The Problem

  So how come with all of the facts about drunk driving and a solution at hand, are we still reading about horrific accidents caused by drunk drivers? While difficult to imagine, there are individuals who don't want to see vehicles equipped with ignition interlocks. In fact, there are organizations whose very purpose is to block the idea from ever coming to fruition.

The nay-sayers or detractors have spoken so vehemently against IIDs that one would think they actually condone drunk driving. The truth is actually much more disturbing.

Putting aside for one moment the libertarian voice, there is an organization so opposed to legislation pertaining to the manufacture of IID equipped vehicles, they have publicly labeled those who support such legislation, "quacks".

What is this organization standing in the way of making our roads safer, and sacrificing thousands of lives?
Who by their own admission, sees nothing disturbing about having a drink or two with dinner before driving home? (See Newsday Sept 27 at right).

The horror stories keep coming, daily, sometimes twice a day. To those who read newspapers, the articles at right will be familiar. There are certainly more stories than we can list here. It's obvious that something needs to be done and yet, there are those who insist it is their right to drive intoxicated. An acceptable choice providing the only people they kill are themselves. Fortunately, research shows that the majority are in support of any device that will stop drunk driving accidents; even if they are rolled out with each new vehicle.

It is difficult to ever imagine leniency for the drunk driver responsible for taking the life of a loved one. But there is an ongoing debate and arguers on both sides will have little to discuss when all vehicles contain life saving IID devices. That point is
not debatable.

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For the two debates above, it is important to read the user comments following each article to better
understand the viewpoints of your fellow 
human beings.