Research Interests: 

I am fascinated by the processes that transform precipitation into streamflow and enjoy exploring what this translation reveals about hydrologic and geomorphic processes operating from the hillslope to watershed scales. I seek answers to environmental problems using a theoretical and empirically based approach and utilize core principles of hydrology and geomorphology in my research. I strive to add to general theory and application by using a creative approach which includes idea juxtaposition and “thinking outside of the box.” My PhD work focused on understanding and predicting climate warming impacts on mountain snowpack. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley using information-theory based approaches to identify causal relationships in complex and dynamic environmental systems. Use the links to explore my research and other interests and please contact me if you have questions or are interested in collaboration.


Dr. Christopher J. Tennant


Mailing address: 

Department of Geography

565 McCone Hall # 4740

Berkeley, CA 94720-4740