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The Bottom Line of the articles to follow:

"God, our Father, expects us to become perfect manifestations of His idea of perfect man.  This idea of perfect man is implanted within each individual and is the inner spiritual motivation for growing and developing the body, and for all of the conditions and circumstances in which he lives.  This is called the Son of God or Christ and is in every individual as the SEED IDEA, or pattern for growth and development." ~Jesus~

And that God/Christ...we carry within.....The kingdom of God is within you. ~Jesus~

"Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." ~Jesus~

Rise above all your fears and doubts....and LIVE...like the God you are...Neutralize the polarity within...by making higher choices....choose Trust over fear, like a child trusts his parents, you trust the God within to take care of all your needs and desires...Detach from all you learned and thought you were...let go of your conditioning...By changing yourself you will change the world...

"The kingdom of heaven is spread out across the earth, only people don't see it." ~Jesus~

"If those who lead you say to you, "Look, the Kingdom is in the sky," then the birds will get there first.
If they say "It is in the ocean," then the fish will get there first.
But the Kingdom of God is within you and outside of you.
Once you come to know yourselves, you will become known.
And you will know that it is you who are the children of the living Father."

Calamity and suffering are the duality-humans' way to wholeness...through polarity/contrast one reaches Unity and wholism within by gaining knowledge of Self...By becoming whole within, one also becomes whole without (your outside reality will adjust to match your inside reality)....Unify the male (=(re)action, material/physical, rational,...) and female (=restful, ethereal, intuïtive,...) currents within...by overcoming the ego-painbody's re-activeness...which is done by Mental Discipline...the mental discipline to choose Trust over fear, forgiveness over vengeance, Self-empowerment over victimhood and Love over hate...

"You cannot serve God and materialism. ...For what is highly esteemed by humanity is an abomination in the sight of God."~Jesus~

Do not enslave yourself to things material/physical...you are the Creator God that calls all matter into existence (from detachment)...You define the material, it does not define you! You are God...to you are far more glorious than what is  merely seen with the naked eye and touched upon by the bareness of your hands...To allow yourself to be ruled by materialism is beneath you. (Yet all experiences as chosen by divine man, through free will are valid ways of searching for the God within and are thus permitted. God does not judge the experiences man chooses for himself).

"He who rules his spirit has won a greater victory than the taking of a city." ~Jesus~

Mindless re-activeness to the outside (to people and/or circumstances), which comes from the ego-painbody, is the intoxication, it keeps people drunk and troubled...Tame your ego...and peace will be yours...Stop giving away your Divine Energy to the outside...To allow yourself to be ruled by your ego re-activeness is beneath you.

"I stood in the midst of the world, and incarnate I appeared to
them. I found them all drunk, I found none among them athirst. And my soul was grieved for the sons of men, for they are blind in their hearts and do not see that empty they have come into the world and that empty they are destined to come forth again from the world. However, now they are drunk--when they have shaken off their wine, then shall they rethink." 

"Peace. Be still." ~Jesus~

Silence the voice of ego-chatter within, that speaks of worry, troubles and fear. Fear not. There is nothing to fear, you are God.

"Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone." ~Jesus~

Every Human Being is another unique aspect of the one God...meaning: another aspect of YOU....As unforgiving you are towards others...as unforgiving you are towards YOUrself....Don't tell others how to be or what to do...all are marvellously unique and have a divine right to be....Rather focus on aligning yourself with the Spirit inside....your energy is better served there...Turn the other cheek...

Trust yourself, forgive yourself and Love yourself......Once you've achieved that, the love and compassion for others follows automatically....

"When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, then you shall enter the kingdom." ~Jesus~

You are God...there is nothing to fear.....Everything is always in Perfect Divine Order...

To each his own suffering...meaning: don't personalize others' pain...it is theirs to deal with as they are the God that chose and created the experience they're having, so respect their free choice....Don't reward anger with anger, pain with pain and hate with hate but end the cycle...Non-responsiveness leads to neutrality...which is peace....Show compassion for the path the individual chooses to walk...but don't get into their drama...Help if you feel inspired to do so but don't try to "save" them...as there is no reason to...Everyone is always in the right place at the right time for the experience they chose to have, being the Creator God that they are....No one is ever a victim or helpless...allow for everyone to find their own solutions, their own Self...as that is each individuals' divine right, its own personal quest on this Earth...and the way of the Christ...respect that...

Know that there is no judgement anywhere within the Divine or the whole of the Universes for what the Human Gods wish and choose to experience...The Human Gods were created in the image of God and therefor have free choice to create and explore whatever it is they choose...they may dive as deep into darkness as they so wish...or rise above it all, neutralize/balance the polarity of light-dark within and live in inner peace...This is divine freedom.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

"When you strip without being ashamed, and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like children and trample them, then you will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid" ~Jesus~

Be authentic in all ways...have your outer reality reflect who you are on the inside...show yourself as you are, without fear, shame or guilt...Do not surpress who you truly are and do not ignore the desires/visions for life you hold within or it will cause friction/unhappiness inside you...Your dreams are yours for a reason, you are supposed to create and live them, so bring forth what is within you!...This will bring you immense joy and fulfilment as it is you natural divine essence...Live in full alignment with the Christed Spirit within...the essence of who you are...guided by intuïtion, which is the voice of God...and you will radiate it outward, an energy which will change the world...

