Ascension Pointers and Symptoms

A list of possible Ascension symptoms:

Dizziness; vertigo; feeling of imbalance, like standing on a s
hip (also sea- , altitude- or motion-sickness-like); headaches; migraines accompanied by flickerings of light, seeing spots or (partial) loss of vision etc.; sinus pressure; head/ear pressure; back pains; neck pains; shoulder pains; pains in upper arms; post-nasal drip; flu-/allergy-like symptoms; leg pains; joint pains; pain in feet and/or hands; throat pains/soreness; sore spots on body; sore/sensitive/painful breasts; itches and tickles (like under/on the skin and in/around the genital area); gland soreness; lower (tail bone) and middle back pains; left side of body pain; ringing in ears; high pitched constant tone; very low deep constant tone; erratic dreams (some violent/dark, prophetic or teaching...some can be a bit unsetlling) and sleeping patterns; insomnia; sleepiness; blurry vision; gritty, itchy or teary eyes; shooting pains wherever; sores; deep long peaceful sleeps; Sensing a dark & pressing 'presence' around; all kinds of rashes, hyves, shingles; acne; numbness; weight gain and -loss; muscle twitches; nerve twitches/spasms and -pains; tooth & jaw pain; intestinal discomfort like belly aches; stomach discomfort or pains; blatter- & lower abdominal cramps; diarrhea; nausea; vomiting; from being very cold to very hot; dry glow like fever or hot flashes with sweat (your hormonal balance is changing, like unisex menopauze); night sweats; heart palpitations, -pains and/or -flutters; acid burn/reflux; ravenous hunger of no appetite at all; erratic food cravings; exhaustion or high energy; feeling 'stress' or pressure; deep relaxation and peace; emotional moodswings; depression; bouts of sheer desperation (some experience anxiety); restlessness; clumsiness (tripping, dropping things), also with letters, sentences and words; hormonal imbalance; heavy body feeling; feeling floaty or out-of-body; feeling distant; brain fog; untimely menses and/or unusual discharge; change in menstruational patterns; loss of libido (especially for men) or periods of high sexual arrousal; seeing 'glimpses' of light and other movements in your peripheral vision (interdimensional view); seeing geometrical patterns appear out of nowhere; pixel vision; setting off electrical equipment; blowing light bulbs; buzzing in legs and body; a desire to be alone; over-sensitivity to light, sound and/or smell; feeling 'dead' and passionless/flat or feeling neither alive nor dead but some vague place in between; deep cleansing expansive breaths or shortness/tightness of breath; bouts of sneezing and/or caughing; mucus being released from airways & sinusses; women may notice a fluid being released from within the vagina (G-spot), similar to prostate fluid in men, which smells like male sperm; deep sudden bouts of crying for no apparent reason; inexplicible grumpiness pulling at you all day (often not even yours but energies going on in the collective), bouts of crying for no apparent reason, deep releasing cries...and many more...

(I even used to get burnmarks all over m
y body, looking like cigarette burns in the shape of a 5- or 6-pointed star. After appearing they would expand outward. When in serious grounding I could not walk for at least a month due to the pain in my tail-bone, lower back & legs. Terrible skull- and headaches were also a regular ocurrence. While grounding abscesses would appear next to the vagina enterance. Men have reported abscesses appearing in their anus. Very dense grounding foods were also craved, like lots of meats, cheese and greasy stuff...In other words:  heavy/dense foods. your body needs these for morphing and for anchoring/keeping you here, preventing you from 'evaporating', as well as it sometimes needs/asks for lighter foods , like fruits and vegetables. You may crave (thus need) a lot of salt..for eating and helps support the detox etc....Sugar cravings are also common. I even experienced a week (around the March equinox) where I felt like I was having Malaria, sweating like crazy, shaking and shivering uncontrollably, very tired and pain all over my body, within every fibre/cell etc.)

There are also plenty of reports from people actually developping cancer and/or other ailments. Everyone has his/her own unique ascension recipe (Some had to lose home, livelihood and family and/or friends to the extent of camping out in their cars without much of anything left etc.). We all write our own music and play our own unique part/instrument in the collective orchestra of ALL that is. Many people, those who were incarnated on this Earth before, experience past-life memories or even re-live it. Most, incl. the first timers on this Earth, are visited by memories (accompanied by the emotions experienced at that time) of painful events from their past they thought long over and dealt with. These old pains/hurts/traumas come up for transmutation and release.

Surrender to the process as well as you can.

If in doubt about
your symptoms go visit a doctor/healer/facilitator (but know that this process is all about healing/becoming whole and you're doing it yourself).

Each time you have risen above a certain old energy theme, each time you withstood an old energy urge/repsonse and chose your own deeper truth, detox will follow as t
he new energy settles and is integrated into the body. This detox means you have lost more density (= darkness or low vibes that were stored within your cells).

Ascension is t
he gradual deeper descent of Spirit/God into the body, and the bodies' ascent (= dropping off density/old energy toxins/constructs) in order to make room for holding more of the light of Spirit (and It is t
he lightbodies that receive the ascension energies first, after which the physical body integrates them as well)....In other words: you're moving into a much lighter way of being, or: freedom!

For people feeling a soothing cool breeze coming from nowhere in particular (I myself have this breeze with me 24/7),
or/and hear a constant deep humming tone, like a frater plane flying over low: this can be called 'the breath of the holy Spirit' (or Ruach in old Hebrew). This wind and humming sound come from no where and go no where either, except to and from within. One who is ascending or has ascended is born of the holy Spirit:

"The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit." (Christ Jesus - John 3:8)
"And when the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting." (Acts 2:1-2)

"And Jesus spoke again unto the eleven and said, "Grieve not because I go away for it is best that I should go away. If I do not go away the Comforter will not come to you. These things I speak while with you in the flesh, But when the Holy Breath shall come in power, lo, She will teach you more and more, And bring to you remembrance all the words I have said to you. There are a multitude of things yet to be said; Things that this age cannot receive because it cannot comprehend. But, lo, I say, Before the great day of the Lord shall come, The Holy Breath will make all mysteries known — The mysteries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortality, The oneness of man with every other man, and with his God. Then will the world be led to truth, and man will be truth. When She has come, the Comforter, She will convince the world of sin, And of truth of what I speak, and of the rightness of the Judgment of the just; And then the prince of carnal life will be cast out. And when the Comforter shall come, I need not intercede for you; For you shall stand approved, and God will know you then as he knows Me."

Very often: the louder the humming/roaring, the more intense the ascension vortex/portal.

Every Human Being/Soul is wired differently for it's own unique purpose, and finds his/her own best way of dealing with everything eventually. The ascension unfolds a little differently for everyone and some will forge through it 'faster' while others 'slower', all as individually intended. Everyone evolves/expands in its own unique way, at its own unique speed, for its own unique purpose...or not at all...all are fine.
As always, everyone gets what he/she is ready to receive...

The information here below comes from articles I wrote on an old blog as I was going through the forge myself. 
You may notice a different tone of writing/words...t
his is due to the intensity of the process I was in at the time. I never the less decided to offer this information anew, as I thought there might still be useful material in here for ascendees (=people going through th
e ascension process). The information may repeat itself sometimes and some parts may appear like loose pieces, this is because I let out some parts that were in between, which I figured irrelevant...
have since evolved. The rough edges have been polished away into mellowness since then, but that was my most authentic way of expression at the time, in the vibrational evolutionary stage I was in.

The Lotus

The journey through ascension is a lot like getting on a train (or in an elevator) and not knowing where it's going.

you can think of yourself as a lotus flower still completely closed the moment you get on that train. your lotus is still closed because of your residence in the density of low vibrations for such a long time. your heart is closed off because of the harshness of a low vibrating reality, one that is full of pain and suffering so you closed yourself off for the most part, for protection.

The moment you get on the ascension train your lotus heart slowely starts to open up more and more. as each layer of old dense energy is burned off, more of the true you can rise to the surface and one day finally completely emerges.

Now, there are big ascension railwaystations and there are small ones. meaning some people hop on the train in groups and some get on alone or with very little company. there are slow locomotives and fast high velocity trains. meaning some people get to their destinations fast and others slow. some of the faster and slower trains sometimes meet up at one of the bigger or smaller stations and people can then decide to join and continue the journey together, depending on what is more comfortable for each individual. if you didn't get on the first train, no worries, another will arrive shortly so you can take it easy for a while and remain on the platform/plateau resting/waiting. (using the elevator analogy, if an elevator's gone up already another one will come again soon to pick you up) you cannot make any mistakes here or miss out.

And as one train is pulling into the station, the one that was already there has to leave. So the ones coming up from behind are pushing the ones ahead even further up, while the ones up ahead pave a way for the ones coming in later...All the while they were hanging around the station shining/holding a light so the other trains can find the platform. It's a team effort.

The above also implies however that some people are way ahead and some are way behind, this can create a bit of friction sometimes.

You see, while one lotus flower has completely opened up already and shows her true inner beauty without hesitation or reservation, others may still be closed up for the most part. a closed up lotus gets kind of annoyed at an opened one cause it sees the other ones honesty and true beauty and wants to get there as shine in all it's glory. cause, that's another opened up lotus flower is proud of it's inner beauty and has no shame or fear in showing it, radiating it all over. a true open lotus flower knows who she/he is and how to appreciate itself without reservation or guilt. it loves itself without caring what the other lotusses think about that (and lotusses come in many different colours tones and shapes) fact it wants to share its radiance for everyone to enjoy and benefit from, for the glory of all!

Meaning: sometimes the ascended ones that have reached their destination vibration (= they know who they are, what their passions are and live them, talk their talk and walk their walk, respecting the ones who don't...yet) get "attacked" by the ones on the lower rungs of the ascension ladder or the ones still completely lost in density.

Having experienced this myself again recently i'd thought i'd share it so others could benefit from my experience. you see..once you've become who you truly are it automatically means you're being open and honest about it too. some people mistake your trueness & honesty for ego arrogance. still being ruled by their own egos for the most part, they cannot comprehend someone's speaking and being truthful without any hidden agenda.

When this happens it is sort of their lower vibration clashing into a higher vibration and it can take a highly vibrating being back a bit cause the world of new neutral high vibration energy, there is no need for such behaviour and sometimes lashes like that can be a bit unexpected and shocking. having dealt with people acting out on me like that all my life, i know all too well what that's like. it's just like with children. a child, so very innocent still, can look at adults in complete amazement and shock after being screamed at or even hit..have you ever seen that boggled look on a little ones face? a child cannot understand such the spirit world, from whence that child only recently came, such harhsness does not exist.

There can also be a learning element present though. if you're still in the trenches of ascension following can happen when people shock you:
1. they are triggering you into releasing old pains and patterns
2. it's simply a case of clashing into lower vibrations, or rather them clashing into you
3. you're moving up to a higher rung on the ascension ladder and, them being used to having you around, using your light to navigate on, don't want you to they'll try to get your attention any way possible, trying to hold on to your energy.

4. It's time to let them/that situation go and move on.

(All through ascension I raced through the process so quickly that I evolved at lightning speed, speeding by all my fellow ascendees. I somehow knew within an instant what ascension was asking of me and what was irrelevent and what not, it was inborn...So many of the phases others went through I simply skipped. Shooting straight for the heart of the matter, that which was relevant. All irrelevant stuff I immediately bypassed. So whenever I met a kindred spirit I evolved right by them at record speed, which immediately caused communication disturbances/frictions to occur, from them to me. For my ever quicker evolving I kept being kicked out everywhere. I ascended in less than a third of the 'time' it takes others, and was honest about this fact...which others could not appreciate very much. So, mostly by choice, I went through most of it alone, without talking much about it. This world of matter/physicality is simply way too slow for me...way way slower than what I am accustomed to back home. I often got impatient with this body that could hardly keep up with my quick mind & Spirit. The process of the descent of Spirit into matter, of the ethereal/light body merging with the physical one (causing many symptoms) went way too slow for my taste)

There is no judgement here. in a way these are all acts of love. the people that trigger you into release as well as the people that are supportive, all help you to become who you are and were supposed to be.

So even if someones harsh reaction takes you back a bit in disappointment..forgive them cause they're unaware and sometimes even helped you evolve without be thankful for them. Use the gift of their darkness for your own development, learn by the contrast they offer!

It's all part of mastering patience, neutrality and detachement...the buddhist monks teach themselves those skills by mhaking sand mandalas (the mandala, among other things, also represents the opening of the lotus flower)..usually in groups..takes them for ever to make one, with utter discipline, concentration and perseverence..when their beautiful creation is done, they brush it away..they do not hold onto it..utter detachement...and room for a new creation..(will write more on mandalas and buddhism in later posts)

Do as jesus said: turn the other cheek, by which he meant: do not respond, do not give your energy to what you don't want to exist in our reality...stay neutral...that is what this ascension journey is about anyway...mastering yourself to the point where nothing triggers you kind of become immune to a lower vibrating world, it will no longer exist for you, will no longer be your reality..the '3D' world will feel very far away from your realm of will look upon it with compassion for what they're putting themselves through but thats about it. you will no longer have an energetic connection to it.


Anger and frustration towards certain energies have a function. For those who can understand this: when you're experiencing anger or frustration for a certain situation (that used to not bother you) and you feel you can no longer tolerate that scenario, it means you have integrated a higher version/level of that particular situation. You have integrated a higher way of knowledge and understanding and a higher way of being in that area. Intolerance for a lower consciousness usually means that you have integrated it...are done with it...and can no longer tolerate it. (Often integrating is accompanied by flu-like or height-sickness-like symptoms...your body is acclimating to a new higher level vibe).The opposite also goes: when you're feeling peaceful towards a situation that used to bother you, you have also most likely integrated it. Anger and frustration can also be great tools for finding out/deciding/determining what you will and will not allow in your decide, it's your life, no one elses.

h, Fire, Wind and Water.

I noticed that lots of people on the ascension path give way too much meaning/energy/power to the dark energies that come up for transmutation...They give a meaning to them as if these dense energies, this darkness is a living breathing entity (calling it illuminati, dark cabal and what not) they're up against...this is giving the darkness way too much credit and is based in fear consciousness (conspiracy/evil entity theories and such) and giving way too much meaning/energy to them..If you focus on a dense energy as being a living threatening entity than that's what it will become for don't!

The darkness it NOT a living breathing enity so don't treat it as such! We make darkness, we break it!

I'm going to tell you how I dealt with it..I’m not saying you must do it this way, because we all eventually find our own best way of dealing, but some of it may be of use to you.....I would like to spare you all a longer tougher time in the rinsing cycle and longer waiting than absolutely necessary.

