How the Wealthy and Poor Celebrated

The income made by the new factories let the middle class families in England take time off work to celebrate Christmas for two days. The “rich folk” would give gifts of money to the servants and working people, otherwise known as middle class people. This tradition started the holiday known as Boxing Day.

In the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, kid’s toys were hand crafted and expensive. Only the rich could afford these toys. The factories however made a mass production of toys such as games, books and dolls. These toys were more affordable to the middle class. In a poor child’s stocking, which became popular around 1870, only an apple, orange and a few nuts could be found.

When Victoria came into power, chicken and turkey were too high a price for most to enjoy. The poor people would make due with rabbit. But on Christmas day, Queen Victoria and her family in 1840, had beef and a royal roast swan. By the end of century most families had turkey for their Christmas dinner. (Johnson)

By: Alex Ceresa