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World transforming events of times past

posted Apr 18, 2011, 5:46 AM by Ilse Chronicles   [ updated Dec 1, 2012, 5:26 AM ]

Let me start off with a very significant event of the eighties:

(There were of course many more, each decade and/or age had it’s transforming events, but I will restrict myself to describing only a few in the recent past…so that you can grasp the general intention behind it all)

The eighties were the time where the global ascension process took off in earnest. It was the time where it was decided and agreed behind the scenes, in final, that instead of planetary destruction, which was also an option/potential, the ascension would take place, which had always been the optional dream-scenario/potential…But as with all of creation: God does not have a pre-destined plan and anything’s possible, nothing is carved in stone.

So what event was so significant in the eighties?

In 1985 the Wall fell in Germany. (I remember it well as many people in the Netherlands and all over Europe, travelled to Berlin to help tare it down and bring back a piece of it as a souvenir). After that president Gorbatsjov of  the USSR intoduced his Glasnost and Perestrojka and it was only a matter of time before the iron curtain fell and the cold war ended. Anyway, it was an event that was closely followed and celebrated all over the world. A great deal of the human collective consciousness was focussed on those events in those days.

And that’s what it is all about: The collective focus of human compassion and joy directed at a certain event.

But the falling of the wall held another significance.

Looking at the world map one could say that Germany functions as the ‘brain’ of the world. Berlin in separation could thus be viewed as the pituitary and pineal glands.

As I described somewhere on this website, ascension is re-uniting with the God-Self…which is the ethereal part of human. The ethereal can also be referred to as the inner world/heaven, also associated with the Eastern hemisphere of the Earth (and the right side/feminine side of the human brain). The Western hemisphere can be seen as the masculine side, the material/physical/outer world (the left side of the brain).

With the re-uniting of Germany, the Eastern and Western hemisphere and the pineal and pituitary glands were fused/merged back together again (‘As within, so without’ at it’s best).

This event not only gave the clarion call for big changes on planet Earth (meaning: the official big take off of the ascension of planet Earth, which was now a fact and no longer a mere potential) but the actual event itself raised a very high level of compassion and joy all over the world and there is no energy as transformative on the Earth as compassion. The energy of Compassion, as well as the energy of every other event and individual on the Earth, stores in the cells/grids of the Earth, she stores it in her memory banks.

Compassion is a very tranformative energy…it opens hearts and creates unity. Compassion exercised on such a large (world) scale knows no equal…it changes the world stage/energy for ever. So with the events in Germany the whole world changed (All events are connected together one way or another, one can never tell what snowballing effect one thing may have on another, even if it’s ever so tiny...it may end up causing great changes – Remember ‘the butterfly effect’-).

Another significant event on the world stage was the release of Nelson Mandela from jail, where he had been for decades and the end of Apartheid in South-Africa. This official end of age-old separation amongst people that dated back to the era of slavery, was another compassion generating happening...and an event of putting back together that which was separated.

(And don’t think for one minute that all those people who participated in these huge overthrowing events, from politicians to soldiers/police to civilians, were there by mere accident. No, at their soul levels they were very much aware of their role to play and the greater impact on the world it would have. These souls did the ground work for the ascension…as the energy of compassion had to change the energy of Earth to such an extent that the Light Warriors could then start their business of transmuting the global energies through their bodies. Of course these events were also ‘steered’ from ‘above’ where our families-in-spirit helped direct the celestial/cosmic and astrological/planetary energies to support the further unfolding of events. Their loving intent was with us all the way…and still is of course. The whole cosmos is very excited about the ascension on planet Earth as all realms get to benefit the raise of vibration/consciousness on planet Earth since the effect ripples/resonates throughout all of creation…it’s energy changes All-that-is for all time. That is one of the functions of humanity and Mother Earth: They transform energies through form).

I can almost hear you thinking: “What about those world wars…what did they do?” Well, they had nothing to do with the preparatory events as I mentioned them here above, as in those days the planetary ascension was not yet a fact but a mere potential…And the World Wars were nothing but the result of a whole lot of very old EGO-painbody-creation. The Jewish people had wished for their own country…and the energy of persecution they themselves kept alive through their religious practices, which have a lot to do with remembering/reliving ancient events where their people were persecuted and such…eventually resulted in having their own country…at great cost. Where you direct your focus comes alive…so if a collective of humans/a tribe keeps their focus in past events, it keeps bringing those events back to life, making them a reality. It was simply a result of certain energies that got into play. Hitler was the idol his people worshiped at the time, to get them out of an economic bad situation…Had they not given him all that power, he would not have gotten anywhere.