- If you feel grief/sad...cry! (Purify through water)

- If you feel mad/rage....rant and rave! (Purify through fire)
- If you feel anxious/afraid....scream! (Purify through storm winds)
- If you feel nasty sticky energy....shower/bathe!
- If you did all that, and this will happen in cycles, the energy of earth will come in to ground/anchor in your purified energies
your legs, feet and ass may hurt)

What I’m saying is: don't over-analyse the waves of darkness you're transmuting...don't attach any meaning to them...allow those emotions in, truly feel them and burn through them by crying/ranting/screaming...torch them off!!! And with each cleansing wave comes more clarity and knowledge about yourself..Slowly the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and the true you will emerge...You’re excavating yourself...digging yourself up from underneath tons of rubble.

The waves go like this: First you feel deep love/peace, then the dark comes up for transmuting (triggered by the firstly incoming energy of light/love), then the physical detox/adjustment takes place, then you might get a little rest to reboot/ground/anchor in and the next wave arrives...ever quicker and with shorter integration periods...until neutrality has been reached (you will notice the further along you are, the quicker and easier the tranmuting becomes...first it may take you weeks to integrate a wave, then it will become days...then only hours...or even minutes...)

Being cold, unable to warm
yourself usually means you're preparing to move up a notch (a hot bath/shower will help). Diziness/vertigo/spinning/buzzing limbs (sometimes with nausea) may also accompany moving up to a higher level/frequency

You are like a punching bag (sorry but true)..You will get smacked over and over again and will find your centre back after each punch..

I know there are people out there that have certain perceptions of what an ascended/enlightened being is supposed to be like, don't place any value on that cause they obviously don't know (yet) and the last thing you need is all kinds of ridiculous high standards to meet (The dalai lama is NOT an ascended being, neither is Deepak Chopra or any other guru out there...they may carry a higher vibration then 'normal' but that's about it...just like Eckhart Tolle, The Secret, Eric Pearl etc...All books and teachers serve(d) a particular purpose at a particular stage of world evolution...paving the way for even higher wisdom/teachers to come in....all in divine perfection)

Once you've torched off density you can be all peaceful and serene but while you're transitioning it's unwise to hold yourself down from FEELING..Our feelings are what makes us human..we need them...suppressing them may be a good thing to do for a Buddhist monk of old consciousness/tradition/ritual but it will not serve you while transitioning/transmuting...Only take from 'gurus' what you feel is useful to you, disregard the rest..And the further along you get, the clearer your inner voice will be heard and the less you will need any outside will get it all from within. Through all the clearing you will learn to choose how you feel/think more and more..just go with it.

And if you feel suicidal than that’s okay…don’t let anyone tell you you’re not allowed to feel that way or that suicide is “bad”

And I for one know that many lightworkers didn’t even make it to the finish line so let’s not kid ourselves/anyone else into making it appear ascension isn’t the ride from hell…but you can do it never the less..You’re going to tame that wild horse..I did!!

You're not expected to be like some kind of saint (saints don't exist, they're of human lower consciousness making)..If you need ritual/meditation/natural healing or a doctor to reassure/help you than do but the farther you come the more you will see none of that is necessary.

Eat what you’re gut is telling you to, for some that’s light and green/vegetarian food for others it’s lots of meat, cheese and greasy stuff. (heavy/dense foods can help in the grounding) For me I was all about protein from a very young age. I was born with severe asthma and allergies and was very skinny (born a month early to get here at just the right time) I needed dense food to keep/anchor me here. You might gain weight (I gained 15-20 kilos) or loose weight but all that will settle back to normal once you’ve completed the clearing cycle so let it go.

- When you're penniless/broke it means your task is to transcend poverty consciousness.

- When you're sick it means your task is to transcend dis-ease (be very patient/allowing towards your physical ascension symptoms, they mean your body is detoxing and being rewired for higher living).

- When your relationship is rocky or falls apart it means your task is to transcend/balance male/female energies or karmic relationship issues (it can mean releasing that relationship for a better suited one later on. (Twinflame relationships are a whole other issue with a very specific purpose).

- When you're having religious issues (be it with others or within yourself, like breaking free from a certain religious belief system) it means it's your task to transcend polarising religious dogma.

- When you're being attacked/ridiculed/criticised it means your task is to transcend what others believe and hold firm to your own truth.

- When you're alone it means it's your task to transcend separation and create unity!

- When you're all of a sudden experiencing a change in sexual preference (from gay to straight or w
hatever) it means it's your task to transcend labelling/definitions/ comes in many different shapes and forms, genders & ages..

Etc etc..You will rise above it all!

Tests will come to see how far you've progressed..and many triggers to make you release more density..Keep on going and trusting one step at a time..Focus on what feels good to you and remember nothing is true unless you allow it be..You decide what is true and what not..You create your reality!

All the people and all the events in your life are serving you to push you to become who you are supposed to be...the true you..even though it may not seem that way at times and the people involved may not be aware of it, they are all acts of love...from one soul to another..

Once you've mastered all of the above you can call yourself a true master..

For meant becoming who I was as a young child again...working my way back to the pure and true me before density struck..The child that had angels stroking her hair..which they are again now..more so than ever before..

Don't ever let an
ything or any
body come between you and what you know in your heart to be true..Feel good about yourselves...and if you get imbalanced than focus on what feels good to get yourself aligned again..

Stand tall with unwavering trust and focus! Keep your eye on the ball! (meaning the promised land/life of your dreams you’re working towards).

Find a feel good vision (for instance what you would like your new life to be after ascension) and use it often.

Address yourself with loving encouraging words, tell yourself what an amazing job you're doing, how beautiful you are, how loved you are....use the vibration and intention of these words to empower yourself (beating yourself up and speaking to yourself and everyone/everything around you negatively will bring about more negativity). But if on some days you just can't get to speaking loving words then don't beat yourself up over it but simply let it go and let out what needs to be let out. Simply
say : “I trust myself” repeatedly…and feel the rightness of the words seep through.

Feeling depressed & suicidal is 'normal' during t
he process, as you are dying to the old self while still in the flesh. And suicide is just another choice of free will, like everything else (like being born into this world)…For me, knowing that I could pull the plug anytime I wanted gave me just enough a sense of control to enable me to go deeper and further, faster than anyone else (especially those who felt suicide was “bad” and judged themselves/felt guilty for feeling mad , sad or depressed)..It made me stronger and bolder..If you would have seen me back than you would have been shocked at my fierceness...I cursed a lot..and it helped! Other than that I completely surrendered to the matter how ugly it/I got..(You can't swim in a mudpool through a hurricane and expect your hair/clothes to remain all styled and spotless). It's gonna get messy...You got to let that beast out and ride it!..until it's tamed...So instead of resisting, declare your willingness...

Speaking lovingly with yourself can help you shift mood/focus...It can really help when you're beating yourself up over stuff (maybe old memories/occurrences that re-surface for release) to lovingly address yourself and say : "I forgive myself for that, I was unaware and I let go of that, I'm forgiven"...what also helps to break open fear or frustration is to say to yourself "I am greatly and deeply loved", "I am very lovingly watched over and cared for"...repeat those things to yourself over and over again..and you will feel the high energy/vibration of the words spread through your system...
Even if you don't believe any of the words of love you speak to yourself, keep repeating them anyway...and they will at some point trickle down and be felt by your cells...

On t
hat note: Read only those texts that encourage, empower & uplift you, and provide you with strength and inspiration (stay clear of the ones that tell you to beware of this or that, that spread doom and gloom stories, suspiciously speak of conspiracy theories, make sad & dramatic predictions and other dark fear-beased very discerning. Complex texts with difficult words and explanations/information are not very supportive reads either...The texts of highest energy use very simple words & explanations so everyone can understand)

Walking fast outside while ranting can torch off a whole lot of energy....afterwards jump into the shower and rant some more...the nastiness released will wash off and straight down the drain.

Water is ke
y (for lots of bathing, swimming, showering...) so drink lots of it to support your body's detox. It has an effect on both your ethereal bodies and our physical one.

he above are all tools that can help/support you to re-align to trusting and feeling good, over and over ascension is also re-programming your being to what feels good (see Creating with Spirit).

you feel drawn to the use of certain foods, herbs or supplements etc. then do so.

he use of coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs (incl. 'medicine') does not in any way hinder or sabotage your process, but you may notice your body may start rejecting/resisting them at some point (as it does not need them). Numbing yourself with substances like alcohol and the likes to not feel the pain, thus avoiding it, does not serve you however, as there is no getting away from anything anyway, you must walk straight through the forge, there is no way around it. Things will be thrown back into your face over and over again until you adequately addressed them. Trying to dodge the bullet by using substances only prolonges your process. A paracetamol or something every now and again to ease the ascension pain/discomfort does you no harm. Place your intent of the desired effect on the drug. (Some people respond overly sensitive to chemicals for a while (and to smells and noises as well), others fare well by them. Depending on whatever your wiring & intention is.

Listen to
your body: When you're tired/sleepy, sleep. When you're jitter/restless, move (walk or excercise, but simply just sitting and rocking your body back and forth or from side to side also helps). When hungry, eat. When not, don't. Learn to go with the currents instead of resisting them.

he weight gain is only temporary so don't bother with it. The weight protects you and keeps you anchored on/in the Earth while raising your vibration ever higher (you don't want to evaporate), it will go down again after the process is completed (which might take quite a while though). Same goes for the rapid aging one may experience during and due to the process, this also gets solved/regenerated after finishing the process. Love your body for the amazing job it's doing. When it can transmute all these energies then just imagine what else/more she's capable of...we haven't even scratched the surface of all the amazing miracles she can perform.

you will feel horrible at times but that's just old energy leaving your space (In a similar way the conflicts and violence outbreaks wordwide - Ireland, Arabia, Africa, etc. - are old energy coming up and moving out, released..a big cleanse for the world. you may notice that each time an earth quake occurs, and the earth broke to release the old energies inside to the surface, the violence increases. Oftentimes after a quake comes rain, to help dilute the thus released energies and wash them away).

how does one know the process draws to a close? well...all the reading and researching does the talking about looses all interest in ascension and things spiritual in general (you will no longer be looking for (future) answers outside of yourself and you will have become independent and self-supporting). One is simply interested in living, in the now. your symptoms diminish and then cease. In comes an ever expanding lasting sense of flow and wellbeing. The periods of grace & feeling good grow ever longer, there is less and less clearing going on and the clearings go easier and quicker etc. For a while you may even feel a slight wonder, an unreal feeling, like you survived a very long plane crash. Like Tom hanks in 'Cast away', finding yourself on an empty beach with little bits washing upon the shore here and there, thinking:"Shit, what the f**k was that?!". Anyway, you will know you did all you could do and left no stone unturned...and you feel as detached as: Let the dice fall as the may. you may notice moments/days/weeks where your skin and hair feel softer and look more radiant and youthful, you're belly will feel smaller, your body lighter and more free...and then you will oscillate out of it again, integrating that way of being...until at some point all integrating is over and suddenly you notice your life having become ever more will see suddenly that the long desired life of your dreams has seeped into our way of being almost unnoticed.

hen your interest in things spiritual, explanations and ascension all together have ceased, and you are simply at peace with and enjoying yourself in the now, finding your pleasure in each moment, no matter how small, without occupying yourself much with the future, as if there is none (which would be the truth)....this means you are ready to have a physical outside expression/life again...Manifestations and opportunities will come knocking...the call of life's flow will be beckoning you...

For t
hose in a 'Twinflame' situation (see Sacred Counterparts), usually women: As the end of your ascension journey approaches you may find the longing/desire for your Twin intensifying in waves, it will come and go...this can manifest as a deep (sexual/physical) yearning. The female half of the Twin-couple, in the ascension situation, usually does the inner work (=ascension processing) as the femine is the predominantly inner/intuitive expression of Source energy...As the end of that process draws nigh, one is ready for a new outer expression one finds oneself yearning not only for new material surroundings/new physical expressions that reflect/match the newly recovered inner values, but one may also experience a deep longing for the physical male body (sexual intercourse/expression...Self-loving, as in masturbation, may help here)...The masculine body is a clear reflection and representation of the physical/masculine outer expression/manifestation...and a clear indicator for the merger of the 2 poles, inner and outer, spirit and matter...they go together, hand in hand....Once the return of the Twin announces itself, new life will begin...For these women the ascension began with the Twin and ususally ends with the Twin as well...the cause also being the effect...the ending of old also the beginning of new...and vice versa...a closed cycle...

(In m
y case I had to even integrate the 'being a public speaker' the first time was for a very small audience, and a deeply inspiring & fulfilling experience (for all parties invloved) that gifted me with feelings of love, peace and grace for days thereafter, permeating and saturating my being... a period of integration, after which the exact opposite of those energies were released)

At times you may feel like being inside a pressure cooker. As a sensitive the geomagnetic changes may also contribute to that. Before an earthquake or natural disaster strikes you may feel pressure/stress build up (maybe even nausea and sudden bouts of crying). Once the Earth as broken, there is relief. Sea quakes may be feelt less (also (thunder/electrical)storms may be felt like head pressure/-ache etc.). Apart from that you may also feel (echos of) what goes on in the collective, these unsettling energies are not yours so don't allow yourself to get sucked in. After a while you will come to know the distinction between what is geomagnetic, ascension waves, collective etc.

Sometimes during the process one must simply take a clear stand and say: "This is what I will (am willing to) do and this is what I will not do!". This is not a lack of trust in Spirit but simply a clear declaration of how human and Spirit are to work together. you have a right to give are God. (This may not be for everyone but all through the process I simply summoned the energies I felt I was ready for...I was not waiting on any announced so called alignement, portal or whatever...To me those barely existed, I immediately moved beyond them...I greatly decided for myself how my process was to unfold and proceed...Sometimes it seems like a fine line what one must leave to Spirit and what one must take reign over. Know that whatever your stand is, you are always being heard...and your directions are definitely being implemented within the whole scheme of things. you and spirit are ONE and always work as such...even if at times it may not seem that way...So simply claim your divinity. Spirit will protect you from overloading and short circuiting, there are safety measures in place for everything. For me working with great odds is simply part of who I am...I rather have things quick, short, intense and brutal then gentler but lengthy...All or nothing at all. That's just me)

Death & (re)Birth

Now, there are 2 things at hand while going through the ascension process:

1. ascension clearing waves.

2. situations that need mastering

1. The ascension clearing waves are basically beyond our control. They are steered by the cosmic energies and human whole. Meaning: a certain planetary alignment or emanation from the inner core (solstice, equinox, retrograde, new moon, full moon, eclipse,…) causes a certain energy to whirl over the planet creating clearing waves and all kinds of energies coming in and going out. How much you are influenced by these energies depends on where you are on the ascension ladder. (Like a dog can hear a dog whistle and humans can’t, the ones on the lower rungs cannot perceive the higher energies the ones higher up can). The Human Whole also has an influence because everything is connected and thus, even if you have completed your clearing and reached mastery, you will still sometimes be able to feel what the whole is going through and/or the whirling energies. The ascension of the whole also depends on what the whole does…There are people ahead and there are people behind, oftentimes the ones ahead, the better equipped ones, are being made to wait for the ones lagging behind. And the ones behind serve to push the ones ahead. There is no first or last, all work in perfect synergy. That is simply how it was agreed. Then there are the ones who work to clear the energy for the galactic whole and the ones working just to clear their personal energy. All of these influence how your ascension process goes. You go up when the love energy that comes in lifts you up (you feel peaceful, loved, gentle,...), immediately followed by the release of the opposing energy that you carry. The light pushes out the darkness you hold, in other words: you get to feel like crap from the density that comes up (anxiety, depression, rage,grief,....). This is the simple representation of how ascension waves work.

2. Than there are the circumstances you are in. These circumstances you have actually manoeuvred yourself in, or rather your soul did. When speaking of the circumstances I mean: The relationship you’re in, the state of singleness and seclusion you might be in, the job or unemployed state you are in, the situation of financial challenge etc. All of these situations exist to push you to your mastery. Mastery is being able to remain in a state of neutrality while the world around you seems to be falling apart. There are many aspects to this.

Say for instance, and I will take a friends example, you are married with children. Your husband goes out on the weekend to spend some time with his friends but promises his kids to be home in time to tuck them in. He arrives home much later, kids are long sleeping. He couldn’t say no to his friends and so stayed out much longer that he wanted. So he feels overcome with guilt as he did not keep his promise to his kids. What does he do? He comes to you. He expresses his guilt to you and in that seeks a re-action; you’re to get angry and tell him he’s a loser, reflecting/mirroring the anger he feels towards himself…so if you get angry and basically give him what he’s after, you are feeding the cycle and chain of events that polarity has created. Something happens; you all re-act which leads to more re-actions…an endless chain that has actually existed on this planet for thousands of years.

Even if you would tell your husband it’s not so bad and the kids will get over it, he will find a way to get a pain re-action somehow. He may all of a sudden come up with something completely different, a whole other subject, to raise the anger/pain re-action he is after. He will basically pick a fight, as I’m sure you have done towards him on many occasions, bickering about stuff that wasn’t really the issue.

All of it comes from wanting a mirror to reflect the energies working inside. Because if you can lay what you are feeling inside on someone on the outside than you wouldn’t really have to deal with anything yourself, you can distract the attention from you to the person on the outside.…You want to give that package to someone else as quickly as you can because you’re afraid to open it yourself. Opening that package would mean having to face whatever was in there. Once you take it and open it, it’s yours! You own it!

That is how pain body addiction works. This addiction has been around for so long now, that people don’t even realise what they’re actually doing.

The whole old world runs on ego pain body addictions. All the laws, systems, the governments, the institutions, banks, countries, schools,….You name it…they are all created around rules stemming from ego pain body responses. They make all kinds of rules to have everyone walk in line, thinking that is the way to deal with their own fear….when in fact all it does is serve to create more polarity, more fear and more re-actions…a never ending cycle and chain of events.

They all take on others peoples packages and open them. The whole old world is created out of chain re-actions.

People are so afraid, they want to control everything, including that which is not theirs to control….like what other people do or don’t do for instance (religions are very big on that).

The TV-shows that are now very popular all have to do with judging. There’s Project Runway, America’s next Top Model, Idols, X-factor, Date my mom, many and all are based on judging…”yes you are good, no you aren’t”…The more drama is shown in such programs, the more people watch feeds and reflects their own energy, they recognize themselves…...people have gotten so used to judging, being judged and drama that they’re unaware that that’s how they run their lives! They are all directing their focus on the outside and judging the other, forgetting to deal with themselves. It has become habitual…

Jesus said: “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Nobody has the authority to judge another unless they can honestly look themselves in the mirror and see nothing but perfection. If only people were so eager to get themselves into a state of perfection as they are to judge someone else…this world would be a totally different place. Humanity has gotten used to dragging everyone into their drama and all allow themselves to be dragged.

Just imagine not doing that. Imagine someone trying to get you to mirror their feelings. Someone is angry at you…imagine refusing to take that package, not mirroring this persons anger, not rewarding anger with anger but ignoring it….

I remember very well in my younger years…people all the time treated me a certain way, wanting me to re-act…I was put in plenty of “therapeutic” situations where the clients are supposed to trigger responses amongst themselves “guided” by a “therapist”. I never responded the way they expected and needed me to…which really drove them nuts…and then they all got to screaming and directing all kinds of emotions at me which I never reflected back. I always stayed totally neutral…because that is my natural state of being…I had no desire or interest to play their games… (I never understood why people always got so wound up about all kinds of stuff)….and than the “therapists” decided I was “dissociating” or showing some kind of psycho behaviour. They “diagnosed” me with so many different conditions I can’t even remember them all (I think borderline was a very popular one)…

Once you stop responding to people the way they’re used to and are actually expecting you to…the whole scenario changes…what they don’t get from you they will try to get somewhere else…

Now back to the ascension circumstances. You may be in a situation of complete seclusion….the purpose behind that is you have to learn to trust and love yourself without any outside distractions (cause most people get their self-worth from the people around them and the job they do etc). I’ve had many responses from people saying: you have to go out and work, if you don’t work you will have no money and you will perish. All the while my intuition told me not to go out there, to stay away from mainstream society, to listen to what my inner voice was telling me. And it takes time…and courage to do what your heart tells you instead of mirroring everybody’s fear and do what the majority does. Once you’ve learned to trust the voice of your heart and follow it you will have mastered half.

I was put through a lot of testing. I didn’t (and don’t) work and still bills kept coming (still is the case but now slowly I’m receiving some donations every now and then that almost keep me afloat)…The bills turned into very angry letters from companies.. (Actually very silly what they do: you can’t pay the bill so they raise the bill to punish you, you still can’t pay so they raise it again..a never ending story)…It has always baffled me that a so called civilised society places money over people…

Anyway, when receiving nasty letters from bill collectors it triggers a response. A person threatening you feels very dark. What to do with that feeling? Well you have the choice: you can either acknowledge the power they wish to hold over you meaning: panic and fear, as that is the response they wish to get from you. Or, you can remain neutral, trusting in your heart the situation will be resolved and source knows best and will provide all you need ….even if appearances seem to dictate something else…it’s up to you to choose how you want the situation to work out! If you choose fear and dread than that is what will be brought to you, you will be confirmed in your feelings. If you choose trust than your trust will also be reflected back to you by the universe and solutions will come. It’s all about choosing a neutral detached state, the state of trust and peace over everything else.

Whatever you give your energy to is what you will receive, you created it!

Each situation you are being put in is actually a test case to see what response you give. If you acknowledge the hopelessness of a certain situation than that’s what it becomes. Things cannot exist if you do not give your energy to them. That goes for all events you experience while in the ascension process. It is all about mastering your responses.

The mastering skill comes from being able to face all circumstance with neutrality and be aware of what is happening. It is your task to learn to see beyond the seeming events. Put your energy into how you want the situation to be, not how it appears to be.

The darkness is your greatest teacher!

Through practicing neutrality you learn that you are the master of your fate and how you feel. This is not easy at first, and you will fall into the pit of victimhood and self-pity and complaining plenty of times (Why is this 'happening' to me? What did i do to deserve this? and all that) but you get better at it the farther along you come. The process was designed (by you) in a way that leads you to self-empowerment and mastery. No one but you is responsible for the fact that you're in ascension and how. However it asks you to always be aware!...You will fall of the horse every now and then in the beginning…We have all gotten used to responding in a certain way, we learnt from our elders and people around us. Changing behavioural patterns takes time and awareness. And the more density you have released the easier it gets because pain-body responses need pain and dark energies to sustain them. Once the level of light and peace in your system is higher than the level of darkness it will get much easier. But awareness remains key…always (as darkness is put to sleep by the soothing lullaby of Trust, but it is always still remaining in the background, dormant within, with the possibility of being re-awakened at any time).

Trick with the ascension process is NOT to focus on the pain itself. Circumstances will trigger a pain/fear response with you…purpose of this pain coming up is so you can release it. Releasing it comes from really allowing yourself to feel it, not running away from it through over-analysing or placing the cause of the pain outside yourself. It is your pain, you deal with it! Own it and

Master it! That's what it's all about after all. It is your choice how to deal with it…you can give all your energy to the pain itself which actually means you’re fuelling it and giving it life or you can look at that pain from a distance. See where it comes from…and let it go.

Imagine yourself looking at the pain as watching an apple in the palm of your hand. Turn it around and look at it from all sides until you really see all aspects of it. This is not an apple you wish to eat…imagine the apple simply vanishing into thin air…bye apple…I saw you for what you were and you were not my kind of apple…I like my apples sweet and you were way to sour for my taste.

Each time someone tries to put their emotions on you look at it the same way…and even though people may re-act very nasty towards you, you can actually tell them that what they are thinking and feeling is theirs and you want no part of it…it is part of walking you talk and talking you walk…the sooner you learn to simply bring this new way of living into all aspects of your life the easier it will become for you. It is all about Self love and not allowing others to drag you into their dramas…choose you! will loose some people in your life that way but you will also gain others that suit your self love and love and joy for life better…these will be mutual supportive relationships instead of energy draining ones!

The more you keep giving others what they want and reflect who they are, the longer your process will take. Dare to be bold and choose you! People do tend to get angry when the response they get (or don’t get) is so completely different than what they expected and are accustomed to. It makes them afraid not knowing what to expect, they feel they aren’t in control of the situation and therefore they can get ugly but that really is not your problem.

Very interesting…in my youth I was accused of having no feelings…the reality was I did not know guilt. Where I come from, and now many more are born of similar energy, guilt does not and cannot exist…guilt is typical pain body learnt behaviour. Guilt is very destructive. Humans have learned for so long that they are supposed to be a certain way and sacrifice for others and what not, that feeling guilty when not being able to comply with such demands is an almost immediate response. Someone looses his job and can’t find a job anywhere, society has taught him that people who don’t work are parasites and are not carrying their weight and contribute to the guy feels guilty, it eats away at him…people do really weird stuff out of guilt.

So the situations you are being put in are all there to serve you!...Each challenge is an opportunity for more mastery. Each time you pull yourself out of a certain pattern and choose differently, you will be moved up the ascension ladder. Each situation you did not master will be presented to you again and again until you got the message. Each time you choose more love of Self, you’re body will also adjust to a higher frequency…You move up and up and how quickly you move through it all is entirely up to you!

It does mean learning to care for you first in spite of what anyone else is saying or doing…follow your inner voice at all times…Trust you! You are the God spark and the master of your universe!

When my washing machine broke down it was to teach me to allow myself to be taken care of (used as I was to doing everything alone). My landlady did my laundry and went grocery shopping for me...and did all the other stuff I was prohibited from, or too incapacitated to, doing for myself. I had to thoroughly learn to be taken care of, without having to do anything in return. When I had to sell my car because I could no longer afford it, and in order to pay rent, the message was I was supposed to stay still and not go anywhere or do anything. It was for my protection and was part of the emptying out of all the old as well. You may experience similar situations, they carry a message, so look for it.

All through the process I was always shown love and support from unexpected corners. When threatened by bill collectors, someone would donate me money to pay them. When I thought my writings futile and pointless, someone would write me in gratefulness for finding them, stimulating me to continue (And usually I gain insight and clarity as I write things down. The writing clarified a great many things for me). When in need of it someone (or some text or song) would show up confirming what I had intuited. When I needed to sparr with someone, they would appear (usually by e-mail contact). All of them supported/helped me to grow and evolve (and this was mutual). I am most thankful to all of them (including the ones lashing out at me in pain), as they all taught me about myself and the wole, the interaction/alchemy of energy. They were all miracles of Love. This way I always received exactly what I needed.

And the ones who chose the 'greatest' challenges are the ones who also do the greatest job for this earth and beyond, as was intended.

My own big ascension shock was kick started by meeting my twin-flame. When he went my world crumbled. But I decided I was not going to allow that…I decided I was not going to feel crushed…That decision I made on how I wanted to feel started the whole journey I undertook these last 2,5 years. All the time over the last years I have been presented with opportunities for mastery. I could not work, I could not be around people cause I was too sensitive to all the energies…I had no income, was completely alone relying on nothing but my own inner guidance. I chose to do all that without knowing anything about ascension or what was going on. I simply felt what needed to be done…

I still live secluded and have no real income…my job is this…writing about my experiences and knowledge to support the ones on the path..

And all the while over the last years and still, I live on trust…my trust has always been bigger than anything else…re-aligning yourself to trust again and again will do half the job…It really is your choice how hard you make it on yourself….

It can get exhausting at times…and you will want to give up every now and then (or very often actually...But when you're feeling good it feels so sweet, it does make one curious what will be on the other side of this long & arduous dark you keep going)… Certain exhaustion also serves in getting you to surrender…when you’re so tired you just don’t care about anything anymore… will help you to give up and surrender….to release all control…that’s when spirit and the universe can support you the best…when you get out of the way….Surrender to Spirit.

“Thy will be done”

And remember always: This too shall pass! And this process will (eventually) come to an end.

What is described here below has been my reality all through life.

Some of us are here to serve as a catalysts for change. Where ever we go we shine our light into the deepest darkest corners, simply by being us, so no darkness can hide there anymore. It is forced out of hiding, therefore usually lashing out at the one that brought it out into the open. In the beginning this is not an easy
task to fulfil but once the alchemy of it is understood it gets easier...although one never really gets used to it. Attacks by darkness remain like an unexpected slap in the face, but the further along one travels, the less impact those have... until it's come and gone within seconds: startle, sweat, over...One does not even get disappointed anymore.

When someone comes into the room emanating  light, the dark goes away. It does not stay! Instead, it’s transmuted. So again, dark energy isn’t an active  energy. It completely depends on an empty place to exist... and that  empty place is where fear is found. You’re the one who carries that light! Wherever you walk, your light will transmute any dark energy in your path. Use the light that you have to completely saturate anything that’s inappropriate that you come into contact with. This is a reality and a promise. Please understand that your light is not an invasive force but a neutralizing force. Again, the dark room is illuminated, and in the process there is sight. This is only invasive to the dark! In this New Energy, even the darkest Human Being whom you can imagine in your presence won’t have a chance to pierce the light you carry. Those who try to project darkness need an empty space with no light for their darkness to exist. That, by the way, is why there’s so much frustration within so many of them. Those who carry dark energy around with them by choice simply won’t get anywhere when they try to do what they’ve always done... influence everything around them and create fear. When they can’t seem to affect you, they get very  angry. Did you notice? They get angry because you don’t react to their darkness, Lighthouse. It’s very interesting how humans work with  humans, especially when one of them is a Lighthouse. Some get very angry in your presence. You might do nothing at all, and even say nothing at all. But by simply carrying your light from place to place, you often create their frustration. This is all part of the interaction of your personal interdimensional fields. Perhaps this of all things would be one of the exposures of what is going on in your life with those who betray you and turn their back on you, Lighthouse. They carry an energy that’s not commensurate with yours.You frustrate them! ~ Kryon ~

People may throw words such as 'arrogant' or worse at you...but they don't understand that knowing yourself and radiating it in total trust & self-confidence is something totally different from arrogance.

