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Docker Linux Installation Guidelines

posted 12 May 2017, 05:31 by Christophe Noël   [ updated 30 Oct 2017, 07:39 ]
It looks like the documentation about docker is disseminated in hundreds of unrelated topics. Also, it is not clearly explain what you get when you install docker on Linux. Here are some helps and links to the relevant docker documentation. 
Note the present installation was performed on CentOS.

1. What do you get when you install docker on Linux ?
If you follow the instructions Centos Installation, you will get:
  • docker engine (including the docker daemon)
  • docker CLI (the client)
That's all. And not that, the daemon will only listen on non-TCP socker (unix socket) so your docker is not remotely accessible. Also, environmnent variables (e.g. DOCKER_HOST) are not set.

2. How do I listen on TCP connections ?

If you want to start the daemon using systemctl (and this is what's suggested in the installation), then you need to create a configuration file in JSON format.

The JSON configuration file is /etc/docker/daemon.json
Check that all keys should be put into brackets, the value as well.

The following links will help: