Updated 5/6/08 

WDJD?! Isn't that supposed to be WWJD?

Well, I agree: thinking about What Would Jesus Do is a great idea. But how can you know WWJD? By knowing the answer to What Did Jesus Do! What I'm going to put here are the kinds of things that Jesus did, in fulfilling his mission on earth, so that we can know how to keep fulfilling that mission, which he passed on to us.

I haven't done a lot with this yet, but here are some ideas, some areas of life, that the Bible tells us regarding what Jesus did. I'm adding them now so that we all can think about them for a while, and come up with some specifics to add. Don't forget to help me out here by emailing your thoughts (ChristMakesMeRich@gmail.com).

  • About God
  • About his disciples
  • About "sinners"
  • About God's word
  • About his enemies
  • About politics and government
  • About religion

The gospels are good places to look to find out what Jesus did, of course. But the rest of the New Testament also tells a lot about Jesus. Even in the Old Testament there are a lot of prophecies about what Jesus was going to do. If you want to do some real digging, you can use Bible Gateway to search for stuff.