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Sweet Home 3D vs. Google SketchUp 8

 Google SketchUp 8                            Sweet Home 3D


    I picked Google Sketchup 8 and Sweet Home 3D to compare. Both Google Sketchup 8 and Sweet Home 3D are used to build houses and help designers or architects. Students may also use this to help their imagination go wild and try to build crazy 3d buildings.

    In my opinion Sweet home 3d is easier and more interactive, you get to create the building and also add furniture into it while Sketchup 8 is more challenging and less efficient to people who doesn’t know how to use this program, plus putting in furniture is more complicated and complex. When I first used sweet home everything was there and easy to depict and building my house was easy and fast, when tried to recreate the same house on Sketchup 8 I had a lot of trouble and help and I had to recreate the whole house but from the outside.

    From my experience I liked Sweet home 3D better; I guess it’s just the fact that it was easy and fast. I learned that some programs may need you to spend more time in it to become more efficient with the program. This is what I thought about these two programs.