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Creating with Spirit

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.

God’s creations 'began' with God/Source contemplating itself. There was a void, and Source ‘lived’ there in all its potential. (A void/black hole, is never empty but pregnant with potential/energy, like a womb) One could say Sources’ contemplation sounded like a song, a humming. This humming (Aum) is pure vibration (Many ascendees hear a constant deep humming sound while ascending).

In other words: The Word was in fact a hum, a song if you will. A vibration filled with intent…the intent of Source to be known to itself and explore, experience itself in all its potential facets (which are vast). 

(Music, music instruments and singing are all tools for expression, vibrations, as are paint, colours, even smell and taste are vibrations. They can all bring about a certain emotion. Words and sentences can have a certain rhythm, a cadence or melody. A talented writer for example makes use of this, so that the reader may be taken away by the music of the story).

Vibration filled with intent.

These vibrations were Gods words, his creative thoughts…(Everywhere in the Universe, there is a confluence of energy that is creative and benevolent. Astronomers call this attribute 'intelligent design')

Thus…worlds were created. (The lower the frequency, the denser the mass)

Love and joy are high energies/vibrations. You know this as they can make you feel as if you’re flying –think about falling/being in love and the butterflies, or jet planes, flying around in your stomach-.

Fear, anger, guilt, sorrow, pain and lack are low vibrations that store inside your cells and make you ill -This is where the word de-pressed comes from-. Low vibrations clip your wings and keep you from soaring (Voodoo was based on nothing but the power of suggestion).

(When you read any text you automatically integrate the vibration/implication behind the text. (Sad stories may cause you to cry, funny stories bring forth joy). Like with ascension texts...you may not understand a text when you first read it, the (future) timeline of the text needs to first trickle down, you are not there (yet), in that stage of development. (Like for instance this website contains very high vibrations of future timeline(s)...Reading the same text a few weeks/months later you may well understand it...or your interpretation of it has changed, the words may have taken on a totally different meaning...you now integrated the vibration. Your understanding of things changes with your vibration. As you rise in consciousness, expanding, so you expand in  perception. This is how you can also discern whether a text is appropriate for you...your inner knowing/being will send you a clear signal. Discernment is very important when reading anything...as there is plenty of major humbug flying around out there...you need to be selective and feel what resonates and what not. It is not even the words themselves but the implication/vibration behind the words that do the trick. Different languages use different words for the same thing...it is what they imply that carries the significance...And you need not have any kind of scientific, mathematical or spiritual understanding of anything in order to make use of everything. You have all this ability and wisdom in your being, it is who you are.)

An example story: Something I experienced and wrote about:

"All of a sudden there was a beautiful, much gentler day in between heatwaves and thunderstorms. (Since my life-circumstances are still completely depleted of everything, no money, no car, no people, no nothing, all I do is work! I write and write, and the more I write the more I realize that there is an ocean of information that keeps flowing in through me, ever building, more and more and all that needs to be shared).

Anyway...on that sweet day I decided to take a break from the writing and simply enjoy the day (without money or anything else there really isn't much a person can do by means of pleasure). So first I sat on my balcony enjoying the fresh breeze and a book...then something urged me to get up and go for a walk...put my feet on mother earth...

It was about 7 pm, and so the evening sun held the land in its golden embrace.

As I entered the forest immediately the shadowy calmness & serenity took me in its comforting arms.

As I was entering the soothing cool shadow of the trees it felt as if the undercurrent of pressure was taken away, I relaxed and let it all fall off. The soft carpet of leaves and needles felt like a feather bed beneath my feet. All sounds were muffled and far away. It was only me and the trees. How majestically their stems rose into the sky, swaying softly on the breeze, their whispers tickling my ears, their branches braided together into a marquise of light & dark shades of green. I was totally safe and protected here, so I felt.

Some trees here are really very old. They have seen many times and experienced much. I can never withstand the urge to simply wrap my arms around a big old tree and just stand there, feeling its heartbeat, letting its strength and life force seep through into my own vains, absorbing its vibration of heaven and earth. I love trees...always have. The deeper into the forest I came, the more my emotions rose....I whept at its magic and beauty...It brought out a huge desire for beauty and creation inside of me that I could hardly contain...

As I sauntered on through the woods I heard the little noises of tiny forest creatures all around...

I came to the demarcation point, where the forest ended and the alpine meadow began. I withdrew...backed up into the forest again. The border between the woods and the field was like a golden doorway. The evening sun softly pierced through the arch of sissling leaves, the warm wind that came flowing through that portal was like a gentle caress.

I could not go any further so I just stood there, frozen and enchanted. On my right I heard a noise...when I turned my head towards it I saw a female deer, she had just come in of the meadow where she had been grazing, something had startled her and so she sought refuge in the safety and dark of the forest...just like me.

She stood maybe 20 metres away from me, or less, and just looked at me. She was unafraid...I guess she knew I was no threat to her in any way. Her big wet black eyes gazed at me while here spoonlike fluffly ears were turning in all directions to catch and determine the surrounding sounds. We both stood totally still in the silence of the forest, just looking at each other...a magical moment indeed. Then she simply bent her head and started sniffling the ground in searh of forest delights...I was forgotten...the simplicity...

I could not get myself to get out of the forest just yet. I found a tree trunk and sat myself down, just a few metres from the archway of gold that led to the outside of meadows and scattered houses with further behind them hazy majestic mountain peaks, dressed in orangy pink from the setting sun. The tree branches created mysterious patterns above my head. Scattered rocks covered with mosses formed abstruse moguls in the secretive shades. Everything was quiet and serene as if the forest was breathing with me and I with her. I became one with the forest...

I was on the inside looking out...and part of me never wanted to leave...I was in the womb of the mother forest....Just like being inside my own mind and dreams...I always feel light and happy inside my own thoughts & visions...sometimes opening my eyes is slightly dissapointing...going out into the big world never feels very appealing really...it feels almost unstable and unsafe...no...I feel safer and cherished in my own world...the world behind my eyes....The thought of the outside world is somewhat troubled, it is where "the others" are...who are not of my kind...Being nestled against the bosom of the forest felt much better.

I sat there with my eyes closed. All I could hear were forest noises at the vague background of an outside murmurous world. The sultry breeze that touched my skin smelled of nature in all its facets; the sweetness of the flowers and herbs from the alpine meadows mingled with scents of the forest in all its splendour; earth, musty leaves, shimmering sunlight piercing through the treetops here and there barely touching the ground, the smell of bark, moss and more...much more. I savoured each and every moment of it...fully absorbing the essence of the forest...it was almost like making love to nature...

Still I whept...because as I looked at all this magic and fairness surrounding me I realized and knew: THIS IS ME. I am this forest, I am every aspect of it...its very structure I designed and created...from love. I DID THIS. I saw all of it and KNEW....this was my work...

I was all of it: from he tiniest plant, stone, tree and leaf, the sunlight and the wind....It was all me... and I felt how I was One with every little bit of it, I was inside it and it was inside me....how wise and gorgeous the creation...

And to think half is not even visible...that behind and within the hologram of the trees and the whole forest lives yet another unseen world...worlds even...just in differing frequencies, invisible to the human eye of yet...but this too wil change in time.

As much as nature stroking my being was the most delicious and pleasurable experience I had in a long long time...I had to go back home as night was falling across the land...