Be the full splendour of who you are in its original innocense...

Follow your Heart...

Abraham was challenged to sacrifice his son, his most precious thing in the whole world...trusting that if God asked it of him, then it would be the right thing...even though he could not see why yet. God always has a plan, we're just not able to look ahead, and God/The Higher Self/Spirit is...The more on can surrender, the easier life becomes. God does not want anyone to suffer or perish....God merely provides the tools so people get to see...God says: trust me! Surrender to me, let go and trust me!...Let go and let God...

The purpose to Life, t
Human Experience

At the risk of repeating myself over and over again:

Well...let me start off by saying: There is absolutely no purpose or meaning to life. It has no goal or destination...God does not have a pre-destined plan. Basically...we are all just here for the fun of it :)

Great...now that we cleared that out of the way:

So, as I mentioned plenty of times all over this website: God (= WE) had/has the wish to experience and explore itself. Thus planet Earth, amongst many other worlds, was created.

The realm of Earth is kind of special though. It is the only world with free will/choice, that was created in the image of God, basically meaning: The divine human carries all the God-traits, as in: unlimited creative abilities.

Besides that, Earth and humanity also serve to further expand the energies throughout all realms of creation. Meaning: here on Earth we not only use our bodies/matter to experience/express ourselves but in doing this we also change (creational) energy by means of the physical body. On Earth energies get transmuted and thus new energies come to life, which are then, all in a unique and appropriate way for each world, being resonated throughout the whole universe or cosmos (Same way a stone thrown into the water produces outwardly flowing rings. These rings/waves are also a form of energy). It changes and expands All-That-Is for ever. That's why Earth and humanity are so deeply honored and loved throughout all realms of Creation. We serve the Collective of Creation in a very profound and loving manner. Everybody benefits from the game that takes place on planet Earth.

(The Light Warriors that incarnated on Earth over the last few decades, stem from many realms throughout the cosmos, worlds with and without form. Planets/stars but also worlds of pure collective consciousness/energy. Those Light Warriors serve to transmute not only the energies of Earth but also reverberate the new vibration back home, so that their whole home-world gets to reap the benefits. The Light Warriors serve as radio-receivers and -trasmitters that not only receive cosmic energies filled with collective intent, absorbing them into their bodies and anchoring them deep within the Earth. They also serve to transmit these newly acquired energies back home..and throughout the whole world of course)

Earth, and the games played on the Earth stage by her humans, provides the whole of creation with fresh, new vibrations/energies. All worlds serve each other one way or another, nothing’s ever separate. We are one whole. (The human body is nothing but water and energy after all). Every individual human is also part (organ, limb or cell) of the ONE whole body of humanity/collective. They all interact with each other in order to evolve, experience and expand. All is connected, from micro- to macro-world, they all revolve in and around each other. The Collective is our entit...our life/existence takes place witin te entit of collective.

(Earth also stores/memorizes all the energies that ever resided or were created upon her in her grids. This is what some people refer to as 'Karma'. Any soul coming to Earth gets influenced by the Earth karma. It is the energy they are born into and that pulls at them (mis-interpreted by religious doctrines as original sin, for which baptism was assumed). One must posess strong mental discipline not to get sucked in by the energy of karma. Although those that re-incarnated on the Earth have plenty of memories stored in their souls about their previous lives, this is not Karma. It is the energies of Earth that awaken a certain way in people, this may be a response to previous lives for those re-incarnated souls. Not all humans have incarnated before. Some, like me, are here as first-timers. For me the Earths' Karma was like a thick suffocating blanket. I assist(ed) in whiping that old slate clean. One could say the Soul is like the harddrive that stores information of all previous experiences, including the energetical blueprints with which one is born. The blueprint is like the software. The Higher/God Self steers the whole thing and sits at the helm).

Know that every human being is a unique aspect of the ONE same God...meaning: another aspect of YOU.

First of all, the fact that you are God also implies that you create(d) everything around you.

Free will leads to the fact that all human gods have the right and the freedom to choose any experience they want. The human thoughts (= the vibration of the Word) create everything they contemplate. Thoughts get translated into the physical experience, by attracting the manifestation of the vibration the thought sent out.

So…humans are free in their mind…they can think whatever they want…and that way they also get what they are contemplating.

A human with a lot of fearful thoughts will attract the physical experience of all its fears. A human that thinks thoughts of joy and abundance will get the manifestation of those.

We are here to create, experience and enjoy the physical...no to become a slave to it...

