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Chrome OS wiki is a collaborative site where you can learn more about the latest features available on the Dev and Beta channels on your Chromebook. This site, which is maintained by a community of Chromebook enthusiasts, will help you pick up new tips and tricks to try out on your Chromebook, learn about the latest Dev and Beta release or simply find out how to get the most out of your Chrome OS device. Articles will be added and updated periodically by a group of Chrome OS community experts who were nominated by their peers.

Can't get enough of that green update arrow? Want to know what went into that last Dev or Beta release? Check out this section for a breakdown of what went into the latest release and how it will impact your Chromebook!

Need help choosing a Chromebook? Then check out this section! We'll outline the differences between the different models of and will help you decide which one is right for you.

Want to find a great app or extension that works well on your Chrome OS device? Looking for an app to do some of the tasks you're used to doing on a traditional computer? Discover it here-- find the next great on (or offline!) app! 

Did you know that holding down the Alt and Search keys at the same time temporarily turns on Caps Lock? Learn more tips & tricks for using your Chrome OS device in this section.

Think you have what it takes to be a member of this site? Is there someone in the community that has always helped to answer your questions? If you would like to nominate a community member, or think you have great content to add to this site, let us know.

Want even more information about Chrome OS? Here are the official resources for your Chrome OS device.