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OpenAM Kubernetes Deployment Tips

posted 9 May 2019, 05:37 by Christophe Noël
It looks that the Open Source version of OpenAM is significantly less available and document than before. Thefore, one of the missing information is about how to easily deploy the open source version in a Kubernetes cluster.

I review only the main critical point for easing your porting to Kubernetes.

# Start from a Tomcat Container (you could use a version 8 instead)
FROM tomcat:7-jre8

# Expose the usual port (your ingress or loadbalancer will expose 80 / 443)

# Download the configurator (version 13 in this example)

RUN mkdir /var/tmp/ssoconfig/ && \
  cd /var/tmp/ssoconfig && \
  wget && \
  unzip && \
  rm /var/tmp/ssoconfig/*.zip

# Download OpenAM from the OpenRock repositories

RUN wget && \
   unzip *.zip && \
    mv OpenAM-12.0.0-1.war $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/openam.war && \
    rm -rf *.zip 

# Copy the script detailed further
ADD run /var/tmp/


ADD /tmp-tomcat/bin

CMD ["/var/tmp/run"]