Sometimes when darkness strikes and you're being disrespected and abused, it's simply time to get out, leave those people/situations behind and move on.

I sometimes even get called/sent back to old dark places where energy is stuck in order to get the energy moving and trigger the dark out of hiding, on purpose (Like poking a stick into a beehive, all the bees immediately go nuts, enraged). I do not mind this (anymore) some get stuck along the way..they get stuck within their own suffering and the drama of it all. Some will not come with and will be left behind. (Many are called but few are chosen, meaning: many entities from as many worlds get a shot/chance at ascension but for some it is still a bridge too far. They were/are given an opportunity on Earth, to gain experience & enhance their sparkle, but for some it is simply too 'early' for such a quest. No harm done, better luck next time. The ones coming with will be those that do not spend/waste their energy lashing out at others, but who use that energy for introspection and working on themselves - instead of telling everyone else what they hold of them -). The effect of such an encounter is always mutually I never dodge that bullet...In fact, I used to seek it in order to get triggered and evolve faster.

It is irrelevant that the released darkness gets directed at me, what matters is that it becomes unstuck and gets released. Anger is just a disguise for pain...Many seek release/relief and thus I give it to them. I gladly and lovingly serve by triggering them. Lower vibrating ones can pull themselves up by the higher evolved ones...If we don't show them love, then who will? This is the driving force of Love.

A traumatized animal/dog also bites the hand that feeds it. These souls are so deeply steeped in polarity & darkness, they would not recognize True Love if it sat on their face...They can't hold a candle to your light...Once you have completed the ascension you will find the old world to be quite watching a (very bad) comical play-act...The funniest thing being that the actors take their roles very if what they do & say is actually real and very important...which it them...From a distance/detachement ones sees people living their illusions as if they were real...Their seriousness will crack you up at times, have you shake your head (in compassion, like a parent would chuckle when seeing its child toil with learning to walk and falling over) and give you some good giggles...This is not is merely seeing through the illusions of old.

No one has to understand or appreciate your preferences, only you do. you are here to be you. you do not live for anyone elses appreciation but your own...Appreciation from others will come naturally after you established appreciation for Self. People who do not respect your beautiful uniqueness are not people you need/want to have around. They are their own problem, you are yours.

A few years ago I was working as a ski-instructor and was booked for private courses, to teach a 10 year old autistic boy how to ski. I had him under my wings for 4 whole days (4 x 4 hours). I immediately experienced love and tenderness for this boy, he was very special (Autists are in fact inter-dimensional souls attempting to make sense of a 'flat' world). At the time though I did not know what this was all about. He would always be looking around him at things that rolled and spun. He was totally preoccupied & in love with the church clock, which could be seen from the slope we were on. He would all of a sudden forget all about being on skies (and cruising downhill) and look up at the clock (not minding were he was going)  and say: "See, the clock! I guess it's 11 o'clock huh, what do you think Ilse? (he actually could not tell time but was acting as if)...”Ilse, are you paying attention?" Pay attention please, will ya!" (In the meanwhile I was skiing backwards in front of him, holding is hands, keeping him from skiing into the trees)...And then I'd say something like: "yup, I think you’re right, must be about 11"..."I am paying attention all right". Or I'd say: "Are you sure? Isn’t it about 12 already?" He liked this game of ours. His father, a very hectic man (nice contrast) who was very stressed and impatient/easily annoyed, did not expect/believe his son to actually be able to learn to break on ski's all by himself, let alone ski....But because of the connection I had with this boy we understood each other...and he would break whenever I said :"STOP!". He understood ‘stop’ as each time I had told him 'stop' I had put is feet, legs and ski's into the position that would cause him to slow down and break. He was able to simply match the position (structure) with the word. Against all of his fathers' expectations I actually taught my little pupil how to, ski, break and even make turns (and we had such fun too!). I would simply ski backwards in front of him making turns and calling to him: "Come to Ilse, Ilse is over here, come to Ilse". He would then spontaneously & instinctively shift is weight and turn his body in my direction, so he turned, all very a puppy following its mommy. (his father never uttered one word of appreciation for what his son and I accomplished together, not even a simple "thank you")  As I was standing in line at the ski-lift once, waiting with my pupil, who was telling me to pay attention again, a man in line behind me said to me, really loud so the boy heard as well: “what a horrible obnoxious little boy you have to teach!”...And I just stared at him. I was in shock really that someone who had no clue whatsoever, not even the foggiest notion, of what that boy was about would render judgment on him anyway, and so very harshly. The nastiness of it. All I could say to the man was: “No, not at all"...leaving him to his own issues...That boy and I were brought together for a reason....This story is a clear example of how darkness responds when being confronted with total ignorance and very disrespectful.
All through life and ascension the individuals I encountered that were most harsh, unforgiving and judgmental towards others were those who 1) either practiced religion, 2) were involved in the old energy ‘spiritual’ arena (calling themselves lightworkers) or 3) were true light warriors just starting their ascension process. The first 2 groups are simply highly prejudice about what is ‘spiritual’ in their eyes, according to what they were taught, learned, read and practiced/integrated in their lives from the old spiritual practices. Those people have most of the letting-go/changing in perspective work to do if they are to ascend. Plenty of assumptions, misconceptions and dogma to transcend there…much more than those who never participated in anything ‘spiritual’. The 3rd group, the newly beginning ascendees, simply have no clue what is going on and don’t quite understand what they’re being asked to do, what it’s all about…. They have a lot of anxiety and sometimes even shock to deal with, which can make them very aggressively rejective towards others (as they are still in rejection of themselves). They must deal with pain they would rather run away from. Thus, lashing out at those around them functions as an outlet…yet also distracts them from what is being asked of them. This way all their personal power leaks away and is given to the outside/others.….The longer it takes them to realize their pain is theirs and must be dealt with in order to find back to their power, and ultimately achieve self-confidence and self-empowerment, the longer their process will take…as the same issues will be brought to their attention over and over again until they finally address them. Disengaging from re-activeness and blaming & criticizing everyone else is an important 1st step in the process. For some it takes a very long time indeed to discover that healing can only occur when one faces oneself, and that the emotions/rejection/aggression they feel towards situations/people have to do with themselves, and carry a message within. All individuals are simply other aspects/perspectives of ourselves….Being harsh, disrespectful and unforgiving towards others is merely a clear indication of how critical & unloving one is towards Self. Those of us who already went trough the process and know can’t really be of much assistance there, as these ascendees can’t see from behind their own filters of trauma & pain (the way of the old world) and usually consider us to be arrogant etc. Their search and quest is theirs, nothing to do about it (except maybe write a website and allow those who need/want the info to be naturally drawn to it). It takes a giant change in perspective on their side. But their healing is not our responsibility…it is theirs and theirs alone.


The Desert

During ascension one also experiences something referred to as "the void" on a regular bases.

The void can be an uncomfortable place if you allow it to be. If you've never been in the void than I will give a short description: The void is the "time" where nothing in your life really moves anywhere. Everting seems to ave gotten to a total standstill. In the void nothing much happens...there is mainly silence...communications with the outside world have all but stopped, there's no forward movement in any money coming in...nothing gets done and nothing seems to be coming or "going" your way. it can make you wonder what on earth you're still doing on the planet since you're not getting are in the barren desert...or so it seems....(you may know that, almost invisible to the eye, the desert is in fact filled with all kinds of beautiful life...if you know where to look....just like a black hole is in fact a whirlpool of the most powerful energies)...Like the Serengeti plains in Africa go completely barren and dry each year but when the rains come within hours start to turn into a beautiful green oasis...where one could assume was no life left, all kinds of new dormant life sprout....just like magic...

What happens in the void is basically what happened to Jesus when he spent his 40 days in the desert. During that time it was said he battled with "the devil" who was trying to tempt him (after those 40 days angels came and brought him nourishment)....When in the void (= the desert), and if you still have fear/density left in your system, that "devil" of fear will try to tempt you....If you're not consciouss of what's going on you can easily get 'disconnected' and feel alone and abandoned, sucked into fear (worry about money and about all kinds of aspects that come up with the process of ascending like relationships, jobs, home, livelihood...) and victim
hood. (Like Jesus on the cross, exclaiming: "God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?", as disconnection usually happens right before getting connected again to a higher/deeper level (In Jesus' case: 'death', which is transitioning/passing over to 'the other side')).

Being in the desert for 40 days was Jesus' test...he underwent this time of fasting and being delivered to his fears to test himself before he had to go into the world, knowing the task he had to accomplish there, knowing he would have to face many people lost in density who would want to hurt him.... Our time in the void is is a preparation period to test how well we've mastered our fears, a period of silence, introspection and rest before starting a new task....(and you will be served with as many voids as needed until you mastered it all...which is different for everyone) with nothing else to go on but that behind the scenes all is being perfectly arranged and set up for you....

The number 40 in the bible stands for a period of waiting, preparation, test, hardship, trial...a period to complete a task...the number 40 is mentioned many times in the bible (the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert to reach the promised land, Noah's flood lasted 40 days, Jesus was whipped 40 times, there are 40 days between Jesus' Resurrection and his Ascension, etc...non-biblical: 40 days of fasting Buddha underwent in the desert before his apostolate)...Not to mention a normal human pregnancy takes 40 weeks.

The number 40 = 4 and 0... 4 is the number of foundations (the 4 elements...)...the 0 stands for the void, the place of nothing and everything, the nothing from which all new is born (after 0 comes 1, the first, the beginning) one can look at the number 40 as being the void which lays the foundations...for the new to be birthed Jesus' 40 day preparation in the void of desert and deprivation (fasting)....right before birthing into his new role/life...

In ascension you're hands are tied behind your back for a while...your magic wand is almost completely confiscated, protecting you from yourself, from mis-creating while transitioning...aka: the void, where nothing moves and nothing new comes in.

So what to do?...BE AWARE....when fear/anxiety comes up than oppose it...meaning: when you feel uncomfortable replace the uncomfortable (fearful) thoughts and feelings with the opposite thoughts and feelings....find yourself a vision/feeling/thought that lifts you up...or go do something that distracts you....move, walk, do something creative, cook, clean or whatever...oppose the not allow yourself to get tempted into feeling hopeless, helpless and victimized...the void is also part of the testing you need to undergo...once you can be in the void without too much turmoil you will have passed....

There's a lot of wisdom to be found in the Void if you only choose to see it...

See yourself as the Serengeti plains....pregnant with all kinds of new invisible that the water of life will that the desert will turn into an oasis...see wisdom in the silence and use it to your advantage in whatever way serves you it rest or otherwise...

The moment you stop dreaming is the moment you might as well become non-exsisting.

But...there's a difference between attracting what you want...and attracting what you are.....

The first implies the material want steering you, you accomodating the material, your desire coming from a place of pure materialistic thinking, coming from feelings of lack, assuming the material will make you happy and fulfilled (old energy)....

The second shows your desires/passions steering the material to accomodate you. This comes from a place of inner inspiration and fulfilment...of being who you are and attracting that which complements you. In this you already are happy with all you are/have, and are your most joyous self in each moment, knowing there never is anything lacking, it is all there within you (new energy).

Matter is a complement to are not a complement to matter.

As a kid I used to love this comic series about this little funny bearded guy called "Douwe Dabbert". He travelled fairytale-like realms bringing nothing but his knapsack. Each time he needed something he just pulled it right out of his knapsack. No matter how "dangerous" things got, he always kept calm and the solution would present itself to him. However huge or tiny...he already had it all in his knapsack....


All you got to learn is know that it's there....

All this, and more, one discovers during the process...which is why it is designed the way it push you to let you know you can choose your perception...and yourselves and the energies/powers/passions that are within you. Trust your body and its capabilities, it is a perfect divine construct. Trust your path, your inner voice, and trust the challenges your going through serve a clear are the one that put them there.
Your feelings/intuitions are your most valuable asset/guide. They will support you in living/being in the joys of each moment...without any goal or future...
only now.

The Egg

The transition from old energy to new energy is a long and difficult journey. Some use the analogy of the butterfly in it's cocoon. I prefer likening it to the baby bird. While ascending you are like a baby bird in its egg, inside an incubator. It takes quite a long time of morphing while inside the egg..and once broken free one still needs to dry its little feathers, rest up and learn to walk first, all inside the protective warmth of the incubator (like a seed beneath the earth, held in her warm & safe embrace)...Once all dried up and able to move, the lid will be removed and the baby bird will be set free to start exploring the new world and life. It can walk but not yet fly...that it will learn along the way...

It is more a journe
y 'in' than it is a journey 'up'...

Time will appear to have stopped as you look at the outside world from behind your window, watching it all go will watch them live, die, war, marry and have children while you morph...your life/expression in the outside world might come to a complete standstill while you withdraw & morph inside your capsule, as if you are in stasis.

After t
he morphing (=wheel of death or inbreath) is done, the wheel of life will pick you up again...the outbreath will blow its warm wind into your sails and beneath your will begin completely new a whole new and elating will never before...


All your needs are always met while transitioning, without fail! Most times though your needs are met in the very last minute, and not a second before...this teaches you how to get to and remain in the NOW, the present. It also teaches you trust and to keep your peace under any circumstances.

The Word

A lot of people hear humming as we're ascending (and/or a constant high crystaline tone). Creation consist of several tones. We can also hear high pitch tones in our ears that have different meanings but one of them is that another lightcode's coming in.

Sometimes one feels like a radio that gets tuned into another station with so many different peeps and such in one's ears...and of are sort of a radio receiver/transmitter station. You receive vibes/lightcodes and transmit them to where they need to go (often inside the earth) if you're a Light Warrior that is...some are also transmitting them into the new earth grid so others from the collective can tune in....

When I was still transmuting the energies I received the lightwaves, transmuted the contrasting energies they brought up and than transmitted the purified energies I thus embodied, to where they needed to go, like into t
he Earth, ever higher and higher vibes. Now that my task as an energy transmuter are over I merely feel and hear the codes coming in and transmit them...

I also experience energies coming out of the earth which pass through me as earth releases wat goes on in t
he collective.

Some time ago I had a very intense experience. I was actually feeling quite okay but then some grumpiness set in which, in no time, developped into a very intense energy which felt as pure hate and felt very ugly...It felt as wanting to blame someone, as wanting to go out and start a wanting someone to pay!...It lasted about half an hour, then it had passed through and left me pretty exhausted. This was an ancient energy the earth was releasing, an energy of pure hate and agression -all the earthquakes and such have released a lot of similar energies (also related to Mars which was retrograde, Mars was also known as the "God of War")- Storms and such (cleansing snow & water!) are used as a way of blowing these energies apart...dilluting and spreading/clearing them (we usually feel better after taking a shower too, washing off sticky, unpleasant vibes).

