are exactly where you should be in this – not knowing what you want.

It can appear as a dilemma and it can really mess up a good day, but it’s absolutely appropriate. Why? Because you’ve gone through a metamorphosis, a change from being just a human, just your perception of yourself as just a human; you’ve gone from a basis or a platform of old human needs – the need to be loved and accepted by others, need to have things like money in your pocket, some food on the table, a job that gives you a degree of respect, you need to have things like physical health. You need to have at least a degree of comfort with yourself. It doesn’t take much, but just a degree. The general level of comfort with yourself is about that much (Adamus holds his fingers about 1 inch apart). You should have total comfort with yourself, total being at ease with yourself.

So you’ve gone through this tremendous transition – no longer just a human with just human needs, but now you’re allowing the divine, the God within, to come out. It doesn’t come from out there. It comes from within.

You’re allowing this integration of human and divine in this moment – no longer just a philosophy, no longer just some words, no longer a study group you go to once a month and then forget about all of it when you go back into your world – but actually really allowing it. Actually really doing it.

Therefore, in this process of transition, this integration, everything that you thought you wanted is going to become blurred and confused. Everything that you held important you don’t know about anymore. Any future goals suddenly don’t have much meaning. What you thought was your passion suddenly doesn’t have much excitement to it. What you thought you wanted you don’t even know if you want anymore. You can say the words. You could come out with something kind of nice, but it’s going to change by tomorrow. It will absolutely change by tomorrow – and that is a good thing. It really is. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong if that desire – what you want – changes every day. And it should. It should.

In this cycle that you’re going through right now, it absolutely should. So please love yourself. There’s just a tremendous amount of energy, a tremendous amount of creativity coming through right now, so you’re getting inspirations on a variety of different levels, and you’re still getting the wants and needs from your human level all coming together in big mess. In a big chaos. But you know what I’ve said before about chaos. It’s really not. It’s only chaos when you’re looking at it like you’d look at a loom, a weaving loom from the underneath. It looks like chaos. But you look at it from the top side and it’s a beautiful tapestry.

There actually is no chaos in your life right now. There’s transition, transmutation, alchemy that’s taking place in your life right now. A tremendous amount of alchemy. Do you notice how you still somehow let yourself get by? In other words, you haven’t crashed. You think you’re going to crash. You feel at any moment you’re going to crash. You go to bed at night and say, “Thank God I didn’t crash and burn today.” “Thank God" I survived, and maybe tomorrow I’ll crash, but at least tonight I made it through.”

You’re not going to crash. You’re not going to crash. It just feels like you’re going to. You’re not going to crash. You have all these energies going around you. You have everything in your reality base absolutely changing. You know how most humans get through is they have a goal or a plan or a desire. That leads them from point A to point B and they get there, somewhat relieved, and then they plan their next point B to point C. It’s an interesting phenomena, and I’m going to talk more about it in just a moment, but – even though I already said what I came here to say – but they use the goal or a want or desire to get from one step to the next to the next. And it’s pretty much how you’ve come through your life.

You had a goal when you were young to get through school, for instance. Then you had a goal to have a career and a family. You had one goal, one thing, after the other. You have a goal right now – whatever it happens to be, maybe just to get through the rest of this channel “Please, dear God!” – but that’s the way life has been.

Now, step back for a moment. Isn’t that a rather limited way of living? And a somewhat fearful way of living? And somewhat of a very unfulfilling way of living? Until you die. Well, that’s kind of a weird goal – make it up until the point you die. Survive until you die.

Now that’s how most people live, and that’s how you used to live, so don’t laugh too hard. That’s how you lived until yesterday. And then today we’re doing it different.

So I ask, “What do you want?” to agitate things a bit, to get you thinking. And I tell you that when you say in front of the group what you want – nah, that’s not what you really want. Not at all. You think you want that, but you actually don’t – whatever you said, I don’t care what it was. You don’t know what you want.

So let’s just take a moment in that beautiful energy and let it be.

Not knowing what you want.

Getting out of the definition.

Getting out of the goal.

Getting out of perhaps Old Energy desires.

Getting out of old expectations, because it’s all going to change now. It’s all going to change.

Passion: The reason why I mention all of this, the reason why this is important, dear Shaumbra, is first of all to give yourself some relief to know you don’t have to know what you want anymore. It’s going to be a strange way to live, but you’ll find it really lets you live.

It’s going to be subject to a lot of debate, a lot of intellectual discussions. There are going to be a lot that say, “Yes I do know what I want” but I would challenge them also. No, you really don’t, and can you just be at peace with that for a little bit?

You are going to come to an understanding sooner than later – not today. You’re going to come to an understanding of something that transcends real wants. You will have a passion that is so deep, that is so meaningful for the first time in a long time that it will help you to understand how you’ve been creating your reality, help you to understand really who you are. But it won’t be a want like what you’ve thought. You’re going to come to a – for lack of better words – a real passion with yourself. And I’m not talking an occupation or a hobby or anything like that, but I mean a passion about yourself; a love of yourself, but a love that is intense and expressive.

And from that point it doesn’t really matter what you do or don’t do. With that kind of soul passion that you have, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t have to matter anymore; it just is.

Now, you see I’m having to go to use words here that become a bit intellectual or we get esoteric, but I want to share with you what is happening and what is going to happen. Going beyond wants into passion.

Passion is, for lack of words – how do you express passion? – the true understanding of the I AM. The true brilliance of what you’ve been doing on the human level and now bringing in the divine level. ~ Adamus.

And by passion here is not meant the old energy type of passion...which usually indicates more a clinging type of vigorously chasing after ones dreams and objectives. Hereby is meant 'new energy passion', which is totally different as it's all about joy and freedom without chasing objecives or 'must-haves'.

