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Wireless / Wifi Connectivity Issues

Resetting your home router
  1. First off try turning it off and on again. If you would rather do a completely 'cold boot' (i.e. the machine has been completely drained of power before being restarted) then you can unplug it completely from the power, leave it for a few moments and then plug it back in again. This will fix most issues.
  2. Visit your router's homepage in your browser (probably Chrome). This can be done by going to an IP Address ( for most routers). There will almost certainly be a username and password requested. These are usually either 'admin', 'root' or 'user' for the username and the password may be any of those or 'password'. You may have this information in the documentation which came with your router. 
  3. Once in your router's homepage you can find the pages for disconnecting and reconnecting your router from the internet. These may be listed under 'Settings' or 'Administrative Settings' or be immediately visible. 
Diagnosing home connection problems
  • Step 1 (ex: try logging in from guest)
  • Step 2
Troubleshooting tips

Broadband Connectivity Issues

If you're having issues connecting via broadband, please first check the Chrome OS Help Pages Fix Internet connection issues and Get support for mobile broadband issues. Below are some experiences, tips and tricks for broadband connectivity.

Contacting Verizon

What is an MDN/MEID and how do I find it? 
For Chromebooks with broadband access, there are a few specific numbers that are used to identify the device to the broadband networks. The Mobile Device Number (MDN) and the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) are two such numbers that mobile carrier support staff might need to know in order to provide you better support.

To find these numbers, follow these steps (reference: Verizion)
  • Use the wrench icon to go to the Settings
  • From the Internet Connection section, select the picklist menu from underneath Mobile data
    • If you're not connected, the menu will display Not connected and you won't be able to get to the next step. Please see Connect to a mobile network for instructions on how to get connected.
  • Choose Network options... menu item from the Mobile data menu (see image below)
  • A tabbed dialog will appear. Choose the Device tab to see the following information (see image below)
    • Device manufacturer
    • Device model
    • Firmware revision
    • Hardware revision
    • PRL version
    • MEID
    • ESN
    • IMEI
    • MDN
    • MIN
Settings, Mobile Data, Network options... menu item
Settings > Internet connection section, Mobile data > Network options...

Mobile Device Settings (MEID/MDN)
Mobile data Device tab showing MDN and MEID