This draft document quickly summarizes how to install & configure Jenkins for a basic build.

Start Jenkins

Download standalone Jenkins, and start using java (from liferay) on port 80 as follows

Start Jenkins Service

Download Jenkins

Edit Jenkins.xml and modify the listening port (8080 to ?)

Then in the Jenkins directory: Jenkins.exe start (admin privileges required)

Jenkins Configuration

The following minimal configuration is used for the SSA project to build the liferay portlet application.

Install & Configure Ant

Copied  Ant (from Eclipse plugin directory) and configured Jenkins as follows:

Note that, we installed our own Ant version containing the ESC.jar (required for liferay plugin compilation) but Jenkins may install automatically most of the Ant versions:

Install & Configure JDK

A JDK 6 is required to compile the portlet application.

Copied Java JDK (from Oracle) and configured Jenkins as follows:

In order to avoid a bug, it is sometimes necessary to add the JDK bin to the PATH environment variable by configuring Jenkins as follows:

We simply copied our existing JDK, but once again, Jenkins allows to automatically install a jdk simply by giving your Oracle account username and password.

Install & Configure Sonar Plugin

The Jenkins Sonar Plugin is required in order to trigger Sonar analysis from Jenkins. A default Sonar installation is required (see below section for the Sonar installation).

To install the Plugin, in Manage Jenkins menu, select Manage Plugins, click on the Available tab, and select the Sonar Plugin. Follows the instruction.

Then in the Jenkins configuration, optionally modify the Server URL (full address name) and the optional login information (not used by default).

Install & Configure Sonar Runner

In order to start Sonar tasks without using Maven, it is necessary to install the built-in Sonar Runner.

Install & Configure Subversion

In the Jenkins configuration page, set the subversion version (1.6 in the project).

Note that the Subsversion Authentication will be asked later when defining the repository URL for the first task definition.

Install & Configure Selenium


Sonar Install

Download (from official website) and uncompress

Doc available on:

It REQUIRES a JRE so configure environment variable PATH to include C:\SSA\jdk\jre\bin (and also JAVA_HOME)

Note: to start SONAR as a Windows Service, click first on InstallNTService then on StartNTService.

Jenkins: creating a Build Task

This task sample is intended to build a JSF Portlet developed using the Liferay Plugin SDK and to deploy it on a 6.0.5 Liferay bundled with Tomcat.

In Jenkins home page, click on New Job, choose a job name, then select the “Build a free-style software project”.

Then declare the subversion reference to the source code.

Choose a triggering schedule.

Declare the mandatory ant information and properties.

(copied from run configurations in Eclipse and from

To lauchn a sonar analysis, also declare the following build task: