Butterfinger Bars

Ingredients:  16.5 oz pkg of refridgerated sugar cookie dough at room temperature and broken into pieces, 8 fun size hershey bars coursely chopped, 20 butterfinger fun size bars (or 7 whole bars)-this is basically one pkg of the pass out candy, with two to eat while you make your dessert.  

Instructions:  Heat oven to 350.  Grease a 8x8 pan.  

Mix the cookie dough and Hershey pieces.  Press half of your mix into the bottom of the pan. Reserve 3 fun size bars (or 1 full size bar).  Line up the rest of your butter finger bars across the dough.  Top with the remainder of your batter.  It won't totally cover your bars, that's fine.  Crush the remaining three fun size bars and set aside.  Bake your dessert for about 20 minutes (until dough is cooked).  Remove and top with the crushed bars.  Let it cool COMPLETELY.  Slice and serve.