Only a few days after my experience I learnt about the brutal killings in Nigeria...and there have been many other acts of hate and agression occuring. Obviously many people are releasing their hate as they do not know what is going on and simply re-act to their anger...

A similar thing happened to me right before the earth quake in Haïti..Chile and Japan...etc

Earthquakes are basically the same as the humming we hear. The humming serves to loosen up energies through vibration...It is well known in science that the right vibration/tone can cause molecules to get unstuck and loosen up...Infrasone vibrations could make things fall apart or explode...Ultrasone vibrations have similar qualities and could even make objects transparent.

We already have glass that turns from clear to milky by running a certain electrical current through it (electricity is basically another wave energy, so is light, like for instance laser..different kinds of light carry different wave patterns which can permeate different substances according to how they are used: infrared, ultra-violet,...). Our scientists must be doing all kinds of research and tests to makes these qualities work to their advantage but are not quite there yet (which pleases me greatly cause with the world in its current condion those techniques would most likely be used to cause even more distruction, like a child playing with fire).

So...when we hear the humming it means energies are being shaken loose...Usually it makes you feel like crap...Or when you're further along it can make you feel at least a bit teary...this is because at a soulular level you feel that things are being released...this can cause all sorts of responses in you, which are different for everyone, depending on how far along you are on your ascension journey.

Of course Earth is as much part of ascension as we are and so she shakes & moans to release old energies to make room for the new higher vibrating energies.

The basics are that when high tones arrive in our ears, they are tones that re-arrange our energetical/cellular/geometrical patterning. Which works just like this: the higher the vibration the more beautiful the creation (this also goes for higher vibrating living: the higher a person vibrates the more beautiful the life he/she creates for his/herself).

There also exsist a phenomenon around the world in sand deserts (Qatar, Nevada,..) where the sand dunes hum and produce tones. This happens when the upper layer of sand, which is warmer, slides down over the deeper lying, colder, layer....the difference in temperature produces these tones/vibrations, also depending on the grain and moist of the sands (Sand is made of sillica, the same stuff crystals are made of), these tones still linger on long after the sand has stopped sliding. This is basically the same principle as the humming we hear in our heads. A higher, warmer vibration comes in and brushes against the lower, colder energies....thus the humming...
(These higher, warmer vibes coming in are also the main reason why the earth's atmosphere is warming up...pollution is a factor too, but scientist have been boggled as to why the climate is changing so incredibly much faster than their calculations predict...well, this is why!...scientists leave out the most important influence to/on the earth, meaning: ever higher evolving conscioussness!)

Sometimes I not only hear these energies coming in but also see them...they look the same as the shimmering and vibrating one sees when on a hot day the sun heats up the road or roof...this vibrating layer, a haze of wavy energy...almost like the flow of water...and this layer then lies over everything I see...quite beautiful actually...

Where I live in Austria and right across the border in Bavaria, Germany it is already very customed to serve "Belebtes Wasser"(meaning "revived water") in restaurants and hotels.

Austrians and Germans do a lot of research on water as they have such beautiful mountain streams and rivers and they found out that water doesn't only respond to musical vibes but also memorizes things. When they put a flower in pure water, took it out and studied the water, the watermolecules had changed as they had taken on the memory of the flower...meaning the flowers vibration (this is also the principle of homeopathy)...

For decades rivers and streams have been straightened and rerouted for traffic over water and other economical goals but these scientists found out that water needs to meander (which is just another wave/vibration pattern). Water naturally follows the earths energy lines (it gets attracted to those as water also conducts electricity and gets energized by those lines) and when water gets put in a straight jacket (a corset) and constrained, becomes unfree.... it basically do people who are put within rigid untrue healthy happy water means no healthy happy life of any kind!

So what they do in these restaurants: they serve water that his been flowing through all kinds of shapes (water that has flown through an 8-form specifically revives well, you may know 8 is not only the abundance number but also the symbol of infinity) and let it flow through and over several crystals, thus reviving it. (imagine the memories our holy water of life carries now, after decades/centuries of abuse and pollution...).

So basically vibrations are what makes us flow and come alive. Water revives through flowing freely...and so do we, humans...we also need to flow and create freely in harmony with our earth, the cosmos and all of nature....

Humanities urge for controlling everything out of fear simply does not only makes matters worse and humanity and earth more miserable...

The buddhist monks use the AUM as a way of meditation...which makes perfect sense as that tone shakes things loose..neutralising anything balances.....thus creating a meditative state...a peaceful state....(it neutralizes brain waves...soothing them like a lullaby).

The humming can also cause some dizziness as your skull, which consists of teeny tiny crystalline forms (your inner ear and pituary gland also contain tiny crystals) absorbs these deeply permeating vibes and can almost makes your braincells sing. (your whole crystaline bone structure absorbs these vibes and sends them through your body)...

Everything's connected to everything...everything throughout all of creation is made of the same stardust....and everything carries a vibe....vibration ís creation.....(sexual intercourse is the best example of vibration/rythm potentially creating new life)...everything has a pulse....and pulsates throughout all else....what happens to one influences the whole!

We are the water, we are the earth, we are nature, we are the wind and the rain, we are the vibrations, we are the trees, we are every human being, we are the sun and the moon, we are the stars, we are the cosmos.....WE are creation....

The vibration of humming sets us free and brings us balance!

he humming also serves as a means to 'liquify' the physical body of matter (same way glass can break when exposed to a certain tone, matter can dissolve by exposing it to a certain tone/vibration), making it less dense, so that the ethereal body of spirit can flow into it more easily and both of them can merge. The vibration of humming makes the water (both ethereal and physical aspects of water, the ethereal tranferring/rippling onto the pyhsical, as always) in and around our cells oscillate, which then tranfers the ripple onto the material fabric. (All bodies get shaken/vibrated this way, so that the goo from all planes can be released, including residual emotions of the emotional body and mental goo of the mental body/plane. Resulting in an overal cleansed and much less dense, lighter combination and interaction of bodies, which enables Spirits' full descent. This process comes about in stages…drawing ‘heaven’ ever closer (in)to earth…spirit into matter, merging into one whole new body…The process unfolds a little differently for everyone, as all Spirits are different aspects of God, holding different templates and functions. Everyone gets what is uniquely befitting of him/her. To some the process comes/feels more natural and for some it's an enigma - I basically was quite boggled for a while to see people toiling with and having grave difficulty understanding and flowing with the process -)

The humming inside my head could get so loud,  it sometimes became more like a loud times it almost kept me from hearing 'normal' a frater plane flying over low all the time....Normally this means some huge vortex of energy is coming in....and I could feel it all through my being....not just that the humming made my skull resonate (making me dizzy and almost made my teeth chatter...)....I also got tired and hurt all over.....and having minor flu symptoms and some thick mucus being released from my sinuses and airways/throat, maybe some nausea, headache, bloating and irregular heartbeat etc....My eyes gritty and blurry and spelling became horrid, letters flying all over the place....One moment I would be just fine, the next I would be crying....all signs of new energy coming in...Very high frequency too (the frequencies are ever increasing…)

The human in me felt some resistance....."This life should be about me, not about anything else, like ascension or the collective"......that's what the human thought.....she wanted to finally get a move on and not be held back anymore....."I am done with the ascension and so the ascension should also be done with me".....When sentences such as these appeared inside my mind......they were usually descriptive of the incoming energy.......they represented the contrast to the incoming theme

Yesterday the thought popped up: "I am tired of tearing down walls I did not build"......meaning: the time of tearing down walls is over.......and  "I am tired of people hearing words I did not speak" ....meaning those days are over as well.....the time of freedom and understanding is drawing nigh....The deep yearning I have felt for my twin and the resistance to him not being here implies he will be here soon....him not being here and me missing him was being pushed out....In a way, the more intense the feelings of yearning and missing, the closer the reunion is....etc

(When the twin is felt really closeby and one has the twin on their mind all the time in very pleasant (future) images, then this is more of the twinflame-energy coming in and integrating. Right there after, as part of the integration/sinking in one may feel rejection/resentment/resistance towards the twin. The same may happen when more of Spirit is descending into the body...first it is pleasant, thereafter one may feel resentment/resistance/rejection towards all things divine & spiritual including Spirit/God. It is the personality trying to fight it off in the first instance, this is only natural...almost like a body rejecting a takes a while to accept and adjust. It can sometimes be a bit tricky to know when one must speak to oneself in self-empowerment, stand firm and take the wheel...and when to let go and let spirit handle it all...It's a fine line when one is integrating.....because to an extent the human rejects the spirit in those moments, as old obsolete aspects of the total human personality that are inibiting Spirits' descent, are dying away, being pushed out and leaving. So human and spirit feel disconnected, like seperate entities for a bit, as one tries to fight off the other...this is only normal and it passes..)

These are the themes I felt in the incoming energy at some point...and we all integrate the incoming frequencies at our own unique 'level'....It is quite a restless state to be in...
Maybe your mind is doing a similar thing?

Sometimes I thought: "okay, since there is no life for me to live yet, I’ll just withdraw from it all and sleep and you can wake me when you have something fun to show me universe, when finally life arrives".....but at the same time spirit said: "This is your life, right here right now"....Kind of schizophrenic....oscillating between past, future and present....merging timelines.....

The same way as watching TV (Television consists of fast oscillating images, as the images are being sent over a certain wave-length in the ether. A wave is a line/frequency that oscillates up and down (in other words: vibrates. Our eyes serve to interpret the vibrations of light into one moving image), the whole universe blinks off and on zillions of times each moment. Each time it blinks on it’s a brand new universe, but we put things back together as close as possible to the previous moment. Ascension oscillates in a similar manner…you oscillate between connection and dis-connection, misery and bliss, light and dark….and each time you come back ‘on’ your universe has changed some…your world slowly becomes what your eyes expect and want to see. The scales keep tipping one way or the other until balance has been achieved. When you live on a different frequency, you also see your surroundings with different eyes, you see different things. (Same way entities from other worlds/frequencies see a different universe/reality than we as humans do. They represent Spirit existing on those frequencies; we represent Spirit in human form. We all have our own unique perspective on things.)

The loud humming/roaring sound/noise is the sound of Spirit energy/wind coming in/descending, as I described way at the top of this page, also a cool breeze may/can be felt for some.

Grounding: Nature & Trees

Did I mention trees?  Walking out in nature can greatly support your process..and also: Trees not only provide us with oxygen but also represent the connection between heaven (crown) and Earth (roots). Their roots are deeply anchored within the earth. When grounding/anchoring in (This may be felt as sore feet & painful legs and pain in the lower back & tailbone) one may greatly benefit from sitting or standing with the back against a big old tree, feet placed firmly & flat on the ground.  Ask the tree family to help you, they will be pleased to assist. So...go hug a tree :). Lying on the Earth, like on the grass, can help as well if no trees are around.

Cutting the Diamond.

All the layers of illusion, that which we are not, get peeled away (in a quantum manner, taking place on all levels and all at the same time altogether, there is no linearity in it) and what remains is that which we truly are. In the beginning being stripped can feel vulnerable and some may kick and scream, reluctant to give up that which they have known for so long. The familiarity was safety. Giving up all that was known for something still unknown can be very uncomfortable for some....and walking through the forge can be a huge challenge.

It resembles what happens in a steel factory. First the rock that contains the steel-components gets crushed and heated to huge temperatures to make it melt/fluid (or scrap metal gets recycled) then gets purified..all elements that have no place in strong steel get filtered out....then the steel is poured into a certain form/ gets to rest a bit, cool off and settle...then it comes into the hands of skilled worksmen or blacksmiths...they, again, heat it up until it's soft and workable....then they basically start bashing/hammering away at it until it has reached the form they want it to be...after that they clean it up, sand away, maybe polish, some rough edges...and voilà...a whole new, shiny and useable steel object has come out of the glowing hot furnace.....Ascension is no different.

you move from portal to portal, vortex to vortex (truly feels like being in revolving doors or a whirlstream, with short reprieves in between to integrate, one gets centrifuged just as often and fast as is needed (unique for each individual) until all ancient & discordant energies have been centrifuged from your being...leaving behind only the true and pure you. These vortices carry ever higher frequencies (spins)....they suck you in, whirl your around, and then throw/spit you out on the other side...a bit çleaner than you were before going in)

We often kick and scream our way through ascension as we're reluctant to give up that which was familiar and felt safe and secure. With ascension it is key to keep reminding yourself you are getting filtered & bashed into the highest purest, version of, and deriving from that, your physical reality are being made-over...forged into something that truly deeply reflects the core essence of who you are.

What can greatly help you while going through the forge is to not resist it (I'm sure you heard that before!).

Ascension is all about have to really work through it have to scream if you need to, cry, rage.....whatever...just work through it and get it out of your system, no need to analyse too much....Sometimes you have to shift focus when you're beating yourself up and speak to yourself with loving words...even if, in the beginning, you don't feel the words..repeat them and after a while the love in those words will seep in and really spread through your system and bring in some is up to you what words they are, what suits you best...and you will feel for yourself when it's time to cry, rage or are your own best barometer here...

Forgive yourself and speak to yourself with loving words....treat yourself with kindess....

Everything that falls away leaves a space to be filled by something let go all that wants to go, be it physically, materially or emotionally.

Of course the in-between state (or empty) can be uncomfortable...the void or disconnect....the space where you're not in the old anymore but also not yet completely in the new yet either....being blocked from creating anything as you're neither here nor there, and your creations will have to be drawn from the new way of being/the new matrix, not the old one. In the void you are in neither places but in-between...your energies have already greatly transferred there, yet your physical reality still has to catch that is how it always goes...the physical/material is always last to shift/catch up as it is the most dense.

I myself was also forced to allow for things to be taken care of for without a washing machine and a car my landlady (and dear friend) is did my laundry and grocery shopping while I recuperated as much as possible and still held back from going out there.

Henry and The Missing Bridge

Based on the Kryon parable

Henry is happily speeding down a winding mountain road... down to where there's a bridge across to the other side of the deep valley.

Henry rounds a sweeping bend where he gets a full view for the first time of the valley below... to immediately see that the bridge across the chasm is missing.

What would a human think at this time? "The bridge is not there; therefore I will surely die. The bridge cannot possibly be rebuilt quickly enough. I must turn back."

Henry was about to stop when he heard a voice, a voice powerful yet calm and unlike any he had heard before... "Continue on Henry. Don't think like a human. Things are not always as they seem Henry. You will be taken care of Henry."

So Henry continued on, although quite a bit slower than before. "Can't you go any faster Henri," the voice said. "Things are not always as they seem Henri. You will be taken care of Henri."

Henry speeded up. Although very apprehensive and more than a little fearful, there was something unusual about this voice, something that he trusted.