In the old theme of theme-park Earth, the theme still being exercised by the majority of human souls currently residing on the Earth, the game was ‘expansion by means of contrast’ (the theme of expansion through contrast - or suffering and lack- which is the polar opposite of evolving b means of joy and abundance-). Or: finding the path to unity and peace within by experiencing separation, or the contrast to holism, peace, health, abundance and joy. This was/is the quest. The polarized/separated human creates from contrast (by experiencing the opposite of what is deemed pleasant, one gets stimulated to ask for/create that which is agreeable with one's own unique nature. This way one gets to explore himself and his emotions, mental capacities and of course the body and the material plane). The human being that lived within the (illusionary) matrix of separation did not know he was God also and thus did not know he created everything around him and within him.

Currently the Earth is transferring to a different theme or server. The new theme is all about expansion by means of/experiencing holism and creation within that field. This type of creation comes from unity with Spirit (=the Higher Self or God-spark within). This type of human knows of his sovereignty and the God within. Also called Christ- or Crystal consciousness.

If there were no more monarchies, for instance, then there would be no more royal experiences to be made either. Some day that will be the case though.

So…how does one deal? How does one reach peace and unity within when the world seems to be falling apart…and your own life as well…and people are suffering and being nasty and angry or whatever type of pain they display.

  • When people direct anger or worse at you…don’t reflect it back at them. Whatever they may say about you, behind you back or to your face, it shows more of whom they are and the pain they carry than it says anything about you. So do not respond, stay neutral (turn the other cheek). You need not suffer/accept the pain they are trying to inflict/transfer onto you. Don’t harbour feelings of revenge or retaliation either, there is simply no need. Responding is giving away your power to them, handing it over. Are you going to believe what they say about you? Because they don’t know about you, they can’t, only you can. The part of you with the urge to re-act to whatever it is people are saying is your EGO-painbody. It tends to scream in immediate pain, reflecting back the pain of the other party. (This does not mean those people are ‘bad’ and you are ‘good’. Non-reactiveness/neutrality simply means you have learned to control your ego-impulses and they have not (yet). It simply shows they are still run by the energy of the old Earth-theme and you are not anymore. Don’t judge anyone for the pain they carry and the experiences they are having because of it, as they have a divine right to it. It is their prerogative to explore which ever energies they choose.) The other thing is also true: What you feel and think belongs to you and no one else. No need to discuss or criticize, it is yours to deal with, no one else's. It is your feeling/thought after all...and we're all unique in our processes.
  • Lashing out to the outside, at other people, means you are running from the inside. It is distracting you from what's real and true. When you're busy judging, labelling and telling others who you assume they are, you are wasting your energy, and who you are eludes you. (It is not your place to try and correct/control/steer other peoples' authentic expression.)
  • Don’t go telling others how to be or what to do because they are unique individuals, as are you, and you don’t know what is right for them. You do not know what they need, only they can figure that out for themselves, that is their quest. The other is also true: They do not know what you need, so don't allow for others to speak to your insecurity or allow them to disturb your balance. Choose the highest possible way for yourself, honor yourself that way...and honour others by allowing them their free choice & interactions...Don't assume you know what is appropriate for them. It is not your place to decide. It's not about agreeing or dis-agreeing with someone else...it's about finding and following one's own truth
  • Everyone is wired differently, processes things differently and thus develops/evolves differently, this is entirely unique for each individual (That's why the current educational systems, where one size must fit all, shoot straight passed their purpose and need to reform, drastically. There are so many young people getting stuck in them now that they will ensure the reforms to happen). Some go fast, others slowly or not at all...Everyone has their own way and his/her own motivations...And everyone is at a different stage of development.  There are many stages one goes through (on the way to unity peace), and all stages are of significance and value. (Even books like "The Secret" and the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra, and such, and even old metaphysicists, authors and philosophers such as Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Walt Whitman, Neville Goddard, Rudolf Steiner, etc. were of value on the path to greater collective awareness. Although not in itself New Energy works and most certainly not written by ascended souls. All stages humanity went through so far made ​​him more aware) During the current global ascension process as well: Some go faster and carry a larger portion of the collective burden, and integrate the incoming energies at a much higher/deeper level. Some are not Light Warriors at all and only go through their personal process and transmute only their own energy, not anything collective. Everyone in a manner that is uniquely befitting of him/her, in accordance with the agreements they made. Which of course does not mean that the path the ones carrying more burden walked was in an way harder than others', there are no gradations in suffering and all is relative. We are all equal yet we're not the same. Our treasure lies in our versatility. Some are simply more experienced and wise souls. It is advisory to use these individuals to pull yourself up by, not to blindly follow en build your life around but merely to use for inspiration. This is what they are here for.
  • One may definitely feel compassion for others and what they put themselves through but there is no need to suffer with them or 'save' them. You have your own quest, they have theirs (be it experiencing a different sexual orientation, a handicap, an illness, a natural disaster etc.) When you hear of people in catastrophe areas then know that they are there for their own reasons. If you feel compassion for them and you have the personal (financial) room to send them aid, then do so (take care of your own needs first though! No sacrificing is necessary!) But do not take on their burden…because that will prevent them from taking it on themselves, from taking responsability and creating a way out of it. So don't personalize other peoples' pain. There isn't anything 'wrong' with loving acts of kindness if your heart calls you to it...just as long as you don't sacrifice yourself and your own wellbeing. You come first as one cannot pour from an empty can. There is no need to make anothers' suffering your own. Leave their feelings with them, they are not yours to take on. Have compassion for your Self that way. They create their reality as you create yours. This is not being insensitive or unloving to their feelings (on the contrary), this is in fact very sensitive, soft, gentle, respectful and loving, allowing them the space & freedom to live on their own terms, no matter how harsh they may make it for themselves. Learn to distinguish between what is theirs and what is yours. 
  • Everything is always in Perfect Divine Order. Sometimes things may seem chaotic but they actually never are. People are always in the right time and at the right place. Even if disaster strikes, at their soul-levels they know exactly what they are doing. Every challenge is also offering an opportunity to rise above it. Spirit does know and foresee the potentials for disaster worldwide, so if your inner voice or feeling is telling you not to go somewhere or to get/move out of a certain area, then do so. Follow your instincts/intuitions, that’s why you have them after all. (I once read a story about the Titanic, how one of the passengers was racing to get to the debarking of the Titanic in time but just could not seem to get there. There was something blocking the road, then the car broke down and even the train used as replacement ran out of coal. That person ended up missing the debarking and the Titanic sailed off without her. After hearing what had happened to the Titanic on that 1st journey, that person understood that she had been protected by divine hands. Remember this story when Spirit is giving you signs, proddings and messages to go or not to go somewhere). God is all around, one must only see and hear it...so be aware and allow.
(Note: People usually assume all is always in perfect divine order all by itself...Things are in perfect divine order because of the perfectness of the divine (human) interactions, make no mistake about it!...This divine perfection comes about by the divine perfect humans who interact, and the influence that has on everything surrounding them. Like throwing stones into a puddle and all the circles that appear where the stones hit the water rippling outward, into each other. It does not occur all by itself! One could call this: One being in action...We are always right where we are supposed to be...(And for some this means being the catalyst that sets things in motion for others...This is also perfect divine action. Some very aware higher level being/individual may even consciously utilize this to assist others in getting un-blocked (The way in certain cases some people got "visited" by what they call Angels, ascended masters or Pleiadians or whatever, delivering to them a message. (In Biblical times it was often the appearance of "Angels")....If this indeed is what Spirit informs these higher level beings to do in all appropriateness...than this is not interfering but always being guided by divine hands. I have often been asked by Spirit to engage in such delicate actions, delivering the message, always with pure and neutral loving intent behind it, no hidden agenda (like ego), and very often at my own expense (as people often got very angry and dark/upset by what I was sharing...This helped however "move" their energy). The only reason a higher level being would ever engage in such an interaction is when it's really important to the general development of everyone involved, it is a deeply loving service (as sometimes people are holding themselves back and/or are unaware that they are allowing themself to be held back by certain influences around them, keeping them stuck)...In this case it is a very respectful and supportive thing to do...Most people on this planet are not aware of nor ready for such loving respectful interaction though...and it may be severly misjudged as something "bad" by those who are not as aware. Yet it is loving service of the highest order..and only the ones able to carry such a high responsibility will be asked to function in this manner)
  • You see it happening all around on TV shows and what not: all attention is getting directed to the outside. ‘Stars’ and ‘celebrities’ are being idolized and adored (worshipped basically) and also severely criticized, ridiculed, judged and the likes. Politicians are being scrutinized. People in the public eye are either being adored or condemned. Stop directing your energies to the outside and giving it your energy. Others’ peoples’ lives are other peoples’ lives, they have nothing to do with anyone else. There are many ‘news’ programs on TV and the internet and all around and they all talk and talk and talk, yet nothing much is being said. It usually contains a whole lot of drama and peoples’ opinions/judgments about that drama. Drama, drama, drama, it repeats itself over and over again. Every little drop of drama gets squeezed out and recycled. Even dramatic events of hundreds of years ago still get re-chewed, wars and ‘victims’ keep getting remembered in all kinds of ceremonies and programs. Those Souls that were present in those dramatic events at that time are long gone! They either went home and are relaxing there or came back in many different lives already in the meantime. They have no use for anyone remembering their tragedy…and it only gets the vibrations down of the people watching/doing it. They keep re-living the old traumas, thus breathing new life into them over and over again. It keeps that energy stuck. (It is a far different thing to remember those that passed on by feelings of gratitude, love and honor for who they were to us). Other programs, websites, magazines whatever, all have panels and judges. American idol, x-factor, project runway, etc. Judge, judge, judge. Programs about loosing weight or being too skinny, shows about plastic surgery, dis-eases etc. All displaying how bad a person is supposed to feel about himself and the world around him (Commercials and the likes also create/awaken a false need/image in you, a need you do not really have, an illusion. They program you in this manner, implanting a certain way of being/need in you that is not yours). You're constantly being bombarded with whole blobs and chunks of DRAMA! If you truly wish to get out of a polarity based life, and into peace than be discerning of what you’re watching/engaging in. Be aware of the energies that are being transferred onto you all day long from many different corners. Be discerning of what you expose yourself (and your children) to.  