Another significant event in the more recent past was 9/11 in 2001 of course…That too generated an enormous wave of global compassion…and changed the world stage forever. Now, you could say:”Yeah, it generated even more fear and paranoia as well”  and that is absolutely correct…But certain darkness and fears must be first triggered to the surface so humans can see the contrast and then ask themselves: “Is this how we wish to live and run our societies?” Usually it must first get much darker before people consciously choose the light. Humans tend to not want to change anything unless the pressure gets turned up so high that they must simply choose a higher way for themselves and their global collective. At some point people will say “No more! We’re going to change things around here.”

Without President George W. Bush there would not have been a President Obama, the 1st black president of the USA…(and very young and vibrantly idealistic as well I might add). George Bush prepared the path for Barack Obama, who is the total polar opposite of George Bush…and keeps the country in a more peaceful balance during these years of transition…it is what he came to do at this time, it is his unique role to play.

After the Second World War, somewhere in the sixties, European countries came together and decided to unite Europe (European Union) and introduce one currency for all these countries. This prevents them not only from ever going to war on each other but also ensures that they take care of each other. One can say that the European Union is currently in heavy waters, which would be true…but it will all serve to eventually transform the systems of old into something far more appropriate and just/fair for all countries and people. In the meantime they’re supporting each other in the transformation. Many European countries are in need of financial aid, and their neighbours are providing them with it (under some protest, as they don’t realize the deep impact of what they’re doing). These events also serve to, eventually, even out the chasm between 'poor' and 'rich' countries. The financial gaps will be closed and balanced out into equality.

The events in the insurance- and financial world in the USA, which caused the global economic ‘crisis’ of 2007 and ongoing, are and will be reforming untrue systems into something with far more integrity. All that was hidden and untrue must now come to the surface to be transformed, that is the theme of these times.

More transformative events:

The Indian-Ocean Tsunami of 2004. With a magnitude of between 9.1 and 9.3, it is the  3rd largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismograph. This earthquake had the longest duration of faulting ever observed, between 8.3 and 10 minutes. Earth quakes such as these serve to release old energy from deep within the Earth, the thus created free space immediately got filled with the new energy of compassion and love generated worldwide, which replaced the old energy that previously occupied that same space, it can never come back, it's place is now forever taken. People from all over the world were on holiday in those areas at that time, so it impacted the whole world already.

(The light does need the darkness to balance itself…yet only a fraction of darkness is needed to balance a whole lot of light, as darkness is much denser, thus much ‘heavier’. When you’re having ‘negative’ dreams at night, it is merely your soul balancing out all the ‘positive’ light it carries…Dreams also serve to re-arrange energies within your system. Energies you are done with get moved to the back while others are being moved more to the front. It is like the defragmentation of your hard drive).

The Earthquake in Haiti, January 2010, served to free a whole lot of very old, very ancient and dark energy to the surface, it was huge in scope. It also raised an enormous wave of collective compassion worldwide. Transformative energies all around! (And again, there are no accidents here. All the people involved in that earth quake were right where they, on a soul level, decided to be. It is their service to the world…so that humanity may experience and feel compassion on such a deep level that it transforms).

Next to that, some of the earth quake areas hold very special energies for the Earth; they are key players in the sense that they, as they are situated, are part of balancing the Earth energies. There are many Light Warriors living is such areas as well, so that if calamity strikes, the damage is kept within certain limits (Yes, these earth shaking/shocking events could be potentially more destructive even). Light Warriors sometimes also serve to keep certain highly populated areas relatively calm in the sense of geomagnetic activity, acting as a soother of sorts.

The very recent Sea Quake and Tsunami in Japan, Marc 11th 2011,  of did not only cause for global compassion but also set off some other major happenings. The chain of events that led to the completely getting out of control of the nuclear plants in Japan, got people to rethink nuclear power. Germany, who only months prior to these devastating occurrences, decided to keep old reactors, that had been long scheduled for closure, as they stemmed from the 60’s and were some of the first thus oldest plants, open for business, now made a complete turn-around. As the drama with the Japanese nuclear plants unfolded, the inland protests against nuclear power, that were already well underway since the decision was made to keep the plants open, grew. Finally acknowledging that, no matter how many back-up systems are in place, nuclear power is a force far greater than can ever be safely controlled by man, and that it is simply too great a risk to expose people and nature to. Now Germany is all pro the complete abolishing of nuclear power plants, as they do not need nuclear power to cover their own need for power, but simply use it as an export product, exporting electricity to neighbouring countries. Germany is setting an example for rapidly getting out of nuclear energy and into more sustainable ways of generating electricity and power. Right away the oldest nuclear plants were shut down, and the debates are well underway as to when and how the other few hundred plants should be closed. Germany as also held a meeting wit all the other European countries and they all agreed to do away with nuclear power once and for all. Something the gruesome events as they took place in Tsjernobyl/Chernobyl in 1986 could not bring about.

