Google Apps Professional Development


Chromebook Implementation in Action
Innovative Chromebook Teachers, drive engagement and deepen learning across subject areas
Google Tools Lesson Plans, integrate Google tools with lessons by Google Certified Teachers
Hangouts on Air Education Series, view virtual PD sessions about Google in the classroom
Designing Curriculum with Technology, hangout with Google schools using tech to engage students
Chromebook User Communities, get answers and collaborate with Google educators and admins

Created by Google Users
Chromebook Website and Digital Starter Kit created by Richland School District Two
Chromebook Handbook developed by Harmony Public Schools
Chromebook User Policy for Fond du Lac School District
Chromebook Pilot Results from Glenbrook North High School District 225
1:1 Anytime Anywhere Handbook created by Union County Public Schools
1:1 in the Cloud Hangout on Air with Leyden School District1:1 FAQ’s from Maine Township 207 School District

Google Apps
Google Apps EDU Online Courses, learn how GAFE can help you meet teaching and learning goals
Google Apps Learning Center, discover the basics of the Google Apps Suite 
Google Apps EDU Training Center, learn how to effectively use Google Apps in the classroom
Google Apps Guide to Going Google, access PD planning, user communities, and best practices
Google Apps Change Management Guide, increase GAFE usage and impact organizational change
Google Apps Domain Best Practices, overview the possible ways to set up Google Apps for EDU
Google Apps for Education Deployment Guide, effectively move your organization to Google Apps

Chromebooks for Education Pilot Guide, learn about best practices from schools’ Chromebook pilots
Chrome Devices Technical Planning Guide, evaluate IT infrastructure and integrate Chrome devices
Chromebook Webinars (live and recorded), discover Chromebook features and benefits
Management Console Overview (video), preview the capabilities of user and device management
Administering Chrome Devices for Education, access Chromebook support resources

Implementation Resources
30 ways to use Chromebooks in the Classroom, integrate 21st Century Skills with Google tools 
Chrome Web Store (EDU), select educational apps and push content to your students
Chrome Educational App Packs, deploy vetted, age-appropriate educational web content
Google in Education Tools and Solutions Portal, access a variety of educational resources such as Google ScholarYouTube for EDUGoogle Search EDUMaps for EDU, and the Google Art Project
Google Cloud Print, print from your Chrome devices via the webEdsurge Edtech Index, review a community-driven database of edtech products