Decorative Garage Floor : Maniac On The Dance Floor.

Decorative Garage Floor

decorative garage floor
  • (decorativeness) an appearance that serves to decorate and make something more attractive
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decorative garage floor - Rust-Oleum 238469
Rust-Oleum 238469 EPOXYShield Decorative Color Chips, Blue Gray Blend
Rust-Oleum 238469 EPOXYShield Decorative Color Chips,  Blue Gray Blend
EpoxyShield decorative color chips are designed specifically for use with EpoxyShield concrete floor coatings. When sprinkled onto a freshly coated surface, these decorative chips bond to the wet film to become a permanent part of the coating. Create a unique terrazzo-like floor finish to garages, basements, laundry rooms, porches, walkways, or pool decks. Mix and match chip blends to customize your color scheme. Use additional chips for a more textured finish. Durable enough for interior/exterior use. Helps to hide dirt and surface imperfections. Can be used with water or solvent-based concrete coatings. 1 lb. package sprinkled covers approximately 250 sq. ft. No. 238469: Blue gray No. 238470: Tan No. 238471: Glacier gray No. 238473: Brick red

83% (12)
Garage painting and floor epoxy by TCM Finishes in West Chester, PA
Garage painting and floor epoxy by TCM Finishes in West Chester, PA
Epoxy floor with decorative flakes and final clear coat for extra protection
Slate Trowel w/ 24" #2
Slate Trowel w/ 24" #2
Decorative Concrete Tuscan Trowel

decorative garage floor
decorative garage floor
Everything boot and storage tray
Maintain neat and clean floors throughout the home with a versatile Storage and Boot Tray. This large plastic storage tray efficiently captures and contains mud moisture and dirt and is ideal for holding everything from dirty footwear to messy pet food dishes. Storage and Boot Tray Features Made in the U.S.A. with durable black plastic. Raised one inch lip contains messes and keeps your floor clean. Usable storage space measures 26.5 inches wide x 13 inches deep. Pattern of waved ridges allow footwear and plant pots to thoroughly drip dry. Place below a shoe rack in a coat closet to keep floors free of dirt and mud. Use as a pet food tray to keep floors free of food and water messes. Also great for capturing excess debris under a litter box. Ideal for eliminating messes on flooring caused by footwear potted plants pet food dishes and much more. A great addition to high traffic mudrooms entryways kitchens utility closets coat closets or doorways into the home and garage.

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