I felt almost sad stepping through the arch of light and onto the field...away from the coolness of forest protection...out in the open for all to see...and when I got back home I felt completely relaxed and lay on our lawn, on my back, arms and legs spread as a cross. For some time I just lay there on the luke grass, looking at the evening clouds above me floating by, letting all of my heaviness sink into mother Earth...and all of mother Earths strenght into me...listening to the last whistle of the birds settling in, getting ready for the nights quiet."

What vibration did you pick up from those words?
What did you feel? (Many of those same trees have now been chopped down btw. Two huge tree friends of mine, whom I called the gatekeepers, as they built the archway mentioned in this story, were torn apart as one of them was chopped away. The old trails I used to walk also fell away as part of my old reality in this place...That's just the way of things...More light is now coming in through the openings the old trees cleared, and the new and young trees get to receive that light and grow...into huge old giants themselves)

Words/texts speak to us on much deeper levels.

So, words carry a vibration, depending on the intent or the emotion behind it. Which is why some words can make you feel good and some unpleasant, like when someone is directing their anger at you for instance, that can make you break into a sweat, the same way you can break into a sweat when beating yourself up over something. Or it can get the adrenaline going (as your ego winds itself up over it…The world is filled with adrenaline junkies).

Messages from Spirit also often come to us by means of the Word; in the form of a piece of text in a book or article you come across, or a song that keeps popping up etc.

We all must know by now thoughts/intentions create things. Thoughts are vibrations we send out into the universe/the Divine, they are energies which attract like energies. Humans who fear attract the manifestation of all their fears.

Dark fearful thoughts are (almost) just as creative as light and joyful ones. We have the free choice which we wish to experience.

This planet is not, nor ever was, a world of learning, but a world of free experience, expression and expansion…you can soar as high as you allow yourself to. We are as free as we allow ourselves to be.

Our thoughts do not only create on this Earth…no. The vibrational song of our heads and hearts is being heard far beyond this world….it resonates and ripples throughout all of creation. As we expand through thought, creation and experience, so does the collective of all Creation. This way we serve…the whole…thus God. Nothing is ever separated or stands alone.

So…first of all: How do you address yourself? How do you speak with/to yourself? What words do you use? Do you often use words like: “I was so stupid, how could I do this?” or “I hope I don’t get sick or develop cancer, that is horrible” or “I hope this bill will not be too high” or “I hope I will not be laid of from work” or “My belly and arse are too fat and I am ugly” or “I am getting sooo old and wrinkled” or “I always screw up everything” or “I haven’t got enough time”…etc. (Often these kinds of lines and behavioural patterns have been tranferred unto you by your surroundings. It is a learnt/conditioned way of behaving/communicating)

As with all intentions, the vibrations of those words are creative. Do you see?

If you talk down to yourself a lot, then you are creating a down person/system. The millions of cells in your body hear your every word, and create accordingly, as that is what they were designed to do: to give you whatever it is you wish to create.

In this article  Divine Counterparts and the 11:11  I explained in simple terms some of how creation goes.

You have an ethereal body, with ethereal DNA, and a physical body, with physical DNA. These bodies communicate back and forth. Your words/intentions are stored in your cells, as a clear message: This is what we’re doing/creating right now. The cells of your body communicate with each other by means of water (your body consist of mostly water as that is a perfect medium for programming, storing and carrying information around) and light (bio-photons creating the so called ‘aura’. Pain, of a low vibration, can be seen as red light for instance).

Your whole system in fact is a quantum system. Your physical cells communicate the vibration you chose to your ethereal DNA. The ethereal DNA picks up the vibration and sends out its signal as a magnetic wave-pattern…which in turn attracts the physical creation of the desired experience. It is not as simple and singular as this really. (In fact one can image the ethereal body not surrounding us but within us, as within that body are many layers. One layer takes direct care of the body, another of the communication etc. and they are all intertwined/working together. Everything exists at the same time and in the same place, all at once. Depending on the chosen perspective it defines into something. ex: You may be needing money for a move and all of a sudden someone from your very distant past leaves you his entire estate, or sends you big money. This is a person you already forgot all about. This is how past, future and present work together. The potential for the present was already set up in the past. The potentials are already there, it all depends on what drawer you decide to open.) But I am not going all technical here. And as with everything: You don’t need to know and understand everything that goes on behind the scenes in order to make full use of your creative abilities.

(Your DNA also holds the codes for certain experiences of dis~ease for instance. These codes date way back to your ancestral bloodline. It all depends on you whether or not these codes will be activated and you experience this hereditary defect. You can activate or neutralize it and remove the markers ~A human being in balance and peace with itself and the world around it is basically immune, in a state of constant homeostasis~)

Learn to keep your peace (neutrality) at all times. (There is plenty of information on this webiste on how one can achieve that, like Chronicles ). Accept what is. Relax in it! This now holds everything appropriate for you right now. You created the situation you are in, so OWN it. Take full responsability for it. Don't tranfer responsability unto others. It is your life and your creation. Ask for peace over the issue (´Ask and it is given´) and see in your minds eye what you would prefer the situation to be like. Then let it go and trust the appropriate thing will reveal itself to you in perfect divine timing. (say it: ´I accept this, I created it, I own it, I forgive myself and love myself, I am now changing this situation into something that honours me, thank you´)

The bottom line: the vibrations you send out through your thoughts/intent are magnetic wave patterns that attract that which suits the vibration you are transmitting. In other words: you get what you give. (This can also simply mean that if you are a business oriented individual you’re manifestations will often come to you in the form of a business situation...it works in all fields).

Words and letters are tones/colours/vibrations (So are geometries and numbers). Creating is like composing a music piece or painting a picture. you are composing vibrations into matter. It is sending out a melody (even your heartbeat and breathing are also a vibration/rhythm). So be aware of what you are composing.

So when you are communicating with yourself you would do well to address yourself (and the situation at hand) in loving, soothing and encouraging words: “Ï am wonderful”, “I never get sick”, I always have oceans of time to accomplish what I want`, `I am so very beautiful`, `This body is perfect, it always does exactly what I need it to do´ `I am so loved`, `I did the very best I could, I did very well, I always do well` or ´I can do this´ or  'It will be okay' etc. Say it out loud even, that even enhances the power of the Word. Or speak to yourself as if you are a loving mother addressing her child in encouraging words: "you did excellent" etc. If you can comfort your/a child then why not yourself? Spray on some of your favourite perfume or whatever. Feel good about yourself!

Even if you don’t believe a word you are saying to yourself at first, keep repeating them over and over again. Eventually the vibration of those words will trickle down into your cells and your system will respond accordingly and relax. (And the language in which they are spoken does not matter. Different languages have different words for one and the same thing. It is not the actual word/letters itself, but what it implies that matters, the meaning they hold and intent or (creative) vibration behind/in them).

When you speak or think loving words like these to yourself.....your whole being hears it...ethereal and physical...it is a form of loving communication that lifts up your cells and makes them flow and sing with peace and love, they wallow in the warmth of it......joy.....it's the loving vibration in the words that resonates through your being...(the same way all the damaging vibes are also picked up on, like feeling and thoughts of guilt etc...They result in imbalance....dis-ease...). For example: Thinking of hot sex immediately gets your body into a state of arrousal :).

