Chris was a multi-faceted individual who amazed so many with all he could accomplish. Aside from his ability to pen thoughts clearly, he had a photographic eye, an artist's touch, a musician's ear and uncanny analytical powers that enabled him to disassemble and reassemble complex mechanical devices.

Although there will be future additions to the archive collection, it will always pale in comparison to his many talents. To name a few, there was the saxophone, the guitar and piano, baseball, basketball, Karate, surfing, skateboarding, break dancing, trail biking, BMX biking, auto/bike repair and construction. Chris was an avid socializer and an even greater philanthropist. He worked hard, played hard and took seriously the important things in life. Care to add to this list? Please visit the Guestbook.

Christopher had a very special relationship with each one of his friends and at no time was this more apparent than after he had died. As his dad, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the outpouring of sentiment, in writing, signifying the love and camaraderie that existed between all of them. Here are just a few of those everlasting testimonials. Please see the Guestbook for more.

In North Carolina, shortly after acquiring Kanook, Chris purchased a stuffed toy elephant with a recorder of some sort built in. Being the perpetual jokester that he was, the elephant was soon reciting a Polish joke. Kanook was and still is very attached to this particular toy. When Chris died, we not only inherited Kanook but his toy elephant as well. It was a foregone conclusion that this recording wouldn't last forever, especially with Kanook chomping on the toy, so it was digitized and now resides amongst the other archived material.