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With the veil also came the inevitable separation of worlds. There are so many conspiracy theories and fears roaming this planet about aliens and evil spirits and the ‘devil’…and none of it holds any truth. They are human interpretations and creations of things they could not comprehend, clouded by fear as everything got seen through a filter of terror.

Over time, in more recent history,  there were some ‘abductions’ by off-planet beings who are wired very differently than humans, and had no idea humans could become so traumatized by the experience. All they wanted was the human DNA…as the human DNA is Divine & multi-dimensional. -In fact the human DNA is partially of ‘alien’ origin, it was given to humanity by (several) humanoid galactic families, to enable the human body to carry more light and expand its consciousness within form. It was a very loving Gift. This is the so called ‘missing link’ in evolutionary theories.-. When the 'intruders' found out about the deeply seeded human fears however, some of them used those fears against their abductees as a tool for control...which would be the logical thing to do for a mechanically-oriented species.

So, the ‘intruders’ wanted what we have…which only proves how perfect in design and blessed with limitless potential the human body is. Humans now only use a small portion of their brain capacity, and the so called ‘Junk DNA’ isn’t junk at all but waiting to be re-activated to full multi-dimensional capacity – which carries the neat ‘side-effects-‘ of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy and many more joyful manifestations of Perfect Man-.

Nothing in the whole of creation or in Earths' and Humanities history has, or ever had, anything to do with the doom and gloom stories or conspiracy theories. Neither does the Planetary Ascension Process, it is as pure, well-intended and loving a gift as can be. And as Earth becomes the Ascended Earth Star, so does all of creation get to enjoy the higher vibrations that are being released by the process. All worlds & realms are moving ‘up’ alongside Earth and each other.

Anyway, no ‘abductions‘ are allowed anymore at this crucial time. A highly vibrating being would be respectful and ask whether they can come in and exchange information, they would at least announce themselves first (Like the crop circle makers have been doing for decades now. They are humanoids from a future timeline, our Galactic family).

No higher vibrating being would ever force anything on anyone or drop in uninvited.

These beings were not ill-willed, just ignorant. Highly evolved in intelligence and rational capacity which caused their technological advancement, but emotionally they are wired very differently. Which is why their empathy levels for humans are so low. They have no frame of reference for a human wrapped up in survival mode...yet they were smart enough to use humanities' deep fears against itself. These types of aliens visitors are mechanical thinkers…they are also God-aspects…as are we...except they have no concept of God...it is not something that occupies their mind. They know not of any divinity...which is why they are so drawn to the human way...as they see the unlimited potential/light humans carry...

(If the abductees had only known those "aliens" don't stand any chance against a humans' mental capabilities, they would have send those beings running!...Humans simply have no idea of their unlimited power and potential!).

There is so much to share about the history of Earth and her ‘alien’ visitors, they have always been around, some ancient texts and images are remnants of these events. Some visitors were deeply respectful others were wired differently which resulted in further human trauma. It lingered around in humanities’ memory-banks somewhere…Humanities’ history goes back way further and is way more versatile than currently acknowledged (Like the Atlantian and Lemurian consciousness for instance). There has always been inter-worldly interaction...between the different types of consciousness on Earth as well. (And b.t.w., the so called 'Monster of Loch Ness', also lovingly referred to as Nessie, as well as the sightings of other otherwordly beings such as 'Bigfoot' etc., are typical examples of beings from other dimensions accidentally popping in through the opening(s) of an interconnecting portal, of which there are many on the Earth.)

There used to be plenty interaction between realms ('aliens' and 'elves/fairies' etc.) There are millions of worlds ‘out there’. Many of those beings are humanoid and highly evolved, loving and sensitive…(yet there are as many worlds where nothing even remotely resembles anything on Earth or human). As the vibrations of Earth and humanity dropped so very low, many of them could no longer come in; humans could no longer see them.

And a lower vibrating being can move ‘up’, but a higher vibrating being can not ‘drop’, at least not for very long.

Time works differently in the other worlds…or is totally non-existent.

Our Galactic family lovingly provides us with the gorgeous crop circle geometries (see: Cropcircles), which carry a certain vibration of harmony, balance and symmetry, and are multi-dimensional in scope. -This means that they carry multiple purposes with multiple effects on multiple levels...inter-dimensionally-. Among other things, they activate certain energy spots/lines on the planet, they tell us of events to come, etc. Each individual looking at a crop circle catches its vibe; one does not have to go visit them to absorb it. The same way a piece of art can impact someone emotionally by only seeing a picture of it, it touches us on a deeper level.

In fact, whether humans are aware of it or not, they too are multi-dimensional beings. Originally they were in contact and exchange with other dimensions and aware that their evolvement and activities had an impact both on this planet and beyond.

