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Raise your Vibration

Things that show the Beauty, Love and joy of Life.
(In fact, I always purposely make people laugh to raise the vibration in the room. This way I can be around other people (a higher vibrating being cannot be around lower vibrations, at least not for long, so this is my way of adjusting the vibe. I basically never take anything seriously, not even myself, and see humor in everything.)

One day in springtime as I was walking through the alpine meadows, the sun shining warm upon my face and upto my knees in rich grasses and herbs, the breeze gently stroking my hair and skin and all kinds of cheery noises of birds and bugs all around me, I came in absolute awe with the beauty and perfection of it all. The wind caressed the tree leaves as if it were invisible fingers stroking the snares of a harp...and I walked covered in tepid sweet smells of soil, plants and nature...I could almost even taste them...The high mountain ridge with its bluish grey and white peaks, still sending forth some wintery coolness over the land on one side, and soft green hills and emerald mountains already breathing the sparkly lushness of spring on the other...

In that exact moment it was very easy to understand why Souls all over the universe stand in line for a chance at life on holy planet Earth. I truly felt like God in the flesh as I stroked the long waving grass with the palms of my hands, in sheer exhaltation about my creation. My fingertips softly fondling herbs and flowers. The undulating carpet of grasses gently shon like velvet and silk. And I saw that it was good, with ecstatic delight. I spread my arms wide and lifted my face to receive the tender kisses of sun and wind in deep gratitude.

This was my Soul experiencing itself in human form...consciously breathing & drinking it all in, saturating its senses and being with physical life...grand and magical...My heart was so swollen with love I felt it would burst...it felt like flying...

Our family in Spirit does not know what it is/feels like to be human on Earth. They do not have the blessing of body and skin, not eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, nor hands to touch with and feet to walk on. They know about the ingredients but do not know what the cake tastes like. One does not truly know until one's been here, in the flesh, and experienced it for oneself.

In the flesh we can see, hear, feel, sense, smell and taste...we can laugh, dance, sing and enjoy...and we can make love...to another thus ourself...We can create life/make babies...we can build and craft...the possibilities are endless. How utterly Divine the creation! What an incredibly rich and most blessed experience!

What ultimate demonstration of Self-love. We as God held such deep affection for ourself that we designed this perfect creation/place as an opportunity to experience and express ourselves by...and what gorgeous a creation and experience it is indeed! How deep and profound a love must be to bring about such a wonderful thing for oneself....It is nothing short of amazing and miraculous. What tenderness oozes off this creation....what delicacy...what Love!

How priviliged one is in the opportunity to walk this Earth in the flesh....in these amazing and perfect bodies/vessels...and to be able to fill one's senses with Gaia's lushness...

And what a splendid versatility of souls and creativeness we have on this planet! Create for yourself the richest and most beautiful life you can think of, in honor and awe of God, so that, through you and your abundance, God may also work in othermans life.

Rejoice people!...Laugh, sing and celebrate each day and moment! Savour every shred of it! Drink it in!
This loving gift is for you, to use and enjoy to the fullest!

It is in all of us!

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