Updated 6/9/08

The Dust of Your Rabbi

From what I presented at Koinonia on May 4, 2008. There is more I wanted to say on at Koinonia, but there wasn't time. (I guess Rob Bell talked too long.  ;-)  ) And I didn't quote a lot from the Bible, since I figured it would be better to put that here, where you could read it and look it up (all the Bible references link to BibleGateway). Anyway, here goes.

  • Did you like the Rob Bell video? Would you like to hear him talk some more about "Dust", while he walks around wearing a Jewish prayer shawl with honey dripping off his finger? If you would, check out:
  • Jesus said "my yoke is easy." (Matthew 11:28-30). Recall that Rob Bell was talking about the rabbi's yoke--which is the way a rabbi interprets God's word. Why do you think that Jesus' yoke would be easy? One thing--I don't think he requires us to memorize the whole Bible!  :-#
  • One of the things I was saying at Koinonia is that Jesus invites everyone to be his disciple--he doesn't play favorites, and you don't have to "make the cut", as Rob Bell said. Here are some quotes from the Bible that tell us this:
  • The thing to remember is, Jesus really did call you as a disciple--otherwise, you wouldn't have any interest in him. And since he called you, he knows you will be able to become like him, with his help.

More Rabbi Topics

Here are some "What is/What does" topics. Instead of me writing a lot on these, here is where I am especially asking you to contribute by emailing me at ChristMakesMeRich@gmail.com.

  • In "Dust of the rabbi", is there a deeper meaning to the "dust"?
  • What exactly does a rabbi do?
    (There's a lot of this in Rob Bell's longer video.)
  • How can we do what our Rabbi, Jesus, does?
    I think this is especially important, because each of us will eventually be a mentor, a rabbi under Jesus, for other disciples. Check out the WDJD blog.
  • What does it take to be like our Rabbi?
    For example, a great drummer not only has to have talent--that's like the power we have because Jesus lives in us--the drummer has to work hard learning and practicing--that's like us spending time with God, thinking about him, and learning what he has to say to us in the Bible. Look at Philippians 2:12-13.