Henri was now rounding the last bend on the road that leads onto the bridge... the bridge that he knew was no longer there. His fear increased... it was the last moment! It took everything he had in him not to stop right there... yet the voice kept saying "Henry, continue on, continue on. Don't think like a human." Henri gripped the wheel, held his breath... and closed his eyes.

Moments later he heard the sound of men's voices calling out. Henri opened his eyes to see several workman on the side of the road waving him on to an area he had never observed before. And standing in full glory there was a beautiful new bridge! It was a bridge that was so big and so awesome that Henry realized that it had been under construction long before he came along, long before he needed it. It was being built completely out of sight, and only presented itself NOW... when he needed it. Henri crossed the bridge in joy, realizing the power of his partnership with Spirit.

If you understand this parable, you will understand what Spirit has for you in this New Energy. Time with Spirit is not linear. The setups are in place now for what you will co-create and manifest tomorrow... for healings, for abundance which is coming your way, for partnerships which are around the corner. The setups have started now for creations among you that have not even been conceived by you yet. There are solutions already created to problems that you don't even have yet... solutions that are far grander than anything you could ever imagine.

Don't think like a human.

Things are not always as they seem.

Continue on, continue on... You WILL be supported and cared for.
Make no adjustments along the way out of fear.

Never worry and never panic.
Like Henry's solution to the missing bridge,
the solution to every problem, challenge, test or trial that you will ever have
already exists in the NOW... when you need it.

You WILL be supported and cared for.

Spirit is never too late...
"Before ye call I have answered.

(With thanks to

All through the ascension proces (and beyond) you will be it by receiving money, food, shelter, opportunities and/or people supporting you in myriads of was...They are all part of your learning & growing process. Make no assumptions as to where support will or should come from, you can't know, Spirit does. Don't assume anything....Assumptions (be it about situations or people) are like placing blinkers over your eyes, they close your mind off to things and keep you from seeing clearly, they limit your view/sight. By frantically trying to control things, holding on and focussing on one thing you might miss the obvious, that is usually right in front of your face, beckoning you...practically screaming for your attention. God's solutions are always simple and don't open...Things usually come about in a totally different and much more perfect way than you could have ever imagined for yourself....Then, when God/Spirit reaches out his hand to you and opportunity knocks, take it! Don't reject/refuse anything beforehand because you assumed or wanted it would come about a certain way. God's solutions are always of stunning perfection...Gods hand may look like/seem to have nothing to do with what you need or desire...but it might just be the door opener that gets you there. Whatever is being offered, no matter how great or small, just say thank you and don't feel ashamed or guilty for receiving help is there especially for you, so accept it!

The Sword and Armor.

Light Warriors have a difficult task...for a very long timespan they must "war against" the dark...meaning transmuting dark into light, ride the beast and tame it....The true Light Warrior has sacrificed all his/her life for this purpose....Of course there are people out there on their personal ascension path, not Light Warriors, who have to face similar stuff at some point, yet in another manner.

The Light warriors with the heaviest of burdens to bare will go into seclusion to do what they need to do...even before the ascension program hit, they were always needing to have a lot of alone they are so sensitive to all types of energies they always need their lonesome time to process and recuperate. (being a cosmic vacuum cleaner is no small task)

So when their ascension code was activated they went into total far away from the old reality as possible...with nothing to do but transmute energies, making complete room for the was/is a fulltime job. In that time Light Warriors (but personal ascendees too) have to really be very protective of themselves...and very adamant about what can and cannot be allowed into their space...In that time they also re-learn what being a divine human is all about again...learning neutrality, love and unity....

So in that long time of transition, they are very protective of their cocoon...the place where they mutate into their new and pristine form....needing total silence, space and concentration to go through the forge...

However.....there comes a time that process reaches its end....and the Light Warriors (and personal ascendees) must lay down their arms...their vigilant ways of self protection...and open their hearts to others/the world again....they must let go of their battle stories....let go of the pain/resentment they felt going through it all....release that old role...and fully step into their new self without fear of what's to come....

When I was transmuting, I could not be around anyone really...most of the time I was alone doing what needed to be done....when I went out there the energies were too harsh & painful and my senses were too raw....

Once you have reached a certain level, and that goes for all ascendees, you know there is no good or bad...there is only ignorance....

And so...although I still am needing mostly time for my own personal sanctuary...or just simply in nature..alone....I have now also learned to enjoy the company of others again...and they are not of ascended consciousness...(many ascendees even have fallen into a weird state of judging not only the people in 3D but also each other, so stuck in their old state of battle - sigh- still a long way to go to lift that separation...the Tower of Babel all over again..)

I can now really enjoy some small talk with the local neighbours....If they drift off into drama, for which I have no more patience, I simply turn the conversation into a more loving and cheerful connection...humor is always a great way to connect to others...from whichever goes straight to the heart...

There's no need to treat people of the old consciousness as if they carry some dangerous virus or something...they're also still God-sparks...just like you and me...

I enjoy hearing people talk about their experiences and life..and give them little unnoticed gifts of my light...making them laugh...cheering them up...shifting their focus to joy...

There comes a time for each Light Warrior to become the Wise One...people still caught in 3d are in need of our light...and some groups of ascendees have also strayed and are in need of loving guidance....

There are many who claim to have reached a high level vibration but who, in fact, are unable to let go of the old ways...They have partially "re-lapsed" or are simply stuck, unable to move away (=fear & ego)...they have created a whole new illusion for themselves, avoiding doing the work and going through the forge...taking a detour so to speak, too fearful of releasing, too comfortable in the well-known old setting....and tend to judge the ones that are rattling their cage (= the ones who speak Truth) which makes them lash out as they are so reluctant and fearful to simply give up the old ego ways and open up to te new way of One...(This is not judgment but a mere neutral diagnosis)....

If you can't open up than there is no room for change...and if you're holding back from change you will be put on the spot....Better is to let go and flow with it all in stead of holding on to outworn status quo and lash out to the ones that are ahead of you...who's only aim and intention is to take everyone with...without trying to force anything and with as little suffering as possible for all involved.....and with full respect & compassion for free will...

There is no such thing as them & us...there is only US, one whole, one unified being of humanity and universal matter what level....

The Wise Ones are the ones that need to step into the gaps, almost unnoticed...and pull them all together...harmonising the whole...closing the great distances that lie in between all different levels matter where you are...still partially functioning in the old reality as a beacon of calm amongst the turmoil...or in your completely own high level self-sustained can work from your side of the fence...pop in every now and then..and pop back out again when your density limit's reached.....weaving your light among the lower vibes...pulling the sides further and further together....sliding into and out of their reality depending on your strength and capability...

It's not about saving or's about being who you are and doing what you can do uniquely in your own way....without ever crossing your own boundaries...or getting enmeshed in the old drama again...If they lash out at you than don't be discouraged cause they don't know...they are still very much adrenaline-addicts....we may get disappointed they cannot see and lash out their dark at us...but it's only cause our love touches their pain sometimes, their sore spot....

And as a small note: The more we, as groups, come into our joy, our new lives/realities...the more that light and high vibe we experience, will highlight the density of the old world...As with the ascension waves, where the inpouring love/light serves to push out the dark....the love and joy we experience will ripple out and push out all that is a contrast to it....Now it is no longer just the incoming cosmic waves that fuel the global ascension's will be a snowballing effect from t

Be wise and walk the middle-line...don't mirror but diffuse...and still be aware of where your own bounderies lie...we cannot help anyone who does not wish to help him/ is not our responsibility...yet we can be kind and compassionate..and remain neutral...

The thing all must avoid is becoming judgmental of lower vibrating people...they don't see (yet)...we have a job to do that I don't mean shoving what we know down their throats...or by fencing ourselves in thinking we are better than them...or be so fearful of the lower vibes that we hide away from them by being the gentle loving creatures that sometimes cross their path almost unnoticed...and make their day...give them some of our light and joy....They will be on their way in a much better mood without ever truly realising where it came from...silently bridging the gaps...

Soften your heart to the ignorant instead of turning away from them (and remember you once walked in their too had to make the climb)...leave your battle stations...NOW is the time to LOVE...

We need to be the calm lighthouses of strenght...standing firm and tall...yet not hiding our light....simply shining it freely for all who need and are ready to see....

Like fairies...sprinkling a little of our fairydust here and there in the time we spend outside, almost invisibly floating and navigating among/around them....a smile here and there....a tiny touch...slipping into and out of their world as we choose....flowing in the empty spaces that lie between them...sharing our vibe, often without even a word spoken....

There is a time to battle...and there is a time to love....

There is a time to withdraw and a time to unify....

Let your love shine...

This needed to be mentioned.

Sometimes I simpl
y detached from the whole ordeal by dropping everything, withdrawing and finding distraction. I would spend all day in bed reading a book and not allowing my mind to wander off to anywhere else. I focussed my mind/thoughts elsewhere, like on a fantasy book. Away from ascension, spirituality, the situation I was in or the whole world for that matter. I withdrew into my own little sanctuary, keeping my energy very close, not occupying myself with anything but the book, and eating & sleeping. When really tired and fed up, this helped me distance myself from all of it and take time off. Keeping my mind and energy very 'small' and close, not letting it wander off in any other direction. At that moment the world wasn't any bigger than my bedroom and my book. My way of not participating in anything for a bit and taking a break.

With Knowledge of Self comes Self-Confidence....and Love...

Remember...Great Prophets, inventors and thinkers have always been ridiculed and judged by people with limited views (because they can't think outside of "the box"). Don't let that stop you! Break open & free....and soar....into infinite possibilities...

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." - Albert Einstein -

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein -

The brothers Wright were ridiculed for wanting to build an aeroplane and fly, yet nowadays the whole world uses their invention! Same goes for electricity, phone, internet....they were all "invented" by people who were able to think outside of the box, and not allowed for anyone, or themselves, to limit them.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein -
"The only real valuable thing is intuition." - Albert Einstein -

I mentioned this many times before, things are as complicated or simple as you make them out to be.

"God always takes the simplest way."- Albert Einstein -

When the solution is simple, God is answering.- Albert Einstein

You could do what many out there already do and dive into geometries; methods; complex structures; endless strands of DNA; divide your state of being up in astral, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes; go haywire on who knows how many dimensions; go nuts with all kinds of technical/mechanical explanations about who knows how many chakras and layers and energy fields, endless lists of off-planet beings all said to have this or that task/knowledge etc.

When I encounter such explanations from people or channeled entities, I develop immediate nausea. Why? much as I know that there are endless types of beings and varieties of consciousness out there...and they all carry their own signature (in the way they view and explain things)...and they all have their own purpose and serve their matching type energy/vibe...all fine and good....and if you're drawn to that type of complicated vibration/energy then that's absolutely okay and befitting of you obviously....but...

To me they are all needless and unnecessary complexities.

The only thing you truly need to know is that each physical component also has an ethereal component....and that each mechanical/technical device also has a higher intuitive counterpart, that everything on the earth has a, balancing, counterpart in heaven...They reflect/correspond/project.

Like a movie that comes to life only by being projected onto a screen!

As Above so Below....As Below so Above....

Everything seen has an unseen counterpart. everything heared has an unhearable counterpart. Everything male has a female, everything dark has a light, every visible colour has an invisible counterpart (ultra- infra-), every sound has an unheared component (infra- and ultra- again).

There are infra- and ultra-realities as well. Everything exists on multiple planes/frequencies, yet in the same space! Every shape/geometry we can see and touch, from microscopical to huge, has an ethereal geometry as a counterpart. The micro- and macro-cosmos are always reflecting the same qualities, from the smallest cell to the greatest planet.

Everything physical is an expression of its ethereal counterpart. (This is why people born under a certain sign and/or certain celestial influences/alignments and numerological/geometrical energies, carry these energies within them as's their ethereal imprint/gift that supports who they came here to embody!).

This is the same principle the 2nd Atlanteans used when first they shaped their island and later, after the floods, their descendants built the pyramids (worldwide) The latter Egyptians (and Mayans) were just copycats who had already forgotten what it was all about. The Lemurians built their circular shaped builds according to that same knowledge (Stonehenge is the best known example but there are many others). They created many of them in such a shape and form that they were simply mimicking a certain geometrical and/or celestial alignment/energy. Or on such a spot where they could absorb certain energies, especially during certain energetical/celestial events. Their builds mimicked, magnified, projected or/and stored the energies.(Which is why they were built of stone/granite...Stone is basically sillica-crystal, which has a remarkable capacity for absorbtion and storage of information/ water too)

As above, so below....

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

Scientist kept Albert Einsteins brain, because they assumed they could research it and figure out how good ol' Albert got to be so smart...yet they did not find anything out of the ordinary with Alberts brain...why?...Because memory and thought do not come from the physical brain. Memory, thought and intelligence come from the ethereal realms/brain...from the zero-point field in which we and all else exist/are.

The brain is merely the physical counterpart that processes what comes in from the ethereal, so is the body...remember this....

So no...I don't use labels and terms like "akashic records" and "merkabah" or "merkivah" or octahedrons or ....whatever...

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein -

To me those are totally unnecessary labels and complexities....In this too one must learn to think outside of the box....don't label or will provide you with freedom...

Information is not knowledge.- Albert Einstein

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." - Albert Einstein -

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein -

And no...Albert too wasn't infaluable and "suffered" from certain "mis-conceptions"...but he never stopped searching...

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."- Albert Einstein

Know and honor your Value and Greatness....yet always remain open to becoming even Greater...

Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.- Albert Einstein

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.- Albert Einstein

Honor all flavours of the Truth, take from them what is of use to you....and keep moving!

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.- Albert Einstein

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.- Albert Einstein

The only way to overcome/rise above darkness is to face it...within yourself as in others (which is one and the same thing after all)

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.- Albert Einstein

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. - Albert Einstein

Don't allow anyone to make you feel ashamed or reluctant to express al of who you are. Don't ever give your power away like that.

The clearest sign for ignorance is people re-actively mindlessly judging you. It shows they have no sovereignty over their re-actions (ego)...they immediately lash out at you....they blabber away without knowing who you are or having a clue. These are not people you want to listen to. Use their contrasting energy to become who you are meant to be. Your heart will steer you right. (and once you closed the gap from old energy (based in contrast or action/re-action) to New Energy, expansion by contrast will cease...and expansion by resonance will begin)

Following someone else's method means you're denying yourself your own.

When I was young I wanted to sing,dance, write and an artist (weird enough in the old world one must have studied and have a degree even to be an artist, as if creative expression needs to be directed). My parents did not allow me to go to such a school for expressive they figured it was not a sensible profession. One could not make a living on a hobby, by only doing things you love, is what they thought.

Since everything I wanted to do/be was closed off to me....I was pushed to becoming everything I was meant/supposed to be...A New Earth Guide....and I have no degrees in anything....nor did I ever follow any "methods".

I let myself flow freely to where ever I want to go....