Do you feel a disconnection? Think about this: A disconnection with spiritual things hasn't been that uncommon in spiritual writings. It normally happens right before a shift. Humans who make profound transitions feel this kind of disconnection, also. Go read about it. even in current situations, there are some of you who've moved from one level to another only to feel complete disconnection until you're taken into another consciousness. But a disconnect had to be there for a new dimensional perception to occur. Sometimes it's frightening, if you didn't expect it. - Kryon

humans don't like change. Well, let me give you something to think about. What about a change where you heal your body? Is that okay? What about change where you become peaceful when you're having trouble with peace? What about change where you have the answer and the solutions to the unsolvable? What about a change on earth where the Palestinians and Israelis have a meeting point where they can agree on something and begin a process that actually works? It's only a matter of keeping the energy on this planet the way it is now and accelerating the light and vibrations until those things can happen. And you are the accelerators - all of you! And you fear change? That's like the cook in the kitchen fearing that a meal might be produced! It's not even logical. ~ Kryon

We are going to ask you to look at everything from a different perspective. Change your perception. things are NOT as they seem...at all! That is only one angle you're looking at it from.

Things are NOT what they seem. You are looking at it linearly, three-dimensionally, limited. Look at it upside down… backwards. Look at everybody you know now from a different perspective. Change your perception. Look at every event, everything different. Just when you thought something was the beginning, look at it as the end. Just when you thought something was slow, look at it from the perception of fast. Everything now… that is where we are going with all that.

The nature of reality is changing. You can choose the reality, by the way. It is not inflicted on you. This is the freedom. This is the sovereignty. You can choose it. But, the nature is changing. Any assumption you have had up to now about anything… now take a look at it in a different way.

If you think something is heavy, an object is heavy, change your perception. It is actually quite light… you see. What’s between all those molecules that appear to make it heavy? What is between the atoms that appear to make the molecules that appear to make it heavy? Nothing… nothing… nothing… elements that move in and out of reality, so that heavy item that you are thinking about is not heavy at all. You just thought it was.

Together we are going to a place where the whole nature of reality changes. So, you can't get angry anymore about change. You can't get upset that things are no longer what they seem to be. You can't get upset with us anymore that nothing seems to be stable anymore.

You had a certain definition of what you thought your life was going to be, and where you should be. Change your perception of that also. More than anything, change your perception of your story. Give yourself freedom. Everything changes… the nature of reality. Just when you thought it was cold, change your perception and feel the warmth.

So, everything… everything… everything… we are going to reiterate this over and over again to you. Look at it different. Look at it from another angle.

It is like going in to view a picture on the wall of a museum, a painting. You stand in front of it, and you say, “Oh, there’s the painting.” Ah… you are looking from one angle and one dimension. Now, imagine yourself for a moment, standing, looking at that painting on the wall in a museum, staring at it from straight on. You think you see the whole painting. We challenge you, so you try to look at the nuances in the brushstrokes and the lighting effects and all of these other things.

Oh, no, we are going far beyond that. Take a look from inside the painting outside, looking back at yourself. Ah… take a look through the painter’s eyes, rather than your own. Take a look at how that painting isn't truly two-dimensional. It exists in many different dimensions at once. It has New Energy dimensions of depth, height, and width. Not two-dimensional… these are inter-dimensional depth, inter-dimensional height, and inter-dimensional width. They can't be measured with any of your measuring systems. What we are saying is that painting on the wall now goes multi-dimensional. It stretches out in all different directions and dimensions.

We are going to challenge you over and over and over to take a look at everything from a different perspective, including yourself. You are not just a human… and you know that. You are not just an angel in human form. Perhaps, you thought you were limited to those things. You are many, many other things.

You are not just a collective of all of your past lives and past experiences, sitting here in a physical form right now. You’re much more than that. You’re much more than an entity who was given unique spiritual identity by All That Is. You’re much more than that. Look at it from every angle. ~ Tobias.

Mastery is internal, and the masters you currently worship who walked the earth in past times had nothing more than you did, except a message that you continue to deny and misunderstand. They all told you the same thing in different words! Each told you that you were God! Each told you that you were sons and daughters of the Universe, and each told you that you could have what they had if you looked for it and followed the divinity that was there.

The difficulty in finding your own spirituality is based on your disbelief that it exists! Your perception is your barrier to God. You ask for lists and procedures, yet you don't yet understand that love has no list! The power of God has no manual. It is that it is. Where's your breathing manual? Where's the manual that instructs your heart to beat? Think of your spiritual abilities as intuitive and automatic, just like these body functions that you never have to think about, but which you depend on for life itself. Master-hood is alive and active within you. Now claim it. ~ Kryon.

I invite you to get rid of survival instinct. are you ready for that one? You come in with that built into every cell, don't you? It's imprinted upon you isn't it? Indeed, it is, but it's an old energy imprint. Survival instinct has a powerful message to each Human Being. It silently fills the Human mind with these thoughts: "I am alone. Everything i do, I must do myself. I've got to clear the path before me because no one's going to clear it for me. Therefor I will survive by knowcking over the ones in front, or on the sides, or in the back. I will compete for the space on the planet. I have to survive. Otherwise I'll be overrun by the others who know what I know. I'll compete for relationships, for food, for money. I'll compete for love. I've got to do it. I've got to take care of myself because I must survive." Sounds like song doesn't it?

What about this thought from the mind of the master? "I now understand and realize that I am not alone. I have divinity in my pocket for the asking. I have the power of the Universe at my disposal. I have interdimensional tools that will clear the space in love, and everywhere my bubble is spread in light. Those around me will see better and in free choice will steer a safe path into the harbor. They will survive with me and will be part of a family that I help create with my balanced light. I am the master Lighthouse. Everywhere I go, I'll be blessed. I don't need survival instinct, because I represent ultimate survival. I am the definition of survival... a master of humanity. I am light."