Multi-dimensionality means that things have more than one purpose/effect/meaning/perspective. There are many layers and most of them exist outside of human awareness at this time...but a human being exists on multiple levels/layers simultaneously as well (ethereal and physical). 

Spirit (and our ethereal/light bodies) is always first to integrate a new energy flowing in, the physical is always last as it is more dense. It trickles ‘down’ so to speak. (Receiving cosmic energies goes via the solar plexus, where the umbilical cord used to attach us to our mothers. The ethereal umbilical cord to the Divine however is never severed).

It also means there really is no past, present or future…everything exists at the same time and in the same space simultaneously, distinguished into different meanings only by different beings with different perspectives, varying vibrations and by the vibrational filters they carry.

Also...all worlds/realms were created at the same time and exist within the same space...The universe seems huge...but in fact it fits in a space smaller than the tip of a needle. Distance is an illusion...we seem to move but in fact never leave our one space...it is simply the hologram that moves around us...adjusting to our wiring. One could say God is One Being, playing various virtual reality games at the same time...yet God never leaves his seat back home.

The 'air' that surrounds us is full of multi-dimensional life, we just cannot see it. Just because we cannot see something does not mean it isn’t there. Within the space of the tree also exists a whole other world, just on a frequency invisible to the human eye. Sometimes you may catch a glimpse of other dimensions in you peripheral vision, like a flash of light or movement, as that part of your eye catches much higher vibrations than the ones the mid-eye catches. Our eyes translate light into form.

Multi-dimensionality is so vast a territory. Things are not linear like humans think, they are circular and cyclic. Nothing ever stands alone, all is connected. Things work back and forth, forth to back, up-down, down-up, and everything in between, between ALL realms and vibrations. The past works through in the future...and the future works back to the past.

(For instance: Evolved humans of a higher vibration live on a different ‘timeline’, a ‘future’ timeline one could say…And as they share their ‘future’ vibration in the Word for instance, or in their presence, everyone taking in those words (like a (channeled) message) or that presence, automatically, over time, integrates the message, or rather the intention/vibration behind the message/presence…growing into that timeline themselves. Depending on how much contrast to the message one carries this process can take weeks, months or even years. The Word reaches far deeper than would be expected...so does the energetical interaction between beings...even without saying a Word...Lower vibrations must always adjust to higher ones when interacting).

1+1 is not necessarily 2; there are vast areas in between.

Black may seem black (the illusion of lacking of all color) but is in fact the absorption of all colours, the way white is the sum/reflection of all colour…both holding all colours but still total polar opposites. We cannot do without either one…we are both…and everything in between. We are present in all we see.

Time on the Earth is also an illusion. One humans thoroughly believe in, which is why they grow old. Like everything else, the human God creates its own illusions/reality. The gift of multi-dimensionality and timelessness will be returned with the New Energy.

Everything is vibration and all is energy. The material consists of nothing but condensed/compressed energy/light, arranged in different ways (gelled temporary truth). Creation comes about by tones/colours/vibrations. The lower the vibration, the denser the energy structure. And the only thing keeping it all together and in place is God/us. We/God are in all that surrounds us. We make everything come alive and real.

"I am the light that illuminates all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all is attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." ~Jesus~

Everything in the material also has an expression in the ethereal (and thus also vice versa, the way the theory of Feng Shui used to work...and the reason the pre-Egyptians (of Atlantean origin) built their pyramids matching a certain star-system/energy/alignment, physically mimicking or 'catching' that structures' geometrical, energetical, vibrational qualities/properties...Also the circular structures (of Lemurian heritage), like Stonehenge, worked according to this principle, which is why sick people were brought there for healing...These structures were usually built on special energy spots on the Earth, like leylines or intersecting energy lines). 

“As above so below, as within so without’ (From 'The emerald tablets of Toth')

DNA, Geometries, Water…you name it, they all have invisible/ethereal components to them as well. Just like humans have an ethereal/astral/light body and a physical expression as well. We exist in several dimensions simultaneously: in the physical as well as the ethereal. There are Spirits with bodies and Spirits without bodies. All beings of creation are aspects of ourselves, in whatever realm/hologram they exist.(And..there are no such things as ghosts/evil spirits or whatever...people seeing spirits are seeing nothing but an energetical imprint, or residu that particular individual left behind in the Earth grid after passing over, an empty shell the Soul left behind...Any said 'hauntings' are self-created/inflicted...as a residu cannot harm anyone...the human mind is a powerful tool).

