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Week 16 follows a week break that includes Thanksgiving. These five days take us into December.

High school students are starting their final project. For some, that's learning to be a touch typist.

Middle School will almost finish their final project, turning in their reflections for Days 5-8.

In Advisory students will check grades on Wednesday and on Thursday make sure they've completed their ICAP activities in Naviance (Career, College, Personal SMART Goal, and Academic SMART Goal.

Jack's Stand

"Jacks' Stands" got a $50,000 loan at 2% interest (versus a requested $50k investment for 10% of the company)

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Colorado TSA Competitions/Challenges (Advanced STEM 1 & 2)

*3D Animation (three teams of 2 per state)

use 3D animation to model a city thoroughfare on an alien planet

Animatronics (one team per chapter, one entry per team)

design/fabricate/control a device for a children’s museum

*Architectural Design(one individual or team per chapter)

develop architectural plans & virtual model of a tiny house


Biotechnology Design (three teams of two to six per state)

research and display a multimedia presentation on vaccines

Chapter Team (one team of six individuals per chapter)

take a parliamentary procedures test +perform + 3 business

*Children’s Stories (one team per chapter)

create a bound pop-up book children's story with a tech focus.

Coding (one individual or one team of 2-3 per chapter)

develop a software program to an on-site challenge

*Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 2D, Architecture

(two individuals per state)

create representations, such as foundation, floor plans, elevation

*Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 3D, Engineering

(two individuals per state)

create 3D computer model(s) of an engineering or machine object

*Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

(one team of two individuals per chapter)

design, fabricate &  produce a TSA promotional product

Debating Technological Issues (3 teams per state)

prepare for a debate pro/con on online education for HS & college

*Digital Video Production (3 teams or individual per state)

develop a video (PSA) on digital citizenship

Dragster Design (2 individuals per chapter, 1 entry per individual)

design, produce drawings for, and build a CO2-powered dragster.

*Engineering Design (1 team of 3 to 5 individuals per chapter)

design & fabricate a device to provide access to clean water

Essays on Technology (three individuals per state)

write an essay with insightful connections on this year’s tech topic

Extemporaneous Speech (three individuals per state)

give a 3 to 5-minute speech fifteen minutes after a random topic

*Fashion Design (three teams of two to four individuals per state)

research, develop & create wearable prototype using recycled materials

Flight Endurance (two individuals per chapter)

analyze flight principles with a rubber band-powered model aircraft

Future Technology Teacher (three individuals per chapter)

Investigate college tech prep programs

Music Production (three teams or individuals per state)

produce an original musical piece played during TSA conference

On Demand Video 1 team of 2+or more individuals per chapter)

write, shoot, and edit a sixty-second video on site at the conference.

Photographic Technology (one individual per chapter)

capture and process photo and digital prints on humor.

Prepared Presentation (three individuals per state)

deliver presentation with visuals on topic pulled on site

*Promotional Design(2 individuals per chapter, 1 entry each)

develop and submit electronically a graphic design for TSA

SciVis Participants (three teams per state, one entry per team)

develop a visualization of  science, tech, engineering or math

*Software Development (one team per chapter)

develop, debug and document a software design

STEM Careers (six individuals per state)

research tech jobs and create a resume and cover letter for each

*Structural Design and Engineering (1 team of 2 per chapter)

build and test a bridge crane model usig balsa wood

System Control Technology (1 team of  three per state)

develop a computer-controlled solution to an industrial  problem

Technology Bowl (one team of three individuals per chapter)

complete a written test then compete head-to-head

Technology Problem Solving (1 team of 2 students per chapter)

work on site to develop a solution using limited resources

*Transportation Modeling 1 individual per chapter)

design and produce a scale model of a motorcycle.

*Video Game Design [three teams per state)

develop an E+10-rated appealing video game, student choice

*Webmaster (one team of three to five individuals per chapter)

design, build and launch the Englewood TSA web site + augmented reality

2017 Colorado Bridge Building Contest (February 2017)


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