How about that? This is the master's voice, but it's also yours. You begin to realize that you can trust in interdimensional forces that are mastery forces that you don't understand, but know are always there. You begin to realize that in the mastery department, you've got deep pockets when it comes to love. Ahh yes, deep pockets when it comes to survival. How about that? Drop that survival instinct. It's an old energy that says you have to compete for everything. You don't. There's plenty. But it's against your old Human nature, isn't it? ~ Kryon

It's not what you're going to do, it's what you're thinking about every day. In a quantum way, there is no clock. Can you sustain this energy until the day you die? If you can, every single one of you holding that light right now will know that's why you're here. Don't look ahead to something else, because you're currently doing what you came for in a quantum state. Every single one of you who is aware is doing it! This is it. You're here to be aware! If you are aware of the divine inside, then you fulfilled the task perfectly. Perfectly! Walk from this place satisfied in what you're doing for the planet. Stay aware. Don't give up! Become quantum [satisfied in the now]. If everything including your spiritual work is put on a timeline, you're going to fail, because the things that the clock will bring you are not the things that the heart will bring you. The heart [compassion] is quantum. Learn to live without the future. This breaks a linear mindset that says accomplishment is the measure of success. In a linear time consciousness, it is; but in a quantum consciousness, it is instead a measure of your peace and your joy at just "being." Is this you? ~ Kryon -

Freedom comes by your daily will to concede to a higher plan.
How you ask? And we will share, that to align to your higher plan daily means nothing more or less than staying connected to your dreams, feeding your passions, honoring what feels good and accessing the power behind those intentions..and to never waver in and out of the thoughts that will have you believe that you are capable of less... for surely those thoughts also create. Healing begins with the mind, for when the mind is not aligned with your higher will, it creates energetic disturbances and discordance in your electromagnetic field that keep you bound. Therefore, we remind you how imperative it is to your well being and to your forward momentum to keep your mind solely focused on only what it is that you desire each and every moment that you are captured by thought. Each time you waver, each time you honor a thought that is less than what your intended outcome will be, you run the risk of plummeting your dreams in a downward spiral, a direction less suited for true freedom. And each time you align with the voice within that reminds you that you are creating, in every moment, the reality that you experience, you align with the power of what is and therefore the pure potential of what can be. Beloved wonders, you are empowered and sovereign beings of light here to cocreate the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual realities that you feel deeply within your heart. This is the creation of your life, the greatest creation of all, and it is an ever-unfolding path of greater divine love & feelings of bliss.

Did you know that the love you experience in your life is an exact reflection of the love you that you allow yourself to feel? It is true! To increase the reflections of love in all you do, in those you meet, you must increase the love quotient within yourself. Love yourself daily by reminding yourself that you are made of pure love and that you are the empowered creator behind all you choose. Choose consciously, in each moment that presents itself to you, choose with love, and your choices will begin to reveal themselves immediately in how you are feeling. Are you feeling loved? Then your recent choice was aligned with your highest good. Are you feeling unloved? Then your recent choice was aligned with less than your potential.
When you feel like the radiant being of light who you truly are, you will experience life as you envision it to be. If not, you must simply choose again. And again. And again…until you have achieved the external reality that matches your heartfelt desires.

These choices come to you in every now moment…the choice to believe in the reality that you see with your physical eyes, or the reality that knows that everything can be exactly as you en-vision. Remember dear souls, real-ity becomes real when you enliven it with attention and be-lie-f; when you choose to feed it with the power of your focus.The gift in conscious creation is that the choice is always yours! So dig deep within yourself to remember your power to have it all and to love yourself so fully that you change the very vibration of the very earth you live on. This is how you will lead as wayshowers of the new earth paradigm…by your radiant example of what IS possible. BEcome all of who you wish to BE and you will rapidly birth the life you wish to see.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy with you today to remind you that only you can lift yourself above the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. Only you can BEcome who you deeply know yourself to be.
You are loved and supported beyond measure!
- Spiritual Hierarchy -

New Energy

How does one know he/she has arrived in the New energy?.....Well...very naturally all interest in the old will have fallen away...not by effort and ritual but by natural result of having walked through the forge....

There will be no more interest in reading anything "spiritual", there will be no more need to practice any ritual or tradition, there will be no more interest in techniques....most channels will be disgarded. There will be no more need for any rules or leaders...nor followers...there will be no more urge to re-act or need to feel "important".....there will be no more interest in goal-oriented thinking and doing...

There will be only being in whatever the passion of now brings.....creating the joys of/in each now-moment, which carries the greatest riches....No thoughts of the future or the past.....there will be no more labelling and categorizing...(you can be writing in one moment and fixing a car the next...none of this defines who you are...your are many and none)...etc...

All of the humbug will cease....There will be only total FREEDOM.....this is true wealth!

Total Freedom of thought and living.....


As a highly sensitive being I always feel the ever increasing frequencies of high energy coming in...and I can also feel the responses they bring about in the human collective & Earth herself (=bringing lots of fear and pain to the surface for release)...It is like a whirlwind or vortex that attempts to suck up everything it encounters...Someone that is still in need of releasing/healing/cleansing will be greatly affected by these vortices...they get sucked in and get triggered, tested pushed and centrifuged until they have spun off yet another aspect of dark energy they were carrying...These vortices, although sensed, can no longer suck me in or affect me...I have gotten too aware of what is going on and that it is not mine...I have totally closed the door on that...Nothing triggers me anymore....No more pain or darkness left to heal. All scattered fragments of myself reclaimed and reconnected, all inner gunpowder baptised in holy water...no more buttons to be pushed, only duds left...When I feel a such a vortex I simply don't go there...it no longer sets anything off in me, all bombs are diffused...War is over...

