Asperger's Syndrome
my experiences with Asperger's Syndrome

My name is Chris and I had lived unawares for a long period of my life that Asperger's ever existed.  The first time that I had heard about this, a friend of mine told me that they had been diagnosed with it.  I didn't think much of it at the time and I hadn't done any research into it at all.  That is until years later when I discovered that I had exhibited many of the symptoms.  At first I was amused and somewhat relieved that there was a name for why I was different.  As time has gone by and I've realized more and more about the syndrome I have gone through different emotions.  I've gone through a little bit of a grieving cycle.

I have recently finished the book titled: "Look Me in the Eye" by John Robison and I highly recommend it to anybody wanting to learn about other peoples' experience with Asperger's.

A little bit about myself.  I am married and have a son and I also have 3 step daughters.  I work in a technical support job for a major player in the phone, internet, and tv business.  I have worked in these jobs on and off since 1997.  I am interested in many things, such as computers, comic strips, reading (science fiction, historical fiction concerning tall ships, fantasy and most recently books about asperer's and the individula experiences of the afflicted), cartooning, and music (avante garde jazz and classical music).