And let’s not forget the relatively ‘smaller’ events such as the Christchurch Earth quake(s) in New Zealand… and the Chilean quakes not to forget…and the floodings, storms, rains and other ‘natural’ disasters happening in Australia and all over the world, as part of the major clean-up/release of old energies…etc.

Btw: Earthquakes also serve to change the Earths' rotation and tilt her axe(s)...a different rotation means a different timeline, among other things. The melting of the ice caps also leads to great masses of water/weight being re-arranged across the globe, which in turn changes the way the Earth keeps herself (this is actually a water- or cooling down period, where there is much snow, rain an hail falling as well...This cooling down period changes the global gulf-stream by flooding certain areas and drying  others. It also serves to re-plenish the Earth's natural reserves, like marine life for instance...and as everything hangs together, basically all life-forms and reserves from great to tiny...new species arise and old ones die out. Whatever is more suited for the New Earth and a new way of life...Earth has done this plenty of times before)

The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010) would have been a fine opportunity to relinquish oil as the pillar of society, but more work is needed there. People are not quite there yet, but the will be (made ready). It did serve to shake a big corporation such as BP at its very (financial) core. More big corporations like that will follow. If it’s not in line with the highest good of the individual and the collective, then it will either crumble and fall or be transformed, if it as the ability to do so.

Another one?

In October 2010 I wrote this:

The last 2 nights I've been up all night watching the rescue of the 33 mineworkers in Chile...
At 5:11 my time, but 00:11 Chile time, the first mineworker emerged from the depths back to the surface, after 69 days being inside the dark, moist, warm womb of mother Earth...

Their lives will be changed forever through this experience (like our lives and souls are forever changed as well after the long dark night of ascension).

The capsule that brought them up through a very narrow tube truly carries the energy of the birth canal. The capsule's name is Fenix/Phoenix...as in arising from the ashes/rebirth....The whole world was watching and the energies of unity and (family)-reunion oozing off this event brought tears to my eyes...

The realisations I got from this event are so amazing that I just had to share...It is no coincidence that the number of miners is 33.... (
see The 11:11, 10-10-10 = 3, 11-11-11 = 33 and 12-12-12/21-12-12 = 333)....as we all know by now, 3 is a very important number in ascension...(33 is the number of  Christ Light).

The Fenix emerged them from the womb/ashes...and after 33
hours all miners and rescuers had reached the surface.
These 33 miners, at their soul levels, were providing the world, and those of us who are ready, with the energies of Christed unity, reunion...and rebirth...(after ascending back into the light).

This whole event is rippling/breathing out the energies of (re)birth, emergence, love, unity and (re)union, how very beautiful!
Those mineworkers emergence is our emergence...their rebirth is our rebirth...

Nothing that happens ever stands alone.....All is One! (As within, so without)
(And it's no coincidence that those vibes were being generated in that exact geographical area either).

I am so very thankful that these other aspects of ourselves are providing us with these energies...what a deeply loving service! How incredibly beautiful...and perfect...what a glorious gift to the world!
For many of us the Process of Ascension is over...and new life is imminent.......

Anyway...this was too beautiful not to share...and I was too excited and moved not to let it out...
hope you enjoyed it as much as I did......  
Misión Cumplida

So…maybe…hopefully…The information as described here above served to shed a different light on certain events of devastating proportions. Nothing is ever what it seems…and everything and everyone creates and serves together…as one whole. As chaotic as things may seem/appear, they are in fact not chaotic at all...but in perfect divine order...as always.

P.S: The upcoming wedding of the British Prince William and Kate Middleton on the 29th of April 2011, also draws the worldwide focus of consciousness to it. Although some are only using this to utter critique and such, most people are simply interested in the love and beauty of this event and are feeling and celebrating it. It is a joyful event for these 2 people, who are having a royal experience, to be able to share the freshness of young blood, love and renewal...They bring in the energy of love, unity and change...For the young couple itself as well as globally...Have you seen how happy & excited those Britons are as ONE people?...They always loved a good party!...and this one in particular reunites them! The whole world will celebrate on this day...It is kind of nice to have a big party amongst all the heaviness of ascension changes right? All those happy wedding vibes may also serve to push out some global contrast...