Christlike Quotes

David Weller, aka poetspirit

All of these are my own thoughts, published immediately so I wouldn't forget!  God's peace be with you.

The most powerful love is inviting him/her to church.

Love knows no dire consequences.

Jesus only wants what's best of, by and for you.

Spirits meet at the middle.

Church makes you a better person.

Even if I starve, my soul is saved.

Music is the light that shines.  Poetry is the switch.

God challenges everything you do.

A good Christian cares about what he/she does.

God overcomes all complaints.

Every word ends in why.

If I stumble and fall, God can lift me up.

Each of us has a place in this world.

Trust in God, and your actions will succeed.

Life is the existence of love.

A soul is only as good as it is in Christ.

God's kingdom is for you and me-- for everybody.

In the kingdom of God, fullness is everyone's share.

Whatever you "learn," the Holy Bible is preeminent.

The Holy Bible always has consequences.

Walking is faster than running if it stays on the straight and narrow.

Faith in God restores the senses.

Vigilant intention requires diligent invention.

Love is prayer to God in action.

The closer one is to God, the more indispensable other people become.

Enjoy life in high times and low.

When you love others you love yourself.

Love others with what you own.

You can either die with damage, or live with nothing.

It's not what you know, but having the wisdom to seek.