Field School

I currently run two field schools: one focusing on prehistoric high-altitude settlement and subsistence in Wyoming and the other in arid northwestern China.  If you are interested in taking a field school, please email ( me for more information.
China.  Join part of a team of international scholars including archaeologists, paleoclimatologists, and geomorphologists from Utah State University, University of California, Davis, University of Pittsburgh, Lanzhou University in Gansu Province, and the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleolanthropology in Beijing who are investigating the roles climate change, migration, and population dynamics played in the origins of modern human behavior and the development of agriculture in East Asia during the late Pleistocene.

Inspecting a Terminal Pleistocene Archaeological
Section in Gansu Province, China

North America.  Join scholars from Utah State University as they investigate why prehistoric peoples of the arid western part of the continent intensified their economies in the late Holocene, particularly by moving to and more intensively exploiting high altitude locales.

For anyone interested in the USU archaeological field school I'm teaching this summer in Wyoming’s Wind River Range, more information is available here: Shovelbums and here Facebook. If you’re interested in applying, note that due dates are fast approaching, so it’s best to get those applications in ASAP.

A team of students excavates a house feature at 10,850 ft elevation in
Wyoming's Wind River Range