language files in Google Chrome / Chromium

The Chrome translation process works like this [1]:

1. Add an XML stanza in chrome\app\generated_resources.grd. (Generated_resources.grd is not generated from another file.  It is the source file that we manually edit to add strings.) The message string can be fixed or parameterized with $1, $2, etc. (? Changes in generated_resources.grd will be reflected in generated_resources.h and generated_resources_en-US.rc. ?)

2. Add the translation of the string in every locale, e.g., generated_resources_zh-CN.xtb. This step is done by Google's translators.

3. Those .xtb files are converted into .rc -files, which are in turn gathered and compiled into a .DLL.

4. When you need to display the string, call l10n_util::GetString() for fixed strings, or GetStringF() for parameterized strings.

The traslationid is just a md5 hash of the string (see /src/tools/grit/.../
Also, if you're adding a feature to Chromium that should be included in the official build, you don't have to worry about providing translations other than English in generated_resources.grd. The project lead will supply the translation to all other languages using (most probably) contracted translators.
If you find a mistake or bad translation you should ... (do what?)

Output from the Google translators is published here:
There are 2+1 files for each language. The 2 being phrases, of which one might already exist in all "google languages" since it is mentioned to be auto-generated. At least one file needs to be manuallt translated then.

Partly because it is difficult to know which
There has been discussions about what translation format to use internally since Linux and Mac won't enjoy the RC/DLL files.
If googles translators are using  then they migeht have access to some hints like this "Translation Help Used to label a link inviting users to upload your own video".
Two merits of gettext are the compatibility with popular translation tools, and easy methods for installing your own translations so you can review them for real before submitting. Often translation hints are not enough context, and seeing the translations inside the application gives a new perspective. (Some badly needed changes to the Swedish translation.)

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