The high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule.- Albert Einstein

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.- Albert Einstein

The whole ascension thing is designed in a way so you let go of what you want...and synchronize with what God wants.....thy will be done...

So...once you established what it is your God/Higher Self vibrates/ don't have to ask for money or will simply everything else too....(I was actually saying stuff like this already when the human part of me wasn't ready to believe it yet : ) the ego was fighting it all the way....lucky that I'm stronger ; )

I always had this thing like: fine, if I'm not having rent money then I'm probably not supposed to...and whatever comes of it must be right for me.....if I don't get money to eat..well...then I'm probably not supposed to eat....If I don't have a car then I'm obviously not supposed to go anywhere...this is total surrender to whatever is.....and to whatever God wants....even if it is to perish (which it never is)....

It's a test, like Abraham was challenged to sacrifice his son, his most precious thing in the whole world.....trusting that if God asked it of him, then it would be the right thing...even though he could not see why yet....God always has a plan....we're just not able to look ahead...and God is.....the more on can surrender....the easier life becomes......God does not want anyone to suffer or perish....God merely provides the tools so people get to see it......

God says: trust me!......surrender to me, let go, trust me!....let go and let God....

God already knows what you need...whatever it is...sometimes insights come from not having rent money.....or anything else....(I know...I speak about the Angel-Prophet that I am I suppose..)...

If you don't really want for anything, knowing whatever you need/is befitting of you in the moment, will be provided anyway (and sometimes what you want simply is not what you need in that moment)'re opening to everything......receiving.....

Just be you in all ways, and the rest will flow to you from simply that......stay true to yourself and in your are all you need.....

So...don't focus on manifesting.....focus on living.....from the heart......from your essence...

On the night 22-23 August 2010, I had a all of the mountain peaks blew off their caps and became active fire spewing vulcanoes, like the cork of a champagne bottle....there were thunderstorms raging....and floods rushing through the streets down towards me....dragging everything with them...I saw little racoon trying to swim in the middle of the stream...only just keeping its head above water...and I went to pack a bag...cause I knew it was time to leave....I would be pushed/chased out.....the overhanging roof was folding inwards....there was man sitting in the room reading and watching tv, with his back to the window so he could not see the rage coming his way....I told him to pack and leave...but he couldn't hear me....he would get the full load...and I would already be far away......

It meant: in the outside world the proverbial shit is about to really hit the fan. as I mentioned before, Our cycle "up" will mean the cycle "down" further for the old world. Our bliss will push out their fear. Working as 2 perfect balancing forces again...and man
y will not listen and hear/see the message.

All you can do and give is the best you can/have...there isn't any relax....

When one person dares to be all of herself all out in the open, free of apprehension, then that will give others the courage to do the same. Once one sheep has crossed that dam, more will follow.

I always do things in a big way....
So, my Twin is extremely beautiful...gorgeous! (I mean, he really is, I was flabbergasted!) beautiful in a BIG supermodel kind of way.... Thus my ascension started in a big way....a brutal ripping apart....
My moving to a foreign country alone was a BIG step (although to me, it didn't feel that way)...

When the ascension hit I simply dropped and walked away from all I was doing in a big way.......and, of course, I went through the process in a big, very fast way too.....less than a third of the time it takes most...and it came naturall
y, I had a deep inborn knowledge of what was expected of me...and how...

It's just who I am.....big tasks, big plans, big ways of doing things...big impact on people....big, big, big....

I'm to write about how important it is for people to dive into themselves and research themselves....and not be afraid of what they find AND openly admit to get to know their energies and skills/talents....and love them...out free and in the open....

Last night I was lying awake most of the night...and a bit restless....thinking about those people who were all so very nasty to me.....sometimes I do think: "How did they all get to be so ugly and stupid??"...Even though I know perfectly well what's going on and what it's all about...It's simply the human part of me that just wants to be insulted and judging for a I simply allow it and let it be....

When I feel some kind of "dark" emotion in me I always simply acknowledge it and not beat myself up over it. "So, you're insulted?...okay, be insulted for a bit. Now you're just being jealous, that's okay, you're human too, be jealous a bit"...etc...I am aware of my human "weaknesses".

Knowing/being aware of yourself and your responses/emotions is key to Higher Living. So, when I feel those types of emotions, I know it serves a purpose as they usually make me seek why those frustrations are there. And I always discover something that needed discovering.

Often I get ticked off or annoyed by certain things I hear, see or read...and being ticked off always means the message or energy I am encountering is simply discordant to my own higher energies. it's like someone scratches their nail over a blackboard iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

A lower emotion is a very clear indicator and guide telling you something is not in correspondance with your energy and who you are...that it's distorted and and that you should move away from it and follow your own inner steering.

Acknowledging and understanding your lower "dark" emotions is diff-using them....(Denying them and fooling yourself into thinking you need to be all free of lower emotion, is creating a beast that will some day go for your throat)

"Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. And there is nothing buried that will not be raised." - Jesus

Being purified does not make you a saint!! Saints are old energy religious inventions...and they're all DEAD!...(or living off-planet I should say)

The higher realms

Humans, even the ones assuming they are "evolved", are still not allowing themselves to take joy in their own easier to sabre down the ones that do....

In the higher realms we all revere each other for who we are and what we bring, our gifts to the matter how great or small.....We're all important. The toes are just as necessary as the stomach. *Knowing* that you're a toe, or an ear, doesn't make you arrogant.

And that's simply how it does not matter whether you're an ear, eye, toe or all forms ONE perfectly functioning body. Would you renounce your own heart, just because it knows it's a heart? Just because it knows it's purpose and skill, and takes joy in it, radiating it? You wouldn't want to lose any limb either, now would you?

"Less" experienced and "rich" beings back home, are simply "dying" to experience what I have, and to become as love....and kids watching their heroes on TV and dreaming of being like them....
Except in heaven we don't idolize anyone.....but we utilize each others skill and light to shine even a whole.....we serve....

The more we serve, the more sparkle we carry....and the more we are revered for our gift...for everyone knows they all benefit....that new possibilities become available for everyone with each new experience........what one does impacts the whole....always....There is only total one needs to step on another......and those who have higher skills and higher experience are simply acknowledged for it......and are sought out, to learn from....

Humanity can be a funny bunch : )....they keep blah blah-ing about Ascended Masters and that they are God...but they don't feel it...or walk the walk...still too afraid.....Many channels themself don't even totally understand what the off-planet beings they channel are truly saying...they are merely functioning as the channel....transmitting the the radio the message gets sent through.

And one more thing:
I get put off by websites where people have to pay a fee/membership to participate...or by being made to pay exhuberant prices for certain products......That is so totally not new energy...

Higher energy does not ask for does not need to bind anyone to it....that is a fear-based old energy thing...
Demanding payement, as a condition, is based in fear. Assuming/afraid otherwise one will not appreciate you or you will not receive any money or support for "survival"/sustenance. It limits you.

Of course, everybody is free to be/do this's their free choice. But the highest form of New Energy and limitlessnes it is not. There are many in-between stages/levels. You will feel what fits far your trust in God and your own limitlessness reaches.

Pure New energy is totally free and does not obligate does not even ask knows it receives resonance....The purest New Energy does not ask anything in return...that's just what new energy is total freedom...One doesn't have to achieve anything to terms, no conditions, like first you must do/pay/give this and then I give you that......making trade.....that's just not how the new energy works....

That is where the total freedom comes can do, or not do, anything you want...and money (and other stuff) will still come to you......The new energy is all about receiving...without having to do anything in return....(asking/expecting things in return is cause and effect based...which is part of old energy)

I have no problem with receiving me money's just a neutral energy

God does right by me eitherway...whether people donate, praise and pay or not....I'm free of that burden. I am always fully supported...regardless.

I like constructive, down-to-earth energies....there's enough fluffy lala and woowoo flying out there as it is....

The New Ways of creating have absolutely nothing to do with the old ways of cause & effect. (Same thing goes for all the visualisations, mantras and having to focus on & feel your visions....all that becomes obsolete/superfluous...the old law-of-attraction dresses in a completely new robe!). The New Way has no need for such control WHATSOEVER.
It is totally limitlessly control-free.

The New Energy Being is confident and completely trusting is Self....thus a totally neutral, non-controlling fashion.

"Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing." - Albert Einstein -

What is appropriate to us in the moment is already there

The key to total surrender to Divine Love is NOT to take action and try to force and make things happen yourself, no matter how deep the urge (the voice of fear screaming you will perish if you don't do opposed to the voice of Inspired Action that comes from the heart and feelings of joy, love and abundance) but to trust something (sustenance) will find its way to you....this way one learns to BE not DO....hence: peace.

Assume the situation is already resolved and so it is...assume it is a problem and a problem you will have...
be at peace, let the control go, you are the one who decides, it is your choice to make! Whichever you allow for will be. If you allow the human-you to take control, then you are not allowing the divine-you to bring you a resolve, because you are in the detach from the situation, get out of the way, and let Divinity do what it does best: GIVE! God always knows your every need.

The important thing to remember is to always allow people to carry the responsibility for their own lives (allow them to go through their own trials and tribulations as they are the ones setting them up, for no need to meddle as they are in their appropriate place).

There is no need for anyone to "feed" off others and make others responsible for the situation they're in. When someone requests your help you must asess in each case whether you should oblige or not. (is it pity? guilt? a feeling of obligation? (the old toxic energy notion that one must feel sorry and sacrifice for another)).

Nobody is helpless/powerless and there is no need to "help" or "save" anyone (or send light for that matter) because everyone is perfectly capable of allowing for a resolve. Everything is always in Perfect Divine must only know how to surrender to it and totally trust it...have peace with it.

However...once one has gone through ascension one always carries the feeling of total abundance with them in every way....from a feeling of plenty it is easy to give without ever needing anything in return (this can be part of Inspired Action as I mentioned earlier, alongside other forms of Inspired (creative) Action). There is never any need to totally close off to your fellow man must only be aware of healthy bounderies...for the highest good of all involved.

Don’t take responsibility for those who do not heal. Don’t take responsibility for those who DO. Celebrate those who heal, cry over the ones that don’t, but don’t take responsibility for anything but the integrity of the energy you put out. Shine the light and stay in place. ~ Kryon.

There is no greater power in the Universe than love. It is your solace and your shield. ~ Kryon.

Every Human who is an adult, has felt at one time beloved feelings for another Human Being. It is Human nature no matter what race, no matter what culture. Humans fall in love with Humans. What a glorious feeling! Do you remember it? Do you remember when you first felt it? Humans do odd things when they’re in love, you know? Do you remember? They jump up and down with joy. They make fools of themselves and tell their friends. Humans in love are fun to watch! What an energy between them! Your psychology doctors have said this about being in love: They say, "It is so amazing, it is like a temporary insanity." What an energy to be in love! And I bring this to you first, because so many of you have felt it and remember the feelings. Remember the first time you laid eyes on the one that meant so much to you, and all the emotion that followed beyond that time. Now tell me, is that a falsity or is that true? It is real or imagined? And what is it that happens with your body? There’s chemistry. Your very brain is affected. All of these things, together, create energy between the Human Beings that can be felt. And you know of what I speak. It's pure energy and it's thick with reality!

And is this also true with animals? How many of you are in love with an animal? I already know the answer, for I know who is here. Don’t you love the unconditional love you get back from an animal? When you look in their eyes, you see the preciousness there. Are you surprised that the animal feels this? So often the love is returned. How is it there can be love between a Human Being and a simple animal, some very small and some very large. Here’s a creature that has no intellect and cannot even speak your language, yet they have love. What if this energy called love was a universal property? I’m going to ask you some questions in a moment about that.

It’s a very energetic and powerful thing, this love. When even the animals of the planet can feel a Human Being giving it to them, do you think that there is actual energy being transmitted with the emotion of love? When the researcher who deals with water did his experiments, [Dr. Emoto] he asked the Human Beings to direct their thoughts of love into the water, and you saw the visual proof that the water changed. Indeed! What if nature responds to love? What I'm telling you is that there is a very strong field connected to this emotion. It can change the chemistry within a Human. It is a field that is felt by the animals of the world. Nature even responds to it. So is it a stretch of your imagination to think of what it might also be doing esoterically? What if love, and the emotion of love, were inter-dimensional? What kinds of effects might it also be generating around you? What if you could somehow direct the affects of this inter-dimensional love energy to a place? Would it make a difference?

Can you allow the thought, for even a moment, that the emotion of love might be able to change your own DNA? "Oh my!" you might say. "That's way too simple and trite. Here is Kryon saying we're going to love ourselves into health!" Well, it's a good beginning, and it's filled with profound truth.

What I’m asking you to understand is that the energy of love is absolutely universal, that it was global, and everywhere. Is this a basic rule that you have never even considered? What if, before you could do anything else, you had to learn to love? What if I told you that this love energy turns on a light that actually starts a process of higher vibrations. Did you know that? What if this love energy is the catalyst for almost every process of growth the Human wanted?

So many Humans want to touch God. They’ll climb as many stairs as they’re told to, to accomplish this. They’ll walk the miles, they will move into the odd positions, speak the words, sing the songs, say the prayers and do the chants. Then, at the end of the day, nothing happens. Then they will do it again, thinking that they were not worthy of God's attention.

I am telling you that the core of God's attention is much simpler than that, even simpler than the processes that men assign to it. It’s about the compassion of love! ~ Kryon.

A peaceful countenance is an attribute of an enlightened human being. ~ Kryon.

The master does not force energy on any Human. He just places it in the room for all to do with as they choose. Some will absorb it, and some will reject it. This is free choice. When you come into a room where there is water for you, some will partake and some will not. It’s about your own thirst and the appropriateness of what you need. But the water does not become indignant that you didn’t drink it, does it? It doesn’t follow you home, demanding that you taste it. No. It just sits there as nourishment for those who wish it. This is the way of it, even when the water is the water of life. ~ Kryon.

Let me ask you this: Is there anything you can imagine that God/Spirit cannot accomplish? Initially you might say, “no”. God can do anything. The answer is actually this: God is biased! God is biased in love. Therefore when there is a situation in the Universe that needs to be decided without this bias… within an unbiased and neutral playing field out of God-consciousness, there is a method. In this case, it’s called Earth.~ Kryon.

Let’s define power. In the language that this is being presented in [English], power does not mean force. Power, as we are saying it now, means enablement. Enablement means the ability to move beyond former restriction. That’s powerful for a Human, especially when the restriction has been one of Human perception… what is real and what is not. So an empowered Human is one who’s able to think past his own former reality, and perform tasks formerly thought impossible. ~ Kryon.

What is the master’s attitude about ego? There’s a big difference between ego and stewardship. Ego is vanity. Stewardship is energy in spiritual passion. Let us give you an example: If you have a truth that has been given to you in all appropriateness, one you feel is divine, and someone tramples upon it, or would say that their truth is higher than your truth, you might react. Others around you may say that you’re having ‘an ego flare up’. They assume that your reaction stems from vanity. But masters don’t do that. They weigh everything appropriately and react not with ego but with the authority of stewardship. They know what is true for them. They also know that there’s no other Human Being on Earth that can touch their truth. The master truly has no ‘ego buttons’ left. You can stand there all day with humanity shouting at you, and it will never change your truth. Therefore, whose problem is it? That should be obvious. It’s the shouters’ problem, not yours. They’re the ones who are upset! When a Human comes at you with a lower vibration and in some way violates what you believe, or violates your sanctity, you might take action. If you do, it is the action of the integrity of your stewardship. Instead of anger, there’s disappointment. Instead of vanity, there’s self-assurance. So when you see master Lightworkers being self-assured, don’t confuse it with ego. Look at them and what they’re doing. Lightworkers will not defend their positions. They don’t have to. Lightworkers will let the energy go by, often turning the other cheek when they know that their truth stands tall by itself, and that nothing the other is saying can touch it. ~ Kryon.

So there will be those who will stay in the old energy calling themselves lightworkers and calling you “wrong”. They will not understand ascension status nor see the gifts that are available. The differences between the two of you will be obvious to anyone looking in from the outside. Those in the old energy who call themselves lightworkers will have lists of things that a person must do, and procedures and agendas in order for anyone to have an enlightened energy within. The NEW ENERGY features Human enablement and power. There will be very little structure and no ego developed around any Human hierarchy that must be adhered to. It will be obvious who is in the old and who is in the NEW ENERGY to anyone who compares them. ~ Kryon.

The only dark forces on this planet are the ones created by Human beings and their old energy ways. There is no such thing as an “evil spirit”. The greatest evil power of your planet can be found in the minds and intentions of the humans who walk upon it. They can manifest darkness just like you can manifest light. Therefore you continue to create your own reality… evil and angelic. After all… you are the only planet of free choice! ~ Kryon.

Truly, humor is sacred. It calms the Human spirit and creates the chemistry of tolerance, forgiveness and even health. ~ Kryon.

Experiences of self-love through self-sexual expression can be used as a tool of creation that you have yet to fully discover. Some of you have the belief that you will evolve to a heightened state where sex will no longer be a part of your experience. Please know that as long as you are in finite form, you will have this valuable tool available to re-member Home and who you really are. ~ The Group.

Again, everything that’s before you has been sanctioned by you and created by you. It often lies there begging you to work with it. Energy is like clay. It can be formed into a beautiful statue or just lie there on the floor. In both cases, the clay is still the clay. ~ Kryon.

Channeling is information, data. It is no more than that. After the information is put out, take it, apply what you wish, and put it away. Never use the channeler as a guru! Never give away your personal power of choice. To embrace the channeler as a guru is to create infidelity with God, your Higher Self.
Use channeled information as you would any resource book. Glean what you wish from it, then shut the book, and put it on the shelf, because it is YOU who is enabled,
not the channel. You don't need a constant channeler, and you don't need a guru, and you don't need a leader. You are the shepherd! Move forward with the power you have in your own heart. You will do the work for the planet - not the channel. ~ Kryon.

Beware of systems that require you to join and be and do. Instead, look for new ideas that have very little or no organization around them. These are the ones that will be of the NEW ENERGY – that provide for individual growth within a non-system that somehow has all the attributes of an organization without walls or rules or membership. ~ Kryon.

About advance planning and the 'now':
Go ahead and plan. You have to, since you are living in a society and a culture that demands it. Then sit in the "now." What will happen is that the plans become only a direction to begin, letting you change your plans at any time you wish. The problem with being so linear minded is that you would ask this at all! You assume that you must do one or the other. Plan or not plan. How about planning to walk in a certain direction until the "now" offers you another plan?

Walk the path. Make your advance plans which are appropriate in your culture. When you see a fork ahead, go ahead and decide in advance which way you will turn if it makes you feel better. But in this process, always let the 4D plan take a back seat to the real one which is guided by your co-creative energies. Don't be so glued to what you planned that you can't change it. Don't be so fond of what you planned that somehow to change it seems like a violation of your own choice and wisdom. It's just the opposite. Planning is now like "pointing yourself" in the direction of a target. . . no more than that. Let your power then redefine the target, and re-point you in the correct direction. Think of it like this: An arrow is never going to hit the target unless it's in flight. If you sit around and wait for God to shoot the arrow, nothing is going to happen. Instead, do your best to shoot the arrow in the direction you think is correct, then ride with it, gliding the distance and making steering corrections as you go. Feel the wind in your hair as you decide to change direction, and never worry that you will miss! This is the advanced Human who does this, knowing that to be interdimensional is to include the first 4D's in the process, not eliminate them.
- Kryon -

You may gain wisdom from any past ascended master you wish, but the one that has the best answers for you is the one with your face. It's about time to understand that there is no master who has ever lived on earth that can give you more information that the source you carry inside. All the ascended masters carried the same truth, and it's available through the process you call ascension. It's personal, and needs only you with the Higher-you. - Kryon -

And let me add: T
he finding of/bumping into certain channeled messages, by following your inner guidance, is actually steered by Spirit. You are finding the information your inner being desires and help you remember what you actually already knew. It is Spirit speaking to you through channeled entities and such. They are representatives for your Spirit....They are you. That's why some resonate more with this, others with that message...according to their own vibration. (Channelers cannot channel any information beyond their own vibratory level/filters. That is why entities carrying the same name (ascended masters, 'archangels' and what not) have different messages to share depending on the channel...Besides that: most channelers are simply channeling their own higher self and not any other entity...many even channel nothing but their own ego, no matter what name/label they assign to it). Receiving intuitions is actually also 'channeling' Spirit. We all are our own channels.

And: No higher level being will ever drop/barge in uninvited...only if they have something very important to share that absolutely cannot wait. Lower level beings will be there all the time, answering all your questions night and day, yapping that manner standing in the way of the individual having its own straight & clear connection to Source (And any channeled entity is only able to see things from his own perspective/world/realm and not beyond. Don't ever assume them to be all-knowing or even wise. Some are, some aren't...And some are half-wise/knowing, meaning some of the information is appropriate for you and some isn't. Be discerning and feel what resonates and what not)...Don't think people who channel off-planet entities have an advantage to those who don't. Oftentimes these channelings prevent the human from having it's own clear connection to Source (plus the channeler merely gives his/her own interpretation of the information, as far as they are able to understand it). If off-planet beings keep defining what the answers may be, then there is no more room for anything else...Be pleased you can grow on your own merits, and follow your own independence, intuition and voice and find your own doesn't come any purer than that...Use channeled messages merely as an inspiration, not an absolute...Don't be a follower of any doctrine, ascended master, ET or whatever...People tend to assume that what comes from far away therefore must be better/sweeter, this is not the case, at all....Think for yourselves! There is nothing more suitable for you than your own voice...nothing ever compares to it...

And...after ascension (or even during) Miracles become an every day Miracles!

Divine Miracles are what we are made of. They are no exception but a rule.

This is what I rote in reply to an e-mail I received from someone struggling with all the many different interpretations and predictions about ascension:

"Ascension is like the same record playing and playing, over and over again.....and people can give as much meaning/definition to the stages of ascension as they wish....but that's just the mental mind trying to capture something that's quantum into a linear space....People follow such explanations because they are afraid and are attempting to make mental sense of it all, seeking comfort and reassurance as the process can be quite daunting and overwhelming.....Looking for something to hold onto as their world falls apart....

Humans have a hard time just going with it...they seek certainties....There is absolutely nothing "wrong" with that....Yet they think/assume those individuals know more than they themselves do...which of course isn't the case....But if one needs that kind of soothing and/or mental stuff then that's fine, that's what those people are there for after all...Whatever works for you...just follow your own inner feelings on it....What Lauren says may be true for her...and how Denise sees this stuff may be true for her and how Karen explains things is true for her...and Lisa R. & Solara merely express how they see things etc.etc......Throw them all on a pile and pick from it what you can use. That which feels 'off' to you, you can simply forget about.
What may work for them may not work for you, we are all unique beings with our own unique build-up and biology. That's why some need this type or food or remedy and others need something else. We are all equal yet we're not the same.

They all make predictions and give explanations from their own personal point-of-view , same as channelings.....None of it means anything really....except what you choose to read into it and/or what resonates and you choose to believe and take from it.....Some resonate with this, some with that.....but basically they're all attempting to put labels and definitions on the ascension process, comparmentalizing the unfolding of the process into stages, some even putting dates and planetary movements at the centre of it all etc.....Trying to capture something quantum into a linear straight jacket...It is basically a recycling of the same information over and over again, only in different words.

Ascension is different for everyone, energies are integrated & interpreted differently by everyone....There are no general stages.....there are really only ever higher moving energies, ever higher 'rungs', depending on how ready an individual is to take on a higher frequency and how big their "antennas" are and how they work.....It's like working your way up inside a whirwind, you get spun around faster and faster, onward and upward, until you are where you intended to go, uniquely for you.....The same cycles repeat themselves over and over again with an ever increasing frequency/spin...The same process repeats itself over and over again until one has adjusted to the unique frequency one was navigating towards (1) receiving the love-wave/higher lighter frequency, 2) pushing out/dropping density/painbody/contrast, 3) moving "up" or better said "inward" a notch and 4) the physical adjustments to the new frequency, 5) sometimes a short reprieve/plateau...and some of these can simply overlap each other, happening simultaneously). The frequency/energy one is working towards is unique for each indiviual, thus different for everyone....Some are 'destined' for this 'orbit' and others for another....according to the blueprint/template they chose to come in with, their destination vibration (and they can even choose to go beyond that if they so wish...depending on how free & independent they are allowing themself to be)....

Ascension does not take place in a herd, regardless of what anyone says. The similarity in symptoms among ascendees is only natural...and they are always the same ones, repeating over and over again as the human body works it's way up in a similar fashion for all humans (with some "out of the ordinary"  symptoms that are different and unique for everyone happening alongside as well, as we are all unique spiritual beings). We all came here to bring in our own uniqueness....So....generalizations & predictions cannot be's different for everyone....(and we're not bound by any dates like 2012 either, 2012 was a potential at the time the Mayan Calendar was produced...we already passed by 2012 in collective energy...way passed it).

People making predictions & giving explanations about the symptoms, "stages" etc. are like "phsyics" giving a "cold reading"...Whatever they describe, there will always be someting in it people are experiencing/ it dizziness or pains here and there etc...Since the same process/cycles keep(s) repeating itself over and over again there will always be something in those messages that resonates....One can be dizzy, but not in any of the "stages" or mental representations/explanations that are being may be something totally different going on, the symptoms are always the same/similar.....

Some have a 'talent' for ascension, some haven't a clue. Some go fast, some slow, some not at all, some heal some don't or only halfway...They all make their own free choices...The only one deciding/choosing how to go is YOU. is all in your own hands.

People as mentioned here above may have a function for those in need of they serve to reassure can also be an other illusionary thing as people start being "followers".....instead of listening to their own inner voice....One must always stay in close touch with ones' own inner Self...not cling to others out of fear....Take only from such messages what feels useful to you, and disregard the rest.....Or don't read any of it at all and just do your thing. After all, ascension is not about living in the future by predictions etc, it is about getting out of sheer mental focus and future thinking, -preparing and -living and arriving in the NOW, totally, utterly and completely. Balancing mental (=masculine) processes with ones own intuitive (=feminine) guidance. Seeking future predictions/what to expect is in fact contradictory to that. There isn't anything 'wrong' with it though, it is simply a stage we all pass(ed) through. One must however also be able to let it go at some point...and move beyond.

Many people have already moved way beyond all of that, stopped reading altogether....and simply follow their own inner voice/guidance....freely....fearlessly.....(Ascended ones/New Humans live/run on a different 'track' or 'grid', they simply switched lanes...They now run on a freeway that runs 'above' the old energy freeway, co-existing with the old energy roads yet not riding on them, not participating in the old energies, yet living among them. Like an overlay. This way they can function as a bridge to the future timeline for the ones living on the old timeline.)

Allow yourself to come home to YOU....and don't fixate so much on what others are displaying as truth. There are still many mis-conceptions and assumptions, even among ascendees (even among those as mentioned here above, no matter how pure their intentions) about what a person with a healed heart is supposed to be like, including (rigid) definitions/ideas about how ascension is to/will generally come about, how one should heal & behave and what the New World will be like etc. (This way they can actually hold themself and their followers back, unaware as they are that their 'spiritual' bias/prejudice/assumptions are actually keeping them all stuck). These form almost a block that leaves little room for movement or anything else. That's why it's important you follow your own voice at all times. Truly healed humans come in many shapes, sizes and forms. many different expressions (Thank God!)

Take a bit from here and a bit from there and keep moving while honoring all flavours of the truth. Follow your own heart and authenticity...and it may tell you something totally different than any of the "ascension guru's"...but it is yours...and therefore it holds your truth...honor this in yourself.

Follow what feels right/good to you!

Evolution does not take place within any fixed timeframe (it does not stick to any calendar, like the Mayan one) nor moves according to any rigid does not color between any just flows naturally, according to what (each individual) human(s) is/are choosing within each moment, ...
it is utterly fluid and adaptable, not fixed or pre-formed in any way....Like a school of fish, or a swarm of birds...we all move as ONE, as we are ONE....So when one bird/fish changes its course, all the others change course as well....When one individual changes direction, everything else/the whole changes as well...As goes one, so go all!....Therefore no predictions/forecasts/generalizations can be made as there are only ever infinite potentials and possibilities...that are subject to the influence of many interchanging energies...Things can change and take a different turn within a second....As I said before: nothing is carved in stone...

The collective of creation and humanity are like a interweaved tapestry....change one stitch and the whole pattern all is one....

Those that have totally arrived in the NOW would not be interested in engaging in making future predictions, nor would they want to rationalize/explain/define/compartmentalize or even try to understand everything. They simply completely accept the NOW for what it is...And that is all there ever really is"

And as a note here: After 'completing' your ascension/clean up you will still at times get angry, disappointed, frustrated or sad as emotions are your compass, and as humans we navigate on them...You are not going to be serenely smiling all day while floating one feet above the Earth. You will still see things/people around you may have a certain feeling/opinion about....These are not judgments just simply neutral ascertations ....and there is no emotional charge behind them as you will have detached, not taking any of it personally. Ascertaining and judging are not the same thing, there's a world of difference between them. It will be quite easy to distinguish and handle all of these different you mastered yourself...You will naturally disengage from getting into any discussions...leaving things where they belong, not trying to convince or 'correct' anyone's elses' ways/views/illusions.

Right now, life before (and even during) ascension feels very far away...a distant memory already, almost as if it happened to someone a movie I once watched....This happens when one shifts timelines, everything else becomes ancient history :D


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