The veil was always an illusion as well, and if people wanted to they could always pass through it and re-unite with their God-self merely by willing it. Some ancient practices as seen in Eastern cultures but also Egyptians, show techniques that could be used to re-unite with the God-Self or at least raise in vibration. This is what the Pyramids were constructed for, among other purposes. However all those techniques went inadequate and are now obsolete.

There also is no real heavenly hierarchy; there are only worlds, stars, planets and realms carrying their own unique traits and templates, as does each individual human, we also carry our own unique blueprint. There are myriads of unique frequencies, not one better or more important than the other but all equally loved and revered. And all frequencies, from whatever world, complement each other, they are all vital parts of the one God-body, from the micro amongst itself (=humanity and Earth) to the macro (=all worlds amongst each other).

Archangel Michael’ is also not a singular individual or person in that sense, but a collective group-consciousness, the Michael-matrix or Realm of Michael, with the task of governing & monitoring the Divine Energies throughout all worlds. This information also got distorted through time. The so called "Angelic" realms are hubs where different energies connect together.

Earth (=planetary body) is a vital part of the Galactic Body and the Galactic Body is a vital aspect of the Universal Body and so on and so forth. Humans all carry unique traits and talents so they can all complement each other. Like a puzzle with perfectly matching pieces or a giant wheelwork with interlocking wheels. No need to be jealous of anyone, we should be so glad someone else carries the ability to fill in for what we don’t have to offer ourselves. We are one body. We should revere and honour each other for our uniqueness, not judge it.

We are all in orbit around each other...human to human, planet to planet, solar system to solar system, galaxy to galaxy...etc. It is all one entity.
There are endless realms and worlds throughout all of creation. Endless beings, in many different sizes, shapes and forms. And since everything is connected and one whole, we are all in this together. All worlds are connected; nothing that happens on Earth goes by unnoticed anywhere else throughout the universes…especially since Earth is Gods most precious creation ever. It was created in its own likeness after all.

Off-planet beings do not know w
hat it is/feels like to be human on Earth. They know about the ingredients but do not know what the cake tastes like. One does not truly know until one's been there, in the flesh, and experienced it for oneself.

The visitors from other worlds were mostly benevolent. Many of them were also aware and understood however that when one reigns the Earth and humanity, one directs/rules over the energies for all the cosmos.

In the beginning they used their knowledge to help expand humanities’ consciousness and to remind humans of their divine heritage. When some unfortunate mis-calculations were made (hey, they were only humanoid and making “mistakes” is very human, one learns through trial and error.) this in turn led to more unpleasant decisions…which eventually led to some 'unexpectedly' destructive events of catastrophic and epic proportions. Behind the scenes the potentials for those events had been known, with the behaviour these beings displayed...but free will to experience allowed it to unfold.

These particular extra-terrestrial visitors may have been technologically advanced…but technological advancement does not automatically imply & entail WISDOM (humans already discovered that), no matter how magical and far reaching the knowledge of light, math, energy and matter. The truly wise do not barge in anywhere unasked and meddle, no matter how pure the intentions behind it. It is disrespectful. When one is asked/invited, then one can come in (and humans do attract certain responses from off-planet entities by the thought patterns/vibrations they send out. They are very often unaware of this fact though…which is why awareness is a significant development/theme for this world. In any case: these entities could/can never come in unless humans allow(ed) them to!).

The Pleiadian intervention to advance the human DNA however was an act of Love all agreed to, on a Soul level…This intervention took place on an ethereal/energetical/light planes, in the light-body, changing the human geometry/template, which then naturally transferred onto the physical body (there was no messing about with sexual intercourse, eggs and semen/sperm or DNA in test tubes or anything)…Then as humans procreated, the physical DNA sequences were naturally intermingled & spread and became predominant in the species…Evolution, be it in animals or humans, has always taken place by sheer intent as well...the inention/need to adjust to a certain environment/situation)

As these beings on the planet in those days, be it of ET-origin or not, fell in consciousness due to the decisions made, they fell ever deeper, got lost for power and recruited humanity…to gain full reign over the Earth energies/riches (This is where all the conspiracy theories roaming the Earth find their roots). They 'implanted' certain belief structures within humanity so they could control them (The first Atlanteans took ove these techniques for control/overpowering). These species have since evolved. (More about all this in Genesis). The evolutionary work done on the Earth since then has also assisted them in their advancement. They learned from their ‘mistakes’….so nothing to concern yourselves with.

The first Atlanteans, who had learned their technology from the interaction with some technologically advanced species from other realms, made the catastrophe complete…and they eventually made the choice, on a soul level, to have their entire civilisation wiped out…so Earth could have a new beginning with the human species that were left (There were several types of humans in those days, only one was adaptable enough: the modern human)…and so the generations after them could, hopefully, learn from it (this is where the biblical stories about “God’s destructive wrath” came from.). The explorations and use of certain energies in the times of Atlantea 1 was basically similar to humans today playing with nuclear power etc...it is a power beyond their control.

