Christophe Lavelle

Please feel free to contact me at  this address.

"Knowledge comes from the mind, not the object"

Here you'll find some discussions about DNA, chromatin, nuclear architecture, food and wine...

To know more about genome mechanics, it's [HERE]; to know more about molecular gastronomy, it's  [HERE].

This page (permanently under construction) is mainly a place where I put (more or less regularly) information and documents to share.

In "who I am" section, you will find not only information about me, but also various pictures (mainly landscapes, sometimes polluted by shoes).

In "communication" section, you will find presentation (ppt or pdf) based on 1) some courses I give each year to various students in different universities and 2) some public conferences.

In "research" section, you will find testimonies (publications, conferences) of what occupies most of my time.

In the "books" section, you will find  information regarding some books I wrote and/or participated in.

In "miscellaneous" section, you will not too much now, since I still have to fill this section.

In "links" section, you will find (soon) web link I find informative and/or enjoyable.

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