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I'm hunting for bookmarklets, as Google Chrome is missing an addon API.
I'd like to revive the bookmarklets era :)

And here they've maybe solved it already: make a greasemonkey script into a bookmarklet! http://blogote.com/2008/ideas/browser-ideas/how-to-install-greasemonkeys-script-on-google-chrome.html

1. List of bookmarklets sites
I'd like to scan those sites to figure out which bookmarklets already work in Google Chrome (GC) and which are useful enough that it pays off rewriting them for GC.
Some of those could then be used for an article aimed at novice GC users (below).

RSS discovery bookmarklet - http://jldupont.blogspot.com/2008/09/add-to-google-reader-bookmarklet.html
Bookmarklet for Google notebook - http://www.google.com/googlenotebook/bookmarklet.html
Bookmarklet for Google reader (Go to settings/goodies) - http://www.google.com/reader/view/#overview-page

2. An article idea (for novice GC users)

Google Chrome doesn't yet have all the extensions ("addons" or add-ons) of Firefox, or all the plugins of Internet Explorer. It doesn't even have an addon API. But don't despair! This is a situation that most browsers once were in. Let's revive their same old solutions!

Simple functionality can be added to the Chrome browser in the form of Bookmarklets
It's really easy:

To install a bookmarklet you simply drag and drop it onto your Bookmarks toolbar. Yes, thats just like you would do with other links and bookmarks!

Sidebar: [pic showing of how to drag onto bookmarks field]
text "TIP! Don't see it? Ctrl+B or choose Always show Bookmarks in the Wrench-menu [pic of menu]"

To use a bookmarklet, just click on it! You can even click on a bookmarklet without installing, to figure out if you want to keep it.

Bookmarklets are limited in size, and must be activated manually (while addons often run automatically and out of sight). In Chrome, a bookmarklet can modify the page you are viewing 

When you click the bookmarklet, it can take user input or the page your currently viewing and perform its function. There are bookmarklets to add a link to your bookmark service (Google, Delicious, [try to list them all]) and bookmarklets to manage your RSS subscriptions (Google?, [...].).

Learn to make your own bookmarklets, and tell about your creations in the comments!

Learn here: