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Sites with the information you need to do math and physics problems

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There are some large and very good sites with the background information needed to solve math homework problems. Three of these are:
-Purple Math: Written by a math tutor, this covers most math (although only a little geometry) from advanced elementary school through second year algebra.
-Math Forum: The most useful part of this is its searchable data base of answers to math questions. Supposedly, the material is kindergarten through grade twelve, but most of it is high school level, with some college equivalent material. This covers most math from advanced junior high through beginning college.
-Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics: now renamed to Wolfram MathWorld). Originally started by Eric Weisstein from his personal notes, it is now owned and maintained by Wolfram Research. Currently, much of its new content is suggested by users and checked by an editor before being added. This covers a wide range of math from college to professional level.


The situation is less good with introductory physics, although there are some on-line physics textbooks and courses. It's not just that I don't know of any site that summarizes how objects move in one dimension at constant acceleration much better than does this very basic site. There is also an absence of large sites that summarize a range of introductory physics.
-At a more advanced level, there is Eric Weisstein's World of Physics.
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