One cannot always oversee the consequences of ones’ actions…when the intuitive/sensitive aspect is left out of the equation.

All experiences humans choose are subject to their free will and thus simply allowed, God has no judgement on anything humans wish to experience and create. Integrity feels different for each human.

Now the Atlanteans etc. are pretty much irrelevant...as their time came…and went. The Light Warriors that came to this planet in this age, basically came here to clean up the crap of tens of thousands of years, made by all those beings in combination. Many Earth bound Spirits now ascending were Atlanteans and Lemurians etc. After this experience they will most likely move beyond Earth, to other realms of experience. (I myself am a ‘first timer’ on this Earth. I was expected to be here at this special time because of the wisdom I hold concerning energies/the light and creation etc.)

Nothing ever went ‘wrong’…it just was.

Never allow yourself to be recruited by any other being as a follower, and don’t allow yourself to be subdued into mental bondage by anyone. Their beliefs, ways and wants are theirs, not yours. No entity stands a chance against the human mental power. Dark entities could be attracted to humans run by darkness, like those holding a lot of pain and fear etc. (explained as 'hauntings' a.o.). This is in fact the human bringing it about. Dark leaves when light appears...therein lies the solution. No entity can withstand the immense human power. One should in fact laugh a lot and adopt a lighter/legère countenace.

Some humans are in total pre-occupation over Angels, Ascended Masters, ET's, Atlantis etc. Some are even in adoration of these. Don't revolve your life around them, they are not here on this Earth in service to the whole, you are! You are the Master, revolve your life around you! When praying to/calling on/invoking these masters/angels etc. you are in fact simply calling forth these energies within yourself, nothing more & nothing less. They are you, so there's nothing they have that you don't have.

Anyway…these were the ancient days and we as humanity are done with those…completely…this is a new beginning in totally new and unchartered territory. Some believe the old artificial Atlantean (crystalline) grids and waystations are being fired up again and re-used. They are not. The Atlantean structures, like the pyramids, meticulously geometrically aligned all over the planet, never stopped 'working' first of all, except their workings changed as the Earth energies changed (Atlanteans also knew about genetic engineering, they changed their bodily traits etc. Many genetic 'anomalies' seen on this Earth today are remnants of those days). I must emphasize that this New Earth is in no respect to become a copy or clone of the Atlantean days or any other realm, civilisation or planet for that matter. Some of the old 'doorways' the Earth contains for interdimensional travel are being re-opened however. The cleansed, restored and shiny new Earth grids/geometries are all fresh and full functional (the Atlanteans basically distorded the natural Earth grids, pushing everything out of balance). The New Energy is a whole new human type of consciousness for this Earth. The ancients were in fact only the warm-up for what comes now. Their biology was also slightly different and so were the Earth energies. All humans carry their own unique biology according to the Spirit that lives within...And so each human needs something different (from food to healing to environment etc.) therefore can also create it. One size does not fit all...on the contrary.

Decades ago the first Light Warriors started incarnating here on this beautiful planet Earth (who also has a consciousness btw, as do all planets. She experiences what humanity does and walks the path alongside us. How could she not?...She is not nor ever was a victim of humanity (parasiting on her), she is humanities' facillitator..and lovingly so...she lovingly provides humans with the playing field they require...and adjusts the setting alongside when humans evolve...she replenishes herself accordingly...to provide humanity with the perfect props. All living things exist within their own suitable consciousness matrixes/templates that call them into existing and evolving as is their intended purpose; Plant-, Mineral-, and animal- ‘kingdoms’…and all are ascending alongside Earth as they are all part of her (as are we)…you may notice this in your pets. All life on planet Earth was designed to evolve and adapt).

The Light Warriors came here from other realms throughout the universes and were born into the human flesh with a task, a mission: to clear the Earth and humanity of all discordant energies by means of our bodies. We were to transition from the old energy into the new energy as the very first, laying the track/trail for all of humanity to follow behind.

The Light Warriors served to straighten out the human DNA by using their bodies to push out all impurities within themselves (see: About Me and A bit of my personal ascension story and Old Energy to New Energy and Ascension Pointers and Symptoms ) (Since we also exist in the ethereal, so does the DNA…As such, when a purified human with purified DNA crosses the path of an individual with distorted DNA, and their energy fields thus overlap, a process of exchange or communication occurs between the ethereal DNA of both individuals, invisible to the eye, where the distortions in the one individual start to transmute to adjust to the vibration of the purified human…We are all connected through invisible fibres. In fact, there doesn’t even have to be a meeting in the physical. Consciousness is interconnected; the story of the 100th monkey proves this. This is also why we can feel cleansed and calmed after a shower or bath, the ethereal component of the water cleanses our light-body as well as the physical water washes our physical body).