A reality that has no one paying attention to it, holding it up, cannot sustain itself…so place your focus elsewhere, on joy, beauty and love. In the beginning this is someting that takes effort and awareness at all times...eventually it becomes something you do naturally/automatically, as a way of life, a natural state of being, integrated. Like a trained muscle. It requires a shift in focus, a shifting in where you place the centre of gravity for your energy. Don't allow yourself to be consumed by other peoples' lives.
  • When things and/or people are falling away around you then let them go. Don’t hold on frantically out of fear. Certain things need to go sometimes in order to create the space for new ones. So let go what wants to go. Yes, you can live without that relationship, that house, that car, that job, that savings account and that city/village and family or friends. Some people around you may fall away through death. Death is merely a transition to another way of life, so you may miss them some, even though they are never gone, but don’t dive into the drama; you absolutely can live without them! They are not ever your reason for living/being. It is your divine right to let go, instead of frantically holding on in the way you were taught. You are going to be okay regardless if you trust. Keep in mind that the situation you are left with is an opportunity for you to expand by. There is a learning element present. It is sending you a message. You are being offered the possibility of rising above it all…It offers you an opening/opportunity of gaining insight and change...the people/situations/things that left you gave you that gift of opportunity. Honour them for it and take advantage of what they so lovingly provided you with, don’t let it go to waste by hiding in your cave or endlessly re-chewing the loss. Instead of keeping yourself stuck in sorrow and drama, look at what the situation teaches you or has taught you. See the loving gift for growth! Be glad & grateful for it. Let it all die away, let it go, release and don’t fear or worry. It is a cleanse. Something far greater awaits on the horizon! Take life into your own hands, take back you power and know that victim hood and self-pity is poison to you!
  • This definitely includes relatives/family members. They especially are in your lives so you get to grow and explore you personality into wholeness. You have no obligation to be around them or in their lives even. You have no duty to anyone. Also let go of your guilt in this department. Choose YOU! You can simply choose to love people from a distance if they are not a complement to your life. They too will learn from the experience.
  • When God offers you a hand then take it! Gods aid comes to you in the form of people (=God), so when your washing machine has broken down and someone offers to do your laundry, or better yet: buy you a washing machine, then take it! (When my washing machine broke down, in a time where I had no money whatsoever, it taught me how to receive (support). My landlady offered to do my laundry for me. Everything always gets solved somehow). When you have no money and someone wants to give you some (with no strings attached) then accept! Divinity speaks and comes to you in many forms so don’t push any of them away out of old ideas of guilt or because you think they are weird or whatever. Aid may come from most unexpected corners. So, simply say “thank you” and be on your way. Gratitude is of a high vibration.
  • Don’t go clinging to people, groups or organisations out of fear and worry and don’t leave the solving of your life up to them. (These usually have many doctrines, dogma's, memberships and rules which only serve to create more confinement than anything else) No guru, therapist, living community (those usually have lots of rules of conformation as well), celebrity or politician or anyone for that matter can give to you what you need, or do or know for you what is required. Only you can. Do not run away from the issue by loosing yourself in sex, food alcohol, drugs or whatever. There is simply no need. For every problem there is also a solution, that is the divine balance. ((Hateful) organisations are often full of insecure, fearful and wounded people…so are churches, temples and mosques. It has been the human way for millennia to cling together, it makes them feel safe within their 'pack'). Don’t judge people who are members of such organisations, it is their own unique way of searching for God. Don't be a brainless follower of anything and don't dedicate your life to anything but yourself and your joy. It's the followers that make the leader.
  • Don’t evangelise anything, wait until people come and ask your counsel but never meddle. You can put what you know out there, the way I am doing with this website, or on a forum or in a comments section somewhere if you feel so inclined...and then the divine will naturally gravitate them to your message, if it is indeed what they need to know. Every situation calls for a different approach though...one must feel what is appropriate...Put it out there in a neutral fashion without any expectation or agenda (Don't go door to door with your message!) and let them do with it as they so choose...(Even if you feel beforehand some may respond badly to what you have, that does not need to stop you from putting your truth out there and living it ...they are under no obligation of reading it or doing anything at all with it.)
