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So...this picture I drew during end of September 2012, all the way through October and mid-November. Took me such a long 'time' as I was mostly hibernating then, as I extensively reported about, someplace on this website :) So I only drew little bits and pieces here and there, mostly only minutes at a time. I hardly ever drew hours in a row, like I used to. Nor was there a clear order or sequence to the creative process, it all came into being all at once, form, colour, ink and everything. Totally different to what I was used to.

I never before had a (clear) image in my head on how to express the 'Twin-feeling'...until fall 2012, then all of a sudden, I did! And it was nothing like I expected or though it would be....as always :)

The photo isn't very good, but never the less,  I didn't want to withhold it. To all those 'twin-couples' out there...here's to us! Enjoy!