Our thoughts do not only create on this Earth…no. The vibrational song of our heads and hearts is being heard far beyond this world (like the songs of dolphins and whales in the ocean)….it carries/resonates and ripples throughout all of creation. As we expand through thought, creation and experience, so does the collective of all Creation. This way we serve…the whole…thus God. Nothing is ever separated or stands alone. Earth is the only planet where, through form, all-that-is gets transformed on all levels...by use of humanities' free will/choice...Which is one of the reasons The Human Angel is so deeply loved and honored throughout all universes...we serve all-that-is in the highest way possible...Yet God needs no reason to love anyone of its children...love is our essence...the fabric we're made of...

The Word carries a vibration (see: Creating with Spirit), so do numbers and geometries (see: The 11:11 and Divine Counterparts and the 11:11 and Cropcircles). Like colours and musical tones also vibrate. They influence us on many levels, some much deeper than currently acknowledged.

Maybe you heard about Matsuru Emoto who experimented with music on water to see what kind of music creates what kinds of crystals when the water freezes up? Numbers, colours, words and tones are all creational vibrations. Water is being greatly researched on but only a fraction of the qualities of water have been revealed thus far. Water is a very pure medium (like crystals) which can store and transport information. And that is only a small portion of waters’ many abilities, physical and ethereal, visible and invisible.  –The waters/rivers/streams of this Earth usually follow the Earths' energy lines, transporting all kinds of information, as water has a memory, unless they are canalised and put into a straight jacket...The waters run from the mountains alongside the leylines to the ocean. Mountains are like cosmic receivers...they receive cosmic particles/information during the night and release it during the day, especially by way of the water, the way a tree uses photosynthesis...like breathing.

The New Children/souls that are being born into this world are already a clear example of what inter-dimensional abilities humanity will reclaim. These kids are highly sensitive and gifted (some can grow missing limbs back and/or are very psychic  etc). Because of the space we created for them they can now come in, born more in touch with the God inside and access to the Divine potentials/properties they carry. We created a higher vibrating space for them to be birthed into...yet they themselves vibrate even higher...but could never have been born in any lower vibration.

Lower vibrational methods/modalities can trigger a response in an already higher vibrating -part of- the body...the reason some newborn babies become ‘autistic’ after having gotten the standard 3D shots/modalities...-for most though this is exactly as it was intended...as ‘autists’ are "pattern-keepers" and are here to support the planetary ascension...they may choose to come out of ‘autism’ once this role is over-...and why so many young children right now have allergies and all kinds of responses, as higher vibrating beings in a lower vibrating world...Once those newly arriving beings learn how things work, they will no longer be bothered by this 3D way of action/re-action or cause/effect response & thinking, but will adjust their reality to match their own unique vibe...(instead of trying to do vice versa, which doesn't work anyway) ‘ADD’, to name another label, is also a response/re-action as mentioned before...’autism’ related...and there are many more...the labels don't matter...

Cosmic Build-up, Dimensions, Worlds within Worlds, our Circulair Universe:

Okay, let me start by saying: "the cosmos looks like a sponge"...What I mean by that is, the cosmos is not linear, the way we see it with our limited eyesight. To us it appears as if all the starsystems and other cosmic events line up next to and behind each other...This is not truly what it's like though.

The cosmos basically consist of lots of black holes which are surrounded by galaxies. Those galaxies and dimensions fold in and around each other...like the sponge above. Thus creating worlds within worlds, dimensions within dimensions, and vibes within vibes.

This suggests a dimension-overlap which is in fact so. Remember the dimensional flower of life. The rings/petals flower out form source, yet the rings overlap. In such a way all rings are connected to each other in one way or the other. Like when throwing stones in water the thus appearing rings will also meet each other at some point. Just in the same way worlds ripple into/within worlds.

This actually is where the idea of the flower of life comes from...it's the build up of our universe, the very way our worlds/dimensions are connected....and the way source consciousness has weaved (and still weaves) the cosmos together.

Now, the cosmos also has a recycle system in place...

Black holes suck up all matter (like galaxies) surrounding them (Quasars are like the super cosmic vacuum cleaner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quasar
)...So black holes can also be viewed as the inbreath of God. (Black holes are created when stars implode, thus die)...They are the vents. Pulsars emanate electromagnetic radiation and matter. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsar )...the outbreath of God....thus birth...this matter can be used to creating stars or whatever..

