Music As Different As Possible

A Survey by Christy Keele

UPDATE 4/24/07: Results from this survey are no longer being collected. Data received after this point will not be included in the study. Respondents who indicated an interest in the results will be notified via email. Thank you for visiting this site! Information about the excerpts is still available here.

*The audio files on this page may not display or function correctly in Windows versions of Firefox. If you are using Windows, I suggest accessing this page through Internet Explorer. You may also see a window about Quicktime 7; it is not necessary to download this to take the survey.

In this survey you will listen to ten musical excerpts, each 30-60 seconds long. By checking the boxes on the left, choose exactly six that you feel are most different from each other. (You may listen to each excerpt as many times as you like while deciding.) Use whatever criteria you think is appropriate for this task, even to the point of excluding excerpts that do not fit your definition of music. You will have an opportunity to comment at the end. When you are finished, you will be able to access a page listing information about the excerpts you heard. 

*As you listen to the musical examples, you may want to turn the volume down for excerpt #2.