This also works on a much deeper level even...sometimes when receiving a 'right' intuition or thought, your body responds with a sensation, sort of like an adrenaline-rush. This sensation serves as to extra underline the appropriateness of the thought/intuition. When having one of these: follow it! (like you should all your intuitions really). This sensation is simply an extra stipulating sign from Spirit, via the body.

your pets even adjust to your vibration/reality. Whether you're moody, tired or cheery, then so is your pet. They are influenced by you. In a reality of dis-ease (as created by humans), plants and animals also get sick. That's the programming.

Even plants grow better when exposed to the lovely vibration of classical (or at least harmonious, melodious) music. They become healthier, more resistant against bugs and dis-ease en grow faster and more sumptuously, and offer higher nutricion (The truly wise way of growing things is also seeing what the Earth herself wants to grow in a particular area instead of forcing your will upon her. Work with her, she already knows how). Animals also thrive this way, and when allowed out in the meadows and fields, exposed to sun and wind. Same thing goes for us as humans: loving intent, cheery music, laughing, singing...it all lifts our spirits (Does that mean one must never get angry or sad anymore?...NO...as emotions are the compass we navigate on, we have them for a reason, they express the experience we are having).

Read uplifting texts & messages when you're feeling down (Be it by any channeled entity or human. In fact: one recognizes the purity of a given message by the level of uplifting information it carries. The cheery-er and more loving the message, the more genuine and loving the source. Keep away from sources that see conspiracies and doom and gloom everywhere and who order you to do certain things). Listen to cheery uplifting music and sing along. you will integrate the vibration and intention implied in the message/music into your being.

(As a kid I used to fantasize happy stories before going to sleep...they helped me relax and fall asleep...In fact I still do sometimes...It is in my nature to do this, the same way the ascension and creation and all wisdom that lies behind it was/is in my nature...I even took naps or went to bed early whenever I could so I could be alone in my head with my fantasies, in my own little world, it gave me peace and hope...and time-off from what went on on the outside, a world I did not understand...For many years sleep was my only refuge...fantasizing...and sleeping...It was this very tool that helped me survive. It were my "fantasies" or visions that helped me through ascension as well...uplifting hopeful pictures in my mind...something to work towards...to live for. And at the beginning of my ascension process I wrote myself cards with uplifting and encouraging messages and hung them all over the house, on every door, window and wall I passed...even carried them with me in my purse to read when needed! And it helped!)

Pamper yourself to the best of your ability/your situation allows at the moment. Do a lot of fun stuff, laugh a lot. Even in the most desperate circumstances there are always a couple of simple little joys left (like for me it’s walking/hiking here in the mountains and forests of the alps, it comes at no cost and the alps are the absolute Garden of Eden to me. Free treasures all around. Count your blessings, no matter how small they may be at this time). Stay in the moment, make the best of NOW and don’t think about what might or might not happen tomorrow. Tomorrow hasn’t even been born yet and it may come totally different than you imagined it anyway…depending on YOU.

Undermining words are limiting to you. Limiting thoughts create limited lives and confining, rigid and closed views.

Fretting or worrying over something is creating/bringing to life the exact thing you are fearing/focussing your attention-energy on. What you focus on grows and comes to life. You breathe life into all that is.

You're physical/material outside world/reality must adjust to your vibration. Take responsability for your creations and your vibration!

Besides that: When you place a certain energy, a definition, on a certain situation or person, it is fixed. It has been labelled and defined and cannot be anything else because you decided beforehand what it was going to be. The less you define (yourself included) the more becomes possible. The less preconceived ideas-energies you attach to a certain person/event/situation, the more open it remains and the more possibilities remain open. So keep it free.

When you are afraid and worrying and angry and whatever, you create a situation that cannot be anything else. In these cases you are in your own way as you have closed off all paths. The divinity inside cannot do anything for you, it can not come in and bring you something better because you have defined the situation. When you let go of the issue and surrender it to the hands of your divinity, trusting the best possible solution will come to you, so it will be done. `Thy will be done´

(For instance: One cannot experience free telepathy/clair-sentience/clairvoyance/clair-audience etc. when one has an opinion/judgement about everything. The pre-attached opinion/judgement colours/filters all the information you receive and stands in the way of feeling/receiving purely, clearly and trutfully...neutrally.)

In the old energy creation was done by people of polarity and separation, by contrast. These people live in the fear/matrix and need to control everything. Their ego is the one that decides, out of survival issues, what it wants. Their ego decides/terrorizes/sabotages/controls their heart.

The ego like a spoiled nagging child, enslaved to material things and says: `I want, I want, I want´. This kind of creation does not work. Usually these people say: ´Creating by thought and intent does not work, I tried it´. They do not see that their way of asking does not come from the true heart and from detachment from the material.

They also do a lot of controlled visualizing. They go and sit every morning and evening for a designated amount of time and frantically visualize. That is control, that is not letting it go, trusting and detaching.

Creating must come straight from the heart. Expressing a true desire. (And indeed, fear can also come straight from the heart when one allows one's ego to roam free). Creation does not come from strategical considerations or plain greed. A human that knows he carries God inside knows that there are no survival issues. Your survival/life was ensured the day you were born onto the planet. Do you honestly think any God would put its children in a place where they have no chance of taking care of their own needs, just to watch them suffer, wither and die? Where would be the fun in that? What would be the use of it? Fearing and thus wanting to control everything gets you the opposite of what it is you wish.

Abundance is your natural state of being. So is health.

Say it out loud:"Abundance is my natural state of being. All flows effortlessly to me. All my needs are always met. Abundance is my default setting". Now feel it.

God is like a child that wants to play as many games as it can, have as much fun as possible, and explore everything to the ´t´.

Someone who is born of the Holy Spirit, who knows about the Higher Divine Self inside, knows he/she can create anything she wants. When you know you can create anything then you don’t worry or fret over it now do you? That is the detachment.

Detachment/neutrality is the key to creation. Once you know you are God, you no longer fret whether your dreams will come true…you know they will…so you can easily let go of your vision…let go and let God. God always delivers things in a much better way than we ourselves could have ever imaged anyway.

The divine human also knows that he/she is much greater than anything material/physical. It knows he/she is a spiritual being having a physical (human) experience, not a human having a spiritual experience. This divine human knows she defines matter and matter does not define her. Instead of adjusting her desires and needs to what she sees is physically available to her, she knows that what is available to her adjusts itself to her desires and needs (Like Jesus with the five breads and three fish).

Fantasizing freely, which is not the same as visualising, is breathing life into your dreams. You can breathe anything to life your heart desires, without limit….you can’t fail, you are God.

Fantasizing comes from the heart. Therefore one must learn to know ones´ own heart. Let your mind flow freely to where  your heart wants to take it, let it wander around and venture out unhindered/uncontrolled.

In the New Energy one no longer does something for the money but for the joy. When you follow your joy, all else will follow. To follow your joy you must build a strong foundation of Self-confidence and Self-empowerment (As mentioned above, speak encouraging words to yourself, among other things). But mostly…creating in the new energy is very quick. As we think it, so it appears pretty much already….and often a very casual neutral thought brings it about. No need to linger on it anyway as we know all we want is ours to have…and in fact is ours already.

Keep your creative thoughts as free as possible. Meaning: Don’t get too specific. This way the universe has its hands free to bring you the best possible solution, which is usually far better and perfect than you could have ever imagined it for yourself. Trust God to bring you the best possible solution, which may even be also suited for situations in the future you are not even aware of yet (When I moved into my appartment in Austria I had no idea I was on the verge of the ascension process and that I would need someone to care for me. My landlady took on that job. My whole new setting was created ascension-proof way before I ever even heard of the word).