  • Many parents right now are dealing with a different type of kid. Children now are not the children of 30 years ago. These kids are also sovereign divine beings with a character they came to experience. The notion that children are born as a ‘clean slate’ or ‘tabula rasa’ is simply not true, they are experienced souls with pre-formed characters. They too have a general idea of what they came here to experience, a pre-disposition they created before birth. You cannot fuck up you’re kid (It’s already born that way, just kidding :)). Parents should stop being so anxious about doing everything ‘right’. Your child chose you as its parents for a reason, because they knew you could support them in the experiences they seek, sometimes by giving them the contrast they need. You may trigger certain ways in them to come to life. yes, your child will be unappy sometimes, there's nothing wrong withhat, that is how they (and we all) learn and discover. A child in an ego-rant, wanting to have it's way may best be left alone to cool off a bit, to be talked to afterwards. Ask them what was going on there, the answers may surprise you. Allow your children the room to have their own trials and errors. Raise your children in the awareness that solutions do not come from the outside byhings for them, but that all solutions come from witin. Allow your children the freedom to find their own solutions. Give them 2 or 3 situations to choose from, offering them some amount of freedom, some options, so that may feel like they have a choice and not are being told what to do. None of us likes to be ordered around, nor does a child. It is not within us to follow orders blindly (But don't go into endless discussions with the child either, as the situation must remain live-able for you as parents as well. They must respect your space as you must respect theirs. Be clear about yourself and what you want from them. Kids need clarity and honesty more than anything. This also goes for drawing a line in the sand and not crossing it, kids understand, and desire, clear bounderies, so stick to it. Don't give in to the ranting and crying ego of the child, it will settle down once it realizes all the tears and screams will not have the intended effect. So stay neutral. Discipline is not punishment.) Show your kids the responsibility they have for how they feel about things and how they deal with them. Comfort them when they ask for it, but don't smuther or adore them so. Some of these 'new kids' mayhave a hard time organizing things, putting things in the 'right' order, or be on time and such. This is because they have a different way of interacting with 'time' as they come from timeless realms, they don't have much of an understanding of 'time' and 'order' and may need some assisting in these areas. You can think of games and tricks to help them cope in this field. Many are parenting such special souls (which can now be born with the energy of Earth at a much higher vibratory level) so that these parents can jump in for their kids and support the revision and transforming of education/school systems. The new World and its new humans/kids need much different types of education/schooling. So this too serves a purpose. (A lot of these 'new kids' are either totally boggled or totally bored on this world as things here are unknown to them and move way too sloooowwwww (Think ADD), as humans tend to overcomplicate and dramatize. Where they come from things may be timeless & spaceless, thus simpler and a lot quicker or even instantaneous. Many of these kids don't do well in rigid systems as they are wired differently...they may turn to alcohol and drugs in order to cope...They are vulnerable in this world). Allow systems to fall and transform as they must, don't hold them up out of fear. Let go what needs and want to go (Civilisations and species as well have come and gone over the millennia, this is simply the divine way of things, it is the in- and outbreath of God). Change is a constant throughout the universe. Teach your children the Truth about the unity and equality of all people, about who they are and what Earth and humanity are all about. Teach them the magic. Etc.
  • Loss and suffering are not punishments from God, they are self-inflicted/created by human gods…and they interact/play together within their stage/setting. What is a match of energies will draw together. Don't bother with what might or might not be tomorrow, you live NOW. What is appropriate for you in this moment is already there. There are no accidents and coincidences. Accept and make the best of NOW, it will change what the future holds in store for you,  when you change your perspective on things, thus adjusting your energy/vibration. you are the key. Once you have learnt to master your responses to outside circumstances,you will have mastered yourself...and thus your reality...as your reality adjusts to who you are/what you are about...You go from victim-hood to God-hood...see Creating with Spirit. (Unfortunately the majority of humans place their focus on everything they dislike and don't want....which is rather ineffective to getting what they say they actually do want. When you wish to see joy and happiness in your life, then that is where one must place it's focus/gravity of thoughts & actions...)
  • It is natural that in the world of separation people misunderstand each other. The ego-painbody chatters and screams away in fear of its demise. The ego is actually very animalistic in that it is driven by fear of not-surviving, so it fights and kills. So, what is being heard isn't necessarily an accurate interpretation of what is being said, as it is received through certain ego-filters. (you too interpret the world and information around you through a filter of your own trauma's, pain and experiences. The ego is tamed by counterbalancing the ugly tougts by beautiful ones each time you catch yourself, by using the voice of your mental discipline. This way you can change what the ego has accepted as truth. you decide what's true. Simply choke the fearful judging voice of ego). People will mis-interpret and twist each others' words until they're matching of their own vibration and a become a clear reflection of who they themselves are. (In a similar way 'UFO's' get rationalized away as if they are mere weather anomalies or millitary tests etc. Other 'Unexplained phenomena' get treated that way as well: what cannot be explained according to the ruling belief-systems gets adjusted. When archeologists find information/traces/artefacts of things they cannot explain, as it is a novelty (like Atlantean/Lemurian remnants), they simply interpret it in a way that adjusts to their frame of reference, to what they think is possible. People adjust/twist information so that it matches their own belief-structures, their idea/mold of reality. That way it remains within their comfort zone...Or certain 'unsettling' information is simply hidden from the masses under the credo: What they don't know, can't bother them...thus no questions can be asked either). Simply accept that you all speak a different language, according to your own culture, upbringing, conditioning and such. This is the Tower of Babel. Everything gets taken personally. Know that there are many different vibratory levels present on this Earth at this time and they all speak a different language. Don’t try to understand the other but understand you first, the rest will eventually flow from there. Some day they will all come together and speak the same language of love and unity.
  • Embrace yourself (all of yourself, including the dark bits, acknowledge them..and forgive yourself for them)...let go of all the turmoil and pain around you...this will help you to release the pain and turmoil within....and vice versa...The best thing you can do for this world and yourself does not lie in correcting what others are doing...it lies in you finding & establishing your own peace, your joy....(not in keeping the cycle of pain going by transferring/projecting your own pain onto others, or allowing them to project their pain onto you...Just because you are miserable does not mean others have to be as well, and just because others are miserable does not mean you have to be as well...You need not go there. You have a choice...Learn to make the distinction between what is yours and what is not. Don't let your power seep away through your fingers like sand or water by focussing on others' pain and allowing it to drag you in/down. Stand tall and firm like an oak in Self-empowerment and Love. Be determined...You can see yourself through anything...and there is a solution for everything). Be the best you can be for yourself first...Trust, love & forgive yourself. You are not responsible for what the rest of the world does...You are only responsible for your own happiness...and once you've established that, it will naturally ripple and radiate outward from you...and change the world around you...You will be a catalyst for change in the world by the amount of love (for yourself) you emanate...(What people have surrounded themselves with is indicative of the energies they carry, how they feel about themselves, and the amount of love they hold for themselves). When you do well by yourself, you automatically do well by the whole. If the whole world were to hone these simple principles, Humanity would be in a totally different state. Life was intended to be a loving warm embrace, a means to express the love you hold for yourself by. We are here to play, for love and joy, for ourselves and creation...There is no other purpose for existing...There is only joy and love.
  • When you’re in a situation where everything falls apart, and you’re experiencing great loss...and you have no money and are down and out…and you have angry bill collectors chasing you and threatening to drag you to court (They want you to fear them as it gives them control over you!)…and you also have cancer and you’re husband/wife left you (for another)….and you’re dog died…and you parents/friends/child(ren) too…then simply ask for peace over it all. The wisest and simplest thing/remedy to do first is ask for peace over whatever issue. Say it out loud! Detach from the situation knowing it is a self-created illusion you can change at any time. See where the learning theme is, what is the situation teaching/telling you, see behind the obvious. And then see/visualize what you would like the situation to be like. No matter what the illusion of the outside world is telling you, do not believe it if it is not of your liking. You can re-create something better. Know this at all times. Don’t fret or worry but trust in the God that you are. Trust in the divine abilities inside to solve whatever issue for you…as long as you detach and trust. For every problem there is a divine solution already created that you just can’t see yet, it will reveal itself in due time, when you have gotten out of the way (by trusting and surrendering to the hands of God). For every problem there is also a solution, that is the divine balance! Put the bills aside for a while and know that they are already paid for/solved. Yes, you can...
  • When you're experiencing a situation where, for instance, you're living in a neighbourhood where your neighbours are very loud and abusive to one another, incl. you, and are being very inconsiderate of others (or even abusive towards their children, spouses and/or animals)...Then, instead of turning to the neighbour asking them to tone it down and even enraging yourself as well, maybe even calling the police....Turn inward to the God inside and ask Spirit to bring you the most perfect and loving solution for all parties involved...And if that includes a move, then ask for support doing just that. Don't think moving is running away and giving them their way. It's not about them, it is about you and how pleasant you are allowing your life to be. Sometimes darkness merely serves as contrast to push you into asking/demanding something far better for yourself, so that a summoning can occur...Not by trying to force the other one into changing his perspective/ways/behaviour, but by you changing yours...The rest will follow from there. Forgive yourself for having manouvred yourself into such a loveless position/environment (you created it after all)...then CHANGE IT! People are always so judging of themselves....which is why they are also so very unforgiving towards others...Show yourself (thus the other) some Love. Stop being so hard on yourself and so demanding. The situation may simply be solved by you asking your Spirit for a peaceful environment that is supportive to who you are. Your surroundings merely reflect back at you how you feel/think about yourself. If you want peace then ask for it, give it to yourself, allow love in. Love cannot do anything for you if you keep on treating yourself badly and judge yourself so harshly. This way you are in the way of the flow of all good things. Your negative feelings