Free Ringtones Sent As Attachment

free ringtones sent as attachment
    free ringtones
  • A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone, the term is most often used today to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.
  • A computer file appended to an e-mail
  • a feeling of affection for a person or an institution
  • a supplementary part or accessory
  • The condition of being attached to something or someone, in particular
  • An extra part or extension that is or can be attached to something to perform a particular function
  • a writ authorizing the seizure of property that may be needed for the payment of a judgment in a judicial proceeding
free ringtones sent as attachment - Attachment-Focused Parenting:
Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children (Norton Professional Books)
Attachment-Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children (Norton Professional Books)
An expert clinician brings attachment theory into the realm of parenting skills.
Attachment security and affect regulation have long been buzzwords in therapy circles, but many of these ideas—so integral to successful therapeutic work with kids and adolescents— have yet to be effectively translated to parenting practice itself. Moreover, as neuroscience reveals how the human brain is designed to work in good relationships, and how such relationships are central to healthy human development, the practical implications for the parent-child attachment relationship become even more apparent.

Here, a leading attachment specialist with over 30 years of clinical experience brings the rich and comprehensive field of attachment theory and research from inside the therapy room to the outside, equipping therapists and caregivers with practical parenting skills and techniques rooted in proven therapeutic principles.

A guide for all parents and a resource for all mental health clinicians and parent-educators who are searching for ways to effectively love, discipline, and communicate with children, this book presents the techniques and practices that are fundamental to optimal child development and family functioning—how to set limits, provide guidance, and manage the responsibilities and difficulties of daily life, while at the same time communicating safety, fun, joy, and love. Filled with valuable clinical vignettes and sample dialogues, Hughes shows how attachment-focused research can guide all those who care for children in their efforts to better raise them.

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Pleater/gathering attachment
Pleater/gathering attachment
A no-name pleater/gathering attachment I bought. It fits many sewing machines. This is always installed on my 50's pfaff 332. The pfaff 332 is my "hard works" machine that takes lots of abuse. In this movie I am pleating a strip of sheer fabric. (for the next batch of 4 granny dresses) I love fun things like these. This thing makes fun pleats and/or gathers (depending on how you set the attachment and the stitch length) however it only works well for strips of fabrics that you will cut to length later, not for gathering existing cut out patterns because you can't really figure out how much it will pleat/gather. So the patterns that needs to be gathered down to an exact width I still do manual gathering. But as said, great for long strips such as trim edge! However these things cause a racket so do not sew on night. ;) Sorry about the wonky video. I held it by one hand only.
Attachments for Singer 201
Attachments for Singer 201
Managed to get hold of a box of classic attachments for Grace! Hover over the photo to see what each bit is! I have: Ruffler Hemmer Foot Adjustable Hemmer Gathering Foot (Shirring foot) Edge Stitcher Binder

free ringtones sent as attachment
free ringtones sent as attachment
SPRI ES501R Xertube Resistance Band with Door Attachment
The Xertube is the ideal workout tool you can use anywhere, any time for safe and effective total-body conditioning. Comes with one Xertube, two exercise charts and a door attachment.

SPRI Xertubes provide an easily portable, highly versatile way to add resistance training to your workout. Constructed of durable rubber with secure plastic and webbing handles, the Xertubes are suitable for a variety of toning exercises, body types, and fitness levels. Color-coded red, this Xertube is recommended by SPRI for the upper body workouts of most men and fit women. It offers medium resistance for the muscle groups in the back, arms, shoulders, and trunk. SPRI also includes a strap that lets you safely secure the tube to a door for additional target activities. The kit includes two illustrated charts of exercises, including bicep curls, shoulder presses, and back extensions. Designed for light and speedy mobility, the strap can be rolled up to stash in a gym bag, suitcase, or overnight grip. --Emily Bedard