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Tips and tricks

(Commands and keystrokes are written in bold Courier New font)

Useful keyboard shortcuts
  • Key 1: Escape key
  • Key 2/F1: Go to the previous page in your browser history
  • Key 3/F2: Go to the next page in your browser history
  • Key 4/F3: Reload your current page
  • Key 5/F4: Open your page in full-screen mode
  • Key 6/F5: Switch to your next window
  • Key 7/F6: Decrease screen brightness
  • Key 8/F7: Increase screen brightness
  • Key 9/F8: Mute
  • Key 10/F9: Decrease system volume
  • Key 11/F10: Increase system volume
  • ctrl+shift+q: log out
  • ctrl+shift+l: lock screen
  • ctrl+shift+t: reopen recently closed tab
    • Right click task bar also allows for this option
  • ctrl+shift+n: open new incognito window
  • alt+search: caps lock
  • ctrl+Window Switcher Key:take a full screen shot
  • ctrl+shift+Window Switcher Key: take a partial screen shot (Click and drag selection)
  • alt+left: go back
  • alt+right: go forward
  • alt+up: page up
  • alt+down: page down
  • ctrl+enter add www. and .com and open address
  • ctrl+backspace delete previous word
  • shift+esc: launch task manager
  • ctrl+alt+?: view additional keyboard shortcuts
  • ctrl+shift+v: paste without format
  • ctrl+shift+backspace: clear browsing data
  • alt+backspace: delete right

SSH Shells
  •        ctrl+alt+t: Accesses the crosh shell, the basic shell for the user.
    • SSH accesses the SSH Shell. The following commands are useful within the SSH Shell.
      • host sets a host
      • user myusername sets a user
      • key  keyfile uses a private key for maximum security (optional)
      • connect connects
  •        Type help for other options.   
Private keys have to be generated on a different computer and copied to the File Shelf of the Chromebook via SD Card.

Under the Hood