Fantasize the end-result and don’t bother with the hows or whens, leave that to the divine as that is Gods department. The system of God is huge and perfectly intertwined. Shrug your shoulders as if the manifestation of your dreams is unimportant, which it is, it's only matter, it does not matter (Typical how humans created one word for 'material' and 'important'. Things unimportant are 'immaterial' and things important are 'material'. When in fact it is the other way around, the things that matter are love and joy, non-physical things. Matter does not matter, it comes and goes, love remains, always.) The more you can distance/detach yourself, the easier manifestation can flow in. So stay neutral to whether your desires manifest or not. It's all the same anyway.

Follow the subtle nudges from Spirit. Example: You may be living in an area that is not supporting you right now, You may be unable to find a job there that will support you or something similar. You may have to move out of that area and into an area that does support you (job- and otherwise). It may simply be better for you to be in a different geograhpical area (as every place on Earth carries it's own energy and another place may simply be more suitable of your vibration).

Also: Someone not yet in their heart centre may have a huge and beautiful desire/dream…and can absolutely create it…but since the new energy is roaming the Earth, all inner –ego- blocks standing between the dream and the receiving of it must be cleared out first. This person has some learning to do about himself first. So even though there may be a learning element present first, Know that you are worthy. We are all perfect in our imperfections in order to provide one another with the sought after experience(s). That is how we play together.

Remember: One does not have to achieve in order to receive! 

New and higher vibrating realities cannot come in when all space is taken up by old energy clutter…so it may so happen that all the old gets stripped from you first…to create space for the new to land in. This is nothing to fear…just let it go. It is you doing this after all; your Higher Self is at the helm. At some point you may think:"But this is not what I asked for"...But usually the path to your dreams is paved with expansion-moments and little detours of which you, at that given moment, can't see the wisdom and significance. Follow the little crumbs, they will take you to where you need to go.

People should stop feeling so guilty about what it is they desire and everything else for that matter. Stop feeling guilty and you open up the path for your creations to come through. Don't judge your feelings, thoughts and desires. In fact, your desires are what brought you here, they are your essence. We never stop dreaming and desiring, There are always more dreams following the previous. Dreams make you feel good and you have right to feel good.

You would not have your dreams if you weren’t supposed to live them…it is time to let go of all old conditioning and pattern-thinking. God’s Kingdom is thyne…Desires create worlds.

It truly is a fact that we are the ones not only creating our own reality...we are also the ones that hold it up and together...if our focus or energies are already greatly in place somewhere else, there is nothing holding up the old reality fabric and so it literally falls apart, decomposes...

The same thing: If for instance someone was to open a store but people would not acknowledge its existence...thus no one would go buy there....could the store exist?...no way....If we don't go there, it cannot be...By putting your energy (or money) into something it gets to be....by not putting our energy there or by withdrawing our energy from it and putting it into something else, it simply ceases to exist...

And that is the bottom line for the very fabric realities are made of....our consciousness and energies/vibrations are the key component that hold and weave it all together...without that there isn't anything there....it simply cannot be....

(Which is why now, as critical mass has been reached and many many people are on the ascension path transferring into the new energy matrix, less and less energies are put in upholding the old world/reality structure....More and more people withdraw their consciousness from that matrix and so that old reality fabric is starting to unravel and fall apart...Some frantically try to hold it up but that will get harder and harder as there is less and less fuel in that engine, as more and more consciousness is pulling away from it...people in the old reality do not understand why their world is coming apart...well, this is the reason...and also the reason our mother earth is moaning, groaning and shaking...we're evolving together...isn't that a huge, beautiful and magical event though?...when looking at it from above, from a higher perspective?...The lights in one building/network are dying out while new brighter lights in another are coming online...)

We are the frame that weaves and holds all the fibers and threads of the reality tapestry together....

(You know why humans love magical movies like Christmas- and fantasy- movies and Harry Potter so much? Because at their core, in their souls they remember that such unity and magic was theirs once and is their natural state of being. There is recognition. Magic is ours! Remember the batman sign that lights up in the sky?...That same way your thoughts are being projected into the universe...where she copies the message/picture/vibration and puts all to work to bring you that which you have shown/asked her)

With your creations you express Love...your creations clearly reflect/speak of the Love you hold for yourself. Who you (currently) are is expressed by what you surround yourself with. Just simply being who you are, authentically and uniquely, is more than enough...It is all we are here to do on this Earth. To just BE....to joyfully create what we are, to realize ourselves, without meaning or purpose...by following our inner guidance/joy and by playfully being...having fun creating our wildest dreams...We are here to enJOY the life/existence of form. Your creations are the love you embrace yourself with, like a warm cloak...and all creations are always only temporary...nothing lasts forever, it all gets absorbed back into the Void...so detach...

All we have to do is think/dream/fantasize it...and then let it go, let it fly freely and let it come to us...allowing...while we are being joy...in peace and harmony with ourselves and our surroundings...(=resonance creation)...you need not do anything...All you need is a clear heart...and follow your inspirations/intuitions...and above all: your joys...Do what brings you joy...

Non-reactiveness and Trust (in the Higher Self) can be trained...by not responding to outside circumstances but making the Higher Choice of Trust (in Self) each time (what appears to be) a challenge arises...

Remember: You are in charge of what your life looks like...no one but you. It may take some effort to rewire yourself and free yourself from old delusional conditioning/progamming....but once you learned to not resist and go against but flow with the divine current, life will get oh so much easier and more beautiful. One will adopt a leisurely pace of life...where things simply fall into place seemingly all by themselves, with grace and ease...effortlessly...Trust the effortlessness of life and creation...

Trust the God inside...don't resist it...relax in it...

Creation can come about in various ways:

  • Sometimes by a deeply heartfelt emotion (when you fantasize freely you also feel what living your dream would be like, this too is sending out a vibration) ~When in the throes of ascension one evening, I was laying on my couch in utter despair. I was exhausted and my body ached and I just could not get myself up and into the kitchen to fix myself some food. So I was crying, sobbing and ranting ´how am I supposed to also cook, eat and take care of myself this way?´ At that exact moment the doorbell rang and there stood the upstairs neighbour, a woman I barely knew. In her hands was a pan of hot potato goulash, she had a left over and offered it to me. I accepted with gratitude...and pretty flabbergasted as well I might add. This to me was a clear signal I was always being watched over and cared for~ 

