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2008 RPS site investigation proposal
"Environmental Health and Safety Site Assessment, Haulbowline Island"
July 2008 proposal for site investigation by RPS consultants for the Irish Defence Forces (Naval Service), which asked RPS to carry out a human health and safety assessment of potential contamination issues with regard to the identified and reported contamination identified at the former steel works site and the East Tip area of Haulbowline Island. The document outlines methodology and programme of work for the (approximately) 6 week assessment from July to August 2008.
Proposal (3.6MB)
Map of monitoring locations (534k)

2008 Freedom of Information request documents
Series of documents released to Friends of the Irish Environment concerning the former Ispat site on Haulbowline Island. Includes communications from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, the Environmental Protection Agency, Cork County Council and environmental consultants involved in site remediation work. Also includes laboratory chemical analyses of waste samples. (This is accompanied by a Cork CoCo refusal to supply all information requested.)
FOI documents (774k)
FOI refusal (76k)

2008 AWN Consulting report
"Dust deposition monitoring in the region of the former Irish ISPAT plant, Haulbowline, Co. Cork (01/04/08 - 01/05/08)"
May 2008 report by AWN Consulting Ltd for Cork County Council. Since July 2005, AWN Consulting carried out monthly dust deposition continuous monitoring at four locations: two on Haulbowline Island at the Naval Base Dockyard and the Naval Base Church, and at Ringaskiddy (until 5/6/07) and at Cobh Town Centre. The report focuses on the results of monitoring over the period 01/04/08 - 01/05/08 (i.e. April 2008).
Download: Report (1.8MB)

2005 White Young Green report
"Factual Geo-Environmental Report: Contamination and Geotechnical Assessment, Former Irish Steel Site, Haulbowline Island"
September 2005 report by White Young Green Ireland Ltd for Cork County Council. The report refers to environmental investigations by K.T. Cullen and Co in 1995 and 1998 as well as O'Callaghan Moran & Associates in May 2002. WYG undertook an extensive subsurface ground investigation on the former Irish Steel site located at Haulbowline Island, Co. Cork. The aim was to provide Cork County Council with an assessment of geotechnical and environmental subsoil conditions, in order to carry out a risk assessment with regard to the proposed redevelopment of the site. The laboratory results of environmental samples from trial pits and boreholes are presented in report Appendix I.
Report (166k)
Report conditions (15k)
Trial pit and borehole locations map (963k)
Appendix I - laboratory analysis of samples results (591k)

2003 Bord na Móna report
"An ambient air quality survey for selected parameters at the Naval Service Base, Haulbowline Island on behalf of the Naval Service undertaken over a six month period"
November 2003 report by Bord na Móna Environmental Ltd Technical Services for the Irish Naval Service. Includes results of an air quality survey (for period March 2003 to September 2003) at the Naval Service headquarters. Emphasis was placed on the potential impacts of two areas adjacent to Naval property on Haulbowline Island, Cobh, Co. Cork. These areas consisted of an inactive steel works and the East Tip containing waste from the steel operation. Sampling was carried out for dust deposition, particulate matter (PM10) and selected metals.
Report (8MB)

2002 Enviros Aspinwall report
"Phase One Investigation and Assessment at Haulbowline Island, Cork Harbour, Cork"
October 2002 report by Enviros Aspinwall for the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. Preliminary environmental assessment of Irish Ispat Ltd steelworks in Cork Harbour. Includes: site description and history; determination of the nature and extent of contamination of the whole site (soils, groundwater, marine sediments, stored waste etc.); environmental and health risk assessment; list of matters that required immediate action so as to prevent further deterioration/contamination of the environment.
Report (27MB)

Marine sediments

Marine Institute Data
Contaminants in sediments (1993-2003) and shellfish (1992-2006) in Cork Harbour
Marine Institute data (with non-MI amendments highlighted in red) for Cork Harbour contaminated sediments and shellfish including mussels (Mytilis edulis) at Ringaskiddy (Paddy's Point/West Passage) monitoring site.

Sediment Samples
"Report of Seabed Samples - Naval Base Haulbowline, June 2003"
Sediment sampling from 8 locations at the Naval Base.

Sediment Samples
"Analysis of sediments from Haulbowline, 1992"
Part of the naval dock area at Haulbowline required dredging to facilitate naval vessels. The dredging was to be undertaken by Cork Harbour Commissioners who intended to dispose of the dredged material at their approved dump site outside Cork Harbour. In order to comply with the requirements of the Dumping at Sea Act 1981, EOLAS was requested by the Department of Defence to analyse the sediment.

