If you are unable to come to Mass and would like to receive the Sacraments, please call Deacon Dave Armstrong at (814) 664-9271 or in an emergency please call, Rev. Mark Itua at (716) 761-6433 or (646) 462-6785.

Reconciliation: Saturdays: 4-4:30 p.m. French Creek; Sundays: 8-8:30 a.m. Sherman

Holy Eucharist: At every Mass and home visit of the sick.

Mass Schedule
  4:30 p.m. French Creek
  3:30 p.m. Peak'n Peek in the Dorchester Room
  8:30 a.m. Sherman
 10:30 a.m. French Creek
  9 a.m. French Creek
  9 a.m. Sherman
  9 a.m. French Creek
  9 a.m. Sherman
First Friday of the month
  9 a.m. French Creek


Baptism: Call the office at least three weeks in advance. Adults: contact parish office for individual preparation.


Anointing of the Sick

Call parish office (716) 355-8891 or

Priest's Residence (716) 761-6433.

Emergency ONLY call (646) 462-6785.


First Holy Communion and Confirmation

Children and youth prepare in parish CCD classes. Adults contact parish office for individual preparation.


Marriage: Call parish office at least 6 months in advance.


Priesthood, Deacon, Consecrated Life: Call Vocations Office in Buffalo (716) 847-5535