  • A neutral or even casual thought. I once watched the real life soap of a Belgian soccer player, a goalkeeper. As I watched it I was thinking to myself ´Would that guy be as authentic and nice in real life as he is on this show?´ A few weeks later (the day Michael Jackson died) I ´happened to be´ on a Belgian airport as I was flying home to be with my sick mother, and all of a sudden a man starts talking to me from behind. Guess what? Indeed, the Belgian soccer player! We talked for a bit and he was every bit as authentic and nice in real life as on TV. These casual/neutral thoughts can also be placed on purpose, as a clear intentional straight neutral shot to Source (like I once needed a new week planner, which I used as a diary, and so I asked, short and simple: "I want a new week planner"...a week later it arrived in the mail, in the form of a free muster-booklet from some company as promotion material. Thank you universe).
  • Less than a thought, by being. Simply by living your genuine day to day life from your heart. (This one comes highly recommended: just by being) You may be joyfully working in your garden, if that’s something which brings you joy, not minding your thoughts much. While looking around you may think to yourself: ´hmm, that piece of land would be great for growing herbs, but it needs to be ploughed and cleared first. Next thing you know someone may pop up offering to plough and clear the land for you, out of the blue. Or even better, you may wake up noticing it already being done by a helpful neighbour, partner, child or whatever. Anything is possible. There are no limits to what you can create. By being the true and authentic you from the heart, doing what brings you joy, life will come to an effortless and easy flow. (I often get unexpected discounts on the things I was planning to buy for instance…usually I receive stuff all free of charge. Or I receive a donation from somewhere at the exact same moment that I need it most. In the New Energy one lives in the moment so your needs are also met in the moment, in the now, at the appropriate time when you actually need it and not one minute beforehand. Once one of those donations arriving in the nick of time, kept me from being dragged to court because of a bill I could not pay for... This was during my ascension and in that time one is, deliberately, severely tested so one can learn trust and detachement) So follow your joy. If it feels right/good then it is right/good. Your emotions are your compass or thermometre, they tell you the direction you are on and how hot/cold you are. By staying in your joy/heart you are being the authetic you without hiding or shame, you do what you love. And from being authentic things start flowing  spontaneously, all by themselves. (I never made a secret of the process I was going through and what my beliefs are. When people ask what I am doing these days (They asked right? :) If you're not really interested in the answer, then don't ask the question.) I simply openly and honestly share my story...when people ask. As surprised as people may be with the answer, they often also show an interest (with some people I feel I can share and with others I don't)...and spontaneously invite and/or support me in many different ways. This is me not hiding and being authetic and allowing to be supported).
  • Inspired Action. Sometimes a thought or idea of taking some form of action spontaneously pops up inside your head (like sending an e-mail, text or letter to someone you don’t even know). The thought of doing this thing, this action, feels exciting and right. It gets your heart pumping, your happy bubbles bubbling, it brings you joy just thinking about it. Then do it. Don’t go sitting around rationalizing it too much (of course we must always keep our wits about us). These types of inspirations come from Spirit and you would do well to follow up on them, they are there for a reason. This action, although it may be far from anything you were thinking about creating, may turn up to be the path that eventually does bring you the desired outcome. Don’t assume any preconceptions of how the fulfilment of your dreams must come about, keep all pathways clear and open. Anything is possible and the manifestation of your desires may come about in a totally unexpected manner, you would have never thought of yourself. In fact, it usually goes that way. Gods ways are mysterious.
  • Placing Intent. I thought I could never build this website. I figured website building was boring, not fun and I surely wasn’t capable of it. Then I caught myself in my limiting thoughts and changed my way of thinking. I said to myself: 'Of course I can build a website, peanuts!' And so I did, with ease I might add. This scenario goes for pretty much everything. When you are eating you’re food, you may place your intent on the food, that it may nourish you perfectly as your body needs (In fact, this is what ´saying grace´, praying before eating was supposed to be all about. Being thankful for the food you have. Even if you don’t have a lot of it or in many variations, you may place your intent on it that it may serve you as your body needs and so it will. Jesus did it with 5 loafs of bread and 3 fish). You can place your intent to program water to do a certain thing for you…any medium/item like that can be used to place intent upon, yet pure water is very suitable as it has a great capacity for storing and transporting information.

In fact:

Any form of matter is a medium one can place intent upon. Technology is nothing but matter on which was placed the intent of the inventor-builder that had the desire to build such a piece of equipment. Humans could not build machines if they did not have the intention to do so. They always have a clear vision/idea of what a machine should be able to do.

Your body already understands what the intention of a certain medicine or supplement is without you even taking it. Holding it in your hand would be enough already for your body to pick up on the vibration that was placed on that medicine, its intended purpose/working/effect. (Some of the new kids arriving know the contents of a book by merely holding it in their hands or putting a hand on it).

People that suffered the loss of a limb could actually grow it back. The ´phantom pain´ as it is called, the feeling as if the leg or arm etc. is still there comes from the fact that the physical limb may be gone, yet the ethereal one is still there. The blue-print of the limb still exists (in the same way the blueprint/template for all of humanties higher abilties etc. also still exist, waiting to be re-activated. Everything in the physical connects to its ethereal counterpart that resides in the ultra-greater reality, including special energy spots/portals on/within the Earth herself...Everything can always be replenished & regenerated..and suitingly adjusted/customized/evolved...The fountain of life-energy never goes exstinct or dries up, it is infinite & eternal). One can ask the body to regenerate itself back to its original status (And yes, this also goes for losing weight, rejuvenating and plenty more. 'Over-weight' in general comes from millennia of programming the body with the concept of lack, so the body organized itself in a way of storing energies in times of abundance for the expected times of shortage. People programmed their bodies for ages with certain energies, still stored in the family-hereditary bloodline/DNA -like hereditary/genetic dis-eases. What is programmed can be re-programmed. All you have to do is communicate it to your body/cells.). The blueprint for the perfect functioning body is still there in the ethereal and you can re-install it at will. When you know you can, then you can. When you think you can’t, then you can’t. 

I had some pleasant experiences where I was thinking of/visualizing an actual way to keep those big black spiders out of my appartment. Outside they are fine by me, but I do not want them in my house as they always pop up unexpectedly, giving me the creeps. After a while I realized I hadn't had any spiders in my house (and they used to be there almost on a weekly bases). Very unaware of it, the mere thinking about a way of keeping them out had already sufficed to achieve just that. Now I visualize, as it is summer, that when I open my doors and windows, all bugs must stay outside as if I had a gauze in front of my windows and doors, an invisible line/net they cannot pass. Or as if I had a smal canal of water around my house they cannot go across, for the crawlers (This way I don't have to chase any bugs around and/or kill them). Just image all the things you can do with your creative thoughts. (Many people know that if they create the image of a protective bubble around them it can protect them from undesired energies. A New human has evolved to the point where he/she does not need such tools as it is a way of being...and there really isn't anything out there to fear and protect oneself from anyway.

All things material are in fact placebo’s. We don't really need them in order to achieve a similar/same result (Same way invocations of 'Angels', ascended masters and the likes are placebo's, as we do it all ourselves...Spirit/the higher self simply is aware of and recognizes your intention).

What can be created mechanically, by machines and technology, can also be achieved by the power of Spirit alone (Like gene-technology/genetic manipulation - be it for plants, animals or humans -. Simple intent will achieve the same effect. But...why 'fix' it if it ain't broke? God already created everything in perfect balance...Which does not mean genetic manipulation is 'wrong'...as we are God remember?).

People believe certain herbs, crystals or medicine are responsible for this or that working (As researchers ´research´ those chemicals etc, they are already placing their intent on the material. Matter adjusts to the eye of the beholder. They intend to find a certain chemical that can achieve a certain effect, or find the 'cause' for certain dis-eases or re-actions. They have an intent to find and create a medicine (for instance) way before beginning their research. But used as they are seeking the 'cause' outside of themselves...People who are in agreement with doctors/healers that a medicine or herb will heal them, will indeed be healed. People who believe in the side/effects will experience side/effects. People are very skilled in keeping their dis-eases alive. This is why some people benefit from certain treatments and others don´t. It all depends on their belief systems). What you believe is true.

At some point in history there were humans that suffered some kind of injury and decided to put some plants´ juice on it or drank it, unknowingly placing the intent of healing on that plant, and healing occurred. Thus: the plant was held responsible for it (As humans were so used to placing everything outside of themselves and finding a 'cause'. The cause-and-effect-thinking). Same scenario goes for crystals/gems and other remedies (as well as planets/astrology and 'healers'. Certain events occured just as the planets aligned a certain way and voilá, humans interpreted it as if the planet's energy had caused it. Which does not mean one cannot use such beliefs and convinctions in a useful manner). It is all based on intent. So someone comes up to you and says: ´This crystal or herb does such and such´ or 'I can heal you'  and you believe them, you are in agreement…then it works, simple. How did this person learn that crystal or herb had that particular working? Who taught her? Where did this ´knowledge´ come from? For some people using a healer as medium is easier than to trust their own ability, there is nothing 'wrong' with that..Some healers are talented at assisting people to release their blockages.

There are also no addictions, only the belief therein. No one is truly addicted, nor is their body...Just the mere thought (=intention) that they and their bodies cannot do without, makes it so. Man creates his own illusions...including addictions.

Plants, animals and planets all
have certain unique qualities in order to keep nature and cosmos balanced. They are all essential aspects for maintaining natural balance ('Poisonous' plants and animals only carry those toxins as unique traits/tools to sustain themselves by...and other unique species are in turn immune to these poisons, and the only species that can sustain themselves by consuming these 'poisonous' substances, and thus have no competitors in their area of sustenance. It all serves a deeper purpose of balance). If you can accept and trust the fact that when you cut yourself your body wll heal that cut, then why could you not trust that same body to neutralize any so called 'poisons' or 'toxins'? What can kill an animal must not necessarilly also be lethal to a human being. Human beings do not serve the natural balance but they are part of it, as the only thing that alters or destabilizes the natural balance of things are in fact the human Gods, they influence everything around them. (Equinoxes, eclipses, retrogrades and solstices etc. exist merely to balance nature, humans are free of those influences if they so choose. Unless of course they decide to confine themselves to ancient beliefs. Even the planets in our so(u)lar system and other cosmic bodies of influence adjust themselves to what the overall collective human creational energy of the moment is. These bodies only serve to bring in what humanity's 'asked' for, whatever supports humanity's theme and need of the moment, adjusting themselves to the collective conscioussness. New themes ask for new alignments, new energies, new species and new traits...Which is why the old ones die out).

There are also no "good" or "bad" foods. There is only food doing what you believe it will do. Food is nourishment in the form of frozen light. (Even chemicals are nothing but defined light, gasses and solid forms). It is not the exercise, meditation, device or ritual that is the cause for anything. Trust your bodies. your body will do what you intend for it. Give your body what it is asking for without placing any judgment on what you are eating (on the contrary, place happy intentions on it. Place the intent of grate(grace)fulness on your food and that it may nourish you well.)...your body is capable of neutralizing all virusses and toxins (chemicals) coming in, by unravelling them back into neutral light again. That's how amazing your divine body is! See now why your body is worthy and in need of your love? It is a perfect and utterly amazing divine tool we gifted ourselves with! Trust it!

In fact: stop judging your own thoughts even. you're thoughts are going all day, there is no need to frantically try to control them. Even if you had an undermining thought, once you caught it and replaced it (=counterbalance), the effect of the encouraging thought is 100 times more powerful than the dark thoughts you were having. It is about being aware!

You are being asked to (eventually) let go of your invocations, devices, methods, rituals, herbs, crystals, supplements, techniques, mantras, meditations etc., as those are merely mediums and you don't need them. you don't need to place your trust in such things as it is always just you, so trust you instead.

(Invoking any being is merely giving away your power to the outside, and it's always your own higher aspects that answers anyway, no one else. The Angelic realms know how to respectfully and lovingly leave you to solve your own issues, as that is the whole ballgame after all on this Earth! Any humans that say angels came to their rescue are simply oblivious to the fact that it was simply them all along, they themselves came to their own aid in higher form...Invoking is quite a silly activity anyway, as time and space are an illusion, so anyone you would assume to be invoking is already right there, hearing your every word from within the quantum world. They are your family in Spirit and reside within)

Follow your own integrity. If you feel you need to see a doctor/healer/facilitator then do so (For many it is simply easier to place their trust in a doctor and traditional medicine-healing. If it is suiting your vibe, if you are a match for lower vibrating modalities, then use them, let nobody tell you otherwise, trust your gut. Honour all flavours of the truth and use all facilities available to you. Feel what is appropriate for you.)

(The ones that have been (longest) entrenched in 'spiritual' practices, in the old 'spiritual' scene/arena, are the ones that have  most of the letting go to do).

If you feel meditation and techniques and crystals and herbs are the medium for you to use at this time, then use them. But know what is true: That it is always YOU pulling the strings behind the scenes. (Tarot cards and dowsing are also nothing but a medium for intuition...Kinesiology as well, all methods by which Spirit utilizes the body to communicate its needs/direction)

You can place your intent on any crystal (crystals are exceptional for storing and carrying information), glass of water, piece of bread, herb or whatever.

Weddings were originally intended as a tool where people would gather in collective consciousness, in order to place their loving intentions and wishes upon the marrying couple (Like sleeping beauty's good fairy). This is a very powerful & supportive thing to do. There is absolutely nothing 'wrong' with or 'against' marriage. (One could say marriage is an old fasioned old energy thing, and in the old way that is indeed so, as it is based on all kinds of ridiculous expectations, rules and obligations. Very confining. The New Energy Marriage however is all about committing to another for mutual evolvement and growth, exploration and development. A loving agreement to experience life, or a part of it, together, and see what can be taken from the mutual experience. No obligations or rules but a simple commitment to explore this thing together (After all, Ascension was also nothing but a deep commitment by the Ligt Warriors to lovingly serve all worlds in expansion). And yes, if one commits to each other then one also honors the exclusivity of it. Mental discipline over the physical and total openness and honesty. People who have balance within themselves and a tamed ego will have a very easy time with this, it will come naturally & effortlessly (human scientists keep comparing humans and their behaviours to that of animals/mammals...but after all...humans are NOT animals...nor need they behave as such).

Anyway...weddings can evolve into occasions for lovingly gathering and sending the couple your neutral love/intent/support/blessings. A fest of unity and love. Gathering in consciousness/love. Placing Collective Focussed Intent. Asking that they may have a joyful beneficial exprience together, suitable of their own intentions.

Creation is inter~dimensional. It is a game of making vibrations match.

´As within, so without´                                                                               

  • About sending love, light and ‘healing’: If you feel the need to send your loving light somewhere then send it without definition, meaning: Don’t send intentions like “I wish you win the lottery” or “I wish you this or that”, be it to a whole country or person(s). Send neutral light/energy, no specifics of how you would like their issues to be solved, so they may find/create their own appropriate solutions to the issue. You do not know what their appropriate solution is, you do not know what they need, only the divine knows the absolute perfect solution. So don’t define anything about how or when or even if the solution should come to them, keep it neutral and clear of your own energy-imprints. (It is the same when someone is painting a picture and then someone else comes along, standing behind that person and all of a sudden yanks the brush from its hands and starts painting over everything the other one has painted because the 2nd individual thinks that is a better picture). Don’t send anyone your healing unless they ask you to. Healing may not be in their soul plan. You do not decide someone else’s experience. Say: ´If it is in line with the highest good and agreed upon then….´.(and their highest good may be to experience sufferings of their choosing…and for you to be a mere witness to that...When they themselves are done with the dis~ease or whatever issue, they will let go of it...by way of death incl….We are all sovereign beings and perfectly capable of healing ourselves and our lives)
  • Matsuru Emoto already demonstrated that in contaminated/polluted areas, water can also be cleansed by intent. If you feel the urge to do that then do so with respect for the divine order of things. Nothing is ever "wrong" and there is a divine solution anddeeper reason/purpose behind everything. It is always meaningful to consider the greatest good for all parties involved. But assisting Mother Earth in cleaning her environment is a beautiful loving thing...and it certainly works! Environmental cleaning can be achieved by merely thinking about (=intending) the cleansing/purification of the environmental aspect. The (collective) intent can be used for cleaning everything from radio-activity to oil spills and chemicals (gaseous or solid form). The New Energy human is immune to these, but honors its living space and creations to be pure and clean as well, as they want to live in a clean, pure and honest environment. So that the external expression is indeed a match for their inside world of purity and balance.
  • Collective intent can even be used to influence the weather. When a severe storm is approacing a highly populated area, the collective intent could steer it in a less devastating direction...unless of course the area is in need of such a deep cleanse by a severe storm, this can also be the case, especially in these times of transition. As I already mentioned somewhere, always ask to honor the perfect divine order of things. Some storms need to occur, the same way some people need to experience their dis-ease etc. and are not to be 'healed' (you may consider someone in need of healing but their soul may have a totally different plan. It is not until they themselves are done with the dis-ease/issue and ready for healing that they may be healed and will also allow for it. Support other souls in what they want, not in what you want for them, as it is not your choice/decision to make). One could also intentionally calm down those areas that are sensitive to vulcanoe outbreaks and earth-/sea quakes etc....keeping in mind the same honor for the perfect divine order of things.

As you may have noticed: Higher conscious co-Creation is where the Head (mental) and Heart (emotional) work closely together. Masculine (Thought & Action) and feminine (Intuition, fantasizing & detachment/patience) fully balanced, aligned and co-operating in harmony. They dance a beautiful, delicate and gentle pas-de-deux. In the New Energy the masculine plays a supportive role to the feminine. (where in the old duality world the masculine (=re-active and assertive) took the upper hand...and polarity/contrast was the tool for expression & expansion).

And I mentioned this many times before all over this website: Do not give your energy/power away to outside circumstances (even though they are of your making) or people. Do not respond to what the outside coming in dictates, it is all an illusion anyway. Be aware of all the belief-structures (BS) the outside world is trying to feed you. Choose/decide for yourself how you want things to be. Choose your reality, consciously choose your (non)responses. (Just because someone says that being chubby is ugly does not mean you have to agree with them. Just because someone says you are unlovable because you don't look like a topmodel does not mean they are right. you can love yourself regardless, no matter what you look like. you become beautiful and loveable simply by believing/knowing that you are. Love yourself no matter what and the outside world will follow you in that. you are worthy and deserving of love, you are loved, you are a divine sovereign being of incredible beauty!). Keep your power (as in Self~empowerment vs. victim hood). Stop empowering the undesired outside but empower yourself, knowing you can create anything you want, any solution is possible. You create(d) the outside circumstances to match who you are inside. The more you love yourself and give to yourself the more you are opening the door for lovely joyful things to come in. Open yourself to receiveing. Dictate your own life! Don´t allow others to decide for you what is acceptable and what not (not in the field of looks, behaviours etc) Love you, you are a gorgeous infinite and immeasurable being of divinity, you are loved and beautiful no matter what! And know that whatever the situation you created, you have the power/ability to change it! Whether it's to do with the revenues of a natural catastrophe or something else.

First: When we love our amazing bodies as the miracle that they are, regardless of how they look, we can change them...so let go of your attachment to the illusionary outside and tell yourself how beautiful you are....You are not your outside appearance. Love yourself and your creations to life! One must first and foremost learn to know and give to Self. Learn to receive and bring/give yourself joy (inc. sexual pleasure)

True Love comes from the soul (not the ego, like in the old world)...and so True Love does not care what one looks like....

3rd and last.
..if you can't be loved just for you, then you should rather not be loved at all...You deserve True Love, not anything less...First of all one must establish a love of Self and learn to live just for the sake of Self alone. You are worthy of a splendid life even if no one else were to love you or consider you worthy. You can find yourself worthy & deserving. So learn to live just for your own appreciation first. Find fulfilment solely (with)in yourself first. That perfect & loving partner will follow all by itself.

Stop tr
ying/pushing so hard. Relax and let go, give it up. Peace starts/begins within, with you!

Don't limit God (=yourself), anything and everything is possible!

you program all the energy that surrounds you, from your own body to your environment. you are our own universe. By your words/thoughts you are programming your reality The only hell that ever was is the one humans create for themslevs every day.

Humans also think money/resources of any kind can only come to them by doing some kind of work...by having to achieve something in return for it...then so it is...for them...But that need not be the case...at all...Lately I have been experiencing money coming to me in the strangests of ways...literally out of nowhere...I mean no-where...simply appearing in my bank account...straight out of the ether...Humans aren't used to receiving without there being some kind of return-favor...or some kind of effort involved...(this is how they close themselves off to greater possibilities...to pure magic)...Recently I had a cute event where my cell phone credits were out...and as I was pondering on that I thought about how nice it would be to be able to do like Jesus with the bread and fish...creating an infinite flow of cell phone credit that would never run out...infinite resources of all kinds...in every aspect of my life...And guess what?...I have been writing texts for weeks now without having any credit (like Manna from heaven)...my provider texted me that my credits were out weeks ago...still I am able to send texts...and make calls...I don't ask myself how that came to be...I simply accept it...it feels all natural to me...I find it totally logical that miracles such as these occur...I allow them in...We can create anything (To me creating is like breathing...one needs not pay too much attention to it, it comes naturally...following joy. You do it automatically as you go along, as you're going about the 'business' of being).....The idea we have to provide for ourselves by ways of work or somekind of achievement is just another illusion...How free are you allowing yourself to be, how deserving & enabled do you feel you are...that's what it is about...How open to receiving are you, how open are you to be taken care of...If you're under the impression that working and/or selling/business is the only way...than so it is...If you think against the divine flow then you close yourself off/in...Being open to miracles can do wonders :))...Life is not closed off...at all...life always finds a way...if you let it...Nothing is too crazy...don't limit God...Your joy will provide for you..it is who you are...The sky is NOT the limit...And...Gods' Bounty comes without conditions, with no strings attached...There are no snakes hiding in the grass...It is about joyfully, gracefully and gratefully receiving without there being a 'catch'...

In the new world that is no underway there is nothing to be achieved or accomplished...and there need not be any exchange, no quid pro quo. The New Energy is a one way street really, called Receiving, without having to do anything in return.

hen you take good care of yourself, others will take good care of you also...

Confirm yourself: "I have endless resources of money etc."

And although here above I gave some explanations and examples...they are not rigid rules and most definitely not methodes, God forbid. Some people keep referring to thought-creation as 'the law of attraction' and such. Someone even mentioned to me 'the law of opposites'. And there seem to be plenty of laws and rules flying around out there.

There are no laws, creation is not that rigid. Laws are of typical human design/making. There are only certain principles one may or may not work with, free choice. You are free to rise above and beyond any and all of them. Do you honestly think any God needs to make laws for oneself? Locking himself up/in that way?

