Here's my craft storage space in the closet of our office:

I used a cabinet we had in the bathroom of our old house (which we don't have a spot for now), a sweater hanger closet organizer & put some nails in the wall to hang stuff.  I used an old spice rack for a paint organizer My sewing machine & boxed supplies are on the shelf above.

For a more detailed look at my craft room/office, click here.

 Frame I made for my best friend's new baby using a vintage rhinestone brooch



Other frames I made for friends or sold on Etsy

See more frames here in my Etsy shop 

Chandelier I transformed for my best friend's little girl's room

                                   BEFORE                                                                                AFTER 


And another for the nursery


Burp cloths I made for a friend's twins


Burp cloths my MIL made, she is so talented!


Wreaths/door hangings I've made




 See more antique tins here in my Etsy shop

Tank tops/onesies I've embellished




 See more tank tops here in my Etsy shop

Glitter Pumpkins '08

Christmas ornaments I made in 2007


 Gift Baskets I made my best friend when she found out she was pregnant with her first and second babies

And one I made for her when the second baby was born  


Gift bag I made for a friend getting married on the beach


Seashell wreath my mom made with shells from the beach where we were married


*Tiny* master bathroom in our old house.  We remodeled it right before we sold & replaced the sink/vanity, mirror, light fixture, and faucets. 

Love the oil-rubbed bronze finish!