What to expect from start to go! 

Your Chrome Pilot Includes:
Thirty Acer C720 Chromebooks that boot in seconds, keep you protected with built-in security features, have hours of battery life and come equipped with Intel processors.

Google Chrome Management Console which comes on every device and allows you to control student access, track assets and provide layers of security.

CDW White Glove Services that ensures your Chromebooks are preconfigured to be up and running out of the box.

Educational Collaborators Professional Development to help prepare and develop your educators and IT staff for Chromebooks.

Meraki Wireless Access Point that provides a dedicated and fast Internet connection to the Chromebook users at your school.

LocknCharge Chromebook Cart which will keep your devices secured, charged and easily transported from classroom to classroom.

Samsung Multifunction Wi-Fi Printer to connect to every device and allow quick and easy printing on demand. 

Thirty GoGuardian licenses that allows you to filter websites, monitor Chromebook usage & help recover stolen Chromebooks.

*BONUS - Google Apps Administrator Certification Exam Voucher

Order your Pilot Kit through your CDWG Account Manager.  Complete the Chrome Pilot Survey with information about your particular pilot
Project Manager contacts you with info about the pilot process and learns more about your goals and needs. Sets up Google Apps for EDU if needed. Coordinates with the school and tech deployment team to start technical services (includes Chrome OS set up, Managing needs and training, CDW White Glove Services, etc)

Tech Guide walks the school tech contact through Chrome OS configuration, setting up temporary admin and enroll accounts, and other settings including wireless, OU management, and Cloud printer setup.
Tech Guide communicates with Project Manager that deployment is ready.  School contact and Project Manager set up LocknCharge cart Hangout.  Project Manager enrolls 3 educators from school in eLearning course.  School completes Satisfaction Survey.

 Project Manager follows up at specific increments after pilot officially starts in the classrooms.
(1-week, 3-week, and 6-week check-ins)