Let’s talk about New Energy – how New Energy works. New Energy, as we have talked about before, is not vibrational like Old Energy. It is expansional. It expands in all directions and dimensions simultaneously. It’s nearly impossible to compare New Energy to Old Energy. They are totally different in nearly every respect.

New Energy can be integrated into Old Energy reality. They don’t have to be independent or separate. But Old Energy is suspicious of New Energy. Old Energy will try to keep it out or, at best, will try to test it to determine what it’s really made out of. Old Energy consciousness even that is within you doesn’t understand this what appears to be foreign intrusion. It’s almost like little spaceships coming down to Earth probing, trying to feel and to sense and, as you know, anytime a spaceship comes down to Earth, it causes a lot of panic. New Energy is like that. It’s coming into your reality. Not in little flying disks, but a type of energy bubbles. These bubbles are all around you right now. We can literally see them. Many times you’re not aware that the bubbles are there, but you feel them. You feel something different and strange. You’re not sure what it is. It’s new consciousness. It’s New Energy.

New Energy works … you have to understand again, we’re limited by human words. It doesn’t actually “work,” it just is. But New Energy is coming to work in your life right now. We’re going to talk about some of the differences between Old Energy and New.

In the Old Energy the human wants answers. Human consciousness wants answers. The New Energy is not answers. There are no answers, because New Energy is potentials. And the potential doesn’t have to define itself as a singular answer, as a singular truth, but as many, many layers and potentials. So while the old human searches for an answer to a problem, sometimes very desperately or in great frustration, the New Energy comes to you, sometimes unseen and unknown, as potentials. You could start letting the word “answer” out of your vocabulary – when you choose of course – and allow the consciousness of potentials to start coming in.

The human consciousness wants definition. The mind in particular wants to define things. It wants to understand and analyze. In the New Energy there is no definition. It is free. It is open. It is sans definition. Definition by its very nature in the Old Energy is a way of limiting, whereas New Energy has no definition. It is freedom.

The human psyche right now cannot deal very well with things that are undefined. So one of your challenges in our spa today is can you be so free as to not define? Can you be so free as not to have to have neat little compartments for things like feelings and thoughts and energy? Can you be that free? Can you be that with yourself, into yourself that you don’t need that definition?

The Old Energy consciousness, the human, wants two and two – numbers 2 and 2 – to equal 4, and it wants it to do it every time. You punch the buttons on the calculator or you add in your mind, you always want 2 and 2 to equal 4. In the New Energy that you are in now, 2 and 2 doesn’t equal 4, at least not just 4. When you put together these energy elements, it can add up to a wide variety of different numbers, and even “reverse” numbers and even “sideways” numbers that mathematicians haven’t discovered yet. “In between” numbers that are unknown to consciousness right now.

The mind wants it to be equal and steady every time, but in the New Energy it’s not. Actually, in the New Energy the sum of any two parts always comes back to one. You can add up tens and thousands of elements or numbers or whatever you choose – bits of energy – and instead of arriving at a new sum they will always, in the New Energy, add up to 1.

Now, we could lead into a long discussion of New Energy physics here, but we’ll save your mind and your body. But understand in the New Energy, it doesn’t work like it did before. There are some who want to hold on and have to know – have to know that to be grounded, to be balanced 2 and 2 is 4 – but let go of that. It is many things now.

The human wants to know that there is a right and a wrong. It wants to put a type of value judgment on nearly everything in life. In the new consciousness, the New Energy, there is no right and wrong. It can’t be defined in those terms any more. Perhaps the best way to say it is “It just is,” without a value. Perhaps it is just experience, energy, consciousness. The human mind desperately tries to stay in these moral parameters of right and wrong as a way of keeping on track. But in the New Energy, there is no need for a track. There is no need to have to put these types of limitations on yourself. They are indeed judgments. They are indeed a type of prison.


The old human consciousness ... in the old human consciousness there is this dynamic where humans believe they have to earn. To earn. They have to struggle, they have to go through some type of – what you would call – pain, whether it is mental or physical. But they have to exert a certain amount of energy in order to evolve or grow or prosper and there had to be a type of struggle associated with it. If it wasn’t a challenge, then the energy or the results weren’t worth it. In that old human consciousness, people have put themselves through great difficulty for something that is really quite simple.

In the new consciousness, the New Energy, it is about receiving. Receiving. There is not a cause/effect, there is not an energy input associated with energy received. Receiving in New Energy can be truly a one-way street. It doesn’t have to be reciprocal. In other words, New Energy, new spirit will come to you without you doing anything, without you sacrificing, without you doing hours of prayer or meditation or anything like that.

Now, this is a very simple but yet somewhat an odd dynamic. You have been taught, and the physics and beliefs of Earth have now been shaped in such a way, that there is always a trade of energies. In order to receive something you must give something, or if you do receive it first then you must give later. That dynamic does not apply in the New Energy. Receiving is open, it is unconditional, it is available and nothing is asked back from you.

Receiving comes from a wide variety of different sources. First it comes from yourself, your whole Self, not just the human, but all of you. All of you chooses to serve you when you allow it. Receiving comes from your pets, other humans at times, the angelic correspondents who are all around. Receiving comes from a wide variety of places and dimensions. It is just about energy – raw energy – coming in for you, coming in to support consciousness. Remember, consciousness is not energy. Energy is there to help consciousness manifest its grandest desires.

You’ve restricted the flow of energy in the old human consciousness because of a belief system that was set up a long time ago that in order to receive you must be worthy, you must suffer, you must earn it. But receiving in the New Energy is as simple as taking a breath, as simple as allowing, and you don’t have to give anything back. And this also seems somewhat of a strange paradigm. The old human self says, “But I must give something back.” No. Believe it or not, no. You don’t have to even share any of your wisdom, any of your abundance. You can if you choose, but it’s not a requirement in the New Energy.

There are tremendous interdimensional, high consciousness energies that would like to be in your life, that would like to support you, that would like to encourage you, that would like to be here with you right now – coming from you, from the outside, from spirit, from the nature devas, from water, from Quan Yin, from everywhere. And today, I’m going to ask you, dear Shaumbra, can you really allow yourself to receive? Pure energy, unconditional energy, energy without agenda, energy that is just in a pure natural state waiting to come into your reality. Can you receive that?

How New Energy Works

Let’s talk a little bit more about human energy versus New Energy. Human consciousness wanted to validate the identity of the human self. Human consciousness wanted to validate itself. In the New Energy there’s no reason to validate the human self. No reason whatsoever. It is just about being all of yourself in this Now moment, in you. The human self doesn’t need that validation. It doesn’t need to know that it exists, because in the New Energy it just is. So much energy was put forth towards validation, towards identity, and you discover now that it was just a type of illusion.

In the Old Energy consciousness there was a propensity to make things very difficult and complex. It served a purpose because it allowed your consciousness to find how deep it could go, how confused it could get, how lost it could be. In the New Energy there is a brilliant simplicity to everything. The New Energy doesn’t have to discover depths anymore, because it knows everything has infinite depth, but yet infinite simplicity. It seems like a contradiction in terms, but in the New Energy most things Old Energy are indeed a contradiction of terms.

New Energy. Feel it. Just feel it. Stop trying to define it, that doesn’t work very well. Just feel it. It is a source of unlimited potential. It is a source of unlimited and free energy. The old human consciousness wanted to structure things. Structuring is fun – putting things together, building things. The old consciousness wanted to structure everything, assign it a value, therefore, it was easier to understand how everything fit together. But it came a point where you couldn’t figure it out anymore, couldn’t figure out how all the pieces worked. But yet the humans continue to structure, to analyze everything.

New Energy has no structure. It is energy, but it doesn’t have structure. Therefore, scientists will find it very difficult to identify. But there we go back to trying to identify everything, because if you can’t identify it, obviously it’s not real! Well, at least in an Old Energy way of thinking.

New Energy is without structure, but yet it can apply itself into current forms, into current consciousness and enhance it. But as New Energy comes into current concepts and actually even into physical reality and physical structures, it will seem to be or appear to be that the New Energy actually destroys the old concept or the old structure. It seems to annihilate it. But when you look again or feel again, you’ll understand it hasn’t done that at all. It was an illusion.

It has redefined the consciousness of Old Energy. It has allowed it to expand, it to release its old structures and limitations, to join it in free expression. So when you see things in your own life seeming to fall apart in front of your very eyes, it’s actually not at all. It’s just redefining itself in an undefined and free way. Again, it’s all going to seem to be contradiction, but it’s not at all.

This will challenge you to get out of old ways of thinking, get out of old patterns that you’ve had for yourself, old comfortable patterns. That’s another thing – human consciousness, Old Energy, wanted to be comfortable ... comfortable. New Energy has no need for comfort. It’s about expanding and evolving, experiencing and playing, because there is no right or wrong, good or bad, pain or comfort. It’s just consciousness. - Tobias.

It all boils down to trust (in Self) and total surrender to Source energy and what is...

Things are as simple as they are complex, as light as they are dark, as hilarious as they are serious, as perfect as they are imperfect and as meaningful as they are meaningless. Things are not one way or another...they are both...and neither....All exists at the same time and in the same space.....And none of it is important. (and since everything exists in the same space at the same time, the only one deciding which will be experienced is you...you are the force that makes it all happen)

Dear friends, when there is a challenge in your life, understand that you have already solved the problem. YourDivine Self has already solved it. When there are difficulties in your life, do not panic. Understand that the solution is already there. It is within you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE. This divinity wants to take care of you, wants to be with you, wants to handle everything. But it requires that you let go of the old ways of handling problems. Let go, as we say, release and allow. The divine solution will come forth. - Tobias.

In other words: Get out of your own way. If you are frantically attempting to control everything, you will prohibit the divine from coming in and handling it for you. Divinity listens to what it is you want...if you're sending out the message you're in charge of this, divinity will respond with : "so be it."

The reality of spiritual time is that all things exist together. Everything that you have the potential to do has already occurred, and this has nothing to do with predestination. The problem has already been solved. It is not in the process of solution – it is done. How does it make you feel to know that the thing you’re trying so desperately to co-create and figure out has already been accomplished? ~ Kryon.

It is time to re-examine how you pray. Again, the prayer that we suggest is this: "Dear God, show me what it is I need to know." And then when you receive it, undertsnad that it is perfcet for you. Don't make up your mind in advance who you are, why you are here, what you should be doing, and what must be the next step. This approcah is so limiting! Consider that a grander plan is known by your Higher Self, and that's the goal...something that you can't know or see, but something you can get to!- Kryon.

Here's an old and set perception that you may apply to a person who goes on a journey. This traveler, this Human Being, this voyager, might depart his home with an idea of where he is going. So his actual reality, the way things work for him, is that he would have to be careful how far he went, because of the resources that he would obviously need to keep him alive. This is how you all travel. He would not stary too far away from where he knew there was food. If he was prone to health issues, he would not stary to far away from where he knew there was medical help. If he was a lightworker then he would not stray too far away from other lightworkers, for this is his support group for him when he needs it. So his journey might be tempered, guided, even directed, by where the resources are.

Now this description is very 3D, is it not? For you, you go where the planning takes you. You have to stop for food, and if there's no food, then you will have to go find it. If you have a health issue, you're going to have to go where there is either a facilitator or a hospital perhaps... someone who can help. You support one another and you lean on one another. This is all appropriate, but your path is often tempered and guided by where the resources are... even where those are who you might lean on. You don't even think about it. That's just the way of it. So you might say right now, "That's just normal life. What is the meaning of this example?" It's only meaningful when I give you another story to compare to it.

I want to give you the situation of another voyager... the interdimensional traveler. He is a Human Being, just like you, except that he does not plan his journey based upon the resources around him. The reason is that he is aware that the resources are "in his pocket." Are you still with me? Counter-intuitively to the way things work for you, when he needs something, he stops, reaches into his pocket, and gets what he needs! The odd thing about this is that the moment before, there was nothing in his pocket!

Let me add to this quandary: Sometimes he needs things that are very big and yet his pockets are very small. After all, they're in his outfit...all he has with him. It doesn't seem to matter. Sometimes he extracts very large things from very small pockets! Doesn't make sense, does it? When circumstances beckon him in one direction or another, he simply goes in that direction. He doesn't stop to think about where the resources will be. He looks at the energy involved and the appropriateness of its being that way and he just goes. He's the interdimensional traveler, and some of you know him as a master.

Now, I'm going to stop there and begin the teaching. But I want you to remember these two kinds of stories... the two kinds of traveler, because it's going to represent an old and New kind of energy.

When you read the stories of the masters who walked this planet, were you impressed? Let me tell you what it feels like, Human Being, to be a master. You're walking along a path and you say, "It's time for a resource" [like food] and you look down and it's in your pocket! Then you say, "I knew that. I expected that." Pretty soon, you expect what you need to be at your doorstep when you need it, then you realize you're creating it as you go. It's a process filled with mystery to many, but to others it's the way the Universe works.

Blessed is the Human Being who, when they find out they have a disease raging in their body, does not go into fear and panic, does not call all of their friends for help, but who instead, looks down and says, "I'm so glad that I've got my pocket. Because that's where the healing is... it's already with me." Masters are a bastion unto themselves, a complete system without outside assistance. But the true master understands that his resource is the collective energy of everything, and therefore is "known by God." He is then part of God, and therefore has the resources built in.

Blessed is the Human Being who wonders, "Shall I go here, or shall I go there," yet never ponders about the resources along the way. "Good thing I've got my pockets," he says, as he walks into the unknown. How many are here who will be responsible for that kind of energy?

"Kryon, this doesn't sound right. Do you mean that eventually every Human on this planet is going to be a master?" No, but there will be enough of you master-craftsmen who will recognize the tool kit that's been presented before you. Then you will start learning how to use it. The tool kit is on the grid, you see? It's in place and ready. It's time for you to start the building process, and how many of you can do that? It is counter-intuitive to the way Human perception works, yet some of you are going to begin the process.

You heard the stories, perhaps, in your own culture, of the loaves and the fishes? Could that have been real? Oh, yes. It was. And this kind of situation is duplicated every day in parts of India. Did you know that? It's a process of seemingly creating something out of nothing. That's what's in a master's pocket! Blessed is that Human whose journey from now on will not be based upon where the resources are, but instead upon the passion of where he wishes to go, no matter what. For the Universe follows him with the resources always ready.

Do you find the story of the Israeli's in the desert a myth? They were fed every day – all the tribes – for 40 years. Where did the food come from? Could this have been real, or perhaps (you might say), it's a myth? The fact is that they followed a master, and his pockets were deep indeed with universal truth, appropriateness and wisdom. History actually shows you how this worked.

There are those in this room who've experienced this. Some of them have experienced it in a mild fashion, and others have lived their lives by it. But for all of these, this New Energy on the gird will be enhanced beyond what you think, even beyond what you've experienced so far. There are some in this room who have accomplished things that would have been thwarted if they had stopped to look for the resources before they began. The 3D perception of "where will the resources come from?" would have stopped them, but it didn't. It's because they looked down and said, "It's a good thing I've got this pocket here."

Can we make it any clearer, masters? ~ Kryon

The whole transition is not about becoming un-emotional and in-compassionate...it's about becoming the love that allows for everyone to make its own experience.

There has been a question for some years about the actual purpose of Human emotion on the planet. I wish to set the record straight. There are those who would say, "Human emotion is a horrible weakness. It's too bad we have it and it gets in the way of logical thought. Kryon is too emotional, and might sway your intellect." Think for a moment: Pure love exists in a grand form on the other side of the veil. You know this, since you can't experience the joy of enlightenment and the love of God without the emotion of it. You weep with joy when you think about birth, the joy of healing, and even peace on Earth. Therefore, if you are one of these who wishes to eliminate this, you are going to alter a divine attribute that has been passed to you through the veil when you were born! It's not something that is a weakness, but instead one of the greatest powers you have.

Here's the truth. There are certain kinds of Human emotions that are designed to change Gaia itself. Oh, if you want to spin with anger, drama and hate, you'll get one kind of reaction. If you want to create compassion and love, you'll get another. It's all part of the free choice of dark and light, you know? But it is all given to you to use as a tool.

Human compassion is perhaps the most powerful thing on the planet. It's why the tsunami happened... to generate compassion. It's part of the 9:11 scenario, too. These things and others have developed a compassion wave that has actually changed Gaia in ways you could never have done unless those things had occurred.

You might say, "Well, Kryon, why does it have to involve so much loss of life and so much sorrow?" That is your 3D reaction to these kinds of things. Again, we ask you to look at those that you've lost in these years. 2005 – an amazing year for catastrophe, yet all those who were lost, including those that perhaps you had loved, are still here. They're working the earth, perhaps in another way, but they are still here. Some of them have returned in Human form already, and some of them are staying as helpers. Who are you, in your limited dimension, to tell the Universe that this is not the way it's done? Who are you to tell Spirit that you want them kept here? This is your Human bias at its best. If you were to interview them right now, they would say, "We're fine. We are in joy. We did what we did and we're glad we did it." It's a different perception than you have, and a far larger picture. It's beautiful! Life goes on forever... never terminated. It simply changes form in front of you, but you can't see it, since you are in 3D.

Those you lose in death, who you are mourning for, needed to leave because they needed to work in other ways, in another area, in order to push this earth toward peace. And you don't know anything about it! All you feel is your sorrow, yet I'm telling you that there is appropriateness in all things and they're working with you, next to you, side by side, if you allow them.

I know who's here. Listen to me. Why don't you form a partnership with those you loved and lost and keep going? It won't be long before it's your turn to do the same thing [speaking of again moving into death and rebirth]. Encourage this understanding within your children. Tell them in advance. "When I'm gone from the earth, celebrate my life. Hold my interdimensional hand and keep going." Because that is the truth. And that's the way of it, masters.

Is it emotional? I hope so, for this is the compassion that will heal you, create a peaceful countenance, and help to heal the planet. ~ Kryon

The third point of perception:

As Humans you have grown up in an area of duality where you define everything that happens in your life as good/bad, right/wrong, love/fear, good/evil - and all the other fun terminologies that you use. You never call something grey, but it's always black and white - is that not interesting? You see things within a polarized perception. Now that you are moving out of a field of duality and into a field of triality, you will balance that connection of opposites with a new third point of perception which represents the third vibration of harmonics. This you will learn to know as your higher self. So ow you will begin to see things from a triangular view of reality, rather than only the opposites of black/white, up/down, love/fear and all the rest of them. As you start grasping at that concept, understand that you have done more than moved your point of perception. You are already beginning to understand that you have done nothing more than moved your point of perception. You are already beginning to be multi-dimensional, so transitioning from one field of duality into a field of triality is nothing more than shifting inot the twelfth dimension. You have moved into purposely using this new dimension, for the twelfth dimension is actually your point of perception. That is where our message differs from science, because science has agreed that there are eleven dimensions of time and space and we do not disagree with that. Waht we say is that the twelfth dimension is the point of perception. That is the magic that you have. That is the pice that you have been missing and that you are starting to use and that, as the collective vibration of humanity reaches a level where you can start using this in your daily lives, watch what happens on planet Earth next.

And may I add: This third point of perception, this 12th dimensional view on things, this triangular shape, is what many many cropcircles are about. It is all rooted in 12-based math (12 is just another form/dimension of 3, a 3 in disguise so to speak, 1 + 2 = 3)

Will it be scary? Yes. Humans love to get scared, so you will assuredly scare yourselves.. Will it be fun? Oh yes, for that is one of the criteria you are making of your own advancements. “It must be fun or I am not going to do it!” We love that attitude. We support you in that choice. You will hear a lot of laughter as you move forward, for as you start seeing things from multiple dimensions you will begin understanding that the point of perception is movable. You have never fully grasped that before, as the collective vibration of humanity. This is not in any of your books. You have not grasped that you can simply move the point of perception and change your entire life.

The most important element to re-member is that the moment anything happens in your life, understand that first of all that you have a choice of where your point of perception will be. For example, if you receive bad news in the mail and because you know it is bad news, you do not want to open the letter yet you slide the letter opener into it anyway, reach in and grab the letter anyway. Instead, before you actually pull the letter out, open it up and absorb it into your brain, you do have a split second to choose your point of perception. That is one of the easiest ways of moving the twelfth dimension. Take a deep breath before you do and say, “I am going to find the highest point of perception from which to view this, no matter what it is.” Allow your spirit, your higher self, to lead your twelfth dimension, to put you in the highest point of perception that it can, and to allow you to experience that. If you have difficulties with that, one of the easiest ways to clear the energy so that that can happen is a laugh—because laughter is an energy cleanse. That is what you do when you laugh. That is the laughter and the language of angels, dear ones. We laugh all the time and it is so joyous at Home for that very reason. Understand that you have a split second to make that choice.

Now, what if you do not choose to find the highest point of perception? What if you fall into your old energy patterns and you pull the letter out and say, “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. How am I ever going to recover from this?” Okay. You have chosen your point of perception, but what we tell you is that it is still movable. It is now more movable than it ever has been because of the collective rise in vibration. You have capabilities of moving that point of perception.

So you have lost everything. It is all gone: the house, the relationship, the home, the car, the status. Everything is gone now that you have pulled this paper out. How could you possibly…? Now you do not have any attachments. Now you have all possibilities, do you not? Yes, could this be nothing more than wishful thinking? Could it be nothing more than positive thinking? Yes, absolutely. There is a positive aspect of this, but it is also possible to move into that twelfth dimension in daily life more than ever before. Now you have capabilities of doing this on a conscious level instead of training yourself to always think in the highest possible point. Now it is possible to even have the worst experience that a human can have in this piece of paper that sits before you and laugh. In that laughter, when you breathe in between laughs, you breathe in all the possibilities that sit before you because now you are not attached to the car. You are not attached to the relationship; you are not attached to the status. Now you have possibilities of starting a new life. It is all perception, dear ones. It always has been perception but now more than ever before, you have opportunities to use this on a daily basis and that is incredibly exciting.

We will watch with the greatest of anticipation as you take this and play with it. What you do with it is your bidding. Some of you are so afraid to play with some of these new tools because you are afraid of making mistakes. We hope you make lots of good mistakes. Make tons of great mistakes. Play with it. Bounce against the wall with it. Do whatever it is you need to do with it so that you understand because whatever it is, all you need to do is switch your point of perception and it changes. We have used a phrase with you over and over—please understand this is not just a metaphor. This is reality. You could not fall if you tried…and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard. The reality is, you are on a Gameboard where you are playing a beautiful game. At any moment you stop and say, “I do not want to play this game any more.”