Of course there's much more to it than that but I'm just giving the schematics here...

We all know about electromagnetic waves...it's basically how our world functions nowadays...everything uses elctricity..and radiowaves (cellphones, radios TV's, etc...)...We use frequencies yet the knowledge humans have of frequencies and wave patterns isn't all that big (just like nuclear power, humans use it but don't know enough about it...like kids playing with matches). Even though those waves can not be seen with the naked eye, they still exist....like Xrays...you can't see them yet thay are very much a part of our world.

And...the beauty is...there is LIFE existing on all level frequencies...the frequencies humans know and the ones humans don't know about (yet). (Like in the old days the speed of light was the highest speed known to man, yet now it's already common knowledge that there are much higher speeds possible)

A few years back, I think it was 2004, the year of the Venus transit , I was outside on the terrace. It was summertime, sunny and blue skies and I looked up at the sky....all of a sudden a silver sphere popped up...it was pretty high up but I could clearly see it was a ball and it was so shiny and silvery that the sun reflected off it....it was very shiny and sparkly (like when you see a plane flying with the sun reflecting on it)...This sphere was jumping up and down in the sky...left to right, back and forth...it looked very bubbly and happy...like it was saying: "hey, I'm up here, I see you, do you see me?."...It then disappeared, gone in the blink of an eye....re-appeared again...jumping through the sky...and then vanished into thin air...never to return....The whole thing lasted but a few minutes...That event never even surprised or shocked me...of course afterwards I wondered who they were and where they came from but it never scared me or even shook me up....Deep down I had always knows they were out there...I could sometimes feel like I was being watched...I guess at that precise moment they decided it was time to reveal themselves to me...letting me know they kept an eye on me....and letting me know my life was about to change...

The reason I tell this story is because it has to do with frequencies...you see, that sphere used the different level frequencies to travel on. That's why it could simply appear and suddenly dissapear...it simply changed frequency bands...raising or lowering material frequency levels at will in order to travel dimensions...we could basically do the same with our very own bodies if we chose to (and had re-learned those tricks). That is why, even though we don't see much of it, there are all kinds of invisible life forms surrounding us at this very moment...they just exist on a different level frequency...

When you look at these pictures of the freeway you get an idea of how dimensional travelling on frequencies works. ...the frequency levels exist around, within and on top of each other...all ones need to do is take the right exit...and in this case DROP onto the right exit/wave...(This is also how crop circles are created...orbs drop in, do their thing and off they go again...in the blink of an eye)

There will come a time when earth humans will be able to do the same (but first they will have to learn to behave cause you first have to have respect for other lifeforms in order to be allowed to travel dimensions and drop in on other species)...The same reason our galactic neighbours don't just pop up into our realities is because they have respect...no higher level being ever drops in unannounced or unasked (if they do, they are not of a higher level but of a lower level...no matter how technologically advanced they might be...But nobody's out to destroy earth or humanity or whatever...All simply exist from within their own perspective/vibe...and we all know humanities' limited perspective has caused a lot of collateral damage...unintented destruction/imbalance coming from limited perceptions...But all intelligent species throughout the comos know, when one world or species disappears, it will also have an effect in their own world (like in "Star Wars", it would create an imbalance in the force)

NO higher level being would ever but in, meddle, TELL you to do anything, not ritual, not mediation, not worship, not invoking, not to go live in a aluminum foil room, clone people or whatever BS is out there...they are much too respectful to ever interfere like that.

So...dimensions/the universe ever expands...yes...and no....as I mentioned earlier, God recycles. In each moment worlds are birthed and worlds are dying...Gods breath...Still new galaxies are being formed as and effect of the so called "big bang"

The closer you come to source, the more light and energy you would see...and many galaxies very close together...like clusters...the closer to Source the closer the galaxies lie together....As the universe expands, so do the galaxies drift apart further and further...As matter and energy move away form Source, or the place of the 'big bang' (there never really was a big bang as such though), they cool of..and congeal...more and more...The farther away from Source you go, the lower in vibration, more dense and solid worlds become...Logical right?: big bang = explosion = glowing hot energy.....Like a candle..the flame is hot, the melted wax is still hot and fluid but the further away from the flame the cooler it gets..and gells.

What's basically happening to earth now, and that's pretty amazing, we are raising the earth's vibe...we are moving her into a higher vibrating ring...where matter becomes less dense again...more fluid or thinner so to speak, easier to mold, like clay. Earth, humanity AND our solar system (with all its planets) all together, are moving into a higher frequency band...closer to source...with much more possibilities for creating...the higher up to source a world gets, the less material/dense worlds get (the Michael matrix, lies so close to Source there is no form, only energy)

Anyway...there will come a time this Solar system and galaxy will have served its purpose...the Sun will cool off...every solid life form will have moved on...and the whole thing will get swallowed up by a black hole, desintegrate...and the remaining energy/matter will get recycled into new worlds...

The cosmos is always changing...Source would get very bored if not.....think of it like a pot of boiling water....the bubbles come up from the bottom...then they bubble up to the surface and splash apart....just like the cosmic sponge....world are created....bubble up and splash...and all the while new worlds/bubbles are already being formed and bubbling up to the surface (= back to Source)...So yes...the universe ever expands and is unlimited in potential...and no...because for wherever she expands...she also contracts....like breathing...and we're basically doing the breathing....alongside Source....we're ebbing and flowing together....

Dimensions/worlds/frequencies are overlapping and existing/folding within and around each other, like the sponge....just like the dark exists within the light (yin/yang or the Mayan Hunab Ku) and vice versa. In the cosmos everything is circulair and cyclical (some indian tribes still remember this).

Throughout the whole of creation everything is round, wavy, rolling, undulating, rippling, spheric (planets)...everything orbits and twists/turns around each other, eliptic, vortices...you name it...God likes to put a spin on things...it's like a sensual dance...or very passionate sex...

One more thing to mention is that with all those rings/petals of worlds existing within and around each other, it does happen, at certain times, there are certain deeper openings aligning between worlds. It does work kind of like Stargate where certain symbols must align and then a door to another world opens up.

As said before...everything throughout creation is circulair...and so, looking at the sponge/flower of life...all the petals/rings have a spin...all at different speeds....like a giant wheelwork...and at certain intervals some openings between worlds align, a synchronisation/alignment of doorways/portals occurs, and thus one would be able to basically jump from one world to the other (like wormholes)....And of course advanced technological civillisations use these doorways for inter-stellar/inter-worldly travel....and certain intentions/energies also get exchanged between realms. T
here are plenty of portal-area's on planet Earth...which were always opened to some extent, but will now be re-opened fully in the years to come.

This is also where the stories derive from that, for instance on halloween, there are openings between dimensions/worlds occurring (some refer to the world of the dead...but as we all should know, there is no such thing as death...there is only eternal life...)...this is ancient knowledge...

Which brings me to the Mayan calendar....which does not happen to be round by accident. (The Mayan Calendar is a remnant of old knoweldge left behind by higher vibrating beings. It is now obsolete as well...as we also no longer ride in steamtrains either...or wash by hand...Some  information and ways of being simply get passed by in 'time')

The Mayan Calender just happens to provide a pretty nice picture of what I mentioned here above about the rings within the rings/world within the worlds...and the doorways. You could interpret it as the 'Great Central Sun' or Source in the middle...with all worlds revolving around it....(The angelic realms would be situated in the neutral core)

                                                                       As does this crop circle image
basically that is how creation works...the rings all rotate..and by doing that they keep each other going...and they all use the same fuel: Source Consciousness. At certain times openings align between the different world/dimensions/rings...and than energies (and/or emanations) can flow from one ring into the other...and as you can see in the crop circle picture...sometimes ALL openings align...and there's a free flow throughout all worlds...

                                                                    Mandalas also carry a similar theme.

                                                                       So does the Mayan Hunab Ku

The cosmos is a giant wheelwork...wheels within wheels, worlds within worlds...everything rotates...it is such a beautiful perfect creation, one could go on and on about it. (btw crop circles are mostly cirulair for a reason you know....The higher frequency beings know that in the cosmos everything is round and rotating....just like clockwork...)

All the different magnetic fields/frequencies push and pull each other along...(I'm sure you've tried to put a + magnet against another + magnet...2 males so to speak...they push each other away (where male and female, + and -, attrackt each other..as it works throughout the whole of creation)

That's how the wheels of creation turn...and even how planetsystems orbit around each other and their sun (and how even in the smallest of particles, tiny electrons and such orbit around a nucleus)...gravities..pushing and pulling energies...these are also the "fuel" Extra Terrestials use to travel dimensions...they use nothing but frequencies and magnetics...

Of course there are other worlds, like ours, where more mechanical ways of space-travel are used...technologically primitive, like earth humans...and there are beings/worlds that don't have or need a body or vehicle to travel/live in...they are pure light/energy....

But remember what I mentioned before:
all worlds/realms were created at the same time and exist within the same space...The universe seems huge...but in fact it fits in a space smaller than the tip of a needle. Distance is an illusion...we seem to move but in fact never leave our one space...it is simply the hologram that moves around us...adjusting to our wiring.

