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Book Chronicles of Ilse

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NEW : My Art work is now available in various forms of print! Click here, or on the peacock image in the left side bar.
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             I also gathered up the prettiest pictures I took of my surroundings here in Austria, and published  a calendar

'The Chronicles of Ilse' is now also available in book form,
via Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk and Amazon.eu The prices were calculated according to the printing costs (print-on-demand) incl. distribution, which is cheaper for the UK and EU. It is a big fat book :D (480 pages -about 3 cm thick- just a bit smaller than A4-size, and weighs about 2 kilos), and contains all the information of this website, yet also some very significant extras, like quite a bit of my own artwork in full color, some unpublished articles, itty bitties added here and there, and of course 'The Last Chapter' or 'Grand Finale' (I am sure many of you have been waiting for).  My final - pretty extensive- article, which, among other things, also contains some sparkly clear new insights, I chose to publish only in this book, and not on my website, as it simply felt appropriate. And although far from perfect, I poured every last bit I had left into this book, worked on it relentlessly for many months, making it loveliest possible, and by the end I was exhausted, and totally done with the whole thing. This too was another way/process of (definite) closure and finalisation. This book truly is a treasure, and worth every cent. As always, the objective here is not profit or success...It actually has no objective...I basically created it for myself (as I did this website), since I felt the need for having a 'solid' physical manifestation and memory of this lifes'-journey, before leaving it all behind...If it happens to also serve and bring joy to others, well, then that is simply a bonus :D