Welcome to my research page: 

I'm an aquatic community ecologist with an interest in spatial processes.  Topics of particular interest are understanding how communities assemble, the dynamics of meta-communities, and the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning at local and regional scales of study.

I have experience working with collaborators in ecosystems ranging from marine to estuaries to lakes, streams, and wetlands.  My two study systems where I address the majority of my questions are streams and the estuaries.  
Spatial analyses and statistical modeling play a big role in my research approach.  I also employ field surveys as well as experiments in the lab and field to address my questions.

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Christopher J. Patrick, PhD

Aquatic Ecologist 

I'm pleased to announce

that I'll be starting a

Tenure Track Faculty 

Position at Texas AM 

University, Corpus Christi in 

January of 2016. 


Until then my affiliations are:

AAAS S&T Fellow

hosted by
EPA Office of Water/OST/HECD
Ecological & Health Processes Branch


Research Associate

hosted by
Ecological Modeling Lab
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
PO Box 28, 647 Contees Wharf Rd.
Edgewater MD 21037