Luxembourg School of Finance
University of Luxembourg

PhD University of Rochester

Research fields: financial economics, macroeconomics and financial markets.
Research interests: financial markets, household finance, macroeconomics, dynamic games, incomplete information and rational learning, household finance and learning, dynamic endogenous taxation, industry dynamics, technological change and development, demographics and macroeconomics, demographics and household decisions, household-size economies.

Selected Publications

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Market Fragility and the Paradox of the Recent Stock-Bond Dissonance, 2018, with Jian Li and Fabienne Weber, Economics Letters, Vol. 162, 162-166.

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Saving Rates and Portfolio Choice with Subsistence Consumption, 2012, with Carolina Achury and Sylwia Hubar, Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 15(1), 108–126.

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On the Income Dependence of Equivalence Scales, 2005, with Carsten Schröder and Ulrich Schmidt, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 89(5-6), June, pp. 967-996.