The system of God is a closed system, as t
he image on the left clearly shows. As I mentioned before somewhere, the amount of energy remains the same at all 'times'. It gets recycled. Due to the transmutation of energies taking place on the Earth, the character of energy present may change, but the amount of energy always stays the same. As God/Source always remains neutral as well, richer in experience, but same neutral. The zero-point field is all around, it fills the space between spaces...and it gets balanced by two valves, a male and a female one, like a battery sort of, one + , one - . The cosmic energy also gets regulated by 2 similar valves.

In times to come, the Earths energy lines/leylines, amongst other techniques, will be used for transportation and energy (there is no cleaner and more constant source that that!)...Humanity will learn to use the most natural and purest resources...readily available without any need for producing it...

Technology as seen in science fiction movies will not remain fiction at all...Soon enough technological tools such as replicators and teleportation-systems will become a reality, once those souls that came here to do just that have discovered how the atoms in each material/physical item are ordened, information they can then feed into a computer/machine that then prints the item into matter, drawing it from the ether so to speak...The perks of moving to a different bandwith...Zero-point-energy will at some point in the very near future be discovered and used as an endless source of free energy that never runs out. Science fiction will become science reality. One must keep in mind: the writers of science fiction stories are making/thinking it up..and if one can think it, then one can also create/be it. The possibilities are limitless in potential.

Of course...it is important to mention that all that can be achieved by technologial advancement can be achieved by mental capacity just as well...by thought creation...through intent...

Some day humans will be able to draw matter straight from the ether even, without intervention of any technology/machine/medium....wouldn't that be magical...

In the state of high light quotient in which our individual matrix alters itself to higher possibilities, the outside matrix also has to change/adjust. Thus individuals of higher energy can play with a reality-construct or lightparticles, that are of equal high vibration. The outer reality must be brought into total alignment with the inner vibration. The very build up of all matter is being altered...planetary bodies (like our Earth), human bodies, all materials we work with on this Earth and beyond. Something as closeby as a car or computer is also being adjusted on a atomary level. (which is why stuff may break down) All matter is making the jump from one reality-matrix into another. In other words: our physicality is undergoing new creation...as in a total make-over...becoming multi-dimensional...filled with new light and new potentials....the building blocks of matter are being totally altered/re-created. The very light-particles, the tiniest particles that matter consist of, are being completely altered, as are the bodies of the ones ready to undergo such change. Everything that is matter and form is being upgraded bigtime, the very construct/essence/fabric of all matter, at the smallest atomary level, is being converted into a much higher version of itself, carrying a much brighter light and containing much more potential. And this truly goes for everything that is of form and body!

Many people have gotten so wrapped up in either old conspiracy theories (aliens and "dark cabal" wanting to destroy humanity kind of thing) or have this whole idolizing thing going on...they are almost like groupies of the galactics/celestials...or they keep evoking and worshiping Angels....As long as humans keep doing that they will never "grow up"...Placing everything outside yourself will never get you anywhere...including if it's angels or galactics....(or the people surrounding you for that matter).....Use the info channels give you with discernment....don't ever allow for, even a well-intending, galactic being, to cloud your own judgment/intuïtions....don't give your power away to galactics or any one else...make your own decisions!

"You shall not make cast idols." - 10 commandments - meaning: don't idolize/worship anyone or anything...To thy own self be true...

It is not to be found out there...but in here!...galactics can give some clues and advize on matters...but they do not decide anything...WE DO!...Celestials can offer support but it was never intended that humans blindly follow what the celestials come up with....Our New Earth is not to become a clone of whatever reality the celestials have created back home...

The New Human will eventually learn a technology free life.....as in higher "control" over matter...like: travelling by thinking of the designation and simply going there (like star-trek but without the machine)....or the ability to adjust your body (like for instance if you loose a limb to have it grow back)...to use "the fountain of eternal youth"...meaning: discovering how to communicate with your body/cells/DNA so that it can rejuvenate and keep youth and vitallity in place....(bodily decay came up with the veil but is unnecessary)...Many have already noticed that their telepathic, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant etc. abilities have vastly expanded....and so...there simply is much more to grow from there...And the purification process already leaves you in a state of constant homeostasis, where your whole ethereal and physical system remains balanced at all times...not getting old but ageless, not ever getting sick etc. becuase the spirit that lives inside has mastered its voice.

This whole New Earth will be created by us...by our own unique visions...

The New Human is like a child needing to grow at its own pace...and, although guided from invisibles when asked/needed, the New Child has a Divine right to venture out and explore and grow the way it chooses and suits her best....(like the white dove from Noah's ark...the New Ones will venture out to see if there's a new land out there...and what it looks like...how it can be molded anew...).

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