Sediment Samples
"Haulbowline Naval Base - Analysis of Sediment Prior to Dredging and Disposal by Dumping at Sea, 1997"
The Aquatic Services Unit, UCC, were commissioned by the Department of the
Marine to sample and analyse sediments in the Haulbowline Naval Basin and assess
their suitability for disposal at sea. Samples were sent for chemical analysis to accredited UK laboratories.

Sediment Samples
Analytical Report (final): Cobh Cruise Terminal Cork, June 2007
Analyses of sediment samples taken at Cobh deepwater quay by Glover Site Investigations Ltd.

Sediment Samples
Analytical Report (partial): Dredged Material (Cobh), September 2007
Analyses of sediment samples taken at Cobh deepwater quay by Glover Site Investigations Ltd.

Irish Ispat IPC Licence & air pollution reports

Forbairt Modelling 1997
"Modelling Ground Level Concentrations of Lead from the Extractor Fans and Bag House Vents"
Forbairt (Government Agency) confidential report for Irish Ispat Ltd on outcome of modelling lead emissions at ground level (i.e. dust), 29 August 1997.

Enterprise Ireland monitoring reports 1998-1999
"Monitoring of Ground Level Concentrations of Lead and Nuisance Dust at Irish Ispat, Cobh and Naval Base"
Confidential reports by Enterprise Ireland for Irish Ispat Ltd concerning lead and other dust concentrations at Haulbowline and Cobh.
Monitoring report 18 September 1998
Monitoring report 16 October 1998
Monitoring report 1 February 1999
Monitoring report 29 April 1999

McCusker Environmental 2000
"Analysis of Dust Deposits on the Naval Base and Dockyard"
Confidential report by McCusker Environmental for the Naval Service on the dust at the Naval Base from Irish Ispat, 23 May 2000. Shows high proportion of metals in dust and gives % content of different elements.

EPA Air Monitoring Reports 2000
EPA Cork reports on mobile air emissions monitoring units on Haulbowline Naval Base (incl. near Chusrch & Hospital) concerning Irish Ispat Ltd application for IPC Licence.
Air monitoring report 30 May 2000
Air monitoring report 21 August 2000
Ambient Air Monitoring report 1 June 2000 - 15 August 2000

Irish Ispat letter to EPA about air monitoring 2000
Letter of 28 June 2000 from Keith Bywater (then Quality & Environment Manager) of Irish Ispat Ltd to EPA Licensing & Control in response to EPA air monitoring results report (30 May) in which he admits exceeding the emissions limits for dust and reflects on the importance of anyone attending the Naval Service Church (& nearby Hosipital).

Dioxins & Furans Analysis 2000
Results sheet of EUS Laboratories Ltd analysis of dioxins and furans from Irish Ispat for EPA, April 2000.

Southern Health Board 2001
Letter from Southern Health Board specialist in public health medicine to EPA Cork regarding health effects of emissions in connection with Irish Ispat Ltd application for an Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) Licence (Reg. No. 498), 2 February 2001.
SHB Letter

EPA memorandum on Irish Ispat IPC Licence 2001
EPA Inspector's memorandum to EPA Board regarding Irish Ispat Ltd application for an Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) Licence (Reg. No. 498), 28 February 2001. Contains info on processes, wastes, emissions breaches, complaints and objections.
EPA Memorandum

EPA Proposed Determination on Irish Ispat IPC Licence 2001
EPA Proposed Determination (decision) to grant Irish Ispat Ltd an Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) Licence (Reg. No. 498), 9 March 2001. Contains reason for decision, activities licensed and conditions to be met.
Proposed Determination

Naval Service objection to Proposed Determination 2001
Copy of Naval Service appeal against EPA Proposed Determination listing "reservations with regard to certain conditions attached to Irish Ispat's IPC licence", 21 March 2001.
NS objections

DMNR objection to Proposed Determination 2001
Two page list of Department of the Marine and Natural Resources objections to EPA Proposed Determination on Irish Ispat IPC Licence (Reg. No. 498), 27 March 2001.
DMNR objection

Irish Ispat objection to Proposed Determination 2001
Detailed objection from Irish Ispat Ltd to the conditions contained within the EPA Proposed Determination on IPC Licence (Reg. No. 498) for Irish Ispat, 3 April 2001.
Ispat objection

Naval Service submission on all other appeals 2001
Copy of Naval Service submission on all other appeals concerning EPA Proposed Determination for Irish Ispat IPC Licence (Reg. No. 498), 20 April 2001. Note: Unfortunately, the annexes (various letters and minutes of meetings between Naval Service and Irish Ispat 1997 to 2001) are not included. Freedom of Information request anyone?
NS submission

National Cancer Registry analysis

National Cancer Registry Ireland 2008
Analysis on the cancer incidence in Cork Harbour area (Cobh 44%), 9 July 2008.
Analysis 550k

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