Christos Berberidis received his PhD from the Department of Informatics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is also a member of the Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery (MLKD) research group. MLKD is a part of the LPIS research group (Logic Programming and Intelligent Systems) and the PLASE Lab (Programming Languages and Software Engineering).


He holds a BSc. from the Department of Informatics of Aristotle University (1998) and an MSc. in Information Systems Engineering from University of Manchester, UK (1999) (UMIST).


His research has been focused on Data Mining and Machine Learning, mostly on temporal and sequential data. He is also working on data mining in biological data, for the prediction of functional sites in genomic sequences. His current research focuses on extracting knowledge from microblogging (twitter) feeds.

Christos has worked as a visiting researcher at the Department of Computer Sciences of Purdue University. He has taught basic and advanced programming techniques as an adjunct lecturer (P.D. 407/80) at the Department of Informatics, of Aristotle University. Since 2009 he works as an academic (research and teaching) associate at the School of Science and Technology of the International Hellenic University.