You change your point of perception and the game changes. Everything shifts now so use this purposely, as a tool. Use a magical three count to change your point of perception. The whole world that you have known in your perception of what you call the third dimensionality is built on threes. For you to move out of that energy into a higher vibration, we will give you a simple three count: one, two, three…shift your point of perception. It is that simple. We are trying to complicate it just enough for you to understand because humans love to complicate things. In reality, it is much simpler than that, but we will give you this tool because that will complicate it just enough for you to be engaged. We will try to make it more mystical next time if you prefer. Maybe we will make the Keeper [channel] wear a hat or a bandana or something. He is laughing now and saying “no way.” We will see. We tell you that this is your time to do this. The tools are here in front of you. This is a time of action. This is a time of the greatest possibilities that you have ever had—to find who you are to move into your passion is all done because of the twelfth dimension. The twelfth dimension is not a dream. It is no longer merely a potential. It is real. It is here. You have been in it all along and now you are moving the veil aside to start understanding what it really is and what you have in front of you.

We hope you enjoy it. Play with it. Move the point of perception. Even if you find a good one, you may want to move it just to be moving it. Enjoy, because that is your gift to us. As you change these dimensions, as you collectively raise the vibration of Home, you are getting closer to Home. You get closer to us and likewise, you help us to move vibrations as well for you are not the only ones moving, dear ones. You are leading the way in a charge that is moving all the bandwidth of vibrations higher. All the other beings of mastery that you have worked with and all the vibrational levels in between in all dimensions of time and space are moving because of your advancement. Do you understand who you are? Do you know why all eyes are upon you? You truly are the magicians of the Gameboard and now you will play with the twelfth dimension. You will understand it. You will use it. You will joke with it. You will bounce it up against the wall to see what happens. You will bring out a big hammer, crack it open just so you can see what is inside. We hope you play with it because that twelfth dimension is what will allow you to move from this field to that field, to this field to that experience. Each one of those will bring you closer to Home while you are still on Earth. Dear ones, THAT is the ascension. THAT is what you have all been waiting for. You thought the Mayans left. They did not. They ascended. They are part of the Lemurians that also ascended, that are waiting for you in the twelfth dimension. They will be the ones that hold their hand out and bring you in—you, in those dimensions of time and space. Enjoy it. Laugh a lot. Play and know that you are Home. You are the expression of Heaven on Earth and every day when you smile, you create it a little bit more. ~ The group

When I was younger I used to always be in turmoil. Being born of a higher vibration I always looked at things in a multi-dimensional way. Meaning: People wanted/pressured me to choose, choose 1 profession, choose sides, to have an opinion about everything....but it was in my nature to be versatile and look at things from all sides/perspectives. I could never say "this is right or that is wrong"...I always saw a reason and truth in all views/expressions...I always saw possibilities where others saw problems....

Basically...what I had to do, over the last 40 years (a biblical holy number) was be born here pure and of the highest vibe (and what a deep shock-therapy this world was). Then suck up all the old energy I encountered in people and the earth grids (travelled a lot on some major ley-lines), and could carry (which was a whole lot) for 33 years, which made me very "sick" and miserable..and panicky...After which I had to transmute all of it, into the love-vibe of home, transcending all of it until I
had reached back the point of origin, the neutral/still point of peace I came in with. A huge gap to be bridged there - meanwhile also vacuum-cleaning the whole geographical area I was living in, since it was all done in one big swoop (2 for the price of 1 - smile -) -...and basically come back to the vibrational original point of birth...again of the highest vibration..In other words: a circle!

I was never cold, harsh, ego-tistical, disturbed or anything I was accused of...I was always simply born of a pure and high (neutral) vibe...needing my silence.

I always need my time alone, ever since being a little kid, not doing anything but be inside my own mind....dream up beautiful dreams....and process the input (in fact I'm very careful about receiving input...). My inner world is so very clear, rich and alive. And all that I will now come to express...finally!

My mom always found me highly intelligent, soft and patient, a sister always found me extremely disciplined (and called me the walking encyclopedia..they always asked me everything)...etc etc....well guys...this is why...all just part of my "tools for the trade".

The moment you stop dreaming is the moment you might as well become non-exsisting.

But...there's a difference between attracting what you want...and attracting what you are.....

The first implies the material want steering you, you accomodating the material, your desire coming from a place of pure materialistic thinking, coming from feelings of lack, assuming the material will make you happy and fulfilled (old energy)....

The second shows your desires/passions steering the material to accomodate you. This comes from a place of inner inspiration and fulfilment...of being who you are and attracting that which complements you. In this you already are happy with all you are/have, and are your most joyous self in each moment, knowing there never is anything lacking, it is all there within you (new energy).

Matter is a complement to you...you are not a complement to matter.

As a kid I used to love this comic series about this little funny bearded guy called "Douwe Dabbert". He travelled fairytale-like realms bringing nothing but his knapsack. Any time he needed something he just pulled it right out of his knapsack. No matter how "dangerous" things got, he always kept calm and the solution would present itself to him. However huge or tiny...he already had it all in his knapsack....


All you got to learn is know that it's there....

All this, and more, one discovers during the process...which is why it is designed the way it is...to push you to insight...to let you know you can choose your perception...and surrender...to yourselves and the energies/powers/passions that are within you.

Trust your body and its capabilities, it is a perfect divine construct. Trust your 'path', your inner voice, and trust the challenges you're going through serve a clear purpose...you are the one that put them there (And taking responsibilit
y is something far different from blaming yourself, remember that). Allow for Source to take care of you.

Your feelings/intuitions are your most valuable asset/guide. They will support you in living/being in the joys of each moment...without any goal or future...only now.
And one experience gives way to the next, and the next, and the next...

y: Since the New Energy exists in the eternal now, she shoots with a straight arrow. She does not take any detours but always takes the fastest, shortest and simplest path. She is candid, innocent, open and honest and never hides. She is never double-faced or ashamed and lives her Spirit without any old human-types of reservations.