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Welcome to my googlepages web site, I mostly use this to upload random files and as a home for my Madness mod that a update regularly :D have fun here... I guess... not much to do, but have fun anyway :P


9/23/09 2:24 PM
Someone stole my madness!

Aparently someone on newgrounds posted my madness mod under their name! (I'm mostly posting this for proof of ownership)
This is fake!
EDIT: 3:24 PM wow... aparently this one is also fake...
is my madness really good enough that everyone has to steal it??

12/17/08 10:52 AM
News added!
(more big updates to be made soon)

12/17/08 10:59 AM
On 12/16/08 between 9:10 AM - 10:35 AM Website went through  a major transformation, the following things were updated.
>XPZ Madness Updated to v5.51
>Added File Index
>Provided contact information for XPZ Madness ideas
>Added to do list for XPZ Madness
>Linked unlinked pages

1/23/09 4:20 PM
Added "Music" Page where I put all my music! :D

2/23/09 5:35 PM
Updated madness to 6.7

3/24/09 5:13 PM
Updated madness to version 7
added sounds and some other stuff...

3/26/09 6:09 PM
Updated madness to version 7.1
Modified gun and bullet trails