Chrome as AT; ATIA 2014; ET-09

Session Evaluation

With the proliferation of 1:1 programs and BYOT, schools are exploring more EdTech solutions to meet the technology needs of learners. With all of this technology – what happens to the struggling student? In this session, we will share an array of Google Chrome apps and extensions that could be beneficial to ALL students. By leveraging the power of this common browser, we can make significant customizations to meet the needs of all students. By harnessing the power of this browser on web enabled devices, students can use any device and have their supports follow them.   Within our session, we will highlight FREE Google apps and extensions to assist students in the areas of reading, writing, organization, study skills, mind-mapping/ brainstorming, executive function, and math/ computing. As a BYOT session, we expect participants to actively participate in the session by downloading these apps and sharing their own experiences through real time web based collaboration tools (Today’s Meet). The apps and Browser are free to download.   In addition, we will utilize a web based collaborative site for information sharing during the session and beyond. Presenters will design and provide access to an open Google Site for resources and continued learning after the session.   

Learning Objectives
1. First Key Learning Point: Identify and Describe Free Google Apps that will assist students with literacy, learning, researching, and completing assignments.
2. Second Key Learning Point: Discuss genuine applications for the real-time use of Google apps in the classroom and learning environment, including the use at home for students completing homework.
3. Third Key Learning Point: Demonstrate and express positive examples of utilizing Google Apps with students in general and special education.