In the same sense there are no 'chakra's' and such. These are the typical human examples of compartmentalizing everything. (There are also many definitions being used on kids and certain adults as well. Kids are labelled 'autistic' or suffering from 'ADD'...Or people are compartmentalized into either Crystals, Octarines, Rainbows or Indigo's and Blue Rays and what not. Al these names are placing a label on people, stamping them and putting them into a box. Why should everything be confined into a box, a prison? Stop labelling, compartemalizing, defining and confining! There are myriads of beings out there, spread all over the universe....Just because there are certain behaviours the average human cannot comprehend does not mean those beings are actually an different from you. Do they in turn label and name others who behave differently from them? Does a being with an interdimensional view, a so called 'autist', call you a 'flat' because you don't (yet) have an interdimensional view on things the way he does? Nope! Is your name snorrer because you snore at night? Or are you called 'pisser' just because you pee a lot? Would any of those names represent who you truly are? All human behaviour is equally unique and (ab)normal.)

So finally: Get out of definitions, labelling, goals and destinies/destinations. Get out of meaning and purpose. There are none. God is forever in a state of becoming. God has no plan or destiny but simply is in the eternal now-moment, experiencing, dreaming…It is all about joyful creation within each now~moment.

The thought (=seed) =masculine, so is the (inspired) action/taking. The intuition and patience to let it go and wait for it to arrive are feminine (like a pregnancy).

Have fun regardless of what goes on in the outside world, make sure your inside world is joyful and at peace. Just because other people have decided to fight, kill and torture each other in other parts of the world, does not mean you should live in such doom and gloom as well. Joy is needed to counterbalance/oppose darkness. Don't let anyone delude you into thinking you can't be happy just because they aren't.

you can change everything...by using nothing but the electromagnetic wave properties entailed in the sound of your own voice/thought patterns/geometries. (When one feels called to do so one can also use the quantum technology/tools/devices that are now slowly starting to flood the planet...but necessary these are not. One can either work ones consciousness outside inward by use of these tools, or one can work its consiousness inside outward by using the inner chosen vibration...whatever you're comfortable with).

In times to come humans will be able to teleport (=instantaneously manifest themselves wherever they choose, beats driving and flying), draw matter straight from the ether (=instead of using technlogy lsuch as a replicator), use telepathy instead of telephone etc. The potentials are infinite.
..The sky is NOT the limit...

Follow what feels good...you deserve it....

You deserve every bit of splendour & gorgeousness...and then some...

You are greatness in form...

A living act of holiness...

Love incarnate...

Something new is drawing nigh on the horizon...

P.S. I carry every trait from all those groups mentioned here above: crystals, octarines, rainbows, indigo's, blue rays etc. Those who confine would say that cannot be, and that crystals, indigo's, blue rays, rainbows and whatever were/are only born from such a date until such a date and that one is either this or the other, but never all of them. Well, those are just more rigid and confining beliefs and there is no reason whatsoever to stay stuck in them. I am simply all of them...and none of them. Nothing is ever separated or boxed in, it all flows into each other, it all overlaps in a quantum way. We are simply all unique creatures. (I also had a hand in all aspects of global ascension, for decades...I took part in every stage and set-up...as a manager and overseeer...and participant at the same time...I was all over the place constructing on all levels and worked alongside every team...)

I do not define myself, I am FREE!...A pure conduit for higher energies to manifest through...heeding a higher calling...Saturating the world with my Love & joy...

I live without any insurance, no savings account either, no ´safety nets´ of any kind. Nor do I have a job. Spreading awareness is my current ´job´ and I pour my heart and soul into it…

I live by manifestation alone. I always have what I need, it always gets delivered to me somehow.

Am I saying you should drop everything and do the same? NO. You need to do what suits your integrity. When you have not established within yourself the amount of trust needed to live this way then it will not work for you. You must do what feels appropriate to you.

To me the old world feels very distant (the way a modern human would look strangely when catching someone going out hunting with a speer in the bush right behind the supermarket…sort of...kind of primitive and outdated. The way we look at old movies, looking back on antique relics. Thinking: Oh yeah, that's right, that's how they used to do things...in the old days."), very surreal.

The rare occasions I do spend 'time' in the old world, or accidentally observe it on TV, are like having a live-encounter with the middle ages, where it was believed allowing women to read and study would make them infertile, and the Earth being flat...

Or like watching a play on a stage setting, fake...Because that outside world of powerelessness, drama and placing all causes/effects outside of oneself, is not the real world! It is all fake, an illusion, but it keeps those souls busy in their experience (Because: If there were no illusions of dis-ease, then there would also not be any doctor-experiences to be made). Funny huh, to the outside world I live in lala land, when to me the outside world is lala land :). I even can´t normally watch a movie because I can actually see how the actors are acting, how they are faking it, even though I can also detach from this, so I can brainlessly enjoy any movie...In the same manner I also see through people, I know what they are about, and register it when they are being insincere and dishonest. Especially when they are living un-aligned with who they are inside or what they say is unaligned with what they are feeling and/or doing. My ever expanding telepathic abilities amplify that. I now catch actual flares of peoples' thoughts...and the Voice of Spirit I hear as clearly as a mother speaking to her child).

Also my past and future have melted together into the present.

I am not waiting for anything, not living for a better day...I am living & alive...NOW!

By this website I declare my Great Love...It brings me joy to assist my fellow human Gods in coming to full awareness and bloom...and this website helped me to not only share what I learned and discovered all by myself, but also to complete a cycle for myself...where all has become clear...and now it's time to finish up and let it go free...for me this part of the journey is over...and a new one begins...

P.S. about The Word:
(When you read any text you automatically integrate the vibration/implication behind the text. (Sad stories may cause you to cry, funny stories bring forth joy). Like with ascension texts...you may not understand a text when you first read it, the (future) timeline of the text needs to first trickle down, you are not there (yet), at that stage of development/vibration/understanding. (Like for instance this website contains very high frequencies of future timeline(s))...Reading the same text a few weeks/months later you may well understand it...or your interpretation of it has changed, the words may have taken on a totally different meaning...you now integrated the vibration. Your understanding of things changes with your vibration. As you rise in consciousness, expanding, so you expand in  perception. This is how you can also discern whether a text is appropriate for you...your inner knowing/being will send you a clear signal. Discernment is very important when reading anything...as there is plenty of major humbug flying around out there...you need to be selective and feel what resonates and what not.
It is not even the words themselves but the implication/vibration behind the words that do the trick. Different languages use different words for the same thing...it is what they imply that carries the significance...And you need not have any kind of scientific, mathematical or spiritual understanding of anything in order to make use of everything. You carry all this ability and wisdom inside your being, it is who you are. You need not have a mental explanation or understanding for any of it...you already naturally make use of it...you need not analyze/rationalize anything...you created it all after all)

Remember the story about Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz?
Dorothy, the scare-crow, the lion and the tin man.
They all went looking for the great wizard of Oz in the Emerald city, who they believed could solve their problems/issues....when all along they had been carrying the solutions inside of them.
Dorothy could return home by only thinking about it and desiring it, the scare-crow already had the brain he thought he was missing, the lion already had the courage he wanted all along, and the tin man already posessed the hearth he thought failed him.
They all went seeking for solutions outside of themselves...for the Great Wizard...but all solutions always come from within.
You are the Great Wizard!


' Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?
Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?'
' Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.'
 ' And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.'
' And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.'
' Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.'
' Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.'

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