towards yourself are blocking anything pleasant from coming to you. When you treat yourself with kindness, love and respect, then so will your surroundings. So stop fighting and struggling! (I myself experienced a situation where I got new downstairs neighbours...a single mom with a little boy of 2 years old...The place I lived was an old fixed-up farmhouse with wooden floors. When that boy was playing downstairs and running around, the noise was so loud it drove me bonkers. The little boy was very sweet and cute but that wasn't the issue...And I was in the midst of my ascension-process, so being over-senstive to noises, among many other things. During ascension one can become VERY overly sensitve to the outside world, one can really become a recluse. So I asked Source to bring me the best possible solution for all parties involved....What happened was the woman found a man to love her...and then they moved in together in another bigger place. The new downstairs neighbour was a gentle gay man who worked most of the time (incl. nights), thus hardly ever home at all. Thank you God!....But I also see now that this was a situation where I was being asked to use my God-hood...for my own highest good and that of everyone involved)
  • The majority of societal rules and regulations about how one should be, live and behave are based on a lie, an illusion. Your conditioning is your imprisonment which was bestowed upon you to keep you in line so others would not have to fear (yet they still do anyway). Figure out for yourself what is true for you and leave others to their truth, You cannot, and it is not you place either, convert anyone. Everyone is running their own program(ming). Many programs date back millennia, when they were 'implanted', and were re-awakend in some form, lifetime after lifetime. (Many people do not spare the rod on their children, and abuse (also sexual) is a common thing in some populations. The programmed energy of slavery stored in the cells is still working through in the black community, that abuses its children and peers. The endless struggles and fights in the 12 Arabic/African tribes/countries have their roots back in ancient times...And there are endless more ancient programmings (like the conflicts in Ireland and many other issues worldwide). Those pre-programmed energies of abuse and conflict were tranferred from generation to generation. Many cultures, families and tribes have their ancient issues. The programs the cells and Earth grids (=karma) were implanted with, and thus stored within (DNA), are still running the show...yet the slate is being whiped clean now in these apocalyptic times...it is all being pushed out).
  • Listen to universal nudges, they may come in the form of a song or a piece of text you come a across (One day as I was in the depths of my ascension goo, I asked the divine what the hell more it wanted from me, did it want me to die? At that exact same moment a ‘pro life’ demonstration walked by my balcony – and I lived in a remote and quiet part of town-. The first song that came to me at the start of my ascension was: ‘Awake, you are loved’ by Josh Groban…and there have been plenty more examples).
  • A very simple tip: showers and baths are soothing and help to relax and clear away energetical discord from your light body and physical body. Swimming/moving through (in salt water if possible) also detoxes and relaxes. Treat yourselves well, with love and respect. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself with care, forgiveness and love (As you do unto yourself, so you do unto others, and vice versa)
  • Fear not.
  • In case of illness: do not give away your energy/power to the dis-ease as if it holds any power over you but focus on joy and healing. What you resist/battle against, persists. Laugh plenty, watch funny movies, listen to pretty and/or cheery music etc. (This is a valid response in any case really)
  • Don't take life, yourself, or anything, so seriously...it's all just a game. Just think about it: you, alledgedly, live on a ball of boiling hot iron..and she even spins!..How serious can it be!? (Even the ascended human does not walk around with a serene smile all day singing 'Kumbaya'...Although...very often they kind of do :))
  • The future does not exist yet, and it depends on, and comes to life only by what you choose within each NOW-moment. It is malleable and fluent, not absolute! This is your life, and it is taking place right here & right now. Not yesterday or tomorrow but NOW...so make the utmost of now!
  • Your body is a divine tool for expression, so honor it for the amazing miraculous and perfect instrument that it is. It is the temple that houses your Soul and it will serve you for as long and as well as you like, in the manner you choose to bestow upon it. (Your body is so intelligent it may even respond by breaking out in a sweat whenever people direct anger or other darkness at you, or if you are beating yourself up about something...This is your bodies' way of torching off the dark attacker. Your body naturally resists all that is not love...treating it like an intruder, a virus...that needs to be detoxed from the system...Cancers may occur when darkness/stressors eat away at the system)
  • You are already loved beyond any measure and serving the Whole simply by being here and being you. You need not be or do anything 'big'. You need not be a hotshot, guru, celebrity or famous in any field. You are already most significant and important. You are already a hotshot back home, simply because you are here on the Earth...in service. You are held most dear and highly revered. All humans are significants parts of/vital organs of the ONE body called humanity, and all organs play an important role for the whole, from the heart to the nail, hair or the zits on the arse...You matter! All humans gods matter! From the begger on the street to the cheating politician...whatever role is played, all are of equal value. All you are here to do is be YOU...and exist in your joy while creating.
  • No matter what anyone says, you are not responsible for someone else's happiness. So don't make others responsible for your happines either. Your happiness, and how you feel, are your responsibility. Yours and yours alone.

This article will probably be expanded and elaborated on in times to come, depending also on the questions I receive from the people I encounter.

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